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A ear piercing wailing could be heard from the last room, on the second floor of Soy Orphanage. Soy Orphanage was nothing special, barely out the red does it makes it way through its operation, yet the great calamity known as the Kyuubi Ransack did not care. For as the men, women, and children of the hidden leaf went to delay the beast, orphans were made young and old. As such Soy Orphanage was over-ran with the young children not knowing if they were all alone in the their dark world, but still that is no reason to not give a wailing child his care. No it is not, but the raging storm of place and misplace objects did, items of all sorts flew around at speeds which would give even shinobi pause. The fact that this storm had been going on for a week had been duly noted.

4 years later

Pale blonde hair flowed softly in the wind, blue-steel colored eyes narrowed in concentration which was directed onto a pebble, no smaller than one's own pinkie finger, laying across the small field belonging to Soy Orphanage and sharing with the local mini-mart. The small rock was like any other nothing giving it away from being just that, a normal small rock, yet the sudden violent jerk it gave would leave others to guess otherwise and what would followed next could cause others to say that small pebble was the second coming of the great sage. For what followed was the pebble lept from the shared semi-grass covered patch of lot and flew with more force then it should have right having and into the dusty window of the the mini-mart. Shattering the glass and going through the small store till it shot straight right on through the brick wall on the other side effortlessly and onto who knows where else. Quickly the young boy rose up clutching a rather thick tomb and moved into the orphanage, with mirth-filled bright blue-steel eyes with square shape pupils. Yeah he like to think he was the second coming of the sage of the six paths but they was two problems with that….

he only had one path and he needed a lot more control.

9 years later

"Time does wonders" was the motto of one thirteen years old Naruto Uzumaki. Time was something that Naruto just found fascinating. For as death ran amok and war darken the world, and wounds were both given and healed time just carried on. Time did not care if you were the killer or the killed it watch, it saw and in returned it gave the watched more control. Time gave more control over all things. Whether that be control over one's self and one's own power or control over the world or one's plots for it.

"Which is why I can totally relate to someone who says they never have enough of the damn stuff." was the low complaint of a currently in school Naruto. 'Well calling a place that teaches the young to kill can hardly be called a school. Then again they do give the same basic course as the civilian school.' These were the thoughts of a bored Naruto. Giving a weak sigh Naruto began the process of rising his hand to ask and be excuse to the bathroom and never coming back, he needed more time to train, to figure out why his classmates called his smile creepy, and of course to replace his four day old milk supply.

But before he could do any that his hand stop cold as his ears pick out the last of his teacher's rant about what they would be doing today. "So as it is Potential Leaf day will we-" Needing to not hear more his hand immediately shot down to lay at his side. Potential Leaf was despite being cheesily named, one of Naruto's favorite days. No it was not for the cheap sale food nor the wellbeing or general happiness of hidden leaf's youth. No it was one of his days favorite being right next to 'Who was the hottest Elemental Nation woman', his standing vote always being Yukie Fujikaze, no it was because of how the many clans came to see their new up and coming potential shinobi.

Basically it was the second Hokage's grand idea to have the clans come and give their shinobi pointers, with that always being a great inspiration to civilian shinobi children, it also despite it being almost always nothing fancy allowed the clans to come and gave their own tips and thicks to their own clan children but it still gave the higher ups in the clans a idea of which child had the most potential, of course this was also the day of which he could always find the best inspiration for his self made taijutsu. Now all he had to was wait and watch, and with it not even being a week away was graduation he couldn't help but quote. "Time does wonders"

The large gathered crowd easily gave away what he was looking for away. The Hyuga were known for their reclusiveness, beauty, and of course grace as such many sought after them. Whether it be for their hand or for their bloodline, the Hyuga had no shortage of admirers.

Use to this type of crowd yearly, Naruto easily move through it, yet at the same time he never had a close shave surprisingly for this large of a crowd. It was like Naruto had a invisible force around him which force others away from him. Quickly and confidently Naruto shot through the crowd and onto his goal. Arriving shortly at the edge of a small school training ground, following that he move toward the trees surrounding it and away from the Hyuga standing guard.

'Same as last year then' Crouching low and letting himself bend into the shadow of a large tree. His eyes quickly found what he was looking for. A small hole sat at the base of the large Hokage's Fortitude The name of this tree species. It was giving this name due to the part it played during the first and second Great Ninja War. Allowing Hidden Leaf ninja to build small bases of operation out of their large insides.

This Hokage's Fortitude was nowhere near the size of its monster brethren out in the Konoka forest. Still it served it's purpose allowing Naruto to spy on this certain field. Maneuvering himself into and up the tree 'A tight fit' and It was for Naruto had made this base near the start of his time at the ninja academy. It was a place where Naruto could train away from prying eyes. It also had the benefit of being in the field where the Hyuga clan head took his daughters to train and test them before moving on for public view.

Moving any place debris he look toward the three occupants of the training field he took in their style, and the younger two's missteps. Time seem to pass too quickly for his taste but he was fine with this he had judged and compared his style to theirs. The two styles had grown too far apart for any more taken inspiration something he was too ecstatic for. It showed how far he had come with his self-made taijutsu. Preparing to leave and call it for the rest of his school day.

Naruto cast one last look at the three training Hyuga. Blue-steel eyes found themselves attracted to one of the Hyuga hairs. Flowing long hair tied into a neat bun, small form, and fast moving. She by far outclass her sibling, who her father was know focusing on leaving her to train on her own. Naruto watch her probably more then he should but he couldn't help himself. Shaking his head he move to leave but not before catching her mouth forming words yet from her non-responsive family he knew they were silent. Grinning Naruto left his now former training spot. Her mouth words and her firecracker smile at the forefront of his mind.

"Spying is naughty, evening if it's on your girlfriend's family"

Iruka Umino was proud to be a ninja instructor, he was proud to be a chunin, he was proud to be a ninja for the village his parents gave their life for, he also showed no shame when someone brought up his ninja progress.

At 23 Iruka could say he no longer felt the shame that others who came from the reserves felt. That's not to say the reserves were the weak and talentless. No the reserves were for the slow and steady, those who would take longer to get where those who showed true talent would get in months.

Iruka hating giving those he taught the news, that they who train just as hard as their classmates were not good enough for big time ninja. It was because those thoughts and speculation that the gap of differences was so big between the reserves and the current.

Now they was no mutiny that would be stupid and the reserves and current could work and flow together out in the field or in konoha. It was just that the current stuck to their own circles as did the the reserves.

It was this what he had a problem with. It was his dream to bring these two groups together along with teaching the next generation. At last he had little to no success with bridging this gap and now he had the responsibility of telling his own kids who didn't cut it what was going to happen with the future of their ninja career. "-and now sixth on my list is Naruto Uzumaki"

Surprise ran wild through his body, along with a hefty amount of shock."The reserves really?" voicing his surprise now that wasn't really what Naruto was expecting. Then again was it? He pass but barely at least by Konoha ninja academy standards. His Kawarimi and Henge were spot on and his Bunshin could be used in stressful situations as was the requirement but they were so standard along with his physical test and knowledge test that they was nothing to write home about.

After all Naruto felt no need to tell the entire village that he rip off one of the best clans in Konoha in his physical test. Staring slightly dumbfounded if one were to see him now they would see the most raw emotion they had ever seen on his ever. Thankfully Iruka did not care for that right now he had more kids to tell. His own class was next again thankfully many of his class was scouted even his own surrogate brother was, still he should give his sympathies.

"It's not too bad i was even uhh?" looking around Iruka saw nothing besides a empty hallway. "Must have ran off." Sighing and moving on he push shock filled wide eyes with square pupils far from his thoughts. Putting on his game face Iruka would make sure he would not fail to be they for his own students like he did with that boy having no reason to chase the boy after he had already given him the handbook filled with the needed information of the reserves.

"Reason for being here-preparing for the chunin exams. Verified." The tone of voice which was spoken unnerved the traveling merchant, It was filled with nothing but raw boredom. Now for having been going back and forth for Konoha for years the merchant was use to this boredom it was the bane of village gate duty after all.

Still village gate duty was important. The amount of people coming and going from Konoha was larger than any other of the 4 great ninja villages. Being the self proclaimed strongest and largest of the five Konoha's location was widely again the other great four were as well yet they offered a stricter access program.

'He must be new.' thought the merchant certain of this he voice his curiosity. "Never seen you up here before my lad. Are you new?" The merchant grin was contagious and bright for him coming to Konoha was the sign that he had continued his family tradition of arriving for the Chunin Exams. His great great grandfather had started this tradition coming to Konoha months early to get a jump on other competition.

Naruto did not find the merchant's grin contagious or bright actually he found it quite annoying. "Permission to enter the village. Verified." Completely ignoring the posed question he continued on. "Extended stay. Granted." Finally finish with The Visitor Three, the basic verification for access to Konoha. Quicking moving along the bubbling merchant Naruto release a heavy sigh, making sure he had no other guest to attend to he move toward a small building.

The office for gate duty, taking a seat in one of the two chairs. A month and a half of being in the reserves and Naruto could say it was not all that bad well at least for him. At first he didn't know what to expect but once he finish his handbook he really started seeing the pros and cons between being in and out of the reserves. Being able to handle your own skill progress meant he had no sensei breathing down his neck was a total plus. Not being about to book a training ground was not. Now there were pubic training grounds of course but any good ninja knew the value of secrecy.

You must be on a squad of at least D-rank to book a training ground, something he was not on. Being in the reserves meant you had to make your own squad something he already had a headstart in.

"Naruto!" the shout was something he was expecting he had taking over her shift for her to meet a potential teammates after all. Quickly coming into view from the doorway was a small girl with black untidy hair which was held in a loose ponytail and her deep brown eyes were filled with irritation. "It was a total bust Naruto so troublesome."

Nodding Naruto pulled out a small notebook filled with names, grumbling he cross off the last of the names from their joint effort at finding a third teammate. "Gohō that's the last of them."

Turning to his only teammate Gohō Nara was like him a newly place reserves member they were from the same graduation class and much like her clan she often showcased her laziness in class and made no effort to stand out landing her a spot in the reserves. She had sought him out and offered a proposal of teamwork. He had agreed.

"I don't suppose you got any more candidates?" He for sure didn't. He barely had any to start as well it was mostly all Gohō. "I do, but it's so troublesome." "You say that every time." " Well it is." Shaking his head, seeing no point in arguing with the lazy Nara. "Just give me the information i'll go this time ok?"

Watching her, he gave no facial response to her suspicion-filled stare. "You?" Nodding was all he gave her for a response.

He went to recruit sometimes like twice. "Really? Awesome then." Smiling Gohō told him all her troublesome information after all they was no way Naruto would succeed. His task was impossible and his goal shot down all squad invitations. All 33.

Konoha's clan district was large. Boasting strong clans such as the Uchiha and Hyuga to the information centric clans like the Nara, Yamanaka, Aburame. To the strike force types like Akimichi and Hatake and hybrid types such as the Inuzuka and Sarutobi.

Now these were not the only clans in Konoha others had come and been integrated into Konoha like the Uzumaki or Kurama and others had come to Konoha for profit seeking riches and influence.

Even among these influential clans Konoha like other villages sought a very special type of clan called a blacksmith clan. A clan that dealt with the blade work of their village. From kunai and shuriken to tantōs and katanas.

A blacksmith clan also dealt with finer craft like Suna's Sealing jars to Kumo's Benihisago, Kōkinjō, Shichiseiken to Kiri's seven legendary blades.

What most didn't know is that these works were made by one clan the Jinkō. Dating back to the clan feud days the Jinkō were known for their blade work despite not being anywhere near the size of iron country the Jinkō could still boast for having the most wanted blade work in all of Elemental Nations. It was also the Jinkō clan compound where Naruto found himself.

Located directly in the middle of the clan district if one were to look closely at the layout of the clan district one could say that the Jinkō were cage in by their comrades.

A large wooden gate prevented him from seeing any farther no guards barred his way but he knew he could not just walk in no Gohō information said Jinkō's fuinjutsu in certain fields could not be match even by the Uzumaki.

As such if one wanted access to the Jinkō compound they had to make an appointment and as the one and only Konoha blacksmith clan they were often swamp.

But despite Gohō words of "Troublesome this troublesome that." the girl had done her research well only taking two weeks to set up a date to set up a price for a large shipment of kunai.

A shipment large enough to warrant attention from the clan heir. Unlike most clans the Jinkō heir took a far more larger role in the leading of the clan. From financials to proposals for marriage for either her hand or a clan member's hand the Jinkō clan heir Buraindo Jinkō has seen it all.

Metal against metal was not something the Jinkō found frightening nor something to shy away from. The Jinkō found metal against metal beautiful yet to her no one appreciated it more.

She let the stifling heat wash over her petite form. Her covered eyes carefully traveling along her many tools but she knew what she would already be choosing just like she already knew what metal she would be choosing despite her wide diverse collection ranging from the frozen metal of iron country to lighting country's true conductive metal each melting down and in their rawest form.

Long unkept hair fell down in doves along her back she never bothered to attend to it but that was just fine with her like her metal and tools her entire body was an extension of her work it's all under control. Quick as lighting a small hand shot up brushing back a strand of unruly hair maybe she should do something with it.

For now though she would put it off and her next blade work as well her appointment was closing in. The shipment of three large crates of kunai was usually only order by Konoha's military branch or Konoha's other weapon dealers so being propose a deal by a reserves shinobi rise questions of whether it was real or not.

So when Buraindo personally accepted to oversee this deal questions quieted down. Of course only Buraindo knew that this deal was truly fake appointments like this were made before to see her personally.

They always ask the same thing usually it was whether she would like to join their reserves team and her shooting them down. Buraindo turn all thirty-three offers down now though she was interested.

She was sick of the life in the compound for the fact that she could not test her blade work. Out in the field no one could say anything if your opponent's life was lost and that's why she wanted in but she had very high standards she would not join a squad she didn't like. She wanted a squad that dealt with one of the most dangerous aspects of the shinobi lifestyle assassination.

Assassination was of the most highest paying jobs a ninja could take from low grade bandit clearing to high profile personal. It also offered the most possible danger a simple bandit target could just be a simple small time warlord and a high profile target could be the next martyr for a civil war. It was this unpredictability that attracted Buraindo and it was this unpredictability that she must have in a squad.

A swift knock and the opening of her gate of a door cause her to turn her focus on her new company. Pale soft gravity defying hair and tall form come into view he was taller than her for sure at least a good head or two above her.

His features were striking his had three whisker like marks on both sides of his face and pale complexion. He was attractive that was for sure but she was never one for surface appeals.

"You don't look like you're from any of the weapon distributors. You can tell Mizuki that like the last twenty-five times i will not join his squad." The raised brow she was given was all she needed on that front. 'Not related to Mizuki plus one.' "Not from Mizuki's circle then. Well what can i do for you-?" the boy she was guessing around her age walk into her work station also subbing for her room on most nights.

His eyes wandered freely around not staying on something for longer then a second. 'Huh he knows what he is doing is rude yet does it anyway, well don't mind if i do something rude as well." Stopping at one of her many works the boy final spoke his tone was low like he needed no one to hear him besides himself. "Buraindo Jinkō it's a pleasure meet to you." Putting his hand to her she rose but she did not shake it. Instead she pass him and pick up the katana he had been admiring. "Naruto Uzumaki." He finished, staring at her and the blade she now held familiarly.

Buraindo hummed, her thoughts her own for the time being. "This blade was crafted with Iwa's gem core metal." She started and making sure she had his attention she continued. "A metal which is known for its elemental chakra manipulative capabilities." With that the beautiful blade lit a flame and Buraindo disappeared in a burst of speed. Appearing in front of Naruto Buraindo wasted no time in trying to bisect him. A plan to test him. Of course her plan of intimation may have work better if her blade made it at least a couple inches from his waist instead her blade stop short soon after its force of motion had started.

'Ok that was not what i was intending.' Surprise colored her face how does one stop a flaming blade without any show of how, actually she had a few ideals. Flaring her chakra and backing off Buraindo gathered herself before rushing in again only to meet the same results.

Naruto watched in slight amusement as the girl he was here to recruit try to bisect him, twice. He saw the shock of on her face and the excitement forming a small smile. The shock he could understand but the excitement he fumbled on.

Did this girl crave the unsure so much she would throw her life away for it? No he knew she wouldn't it was merely a great pass time. "If you done with trying to inflict bodily harm on me i would like to make a request."

He made sure to keep his curiosity out and bottle down away from his voice. He watch her body relaxed and her coiled muscles unwound. So no more life threatening attempts how boring. He also saw confusing dawning on her face. Wait did she actually think he was here to buy three whole crates of kunai? Yeah better clear this up quick.

"I would like to know if you would join my squad?" Silence took over the large room before the sound of low metal against metal flowed in from outside. The blush and quick stutter of "maybe" made him let out a nice little chuckle.

Kami was her glare priceless and dare he think it ... a little cute? Also who was Mizuki?

The sound of his barely functioning lock of his one bedroom apartment door greeted him, sighing he brought forth his control and force the door open. The low pitch screeching was something he always found horrid.

"Why can't they just fix my goddamn lock?" A common complaint but never one that was work on. Naruto's apartment was nothing special and being serious here someone should probably have close down the building a long time ago. They didn't and here he stayed sense good ol' Soy had kick him out on his seven old arse.

Naruto didn't hold anything against them and if he had an unruly kid going around and blowing up shit at his non-existing orphanage he might kick them out too. Maybe the fact that he had meant her on the day they toss him out might have something to do with it.

With no out of place garbage or and a mess to clean up -he lived kinda spartan- he push on in taking the out of place expensive teriyaki off his table and moving to sit on his windowsill with no help from any silverware a piece of teriyaki flew into his mouth and with that a sound of appreciation escape it.

"Still warm must of just missed her." Now that was something to frown about they barely found time for each other as it was. Usually their meetings were random and spontaneous and to miss one always kinda got him down but there was one thing that help somewhat.

All he had to do was look at the run down building of Soy Orphanage across from his. If he remember correctly it had shut down near the beginning of his final acadmey year and it's occupants had gone elsewhere.

It's not really safe to live in a building that look like Iwa's bomb corps had a field day with it. "Going to have to make sure I tell Gohō of my success."

Yeah his success they now had a third member on their assassination-centric team. She never should have sent him if she didn't want this outcome. She knew he was a sucker for small and petite dammit.