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Akimichi's teriyaki was just one of the Akimichi clan's successful restaurant chain's. Large and spacey, with some of the best teriyaki found in Konoha, Akimichi's teriyaki was doing quite well. Sometimes the restaurant even found itself with one of the Hyuga princesses as a customer.

Grumbling, Gohō picked and played with her food, upset with the lost of their training ground. It had been a little over two weeks since the destruction of NGB's training ground. Naruto had offered his apologies and already moved NGB's HQ and supplies to a new location.

It was a large man-made underground cavern, it was located somewhere deep underground near the Jinkō's compound. When Gohō asked Naruto why the Jinkō, Naruto told her of his new current standing with the clan. Gohō wondered if the same would have happened if she never ask Naruto to join her squad way back when.

A soft sigh escaped from Naruto, sitting with his head laid back against the back of their booth. All of NGB was out for lunch, something which they rarely ever did. Both Gohō and Buraindo meals were provided by their family, Gohō by her mother and Buraindo by her clan's chefs.

Only seconds passed before Naruto released another sigh, he was going through Hanabi withdrawal, It was tough for the boy, being ignored by the person who he had always tried to attract attention from hurt. Then again Naruto just saw Hanabi earlier in the day, but she was giving him the silent treatment because of Buraindo.

Naruto could just feel the catfight on the horizon and he would be lying if he said he wasn't just a little bit excited.

"Come on Naruto it's ok Hanabi will come around."

Naruto just glare at Buraindo, angry at her for her attention and feelings but Naruto didn't blame her for her desires nor wants however Naruto was still upset, though he was not used to Buraindo blatant shows of affection or flirting.

Even now Buraindo was closer than she had ever been in their sitting arrangements. Of course this meant Buraindo was a good two arms away from him, just because she wanted to be closer to him did not mean he would allow it.

"Shameless slut."

Buraindo turned to Gohō, a sickly sweet smile on her face at the insult.

"Oh I must of misheard you? Did you just call me a women who had many bed partners and has low standards?"

Gently sliding a strand of her hair behind one ear, Buraindo raise a dainty hand to cover the growing smile on her face in picture perfect show of grace and lady-like manner.

"Because let me just tell you now I have never had bedded a man yet nor do i have low standards. Most unlike you, cousin fucker."

Despite the crass insult Buraindo entire way of speech was mannered and light.

Gohō for her part flinch back back at the insult. 'Cousin fucker' was not something she would ever be but Buraindo did not care. The layout was there all Buraindo did was built up the foundations for her insults.

Ever since the end of the second stage of the exams Shikamaru Nara had made it a vested point to try and befriend her. Gohō's mother was all for it, being that their side of the family was as far as they could be from the main branch. Gohō was not excited as her mother. She didn't need to expand her 'group of friends' nor did she care for anyone in her family outside of her mother.

Overall Naruto, Buraindo, and Gohō made for an odd sight. Naruto's depressed state, Buraindo's classy lady stance and her attempts at getting closer to Naruto, and finally Gohō's mile long stare.

This was one of the main reasons Shikamaru spotted them as easily as he did in the first place. Moving forward with his team bar his sensei, Shikamaru approach NGB. His eyes taking in their large booth and his own team's willness to approach them.

Chōji was still recovering from his match in the preliminaries, following along both Shikamaru and Ino at a slower rate with a crutch under one arm. Shikamaru and Ino made sure Chōji did not lose his spark which they all shared. It was this spark which brought them together at each other's clan compounds and it was this spark that drove them to following in their father's footsteps.

Ino who had place herself in between Chōji and the large booth which held Naruto, saw what Shikamaru wanted or who he wanted to talk to, spoke up to bring what she thought on this.

"Shikamaru let's just find somewhere else to sit, come on for Chōji?"

Ino voice was barely a whisper but it carried to Shikamaru just fine. Shooting a look towards the slowly approaching Chōji, Shikamaru returned with his own reasoning.

"Ino you have seen how Chōji has been acting arounding the mere mention of Uzumaki's name. I think it's best if he just dives right into this fear."

Giving Shikamaru a hard stare, Ino knew the Nara boy's reasoning was sound but as a Yamanaka, Ino knew what phobophobia could do to the young mind of a pre-teen and did not wish this fate upon her big-boned friend. Ino also knew what her lazy friend was up to with Gohō Nara. Unlike Gemason perverse interest in the Hyuga princess, Shikamaru did not have these intentions with Gohō.

Shikamaru was looking into Gohō for shinobi reasons. Gohō process immense talent in the Nara's clan arts, turning and changing the entire clan art into something else. Truly it was amazing and Shikamaru wanted to get to know the person and the genius behind this change.

Nodding Shikamaru, Ino, and the soon to be here Chōji would greet the infamous Team NGB in a social front.

"Hey you guys! Got room for three more?"

Naruto wish they didn't have room for three more but they did. Their booth was large and could easily fit six or more people. Hopefully no more would come and with no reason to denile Team 10 besides just being plain rude, Gohō offered them a seat and when they join them it was not long before both Team 7 and Team 8 join them and chaos insured.

Gohō and Naruto were not used to this type of crowd, the way that Team 7, 8, and 10 talked and joked with each other spoke of familiarly. Only Buraindo was truly use to this crowd. Being a clan heir, she had been to social gatherings way larger than this before and was use to the attention and questions.

And boy did they ask questions!

They ask how NGB got so strong or how their team had formed. No one bothered to mention Chōji deathly silence or Gemason's piercing stare at Naruto. Eventually someone was bound to ask a question that step on one of NGB's toes. That someone was Gemason.

Ever since the end of the second stage, Gemason had put time into only two things. Training for the Chunin Exams finals and his pursuit of knowledge of the lovely maiden called Hanabi Hyuga. After Kakashi had taken Sasuke out of the village for training, leaving Gemason with his father. Jiraiya supported both Gemason's new training regime and his growing crush on one Hyuga princess.

Jiraiya however believed that his son would never make any headway with his one-sided crush and instead just wanted to teach him to never give up on his dreams.

Grabbing everybody's attention by slamming his hands on their booth table and stood, pointing one finger at Naruto and with no shame shouted his question for all to hear.

"Hey you blond bastard just what is your relationship with Hanabi-hime!?"

Loud and obnoxious, Gemason mostly acted like this on purpose he had always found anger and confrontation to be one of the best ways to get answers from his enemies or friends.

Naruto was not his friend nor enemy and did not care to bother to rise to the insult. All Naruto did was just raise a brow and wondered just who this boy was. Naruto was beyond sure this boy had never met Hanabi and even with her mad at him Naruto was sure she would not pass up the opportunity to tell him about another one of her admirer's miss found affections. Something which had become a small pass time for them.

Shaking his head at the white haired boy, Naruto rose and dismissed the boy's question. Done with this small social gathering he decided to leave with Buraindo. Abandoning Gohō all by herself in between the group of young ninja children.

Glaring heatedly at her teammate's backs, Gohō promised herself she would make sure Naruto made this up to her and Gohō always remembered her grudges against Naruto.

"So you guys want to know what Naruto's relationship is with the Hyuga?"

Seeing the nodding head of not just Gemason but all of the genin at the booth, Gohō barely kept the devilish grin off her face. She just loved giving misinformation.

Arriving at his apartment with Buraindo at his side Naruto silently mourned the loss of most of his hideouts. When the Hyuga had gone into a frenzied when Hanabi had stayed over at Naruto's apartment way back when the Hyuga looking for her had tore through all of Naruto's burnout homes. Thankfully the Hyuga had never questions him too much on just what those places were.

Naruto knew he had Hanabi to thank for that.

Pushing into his small but nice apartment Naruto shoot a glance at the young women behind him before allowing her entrance. Hearing the door shut behind them Naruto knew he had committed to this, committed to allowing Buraindo to having a piece of his 'heart', committed to allowing just a bit more of his 'control' slip away so that he could make room for both Hanabi Hyuga and Buraindo Rinkō.

But just because Buraindo had stolen a piece of his heart and manipulated him into a binding contract with her and her clan did not mean she would instantly win. This did not mean Naruto would willingly give Buraindo anything else and Buraindo knew this.

Buraindo did not expect Naruto to pair take in intimate relationships activities with her much like how he wanted to with Hanabi. Buraindo did not expect Naruto to hold her hand, Buraindo did not expect Naruto to kiss her and Buraindo did not expect Naruto to want to either. Naruto saw only Hanabi and Hanabi only. And that pissed Buraindo off.

Naruto only looked at Hanabi and never at Buraindo despite their similar builds. Both girls were petite and of a similar history but where Hanabi had yet to hit puberty Buraindo was showing signs of developing female body. Her hips were slowing becoming wider not by much but hopefully enough to cause Naruto to turn to look at it.

Of course her small bodily changes were nothing compared to Goho's, their other female teammate was truly coming into her body, widening hips and a growing chest were both things Gohō could lord over Buraindo's small frame and the only thing Buraindo could usually come back with was that Naruto didn't like voluptuous body types and instead preferred smaller more compact forms like her's... like Hanabi's.

Tucking a loose strand of dark auburn hair behind one ear, Buraindo fully moved into Naruto's apartment all the while taking in the sights and smells of it. The paint on the wall was a pale white and so fourth. Moving onward through the rest of apartment after watching Naruto enter a door at the end of the small apartment.

'His room most likely.'

Taking a spot on his only piece of furniture, a black love seat fit for up to two maybe three people. It was comfortable but nothing compared to the stuff back home. Buraindo moved her feet from the soft white carpet and onto the coffee table before her and relaxed back into the black love seat.

'I could get use to this.'

Letting out a content sigh, Buraindo for intents and purposes was planning to stay like this for an unreasonable amount of time and beyond that the young clan head was planning to intrude on Naruto's home life. Buraindo wanted Naruto to think of her everytime he come home. She wanted him to remember her when even he sat on his love seat. Buraindo wanted to replace her smells over the Hyuga girl's and make Naruto only smell her whenever the blond boy did anything in his home.

And whether that be from shower to sleeping in his bed, Buraindo wanted Naruto to only remember and her alone.

Ok maybe that was a little obsessive but who could blame a girl in love? Then again the feelings Buraindo had for Naruto were nothing like a pure white love… no the feelings Buraindo held for the pale blond hair boy were greedy and ugly but nevertheless these feelings could be called love.

Still Buraindo was forgetting something or rather someone who would not allow another women to take what she deemed her's. With a quick swipe of her hand, Buraindo easily caught the slim piece of metal which had been aimed at the spot between her eyes. Holding up the senbon between two of her manicured fingers, Buraindo cast her obscured gaze from the slim needle and onto the form of a small girl with dark black hair and dark lavender pupiless eyes.

Undramatically this was not even their first meeting between the two love rivals. The clans of Konoha were many and almost all of them like to hold all sorts of gatherings and parties to try and boost their current standing among Konoha's social ladder. So in the past these two deadly females had meant and on multiple occasions had they traded barbs with one another but it was only in these past couple of months where these 'barbs' become much less of a game and more of a challenge.

Where before their words were maybe meant to 'scratch' and 'wound' as of recently they were now meant to 'cut' and 'hurt' their targets and hopefully mentally scar their targets

But before Buraindo could make any sort of retaliation Naruto emerged from his bedroom and come upon his female company. Naruto took in both Hanabi's loose fallen hair and the sembo in Buraindo's hands and shortly reach a foregone conclusion that was bound to happen since the moment Hanabi and Buraindo found out they were both rivals for their own personal interests.

A nasty cat fight was no doubt bound to take place and taking notice of this Naruto would've made all efforts to vacate the premises and ran for the hills. The 'hills' being Team NGB's new HQ and the 'premises' being anywhere near Hanabi and Buraindo. Sadly that was not to be. For one Naruto could not, would not leave two very dangerous super powered girls in his apartment with all of his treasured possessions, such as his small collection of photographs of Him, Hanabi, Buraindo, and Gohō and of course his only living plant, a small white chakra-intaking rose which was a gift from Hanabi that she had given him when their relationship was still pretty young.

And Second, Naruto had more than enough confidence to face any threat head on even if that threat was two pre-teen girls who were two of the most selfish people Naruto had ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Moving forward into the kitchen-living room, Naruto roughly pick up Buraindo's feet which had been lying comfortably on his coffee table and lightly drop them, allowing the girl to tuck them under her-self. Naruto sat down in the middle of his love seat and tossed Buraindo a small glance.

"No feet on the dinner table Buraindo."

Raising a brow, Buraindo spared a second glance to the 'small foot-rest' her feet had just been resting on until Naruto rudely moved them.

"That's your dinner table? But It's so small?"

Naruto did not deem that comment worthy of a response instead Naruto focused his glaze on Hanabi in the form of a silent question. The girl just merely raised her head to him in defiance, in the picture perfect example of high-lady dismissal.


Frowning lightly, Naruto patted the free spot next to him on his left, which was not being occupied by the 'all-smiles' Buraindo, in emphasis to his quiet request.


Despite Hanabi's same answer Naruto could see her resolve crumbling to her fiance's puppy dog look… His blank stare, slightly frowning puppy dog look. Who knows what Hanabi and Buraindo saw in Naruto's facial expressions?

"Please Abi?"

And now he was bringing out the pet names! Damn Him!

"Fine fine I will sit down! You big clingy idiot!"

Despite calling Naruto an idiot, Hanabi instantly took his left hand when she sat down and shot a burning 'one-upped you' glare at Buraindo.

With both girls beside him on his packed black love seat and currently not trying to harmfully harm each other, Naruto could bite the bullet and begin trying to explain to the two young clan heirs just what 'sharing and caring' was. Sadly both girls vocabulary did not contain the words 'sharing' and 'caring' in any context.