[LV 46 - 37.500/45.000]
[HP: 3800][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 920][SP: 5]
[STR: 50][DEX: 50][INT: 50][WIS: 50][CHR: 102]
[ATK: 100] [DEF:100]

"Agh! Ghk!"

The iron grip around his neck made it impossible for Shirou to form words properly. He could only grunt as he dangled in front of Mikado's face, though the gleeful look she wore was so different from her usual aloof self that Shirou had a hard time seeing the resemblance now.

Shuten-Doji. Such was the name of the entity currently inhabiting the Magus' body. An entity so powerful that Shirou could not follow its movements or match its strength. Mikado's slender fingers had more power than his hand could muster to pry open.

In short, he was completely outclassed.

Although he had several ways he thought he could fight back, there was the additional problem that the enemy was using the body of an ally, so Shirou couldn't just fight back. Not only was he inferior in sheer stats, he also fought from a disadvantageous position. To put it simply, he was completely screwed.

With his high INT and the Quick Thinker (I) Perk, he could run through several scenarios in the span of a few seconds, but he couldn't come up with anything that would get him out of that mess without hurting Mikado in turn.

There was just one thing going in his favor at the present moment. The enemy didn't seem to consider him a threat at all, with good reason, and didn't look inclined to kill him on the spot. Every second he survived was a second he could use to free himself.

"Fufufu. Who would have thought that a midnight stroll would have harbored an interesting encounter? Fate is such an amusing thing, don't you think so, little morsel?"

Shirou could not answer even if he had wanted to. He could only glare at the creature. Far from being impressed, she tilted her head with curiosity.

"Your eyes... They have such a nice color. Maybe I should put them aside, before I melt your body down to the very bones, yes? There is a fire in you. I suspect you would make for a very fine liquor."

Now, that was something Shirou had no intention of ever experiencing. He was fairly sure that his pain tolerance didn't cover that kind of stuff.

The grip around his neck intensified, and he still had no idea how to get out of it. If not for the Gamer Body, he would have already blacked out from the lack of oxygen. However, rather than him wincing, Shuten-Doji did.

"Ah? What is this? It seems like trying to hurt you has an adverse effect on this body. Is this woman bound to you in some way, child? How curious."

The geas! The contract that bound him and Mikado together was still in effect, even though she wasn't in control of her actions.

"What shall I do with you, then? Keep you as a pet, maybe? I'm sure you could be taught some tricks. I might need a stool to rest my feet upon too. That would do nicely as well. Fufufu. There will be plenty of time to figure out how to savor you to the bone."

Not good. The situation wasn't getting any worse but it wasn't improving either. The geas stated that Mikado couldn't hurt him except in self defense. If he fought back, then Shuten-Doji would have full control.

At present, he could only submit. If he was captured he could find a way to escape later. What mattered most, now that they were both at an impasse, was getting her away from the cave where Matsumoto and the other women were hiding. If that meant becoming Shuten-Doji's captive, then it was totally worth it.

However, it seemed that there wouldn't be any need for it.

"Fervor, Mei Sanguis!"

A shapeless mass of a mercury-like liquid shot out of the trees, flying towards the both of them. Shirou found himself trapped even further, but shortly after the grip around his neck was released and he was left floating inside the mysterious substance on his own.

A few moments later he was spat out of it too and he tumbled to the ground, quickly scrambling to his feet and Projecting another Shisui before even taking stock of the situation.

Mikado, no, Shuten-Doji had lept away. She looked more amused than worried by the wriggling mass of mercury standing between her and Shirou in a way that suggested that it was on his side.

"This is... Volumen Hydrargyrum?"

He knew the name of this Mystic Code. After all, he had seen it in action already once before.

But when? When did he see it?

"Apologies, Emiya Shirou. I've come to kill you."

"No! Don't let him interfere with the ritual!"

"Who are you?"

"My name is-"

Shirou clutched his head in pain. He only recalled bits and pieces, but they were enough to draw a rather clear picture.

"It's you... !"

Just as Shirou recalled the events from the ritual's night, the person in question stepped out from the trees behind which he was hiding. Long, straight brown hair, an immaculate business suit and a lit cigar stuck between his lips.

"Waver Velvet!"

Why was the very man who attempted to kill him and caused the transfer ritual to go awry appear at a time like this? To save his life on top of that. Although Shirou didn't know why he tried to kill him in the first place, the sudden change in stance threw him for a loop.

"Fufufu. Well, this is fine too," Shuten-Doji laughed. "It wouldn't have been much fun if the game ended too soon, would it not? I'll see you some other time, young one. Don't let anyone else eat you before we meet again."

"Wait!" Shirou called out. "That body...!"

But Shuten-Doji didn't seem to care about what Shirou had to say and she disappeared into the woods whence she came from. He gave chase, but Volumen Hydrargyrum moved to bar his path.

"Don't be hasty, Emiya Shirou," Waver warned. "She didn't leave because I overpowered her. My Volumen Hydrargyrum wasn't even able to hold her."

"It forced her to let go of me," he protested, attention divided between the Mystic Code in front of him and the Magus behind him.

"She let go because she realized she couldn't pull you out. The pressure exerted by my Mystic Code couldn't restrain her, but it still surpasses the resistance of your body. If she insisted, you would be making a fine impression of toothpaste right now."

And of course, she couldn't do that. Mikado couldn't hurt him, directly or indirectly, so when Shuten-Doji tried to free herself from Volumen Hydrargyrum she had been forced to let go of him, lest she suffered the backlash of the geas.

"Did you know she would do that?" he asked.

"Reasonably so," he replied.

"But not certain," he pointed out.

"Your death at this junction would make things even more complicated for me," he explained, coolly. "I'd rather postpone it until we have successfully returned to our plane, but if it happened I'd learn to roll with it, as it were."

"Is that a roundabout way to ask for a ceasefire?" Shirou asked.

"I don't see what's roundabout about it," he said flatly. "You still live when it was perfectly within my power to end you. Do you require a more straightforward explanation?"

"... I suppose not," Shirou admitted after a brief moment of consideration. "Alright. Truce it is. God knows I need all the help I can get."

"It's good to see that you are reasonable," Waver replied, and a little bit of tension that Shirou didn't even notice was there left the older Magus's shoulders.

Volumen Hydrargyrum curled into a perfect sphere, rolling around Shirou and back to its master, where it was absorbed by a silver cylinder in Velvet's hands.

"Shirou?" Matsumoto called out from the cave. "What's going on? Are you-! Who are you?"

"Matsumoto Rangiku," Waver observed, turning to the woman. "So you were transported here as well?"

"Shirou, is this guy with you?" she asked, eyes moving back and forth between the two men.

"So it seems," Shirou sighed. "Let's go back inside. We need to talk."


After returning to the cave, but standing right outside the main room so as to not wake the sleeping women, Shirou brought Matsumoto up to speed about the events that transpired outside.

"Possessed? Ryouko-chan?"

"Yes. That's the way it is," Shirou confirmed.

"Are you sure it was truly her and not just an impostor?" asked Velvet. "It wouldn't be far-fetched."

"I would have thought so, but she wasn't able to actually hurt me because of the contract that binds me and Mikado-san."

"Contract?" Velvet inquired further.

"A geas," Shirou clarified. "Let's just say that it was insurance for the two of us working together without any chance for assorted back-stabbing."

"That makes sense," Velvet agreed. Magi that worked closely together, for whatever reason and however rarely, often recurred to such methods to protect themselves and their craft. "So it still affects her, even though Miss Mikado is not in control of her actions."

"The wording of the binding works that way. There were more restrictions, but not harming me, directly or indirectly except in self-defense, is the only tenet that isn't really affected by Mikado-san's will. Conversely, while the entity possessing her cannot hurt me using her body, she can conspire against us through indirect means. She might be sending others after us."

"Do you think that she has that kind of ability? Controlling other creatures?" asked Matsumoto.

"Judging by the horns, I think the entity itself was an Oni," Shirou specified. "A high-ranked one at that, if we follow the concept that might determines hierarchy among their species."

"That's worrisome," Velvet sighed. "A single or even a few Oni are not a problem, but high numbers might tire us out."

"Yes, that's precisely the problem. Fortunately, we have already found a safe location, but we run the risk of being blocked inside and we have no resources to sustain a prolonged siege of any kind. We must act quickly."

"Do you have a plan?" Velvet asked.

"I wouldn't call it a plan, but there are a few things we need to do. First, we must acquire food. Second, we need to explore this cave further. We need to find out if there are other points of entrance that might be used against us, or that we can use to make an escape."

"That's reasonable, for starters. But what about long term?"

"I don't have a clue. The only person that could get us out of this situation is Mikado herself, but I have no idea how to separate her from the creature that possesses her. I am no exorcist."

"Even if you were, that would mean that a confrontation with her is necessary and that we would have to subdue her without killing her," Velvet pointed out. "Currently, we don't have that kind of ability either."

"So there are two things we have to figure out. How to subdue her and how to exorcise her. I don't know where to start with either one."

"I'll think of something," Velvet promised. "Now, however. I need to rest and recuperate. I haven't got any sleep since the night before we were transported here."

"Hold on a minute. Tell me why you tried to kill me the other night," Shirou demanded. He could recall that clearly now. Even though most of the events from that evening still caused him great pain to think about, that much he knew for certain.

"It's nothing personal if that makes you feel any better. Your father accrued a considerable grudge with my superiors back in London, and they tasked me to reap revenge upon the Emiya. I wasn't given much choice in the matter. Magus or not, I do not take kindly to harming children and if you weren't so very unlike a child, I would have never followed through. Fortunately, you are nothing like a child except for your age and size."

"Yes, lucky me," Shirou grumbled. "I assume you are going to try again as soon as we get back?"

"I'm not in the habit of making plans until I can realistically follow through with them. The current situation is sufficiently complex as it is. Planning to murder my allies, even those forced by circumstances, is simply detrimental."

"So, you are putting it aside because you need me."

"Pretty much, yes," he confirmed. "Now, if you'll forgive me, I really need to sleep if you expect me to be of use come morning."

"One last question. Do you really trust me not to try and kill you in your sleep?"

Velvet took one last drag of smoke from his cigar before dropping it to the ground and stomping on it with his feet.

"I have watched you for days before making an attempt on your life, Emiya Shirou, and my observation of you revealed that you are not a man who is blinded by desire for revenge. Miss Mikado herself has attempted to kill you previously, yet now you are working together, though with some reasonable precaution in place. I consider the necessity to cooperate under the current circumstances sufficient guarantee that you won't try to kill me either. Additionally..."


"I might be asleep but that doesn't mean I'm defenseless."

"I suppose not," Shirou agreed, recalling how the other night his Mystic Code seemed to react on its own, without noticeable input from its master.

"If that would be all..."

"Yes. Go ahead and rest. I'll wake you up at sunrise."

After Waver had gotten at a sufficient distance that he couldn't overhear them, Matsumoto who had been mostly silent turned to Shirou.

"Do you really trust him?" she asked. "Even though he had tried to kill you?"

"Haven't you tried the same?" he asked.

"I did not!" Matsumoto replied indignantly. "I was just curious about you and asked Ryouko-chan to figure out more for me."

"Matsumoto-san, please. Mikado-san is a Magus. Their way of figuring out how things work involves disassembling them to the last piece, more often than not. You are many things but not enough of a fool not to know what would have happened."

Matsumoto pouted, crossing her arms under her breasts, which hefted them up considerably. Despite himself, Shirou's eyes followed their movement. Matsumoto smiled and leaned forward, giving him a good eyeful of them.

"Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me?" she asked, teasingly.

Despite blushing fiercely, Shirou rubbed the bridge of his nose wearily. "As a matter of fact, there is."

"And what would that be?" she inquired.

"There really isn't a nice way of putting it."

"I'm all ears," she cooed.

"I need to have sex."

"Of course you -what?" Matsumoto blinked, expression darkening up immediately. She straightened up as well. "Did you just say what I think you said?"

"Yes. Look, under different circumstances I would never ask but before coming here I was... subjected to a curse."

"What curse?" she asked, skeptically.

"The gist of it is that unless I have sex at least once a day, I tire faster. A lot faster."

"Are you serious?"

"I wouldn't joke about something like that."

"You understand how preposterous that sounds?"

"I know, and if the circumstances weren't what they are, I would never ask."

"You... you already have experience, don't you? Saeko..."

"She's my girlfriend, yes," he confessed.

"How old are you again?"

"You know the answer to that question perfectly well."

"That's... I knew you were precocious but... Saeko is, what? Six years older than you?"

"She's not... the oldest partner I've had," he admitted.

"Such a casanova," she teased, but her tone was considerably more frosty than before.

"Excuse me. Whatever you might think about me, until today I've never been with anyone other than women whose feelings matched mine. This would be the first time I..."

"Hire a whore?" she suggested.

"Thats not...!"

"You asked me because you have heard about my other job, don't you?"

"I... yes," he admitted reluctantly.

"You thought that just because I sell my body, I'd be willing to do it with you as well."

"Yes," Shirou admitted, though his face was burning with shame.

"Eh, alright," she replied, shrugging. "At least you are honest."


"But you have to pay cash for it. I have my own principles and I never sleep with anyone for free. I owe you for saving my life, but that's not something I'm willing to accept as an equivalent to money."

"You don't owe me anything for that. I don't help people to hold it over their heads later."

"So you are saying that we are square about that?"

"Yes," he replied firmly.

"Are you sure? You can't take it back later," she warned.

"I have my own principles as well!"

"Don't they cover cheating on your girlfriend?" she asked.

"My relationship with Saeko isn't... exclusive," he explained.

"Oh, such a progressive thinking man. Aren't you jealous of your woman?"

'Yes, very much so', would have been the answer, but Shirou bit his tongue. There was no reason to disclose that information, or that the lack of exclusivity was entirely on his part.

"Excuse me, but the details of my relationships aren't a subject of conversation," he decided to say.

"Hm. Fine. I'll let it go for the time being. So, shall we get down to business?"

"What, right here?"

"Why? Do you know of a better place?"

"No but... At least let me put up a Boundary Field. I don't want to wake the others."

"Oh? Are you the loud type then? My, my. You are wilder than you look."

Shirou gave her a glance but didn't reply. If he told her that it was his girlfriends moaning their heart out, it would have sounded like boasting and he wasn't the type to do that. So he silently closed the entrance to the main cave with yet another Boundary Field.

"Aren't you going to put one up on the other side as well?"

"I thought you didn't like being locked down?"

"I don't, but I can ignore it if I have something else to focus on. Besides, this will be quick."

Again, Shirou bit his tongue. He wasn't the prideful sort, but it irked him that she thought that of him. He really felt like proving her how mistaken she was.

"Alright then," he replied without showing his thoughts. He put up another boundary field, and then he Projected a bunch of futons to make a thicker mattress for the two of them. A single futon might be good enough to sleep on, but the activity they were about to undertake required a bit more cushioning in his opinion. Especially since Shirou decided to get serious about it.

"Is this fine?" he asked, gesturing at the pile of futons.

"Better than I hoped for. Now, I just have to see the cash."

"... how much?"

"Five hundred thousand yen per hour," she said, causing Shirou's eyes to bulge out. "I might be a whore, but I'm not a cheap one."

"...how much for the entire night?" he asked.

"Oh my. How audacious of you. Do you think you can keep me going all night long? I don't do refunds, you know?"

"I didn't expect you would."

"Well, if you are so eager to blow your money, who am I to argue? Since I like you and the night is already halfway gone, let's settle for a million yen total."

Shirou brought out the sum from his inventory and handed it over to Matsumoto.

"This is real money, right? I will be most cross with you if you cheat me."

"Of course it's real. Why would I try to scam you over a sum like that?"

A million yen wasn't exactly a small amount of money, but Shirou could make it in a single night if he tried hard enough.

"Fair point," she said. Then she realized she had nowhere to put them. "Hmm..."

"You want me to hold onto them for you until we get back?"

"... I'm just entrusting you with them. This doesn't mean in any way I'm doing it for free."

"It didn't cross my mind. I'm giving them back the moment we return to our world."

"Alright. So, how do you want to do this?"

"I.. uhm. I'm sorry, I have no idea where to start from."

"I thought you had experience?" she asked, with a smile tugging at her lips.

"I do but... there are usually circumstances leading up to it. It's never been a... a transaction."

"Hm. I suppose it is awkward if it's your first time with a whore. No matter, I'll take care of everything then," Matsumoto said, reaching for her dress shoulders, pushing them aside and letting it slide down her body and at her feet.

Shirou's reaction was immediate. He felt uncomfortable about the entire situation, but the sight of Matsumoto's body, clad only in white, expensive lingerie was sufficient to go through his reservation and make his cock hard as rock.

Matsumoto's figure was impressive enough with her clothes on, but Shirou didn't realize how much of it was really hidden from sight.

He had expected someone with her curves to be a little on the soft side all around. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Although not anywhere close to the level of athleticism of Yoruichi, Saeko and even Taiga, she nonetheless had a slim figure. Her slender waist looked surprisingly thin caught between the overbearing curves of her breast and her hips.

Her juicy thighs looked perfectly fit, but they were thick enough that Shirou's arm couldn't probably wrap entirely around one of them. Her body proportions were those of a superheroine from an American comic book.

She was sex on legs. Period.

Shirou was completely speechless. His eyes were glued to her form and he couldn't move them. All he could do was restrain himself. If he followed the call of instinct, he would have already rushed her to the ground and ravaged her.

"Someone likes what he sees," Matsumoto teased, sounding supremely satisfied.

"Uh... I... You are... stunning."

"I know," she said with no false modesty, pushing her blonde hair behind her shoulders and taking a step forward in his direction.

The cavern corridor wasn't that wide to begin with and when Matsumoto approached, Shirou took a step back out of instinct.

The result was that Shirou fell on his back on the pile of futon he had made, and he found himself staring at Matsumoto from the floor.

She was smiling amusedly down at him. It wasn't quite derisive, but it was clear from the look in her eyes that she felt she had the figurative high ground in this instance.

Shirou's throat was as dry as his dick was hard. Saeko and Taiga were both beautiful in their own right, however Matsumoto oozed femininity and sex-appeal with every breath she took. She was similar to Yoruichi in that regard, however the curves of her body made the effect that much greater.

"You know, I've never had a client this young. I guess it's a first for me too, in a way," she said, before lowering herself to her knees. Her dainty fingers crawled up his legs and reached the button of his pants. "Now then, let's see what I have to work with."

With a twist of her fingers, the button popped open and Shirou's slender cock came out like a spear, already throbbing expectantly.


Rangiku's eyes shone when she saw Shirou's dick. To be entirely honest, she was afraid that she'd be repulsed by doing it with someone this young, but somehow Shirou didn't feel like a kid to her.

Perhaps it was his exceptional maturity, perhaps the way he held himself. She didn't know.

What she knew was that there was a particular beauty to his cock. A regality, she could even say. She didn't know if it was big or small for his age but it didn't feel small to her in absolute terms.

All that much better. If she didn't have to suppress her revulsion like she had to with some of her clients there was a chance that she could enjoy herself more. Not that she had many hopes in regard to Shirou's ability itself. He might not be a virgin anymore, but she was a professional in the field.

He was stronger than her, but now that they were on her territory, she could play him like a fiddle. Once she gave him a taste of her medicine, he'd be so hooked that she could make him dance to her tune anytime.

Wielding that power was precisely why she was in that line of work. The occasional good sex was just a pleasant bonus.

"Ma-Matsumoto-san," Shirou called out breathly.

"Hush. Sit back and let this oneesan take care of everything. It will be the best night of your life," she promised, before licking her lips and opening her mouth, reaching out for it.

"Oh!" Shirou exclaimed the moment his cock made contact with her tongue, making Rangiku's eyes curve into a smile.

Making Shirou addicted to having sex with her was going to be so much fun. Once he was putty in her hands she'd be able to get every little secret out of him. At which point she'd probably get bored with him, but that was then and this is now.

The journey was the fun part, and Matsumoto was already getting wet just thinking about it. He'll be her lovesick puppy. One that would do anything she wanted. That was how all men that caught her interest ended up being.

So eager she was to get there, that she started to suck him off using all of her skills, making her experienced tongue dance on the crown of his young cock. She relished in the way he held back his moans, and how he grasped the futon to restrain himself.

'Points for the effort Shirou, but you are not my opponent,' she thought proudly.

However, his every reaction to her touch inflamed her further. He was cute in a way that was difficult to describe, but the more she pleased him, the more she wanted to probe and poke him. There was a fire burning in her belly that melted down her womanhood and made arousal trickled down her legs.

'Look at this. Getting myself worked up all on my own.'

She wouldn't put the responsibility of her increasing arousal on Shirou. After all, he was doing nothing but laying there, looking cute as hell while he was in blowjob heaven. She was getting horny because she enjoyed the situation. That was the explanation she gave herself. It wouldn't be a first, though it was certainly the most intense of such experiences.

Eventually, the burning need between her legs became too much for her to ignore .

'Well, there's nothing wrong with enjoying myself a little bit too,' she decided, and the hand that wasn't busy keeping Shirou's cock in the right position slid down her abdomen and between her legs. Pulling aside her panties where they found a lake of boiling lava.

'Damn. I can't believe I've gotten this horny just by doing this. Shirou, wrapping you around my little finger is going to be one of the best experiences I've ever had.'

For a while the sound of her mouth working on his cock was matched only by the sound of her fingers dancing in her pussy, with the backdrop of Shirou's withheld moans. As she probed her womanhood with intensive passion, she felt a pressure build up into her and she realized that she was nearing an orgasm.

'Already? How long have I been at it? Shirou hasn't cum yet. It can't be that long.'

Unfortunately, her pride as a dealer of pleasure wasn't happy with climaxing before her victim, and she forced herself to slow down at a pace where the build up wouldn't increase or decrease. Once Shirou had come, she would allow herself her own release. A small prize for a job well done.

In the darkness, it was difficult to measure time. Minutes passed by but Matsumoto was having a hard time keeping track of them, between her mouth getting sore and the frustration from a long-denied orgasm.

'He's more resilient than I thought,' she admitted to herself. 'I guess it's time to bring out the big guns.'

She released Shirou's cock, at which he whined in frustration.

"Matsumoto-san?" he asked.

"Shhh," she said, putting a finger on his lips. "The fun has only just started."

Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra, sliding it off her arms and thus fully exposing her huge breasts. These Anti-Male weapons of mass destruction were her pride and joy. She would have been a fine specimen of women even if they had been smaller, but with them she didn't fear any competition. They alone could hold a man's attention indefinitely.

Shirou was no exception, as his cock bulged even further at the sight of them. Almost as much as his eyes did. Matsumoto felt supremely satisfied by this, which was new. She had grown so used at having her tits admired left and right that she no longer paid it any attention. It wasn't the case with him. Having her udders stared at by him made her feel beautiful in a way she hadn't felt in ages.

She couldn't wait to wrap them around his cock. So she didn't. She immediately pushed his dick between them.

"Oh God," he exclaimed.

The gasp in his voice and the heat radiating from his cock to her chest sent sparks of pure pleasure down her spine, increasing her wetness by a factor of ten. She never thought that she would like doing this with him this much. It was way too hot.

"Do you like my tits, Shirou?" she asked in a low purr. "I'm quite proud of them. Do they feel nice, wrapped snugly around your cock?"

"Great! They feel great, Matsumoto-san!"

"Good," she replied, before squeezing them tighter around it and moving them up and down.

Shirou's cock was well lubricated by her blowjob and the delicious friction caused ripples of pleasure to spread through her chest, and although her pussy demanded attention, she didn't want to remove her hands from pressing her tits on Shirou's cock.

'I'll make you a slave to my breasts,' she decided. 'You won't be able to live without them.'

She looked forward to a day when he would beg to touch them. A day when he'd be willing to become destitute, driving himself to financial ruin, just for the privilege of seeing them in their fullness one more time.

It was such a powerful image that she flew over the edge before she could stop herself.

Lightning like sparks shot across her breasts, down to her pussy and up to her head. She couldn't suppress the lustful moan that escaped her throat, and only when she heard her own voice she realized what had happened.

'I came... with my tits?'

It was an absolute first for her. Never before in her life had she achieved an orgasm just by stimulating her breasts. Sure, she had already fingered herself for a stretch of the road, but her breasts had never been sensitive enough to give her an orgasm. Then again, now that she thought about it, she had never wanted to make a man submit to her as much as she wanted to do with Shirou.

It was her own fault. She had been careless, underestimating the task and undermining herself.

Oh well. It was hardly something worth worrying about.

"Are... are you alright, Matsumoto-san?" he asked. His hard cock was still buried between the two mounds of flesh.

"Oh, Shirou. I'm better than alright. You don't need to worry," she reassured him as she resumed caressing his dick with her breasts. 'You are more difficult to deal with than I thought, but I'm not out of weapons.'

She opened her mouth and let copious amounts of drool fall between her tits, creating additional lubrication. Paying attention not to make the same mistake as before, she focused entirely on making him cum, ignoring how wonderful his cock felt and any flashes of possible futures her imagination whispered to her.

"Ma-Matsumoto-san! I'm about... I'm about to...!"

Rangiku smiled like a marathon runner about to cross the finishing line.

"Hhg!" he grunted, bucking his hips upward.

A blast of semen shot out from between her tits, splattering all over her face and hair. Far from being repulsed by it, Rangiku accepted it with a smile, even when more ropes of semen came flying out like arrows of white, liquid fire.

She did not hesitate to swallow the part that landed in her mouth. That too was something she had a lot of experience with. Shirou's semen was one of the few that actually tasted good. It also felt good on her skin, which was yet another novelty for her.

'It seems like we are actually very compatible,' she thought as a way to rationalize why doing these things with Shirou felt better than with anybody else. Since he had been on the receiving end the entire time, it couldn't possibly be something he did. Therefore she couldn't know the danger she was in.

She freed his cock and moved slightly away. Shirou's dick was still as hard and springy as the moment before. Rangiku never thought she'd have to go this far with him.

"Looks like you are still ready to go. What a trooper," she complimented, standing up to her feet. With her panties still pulled aside her womanhood was completely visible, but she didn't give any impression of being embarrassed. "Then I suppose it's time for the main event."

Using her breasts had backfired a little, but no one could resist her when she went all out. No one at all.

Really... no one ever accused her of being the smartest person in the world.


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