Okay. I had a little plotbunny bore its way through my head until I could ignore it no longer. The story will diverge from my own fanfiction Lightning Dragon's Roar at the end of Chapter 31, into the world of aSoIaF (A Song of Ice and Fire, otherwise known as Game of Thrones). Expect to see a mix of the TV Show and the books. I'm picking and choosing.

For those of you who have never read Lightning Dragon's Roar, prepare for an information dump:

I shall provide you with a detailed summary for Lightning Dragon's Roar, as well as Harry Potter's capabilities. You could, of course, read Lightning Dragon's Roar all the way Chapter 31. It's your choice.


Summary of Lightning Dragon's Roar, up to Chapter 31:

During the summer after my Fourth Year at Hogwarts, Dudley approached me, apologizing for the way he treated me, and gave me his old computer, complete with an internet connection and many games. Needless to say, I spent the summer enjoying myself; anything to keep my mind off of Cedric's death.

In those days, I unlocked an ability which allowed me to ingest electricity. It made me stronger, faster, and enhanced my nervous system so much that time seemingly slowed down. I learned to enhance my bodily energies to inhuman levels, I used it to grow wings on my back and fly. I learned to harness the power of Lightning storms and use it for my own purposes.

What did I call this power?

My Lightning Dragonslayer Magic, after reading about it in a set of Japanese comics called Fairy Tail. I know, it sounds stupid, but that's exactly how it went down.

I was ambushed by Dementors, had to defend myself using magic, and was subsequently sent to a trial to atone for this so called "crime". It didn't work out as they planned; with some tedious planning beforehand, I argued that it was for self defense, and that, since I was being tried as an adult— also using the TriWizard tournament as proof that I was considered an adult— that I should have my underage restrictions lifted.

It was either that, or I would go to the press, knowing the people would eat up a story of the Boy Who Lived being oppressed by the government. If someone they held in high regard was to be treated this way, how would they fare in comparison?

It worked marvelously.

I spent my time at Hogwarts training, keeping my head down when the newest Professor, a woman by the name of Dolores Umbridge, made efforts to antagonize me in any way she could. I was level-headed throughout it all, my time in the summer having taught me that patience, perseverance and calm were the key to success.

I'll admit, however; those few months, as I was coming into my power, I became drunk with it, treating everyone around me with scorn and disdain. I even almost attacked Professor McGonagall out of sheer anger for her daring to give me detentions for training instead of attending class.

I know now that I was wrong to handle the situation in that manner, but what's done is done, and I can only hope she forgives me for my behavior.

Around that time, Hagrid got me a snake; a black viper named Balthazar. I can't say the snake took a liking to me, as every other word that came out of his mouth was an insult.

Hermione formed some group, and roped me into teaching my peers how to fight. It was a pretty wretched experience, I have to admit; though I did learn that Neville had power beyond anything I imagined.

He controlled the very earth, you see, shaping it to his will and manipulating it with ease. He'd hid this power his whole life. How he ever managed to control himself every time Malfoy had said something that irked him was beyond me.

I couldn't even control myself when speaking to McGonagall, back then. I wish I had his patience.

Then came Christmas. Things took a turn when my friend's father, Arthur Weasley, was bitten by Voldemort's snake, Nagini. I had seen the event through the snake's eyes, and something happened. I learned that Voldemort resided within my very soul; so I fought the soul fragment, pitting my own soul against it.

Through some ridiculous circumstances, I cleansed my body of his presence and lost my link to the man, though I retained my ability to speak the language of snakes, strangely enough— all the better, or I wouldn't be able to speak to Balthazar any longer.

On Christmas Day itself, while Dumbledore and I were visiting Arthur Weasley at St-Mungo's, Voldemort initiated a three-pronged attack. The vile man mobilized his forces, and attacked Diagon Alley, Azkaban Prison and St-Mungo's.

After we dealt with the scum there, we went to aid the Order at Azkaban Prison, and found ourselves facing at least a hundred enemy wizards. However, we came in using stealth, and conjured many snakes to take the majority of them down. With the pouring rain, the snakes quickly overcame most of the men; Dumbledore and I engaged the rest, dispatching them as fast as we could before Voldemort turned his attention to us.

When we finished, everything was quiet.

A Demonness had appeared, with Voldemort as her thrall. Words were exchanged, and Dumbledore fell to her magic. She tried to do the same to me, but my skin burned her, just like with Quirrell. I tried to fight against her, but I was so tired and weary.

When everything seemed at its worst, Dumbledore had saved my life, and Voldemort had lifted me to my feet. I still don't believe it, but the three of us stood against her, and we fought. It was a hard win, forcing me to call down the power of the storms above to strike this Demonness down.

After the battle, Voldemort owed me a life debt, and I made him swear never to kill me. Dumbledore had looked on incredulously, as Tom Riddle quickly agreed, sealing the debt between us, before promptly leaving.

With Voldemort's return proven, Umbridge had promptly been sacked. My patience paid off.

In the time that followed, and with a heart that yearned for adventure, I decided I would not attend Hogwarts any longer. I was filthy rich, and so had no need for an education. I didn't care. My only wish was to get stronger, end Voldemort, and live out the rest of my days seeking adventure anywhere I could find it.

With Dumbledore having aided in my training at school, I knew I could take on most seasoned Aurors and Voldemort's most powerful men without the use of my Lightning Dragonslayer Magic. With it? Well... The hundreds of people I had killed were proof enough, weren't they?

I would be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy the battles, or killing the scum terrorizing the people. I comforted myself knowing I would never harm innocents, telling myself that I was doing the right thing to save everyone.

Hollow words, of course. I enjoyed killing them; I felt the satisfaction as I pierced through their bodies with my Lightning.

Not that it matters, anyway.

I heard of an ancient tower called Temen Ni Gru. Lilith, the Demonness we had fought, was alive, and there. Later, I learned that the tower was a gateway to the Demon World, sealed by an ancient Demon knight who rebelled against his own kind— the point is, the bitch was trying to open the gate to hell again.

So I went there to stop her.

Balthazar came along with me, an ability spawning within him: he became able to merge with my right arm, covering it with his black scales. The armored arm was strong enough to withstand the bladed weapons of the Demons swinging them.

I fought through hordes of vicious Demons and even managed to subdue one of their higher ranking members. Erebus, the progenitor of Dementors. I beat him with a Lightning enhanced Patronus. Any other Demon of his ranking would have destroyed me, I imagine.

Erebus transformed into a sword— a pure black Falchion— giving me limited control over Ice and something called Darkness, though I never did figure out what Darkness was. To be honest, it all sounded like emo gibberish to me, before Erebus had explained what the Darkness was.

But that's a story for another time.

With the help of Erebus and Balthazar, I went up the Temen Ni Gru to put a stop to Lilith. At the top, I met a half-Demon named Dante, and later, after we went to the Demon World, his brother Vergil, who was attempting to flee from the Demon Emperor Mundus, after killing Lilith in a show of speed I did not think was possible, so fast that my enhanced senses could not follow him.

Knowing that even this man who easily beat Lilith, who herself outclassed me, wanted to run from the Demon Emperor, I followed him and Dante into the portal.

But, something happened.

The Emperor stopped our travel, and we fought him, in between the worlds. It took all of our combined powers, but we managed to send the equivalent of a sucker punch at the powerful Demon, sending it back to its own realm.

The battle may have been over, but the Emperor of Demons was not done quite yet.

The world was awash in a myriad of colors as the attack slammed right into Mundus' three eyes, overpowering the Demon's defenses instantly, and sending the gigantic being flying back outside of the portal.

Our trip through the portal resumed its course, and I let my Lightning wings dissipate. My two allies reverted back into their human forms, removing their hands from my arm.

I felt so tired, just then. So dizzy and weak. All I wanted to do was fall asleep.

"You might have beaten me this day..." Mundus' voice boomed as we began moving through the gateway, flying past stars at great speeds, though not as fast as we were going originally.

My body jerked to a stop, and I noticed the startled gazes of Dante and Vergil, who simply sped off into the distance, incapable of stopping themselves to save me from Mundus' clutches.

"But you shall die in this void. In between worlds." Mundus sounded satisfied with himself. "Your human body will wither away to dust. How does it feel to lose, even when you win?"

I felt hot anger claw through my haze of dizziness, granting me a temporary clarity of thought.

I grabbed hold of Erebus, and desperately slashed into the fabric of the void between portals, trying to open a rift. Nothing happened.

I tried again.


Mundus' mocking laughter rang in the endless void.

I growled angrily, and slashed one final time, pouring all of my power, despair and fear into the strike.

A rift opened below me, and I fell into it. I didn't hear Mundus' roar of impotent rage as I fell into darkness, away from the void in between gates, and away from Nevernever, to an unknown destination altogether.


Harry's Powers:

Wand Magic (Just slightly weaker than Snape or Moody)

Lightning Dragonslayer Magic:
1) Lightning Dragon's Roar: an adjustable frontal area of effect blast shot from the mouth.
2) Edge: Lightning drill forming around Harry's hand.
3) Breakdown Fist: punches and kicks enhanced with Lightning to give them a little more oomph.
4) Lightning Blades: small to medium sized swords made of Lightning that Harry can shoot at will.

1) Armored Scales: his right arm covered with scales, strong enough to shrug off sword strikes with ease.
2) Venom: Harry's palm has a hole which can spray venom at the target, its corrosive properties melting flesh very quickly.

Progenitor of Dementors, the blade's sheer presence exudes an aura of cold.
1) Dark Stream: the element of Darkness shoots out like water from a hose, consuming everything in its path.

A Different Earth

How long had it been, a century, or a few seconds? I didn't know.

The feeling of time was skewed to me, though I still understood the concepts of present, past and future.

The past... Something sought to make me forget, to revert my mind to a childlike state. No, it was worse than that. It was as if whatever was here was trying to make me forget everything, so I could be its mindless slave, no doubt.

I resisted, of course. I refused to be cowed by whoever it was that controlled this world. All I saw around me was the darkness, and guess what? My sword, Erebus, was the Emperor of Darkness.

I sensed the being's surprise as I usurped its control of the void around us. I began to feel cold, but smiled to myself— though I could not see it due to the all consuming darkness— and wrested the control over that element as well.

It fought for control, and I knew, even with my usurping its domain, that it would eventually regain its bearings and attack once more. I would grow weaker and hungrier from the strain, while I had no idea what it was capable of.

So I brought forth the power within my own body.

Lightning answered my call, and the Darkness around me shrieked in pain and fright as the bluish white light hit it. With the light, my sight came back as well, and I looked at my normal left hand, my black scaled right hand, and the sword at my side for a few moments, before looking forward, to the source of whatever it was that had tried to control me.

From the Darkness ahead, I only saw one thing. A pair of ice cold, blue eyes, staring me down as the Darkness snarled at me in defiance, before slinking away, far away from me.

Those deadly eyes... They frightened me.

Had I not steeled my soul enough at Temen Ni Gru?

No, this was different than personal fear. Those eyes were something else, entirely. Those eyes hated the living, hated the vibrancy of the world. They hated the sound of newborn children. They hated the growth of trees, flowers, crops and weeds. They hated life, itself.

They wanted to make it all end.

They wanted to drown the world in death and stillness.

And that frightened me a hundred times more than the Emperor of Demons ever did.

"What was that..." I said, as the void behind me lit up in red.

I turned to see a man, wearing a large, voluminous red robe. His face was hidden underneath a hood. It scrutinized me for a few moments— or were they years? I couldn't even tell— before extending his hand to me.

But I took a step back. Another trick of the Darkness? Or maybe an ally?

It didn't matter. I was sick of this farce.

The stange person took a step forward, as if pleading.

I took another step back, and flared my power in challenge to this newcomer.

"Not one step further, or I'll kill you where you stand." I said, my voice echoing in the void as I drew Erebus forth.

An angry cry came from the priest in red at the sight of the Falchion and, it too scurried away, just like the Darkness had before it.

Good riddance.

§These beings.§ Balthazar hissed from my hand, and I shook my head in disbelief over it, still not used to having my hand talk. §I don't trust them.§

"Agreed." Erebus said. "The first creature was almost too much to bear. I believe it would have won the battle had you not unleashed your own powers."

Bit by bit, I began to gain hold of my senses as my surroundings slowly shifted once more. The last thing I saw from the void were a group of children that simply waved as I faded from their realm.

Who were they? Who was the red priest? And what the hell was that Darkness with icy blue eyes?

I looked around.

Where was I?

I seemed to be in the middle of a forest, though, where that forest was, I had no idea. I heard the sounds of birds and rodents flying and scurrying around respectively, both in search of food.

I frowned as I rubbed at my nose slightly.

Everything just smelled so crisp and fresh; not even the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts smelled like this, and it was more removed from civilization than anything I was aware of— with the exception of the village of Hogsmeade, of course.

"I couldn't have emerged near civilization?" I pinched the bridge of my nose in irritation, before taking stock of all I had. My shirt had been torn off in the fight against Mundus, but that was fine— I magicked up a black shirt easily enough.

In one of my pockets, I still had my burn paste, my Murtlap Essence, and my wand. In the other, there was a featherweight sack, filled with as many Galleons as I could fit inside it, in case for emergencies just like this.

"Something feels strange." Erebus rattled slightly as I began to look for signs of a road, or a city. Hell, even a cabin would have sufficed. "The energy around us... I have lived for many generations, and have understood the underlying forces of the universe quite intimately. However, it is different here. Similar, but different as well. I do not understand."

"So?" I questioned offhandedly I kept going through the forest, seeing a few deer in the distance. I carelessly walked in their direction, watching them as they noticed my presence and fled.

Heh. I wasn't even going to do anything to them. Sheesh.

Erebus stayed silent, but I felt the Devil Arm wanted to speak its mind.

"What exactly are you trying to say, Erebus?" I asked directly. "That we have no control over our powers?"

"No. No." Erebus refuted. "Our own powers are internal and not subject to the magic of this world."

I understood.

"You're saying that whatever we face will have magic different than anything you or I have ever witnessed.

"Indeed." Erebus said. "Much like that being of cold and Darkness. It felt familiar to me, but at the same I had never encountered any of its like. I'm afraid that... But it's just not possible. It can't be."

"What's not possible?" I asked, and a few moments passed before Erebus answered.

"You must give me time to gather my thoughts." Erebus said, and I felt its power connecting with the air, the earth around us, communing with it. "I will give you an answer when I, myself, reach one."

I nodded.

"Fair enough, Erebus." I said with a sigh, before addressing Balthazar. §You stay attached to my arm, Balthazar; it's a little cold here and I would rather not waste any power on heating charms of any kind.§

§That's all right. Your body heat and the shirt is quite enough for now, anyway.§ Balthazar said, and I got the feeling that he was lounging around... wherever he went when he merged with me. Shaking my head in amusement, I kept making my way through the woods, enjoying the beauty of the nature around me.

It was like this place hadn't been touched by man for many ages, allowing nature to carve out a beautiful forest. Such a sight was very rare to someone like me, who had grown in the suburbs for his whole life, and then had a few years at Hogwarts, never really appreciating the wilderness there.

I blinked and turned my head to the side, trying to focus on my hearing as best I could.

Over the sound of birds and the swaying of the leaves, I heard the sound of running water, and grinned. It took a few more moments, but I pinpointed its source, and moved towards it, and found a large river.

This was good. Rivers meant villages or cities. Cities meant I could exchange my gold for cash, book a plane, and go home. Even with my ability to fly, I doubted I could fly over oceans and continents just to get home.

No, this was the easier way.

§You should fly up.§ Balthazar suggested. §Get above these trees to figure out where you are, and where the nearest town is.§

I smiled, and nodded, not having thought of that.

§Good plan, Balthazar. Thanks.§ I hissed out.

§Thank me by feeding me some mice, later.§ Balthazar hissed back.

I agreed, starting to feel my fatigue catching up to me. After I had absorbed Mundus' power, it had healed my wounds, but I had shot it all right back at him, depleting most of my reserves in the process.

Heh. Sucker punching that fucker was the best thing I had ever done in my life, even more epic than the time I summoned Lightning from the storms above Azkaban.

Still, I was tired. I needed to find a town, a meal and a place to stay.

With those thoughts, the forest around me grew brighter as my bluish white Lightning exited from my back, forming into a set of wings.

I smiled. Air Raid was the damn best skill I had ever learned, I thought as my wings flapped furiously, sending me up, up and up; higher and higher.

I quickly rose past the treetops, and kept flying higher for at least a minute, refusing to look at anything until I gained enough altitude.

And when I did, I gaped.

As far as my eyes could see, there was unblemished earth, untouched by the ravages of corporations. It was an amazing sight, completely foreign to anyone who's grown up in the twentieth/twenty-first century.

"Where the hell am I?" I said more to myself than anything, before looking down. The river I had found looked pretty small from where I currently floated. I followed its line and saw that the river emerged from a large lake in... the north east? Yes, the north east, assuming I knew my astronomy right, which I did.

At the northern shore of the lake, stood a tall castle, in complete contrast to the untouched forest and wildlife around it.

Unless I was in the... medieval age.

"Did we go through time?" I asked immediately, staring at the castle for a few more seconds before flying towards it. The wind whipped in my hair and carressed my face as I reduced my altitude so that I flew slightly above the treetops.

It wouldn't do if anyone saw me and asked questions.

"Worse." Erebus said as I landed in the forest, as close to the castle as I could get. "I do not think we are on Earth any longer."

"Not on... Earth?" I repeated his words, remembering those leaked files I had read online. "We're on an alien planet? I thought there was no life anywhere else! How could we have moved so far?"

It was possible. Heavy hits were exchanged between Mundus, Dante, Vergil and I in between the Realms. The Emperor had summoned storms of Lightning, whole meteor showers, and a multitude of energy beams— all simultaneously. The being was so powerful that I had no doubt that we would wake up anywhere.

"No, even worse than that!" Erebus continued, brushing off my revelation with his anger— and was that a hint of desperation in his tone? "I cannot detect my Realm of Darkness, or any of my children. The universe's forces feel different. We are not home."

"Not home." I repeated again, a sudden feeling of dread in me as I frowned in frustration. "What do you mean, not home? That's not possible!"

"Not home." Erebus said again. "A completely different world, another existence aside from our own. Another universe, parallel to that of our own. Similar enough that it didn't tear us to shreds, but different enough that I can easily perceive."

"No." I said again. "I don't believe it. It's not possible; there's no way it can be."

"Then, what were those beings that attempted to hoodwink us into their service?" Erebus pressed on as the great castle came within view. "The Darkness and the red priest? And those children."

"I don't understand." I stopped and shook my head. "It's not possible."

Empty words, I knew from the bottom of my heart. When it concerned me, anything that could go wrong usually did. Why shouldn't this be the exact same?

A lump began to form in my throat as I thought about my friends and family.

Sirius and Tristan... Tristan had lost an eye to Lilith, and Sirius had taken him for medical aid. The last thing Daphne had done was slap me, before kissing me and running. I could still remember her soft lips on mine, and it made me all the sadder.

"We are not home!" Erebus insisted again. "Enough of your foolishness! The truth is right in front of you, but you choose not to see it!"

"I..." I started in anger, before shaking my head and closing my eyes, releasing a tendril of Lightning to the world, linking with it for the barest of moments.

In that moment, I felt them all; the Darkness and Cold, far to the North, the children all around me, the red priest, far to the east, a man with seven faces near me, but concentrated far more to the south, another man with many faces to the east.

They all looked back.

I ended the connection.

"You see...?" Erebus asked quietly. "We are not home."

Not home. He was right. Even with my limited experience with understanding the world around me through energy, everything still felt off, skewed somehow, though I could not put my finger on it.

This was a completely different world to the one I was in.

"I..." I said, stammering slightly. "What about everyone? What about Sirius, Daphne? What about Ron and Hermione and all of the Weasleys? God... What about Dumbledore and Voldemort?"

"I don't know." Erebus said honestly. "I have never heard tales of dimension travellers. I only know of the existence of other dimensions."

"So—what?" I almost yelled out at the dark blade. "We're stranded here? Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Yes." Erebus said without preamble or tact. "And you'd best get a hold of yourself and figure out what to do from here."

I was about to snarl back at the Devil Arm, but sighed; he was right, of course.

§It's all right.§ Balthazar added. §I'm here.§

I nodded, swallowed down the lump in my throat and wiped my tears with the sleeve of my shirt, glad to have an understanding companion in this.

I took a deep breath, and examined my attire, comparing it to that of the red priest and the children I had seen in between worlds. The children had worn tunics, while the priest had a voluminous red robe on.

Tunics it was.

I Vanished the shirt I was wearing, before conjuring a dark green tunic in its place. I made it out of cotton, since it was the only thing I was truly familiar with. Old tunics were made from wool or linen, but I had no idea how those felt.

Cotton was much more comfortable, anyway. I put the tunic on and exited the forest to search for the castle's gates. The castle itself had stone walls thirty feet high with square towers at each corner, with a sprawling city surrounding it— an impressive sight as I circle the thing in search of the entrance.

A few minutes later, I did.

It was a large gate, with cobblestone road exiting out of it for what I assumed would be a few miles before the cobblestone gave way to dirt— no one ever really cared to thoroughly create proper roads, even in my day and age, let alone this medieval-like age.

There were two guards posted at one of the entrances, and they stared at me as I approached the gate. When I got within ten feet of them, they drew their weapons and stepped forward threateningly.

"Halt!" The one on the left said. "Who goes there?"

And so began a new chapter in my life.


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