AN: I don't own Harry Potter, but this will make no sense unless you watch or read the fourth movie or book, so do that and then come back. SPOILERS!


As the third champion walks away the headmaster moves to end his speech, but he is suddenly interrupted by the ancient artifact of the tournament. As the Goblet of Fire flares for a fourth time, One Harry Potter knows what he has to do. Jumping up from his chair he raises his wand and speaks aloud.

"I, Harry James Potter, do hereby swear on my life and magic, that I will not submit to a magical binding, not of my own creation or sanction, and that, before the closing of former ties, I will die to any other, so shall it be!"

There is a brilliant flash of light, and, as Harry walks towards the Cup, a bolt of pure golden magic forms between them. The Cup cracks and shatters, fading away moments later.

At the horrified expressions of those at the staff table, Harry shrugs. "Ether must die at the hand of the other. It's not like it could kill me."

Dombledore's face was priceless.


"See? I told you we could kill him with fire!" Shouts Harry after a five minute battle with the Dark Lord Moldy Wart. After Tom attacked Hogwarts to use Harry in a ritual to return to life, Harry answered the call with an M-16, before proceeding to drown said wounded idiot with napalm.

"But what about his wraith form? He should have been able to escape!" Shouted Dombledore in utter confusion.

"And you don't think wizards and witches tried that on muggles? There is a reason they used fire you know. Fire consumes everything, and if it doesn't then you didn't use enough fire." Harry shrugged, and turned around.

"Thanks for all the help, Dobby." He says to the elf that changed his life.

"Anything for the great Harry Potter, Sir!" The elf chimed.