Part 1:Rin Okumura

Chapter 1:Travel

"There is this kid named Rin Okumura he is my brother that I have been searching for for many years. He has Jedi powers I feel him each time I go to sleep" Yukio said as he said around the Jedi Masters of the True Cross. "So this Okumura person will bring justice and peace to our great land?" Mephisto the Jedi Master said as he crossed his legs

"Yes he is capable of bringing down the most deadliest villain we have faced" Yukio said as he walked around the room. "Where can we find your brother?" Mephisto said as Yukio looked at him. "The Skylark Nebula the planet "Suchi 223" Its by this galaxy. It can take me two days to get to there and extract him and come back" Yukio said as the Jedi Masters "Okay" Mephisto said as Yukio walked out with his Master "So did it go well?" Shiro said as he walked with his Patawan. "Yes they agreed" Yukio said as they walked down the long hallway that has the Chancer's office.

"I will come with you because those Skylarkin's can really be a mess to nagociate with" Shiro said as they walked out from the landing pad and hopped into a ship. Yukio geared up the ship as they flew off. "How is the clone army coming along?" Yukio asked the master as he looked out from the window "Well costly but well" He said as they flew out of the atmousphere.

Suchi 223

"Get your butts moving hurry up and you Okumura get moving we have a big day coming" The Ring leader said as he was pushing Young Rin Okumura age 10 as he carried a 50 pound canister to the ring. "Good you now can get your paycheck of 20 portons" He said as he gave Rin 20 packs of food and a case of water.

The desert of Suchi was the most dreadful experience he was face since he was transported here. He can't even remember his brother he moved away with dad when I was one. He said he wanted to be a Jedi Master. Maybe he will come back and I will be a Jedi Master! Yah so I can bring justice to the galaxy! I walked to my stone home the inner remains are underground and my mom was laying on the bed expecting me. "What did you get Rin?" She asked as I gave her 20 packs of food. "This much you must did really well I am proud of you Rin just like your brother always working hard to get something special" She said as she got up and made two packs one for each

The packs contained a loaf of bread and Macaroni and Cheese it was all he has eaten since he was two years old. He was expecting a great visitor for his 13th birthday coming up. But he just asked his mom what will his birthday present be.

"It will be something special I gurrantee it!" She said as there was a knock on the door as a tall Jedi Knight come in the room "Yukio!" The mom said as Rin seen Yukio a tall Jedi as the awed him. "Oh hey little bro you probably don't remember me I am the older brother who is a Jedi" Yukio said as Rin looked at him and waved "Oh and mom can I introduce you my mentor Shiro Fujimoto.

"We just got word that Rin has the power of the force inside of him. How I tracked him is when he used the force for the first time. So I decided to come and retrieve him for Jedi Traning. But there is a problem he is too old so I asked my master's if I could train him myself. They agreed and so..Rin pack your bags…Mom wanna come to?" Yukio asked her "No I need to monitor the house you go he hasn't seen you in like all of his life" The mom said as Rin hugged his mother "Be good" She said "I will come back I will save you!" RIN said as Yukio took Rin's hands and walked out into the desert city.

They got back to their ship and loaded on "Um Rin mind of we go fast we are expected at dawn" Yukio said as Rin strapped in to the passenger seat. "I don't mind" Rin said as he seen a lightsaber on the table "Don't touch that without proper training or you will cut your balls off" Yukio said as the plane started up and lifted off.

"Sir they already on their decent" A voice said in the sand

"Kill them before they get there" Another voice on the line said

"My pleasure" The first voice said as he got into his ship and tailed behind them.