Rin and Yukio raced up the stairs as they headed onto the roof as they jumped on a spacecar. They drove as they seen two buildings collapsing as they seen Mephisto throwing a entire plane into the airport. Rin got on top of the car as he jumped, the wind rushed around him as he slashed at Mephisto, his arm jerked as blood sprayed all over as Mephisto lost a chunk of his other arm, he was soon in a free fall.

The moon shined as building soon start to crumble around them, then as Rin was descending he seen Mephisto fire a gun at him as Rin dodged it as he soon fell on the side of the Trade Center. They were battling as they crashed through a window. "THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING!" Rin yelled as a colorful holographic screen played behind them as they were fighting.

Rin punched Mephisto in the face as the holograph changed to red and orange as Mephisto killed him in the stomach, the holograph changes to black and blue stripes as Rin yanks him from the ground as he throws him out a window as he landed in another room. The holograph changed to pink angel wings as yellow starts exploded on the screen. The windows shattered around Rin as the shards of glass was spinning around him as Mephisto was confused.

Then Rin pointed his finger in his direction as the holograph changed now to a knife being thrown, at the same time the shards of glass was fired at Mephisto as Mephisto raced to the window as Rin jumped out as well as the holograph changed to Wings falling. They were now airborne as they were fighting in the air, airless and weightless, they started punching as they soon got out their sabers as they were clashing and clashing as sparks were flying all around. The holograph changed to it being destroyed as shards of electricity and glass was in their range as they were getting scarred and cut up as Rin stabbed Mephisto in the hip as Yukio flew in as he saved Rin.

Mephisto kept falling as he jumped into a oncoming flying bus as he kicked the driver out, he then chased Rin and Yukio. "Thanks, he was tougher than I thought, but he is still..BEHIND US!" He yelled as the bus was gaining speed as the city was crumbling around them, they were at a high speed air chase as they flew inside buildings as they were near the new Jedi Court Building.

Mephisto shot their engine as they started decending into the court as they crashed through the ceiling, it was empty as the car crashed and tumbled while having several pods crash along with it. Yukio and Rin flipped in the air as they landed on the pod as they heard the bus coming closer. The bus smashed through the roof as Mephisto was riding on the top as they all jumped in the air.

They clashed! They all flew in different directions as they smashed through several pods as Yukio was asleep as his leg was severed under a fallen pod. Rin looked at him as he glared at Mephisto as he was in the middle as Mephisto held his hand as he directed him to fight.

They clashed as they both kicked each other as they started lightsaber battling as Rin tripped Mephisto as he stabbed him in the chest, blood and veins sprayed all out as Rin glared at Mephisto as he started clapping, his bloody hands are splashing blood on Rin's face. "WHAT IS SO FUNNY!?" Rin yells as he points outside as he hears loud stomping as he looked and seen a giant mecha robot crashing the city as Mephisto was already dead smiling.

He raced to Yukio as he woke up as he said "We are in deep shit, we have to battle a robot" He said as he felt his body jump up and down as he seen the robot. "Lets save humanity" He said as he punched his palm. "Lets kick some robot ass" He said as they jumped out the window.