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Chapter 14: Shock and Awe part 2

Chinatown- A Few Blocks Away

BOOOOOOOOOOM! THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the sound of the Shocker's gauntlets hitting something. Sally Avril and Tawny came to a stop and both of them turned to see the police headquarters they just escaped from seconds ago collapsing inwards.

"Holy Hell!" Sally shouted, while feeling the ground shake, "I hope Spider-Man's okay."

"He's probably dead, that guy is insane. I'm getting out of here." Said Tawny frantically.

"Wait, not without me you're not, if Spider-Man can't stop the Shocker it means he's still going to be after you we need to keep moving, try to stay a step ahead of him. We can head to the next police precinct."

"NO! No more cops I'm going someplace he'll never find me, and you need to stop following me." Tawny replied before running away.

"HEY!" Sally called.

'Crazy girl is gonna get herself killed, what am I talking about so will I but that building falling, I don't think it was good sign that Spider-Man beat Shocker. I hope he's okay and getting back up. Of course, he is, what am I talking about he's totally fine. He's Spider-Man.' She thought as she ran after her long-lost friend.

Police Precinct


"UGHHH." Came a groan.

Detective Yuri Watanabe opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed was that she was laying in a pool of water that was mixed with a bit of blood. The blood of course was hers because the cut on her head and other parts of her body made themselves known. She let out a pained groan.

She could hear some heavy breathing and some voices, but it was dark, and so she felt around her waist praying that her flashlight was still strapped to her waist next to her gun. She thanked the lord because her flashlight was there but unfortunately her gun was missing.

Yuri flicked on the flashlight, and she immediately recoiled in shock because next to her was a dead body that had been impaled by a metal rod.

"OVER HERE!" a voice called out.

Yuri whipped around her light, and she shined it towards the voice, and she spotted two officers, a civilian and a man in an orange jumpsuit that had the words inmate on the chest. She saw that one of the officers was on the ground applying pressure on a wound to the other officer's leg.

"I need a light over here; I think he's bleeding pretty bad." He said.

"I'm on my way." She replied.

Yuri grunted as she crawled through the pool of water and towards the other survivors. She noticed that the water was rising bit by bit. When she finally made it over, she shined the light on the officer's leg and there was nothing but blood gushing out from a large wound.

"He needs a tourniquet otherwise he's gonna bleed out." She said.

"I don't have a belt too many donuts and fast-food restaurants." The officer replied.

Yuri looked to the others with her flashlight and none of them had a belt on.

"Does anyone have anything on that we can use."

"I-I-I might have s-something." Came another voice.

Yuri searched around with her flashlight and after a second, she found the source of the voice. A few feet away was Spider-Man holding up the rubble that had them all caved in. There were a few broken support beams he had a grip on and on top of the support beams were bricks, debris and rocks that were threatening to crush them all at any second. She could see that he was only thing keeping it at bay.

"Spider-man!" she exclaimed.

"Normally, I would say something quippy, but this is r-really heavy and I'm starting to get tired." He replied in a strained voice, "I have some webbing in my utility belt that you could put into the wound that will stop the bleeding, but I can't exactly get it."

Yuri crawled through the growing water and towards him. She gasped a bit when she heard a rumble. Spider-man grunted as he pushed against the rubble and the rumbling sound stopped.

"Hurry please." He said.

Yuri leaned closer to him, and she reached towards the waist of his black and white costume, she felt some pouches and reaching into one she grabbed two cannisters of web fluid.

"Crack t-them both open and then put in the wound." He said in a strained voice.

Yuri quickly moved away from him and back towards the wounded officer, she cracked the web fluid canisters and a giant glob of webbing spilled out and into the wound stopping the gushing blood.

"It worked! The bleeding has stopped!" Said Yuri happily

RUMMMMBBBLLLEEEE! Came the sounds of the rubble above them. Spider-Man grunted as he once again had to shift a bit to get under the support beams and rubble.

"Please…no loud sounds." He said.

"What are we gonna do! He's not gonna be able to hold that stuff for long!" The inmate exclaimed.

Yuri looked away from him and towards the rising water. He was not wrong; she knew that Spider-Man could not hold the debris indefinitely but if they did not figure something out something quick, they would end up drowning before being crushed to death. She looked around with her flashlight and she spotted a weakened section of bricks. A large beam had rammed into it and was pushing it downwards, she could see that some water was seeping through but not fast enough to stop some of the pooling water.

"I think I found a way out!" she called.

Yuri half swam through the water and to the weakened portion. She took a breath and dove underneath the water and with her flashlight she tried to find the weakest portion of the wall and when she spotted it, she went back up.

"I think we can break through this portion of the bricks, but I don't know what's on the other side." She said.

"W-Well we can't stay h-here." Said Spider-Man, "Everyone, move over towards Detective Watanabe, and do it quickly."

The people that were able helped the bleeding officer maneuver over towards Yuri who had positioned herself near the weakened bricks. She glanced towards Spider-Man.

"I-I'm right behind you." He said.

Yuri nodded her head, and she took one last breath before going under the water with her flashlight again. She spotted the bricks, and she began to kick at it with all of her might. The bricks suddenly gave way and sucked all of them and the water down the giant hole.

Spider-Man felt the rubble above him shift dangerously and so with all of his might he pushed upwards which gave him enough space to slip out and ride the draining water down the hole just before everything collapsed.


Elsewhere- Empire State University

Mary Jane Watson smiled and waved when she saw a camera phone pointed in her direction. The person taking her photo was one of the many male admires she had around the large New York City campus. They would take her picture, compliment her, and then try to ask her out to which she politely told them no.

She took a breath as he started the routine that most of the men did.

"Hey, I just gotta say you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met." He said.

"Thanks." She said in a completely uninterested tone.

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to go out to this spot….."

Mary Jane continued to be polite by smiling until she happened to look past him and towards a billboard across the way that had live footage playing. The headline above said: Throwdown in Chinatown. She could see live footage of Spider-Man and the Shocker battling in front of a police precinct. At that moment she drowned out everything the young man in front of her was saying and she focused on the battle.

She gasped when she suddenly saw several people flee out of the precinct just as the entire building collapsed.

"Oh My god!" she exclaimed, 'Peter.' She thought.

Her mind drifted back to just a few hours ago, last night, when he had dropped into her loft after a long night swinging through town. He looked exhausted and after their small exchange they each went their separate ways. He to the spare guest room and her to couch, and neither of them got any sleep. She tossed and turned all night, and she could hear him doing the same thing in the other room.

It seemed as if sleep was a luxury that both could not afford. She wished that she could talk to him, but it was still a bit awkward because she knew that if she had a real conversation with him that the night Gwen died, would always be the primary focus. And with him slowly but surely coming back into the light she did not want him to retreat inward but looking at the news feed she did not want him to disappear into Spider-Man either.

"Hey!" came a shout.

Mary Jane turned back to the guy that was in front of her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I got distracted, look Roger…"

"Ryan." He corrected.

"Sorry, Ryan, look you seem like a nice guy but I'm not really in the market right now. So no, I can't go out with you. I do thank you for the compliments though but I'm not the girl you're looking for." She said.

Mary Jane tried to walk past him however his hand shot out and grabbed her by the wrist.

"Hey now, don't be so quick to walk away. You're exactly the girl I'm looking for." He replied.

MJ looked at his hand and then back up to him.

"I guess you never learned the lesson of keeping your hands to yourself, let go." She said while snatching her hand out of his and rubbing her wrist.

"I just wanted a little conversation." Ryan said.

"I'm done talking to you, so good luck and goodbye." She replied

"Look, I'm just trying to be nice here and you're throwing me away like yesterday's trash, who do you think you are? You think just because you're a supermodel you're just too sexy and busy that you can't spare a minute to talk to a normal person."

Mary Jane scoffed and rolled her eyes.

'Here we go, the dark-side of being semi-famous.' She thought to herself.

The red-haired girl turned and quickly walked away but a glance over her shoulder saw that he was following her. She quickened her pace and she saw that he had doubled his until he was in front of her.

"You can't outrun me miss model. I was on the cross-country team." He said with a smug smile.

"Leave me alone creep." She said in a frustrated voice.

"Creep!" he shouted while trying to grab her again, however she side stepped him and then punched him in the head.

Ryan growled in frustration and pain and was about to try again when a shadow formed overhead. He and Mary Jane looked up to see Johnny Storm on fire and hovering above them.

"I think I've seen about enough." He said before touching down on the ground.

"Holy crap! You're Johnny Storm! THE HUMAN TORCH!" Ryan exclaimed

"That's right dweeb." Johnny replied.

"Can I get your autograph! I LOVE THE FANTASTIC FOUR!" Ryan shouted in joy.

Johnny was taken aback for a moment at the request before putting a mischievous smirk on his face. He had something special aligned and so he ignited his index finger and traced the number four in the air in front of him. He then pushed the ignited four towards the young creep in front of him and he watched in delight as the soft flames burned the guys clothes off.

Ryan gasped and quickly ran away.


The hot-tempered superhero turned back towards MJ.

"You, okay?" he asked.

"Peachy. I could have taken care of that all by myself but thanks for the assist. I'm quickly learning that fame has its consequences." She said.

"Fame, more like super stardom. I mean on the way over here I saw like eight billboards with your face and rockin' hot bod all over them." He said with a smirk.

Mary Jane shook her head and she looked away from him and back to the billboard with the news feed on it.

"Can we get off the subject of my 'rockin bod' and focus on what's happening now. I think Peter's in trouble, and you need to go help him." She said.

Johnny looked at the news feed and he saw the building collapse as well as a video shot of the Shocker. He then shrugged his shoulders.

"Ehh. I'm sure he'll be fine." Johnny replied.

"WHAT?!" Mary Jane exclaimed "He's not fine, go help him."

"Look MJ, you gotta respect the superhero code okay. The Shocker…wait, the Shocker, that can't really be his super villain name because that's completely sick, doesn't he know that it's the name of a certain move that you do when…."

"JOHNNY!" MJ shouted.

"My point is that this looks like a Spider-Man thing, so you have to give Spider-Man time to do his thing without me sticking my flames into it. I wouldn't want him sticking his webbed fingers into a Fantastic Four thing. If this Shocker guy is not taken care of in the appropriate amount of time, then it becomes a team up situation and at that point I'll go help."

Mary Jane hung her head in frustration.

"That makes absolutely no sense at all."

"Well, what can I say you're not a superhero you wouldn't understand. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about Parker, he can handle himself. I'm here to talk about you and how you've been skipping meetings. You're my sponsor I need you there with me." He said

"Johnny, for the last time I'm not your sponsor because we're not in AA, we're in a grieving group therapy program. Yes, I've missed a couple of session because my schedule is too busy and because I don't think it's helping." She replied while crossing her arms.

"Still not sleeping huh?" he asked.

"Not a wink."

"Maybe you should start talking about that more in group. It's been helping me to deal by talking about it." He said confidently.

"I probably do need to talk about it more but, I just can't with them or anyone that wasn't there that night." She said in a low voice before looking away from him and at the billboard with Spider-Man's image on it.

"Yeah, you can't talk to anyone, not even me. I thought we had something going here." Said Johnny.

"I think you might've been reading too much into it Johnny. We have fun together enough fun to where neither of us has to think about what happened to Gwen, or Harry or anything Goblin related, but just because we have fun does not mean we're in a relationship."

"I disagree." He said.

SNAP! SNAPP! Came the sound of pictures being taken.


Johnny's eyes wide as he saw a flock of people heading towards him and Mary Jane.

"Let's get out of here." He said.

The Human Torch gently took hold of Mary Jane, and he ignited his legs and took to the sky with her in his arms just as the flock of fans reached them. As they were in the air she cast one last glance at the image of Spider-Man battling the Shocker and she said a silent prayer hoping that he would be alright.

Chinatown- Underground

Spider-man fired another coat of webbing on the hole he and the others fell through, which secured the rubble that threaten to burst through at any second. Once he was satisfied that nothing was getting through, he hung upside down and lowered towards the old cement platform where the others were waiting.

"Is everyone okay?" he asked.

"No." Everyone answered.

"Yeah, didn't think so." He said.

Spider-Man slowly made himself spin around on his web, taking in his surroundings. They were in an old, abandoned subway station that looked to have been decommissioned and boarded up. The train tracks were old, rusted and busted, there was half a train car sitting tilted over a few feet away from them and the smell of stale air was palpable. A very dim light was coming from an old light that was hanging near the platform.

"Does anyone see an exit? Or anything beside a future tetanus shot?" Spider-Man asked.

Detective Watanabe picked herself up off the ground and she turned on her flashlight, and started to look around trying to find anything that looked like an exit but as she did that she looked towards Spider-Man.

"Nice to see you back in action, but what's with the black costume?" she asked.

"I'm in a dark mood I guess, plus it was a gift from a friend." He replied.

"I liked your original one better."

"Yeah, so I keep hearing. Hey, let me ask you something, what were you doing downtown. This isn't your usual stomping ground. You're more of an uptown detective."

"I didn't get the promotion I wanted so I went to the next agenda on my list, cold cases. The department has no shortage of them, from kids to adults who have gone missing to old murders that still resonant to today. Every department is swamped with cases and sometimes it feels like I'm fighting an uphill battle with each case but these people, some need resolutions to their stories, while others need justice. I was working a murder case, a drug deal gone bad, and the only survivor was a known corrupt cop, that led me to this precinct, and I guess the rest is history." She said.

"After we get out of here, and I stop the Shocker, I'd love to help you out. My list of things to do keeps growing but I'm all for reuniting families or at least giving people closure. Lord knows that sometimes that's all we need…closure" Said Spider-Man, his mind briefly drifting towards his Aunt May and then finally towards Gwen.

"Thanks, I could use all the help I can get. And I think I found our wait out, look over there." She said.

Spider-Man turned on his web and looked to where she was pointing. He saw a service door that was rusted over. He leapt off the web and he stuck to the grimy wall and jiggled the warped locked. Spidey, using a bit of his strength broke the lock and pushed the door open.

Yuri shinned her light inside and the light landed on a set of stairs that was covered by spider webs.

"I do hope those stairs go somewhere more pleasant." She said.

Spider-Man was about to respond when he felt a low nudge from his spider-sense. He looked out into the abandoned tunnel again trying to find where it was coming from, but his spider-sense was remaining vague. He looked up to hole they all fell through and assumed that it was the danger his spider-sense was telling him about. It still looked as if his webbing was holding but his spider-sense was still nudging him.

"Only one way to find out if they get us out of here and that's to go up and we need to do it quick, this place is not safe. Everyone through here." He said.

Spider-Man watched as the others picked themselves up and slowly make it through the door and to the steps. And all the while they were doing that Spidey kept an eye out in the tunnel. He could sense the danger but not from any particular direction.

"Spider-Man!" Yuri called out.

"I'm coming." He replied before crawling through the door and webbing it shut.

In the corner deep in the darkness near the broken glass window of the old train, a set of red eyes glowed in the dark, and the single set was joined by other glowing red eyes.

"S-Spider-Man." Came a soft gravelly voice from the darkness.


Spider-Man came to a stop at the end of a beaten hallway, there was a locked grate that separated them from what looked like another series of tunnels, but a sigh of relief escaped his lips once he saw the speeding C-train pass by.

"It's the C-Train, we're close to an exit." He said, feeling the heat and wind while smelling the gas.

He grabbed hold of the grate in front of him and with his strength he easily pushed it off its hinges. Spidey looked to the left and he spotted a platform a few yards away with people standing on the edge awaiting the next C-Train. He quickly scooped up the injured officer and led the others towards the platform.

"I NEED HELP OVER HERE!" he shouted catching everyone's attention while hoping up onto the platform.

Spider-Man gently set the officer down and then helped the others up to safety. Once everyone was safe, he looked towards Yuri.

"I'm going after Shocker. He's got a head start and he's still hunting someone." He said.

"How are you going to find him?" she asked.

"A guy like Shocker is not gonna keep himself quiet, so I'll just follow the sirens." Spider-Man replied before dashing away.

Streets of New York

"AH SAID RUN YOU BASTARDS!" the Shocker yelled.

The villain unleashed a singular blast on the cops that were in front of him. He let out a chuckle before raising his other hand firing off another blast but this time it was at a civilian truck. It hit the truck and sent it skidding, then rolling along the road, making people scream as they desperately drove out of the way the vehicle.

The Shocker had been following the trail of his missing homeless delivery girl for the past couple of blocks and every few blocks or so there would be a police car or cops waiting to take him in but after in his eyes defeating Spider-Man he was feeling good. And so, he wanted to show them just how good he was feeling.

Shocker turned the dials on his gauntlets up to sixty-percent and then he slammed both of his fist into the ground causing a shockwave of energy to ripple out in every direction. The shockwave threw all of the cops off of their feet as well as their cars up into the air. He then cocked both hands back and unleashed another singular blast at a helicopter that had found its way to the scene.

The blast tore through the rotor sending the helicopter spiraling through the air and to the ground with a loud crash. From out the side a news crew with a cameraman fell out which only made Shocker smirk more. He wanted people to see him in all of his glory, no more hiding or running at least not with his new and improved gauntlets. He wanted everyone to see that his reputation had been redeemed.

Shocker waited for the scared news crew to get to their knees and reach for the camera and when it was square on him, he lifted his right hand and held up his middle finger. A calling card to New York City and the world. And once he was sure that they had the message he held out his other hand and unleashed another blast right at them.

Several Blocks away

Sally and Tawny both came to a stop and leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths. They were both exhausted from running but the loud sound of a crash in the distance caught their attention.

"Jesus! What was that!?" Tawny exclaimed.

"I've only got one guess." Sally replied.

She took out her phone and she pulled up a news app and the first thing playing was the Shocker stalking through Manhattan destroying everything in his path. She tried to spot if Spider-Man was anywhere, but he wasn't. Sally gasped as the news feed she was watching shook dangerously and the helicopter the news anchor was in started to spin right before crashing. She wanted to scream but she held it in as the Shocker held up a middle finger and then the feed went dark.

"This guy is going to kill us." Said Tawny.

"Don't think like that, we just have to…"

"Have to what! Clearly the cops can't stop him, and neither can Spider-Man. Why am I even running, maybe I should just let him kill me so I can be with my family."

Sally grabbed her by the arm and started to lead her down the sidewalk.

"I don't know much Tawny, but I know that your family would want you to keep living and not give up. I can only imagine the pain that you're going through but laying down for that crazed psychopath is not the answer. So, we're going to keep moving until we figure out some way to get away from this guy."

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came a sound in the distance.

Sally heard her phone ring, and she released a sigh of relief when she saw that it was her boyfriend, Jason. She quickly answered the call.

"Babe, where are you?" he asked

"Somewhere in Chinatown, I don't know right now I'm on the run." She answered.

"Isn't Spider-Man there!"

"He showed up but…I think a building fell on him. The Shocker is still after us."

"Oh my god! Wait, you're in Chinatown right see if you can make it to the train and to Kong and Flash's apartment. You can hide out at their place until Spidey deals with Shocker." Said Jason.

"That's if he's still alive."

"He is, just keep moving and I'm on the way to meet you guys." Said Jason.

Sally ended the call and she looked around and saw a tunnel that led to the train station. She grabbed her old friend by the arm and led her towards the stairs.

Not too Far away

The Shocker stalked around corner, and he smiled to himself, as people ran away from him screaming or just gave him a wide berth in general. It was intoxicating, after a year stuck behind bars in Ryker's Island and then a year cowering in fear at Angelo's place, he was happy to be back where he belonged, at the top of the food chain, respected and feared.

He let loose another tracking vibrational blast and he could see his path clearly and so he continued. And for a moment he considered not even worrying about the runaway errand girl, just letting her leave and get away however a bigger part of him remembered that he was a professional and that he had a job to do which he did complete but a loose end to the that job was running away. It would reflect badly on his new and hopefully growing reputation and so he would have to close that loop which spurred him on further.

About a block and a half further he saw that the tracking line to the gauntlets on Tawny's hands had gone underground.

"Tha little rat has hopped a train. Ah can't track her on foot anymore. Ah guess that's what Ah get for havin too much fun. Alright, no more mister nice Shocker." He said to himself

The Shocker thought for a moment as to how he was going to catch up to his fleeing prey. He looked at his gauntlets and a thought suddenly occurred to him. The villain turned up the juice to his gauntlets by sixty percent and he aimed them downwards. He unleashed a powerful blast that propelled him high up into the air and created a shockwave on the ground that shook the entire block, overturning cars and people in its wake.

"YAHHHOOOOOOOOOO!" He shouted as flew upwards in the air.

As quickly as he flew up into the air he started to fall downwards and so he unleashed another blast only this time at an angle which flung him forward and towards a building. He thrusted his left hand outward just as he reached the building firing another vibrational blast that smacked into the building shaking it and breaking windows before flinging him in another direction through the air.

"HELL YES! AH CAN FLY! WHOOOOOO!" he shouted in joy.

Spider-Man landed on the ground next to an overturn car that was on top of an unconscious officer. He gripped the sides of the vehicle, and he easily lifted the car and set it back down on its wheels.

"I need some medical attention over here!" he shouted.

One of the EMS crew heard his call and quickly jogged over to him to assess the downed officer. Spider-Man, looked around at all of the careless destruction and he clenched his fists.

"Too Late." Came a voice.

Spidey turned and he saw some people standing in a crowd off to the side videoing the scene with their phones. He could see an older man in a business suit pointing.

"You're too late Spidey! He went that way, go get'em!"

Spider-Man looked in the direction he was pointing, and he nodded before firing a web-line and swinging away.

He soared through the air following the trail of destruction, he bounded off the edge of a building and he spotted a giant hole in the middle of the building. He slowed up and stuck to the wall, looking at the hole before noticing a pattern from the trail he was following. There were giant holes in the streets below and then every few yards there was hole in a building.

"I'm guessing Shocker has now perfected his flying through the air schtick. He was a menace on the ground and now he can fly. I gotta find a way to neutralize those gauntlet or get through that thick suit." He said to himself.

KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came a sound in the distance. He looked out to see a column of smoke rising up, and so without hesitation he jumped and swung in that direction praying he could catch up to the crazed villain before he hurt someone else.


The Shocker laughed as he stood on his perch at the edge of building. He could see down below and the giant hole he had just created with is last vibrational blast. The villain was able to get in front of the train his prey was on and he blasted a hole in the ground giving him a clear view of the track. He heard the train coming and just as it was about pass, he fired through the street and to the tracks blowing it away. The Shocker watched with glee as the train flew off the tracks and tilted to the side.

The Train

Sally and Tawny along with the rest of the passengers on the train screamed in terror as they felt themselves roughly go off the tracks and tilt over to the side. Everyone slammed against the metal doors as the lights went out and the train crashed spectacularly.

Sally gasped in terror when she felt another tremor hit the train. She fought her way to her feet, and once she was up, she grabbed Tawny and pulled her to her feet too. They both were sporting some cuts and bruises from the violent fall, but Sally would not be deterred. She would get her friend to safety or die trying.

"We gotta keep moving." She said.

She could hear screaming from the passengers as well as screaming from Tawny but there was a voice in her mind that told her to keep going and so she did. The ground shook again as the Shocker unleashed another blast but she steadied herself and was able to drag the both of them out of the train car through a busted window.

There were others who had the same idea to escape. She followed the small crowd through the smoke and towards the waiting platform and then up the stairs and out of the train tunnel.

Up Above

The Shocker let off another blast of energy however a stray thin line traveled down the building and towards one of the train tunnel entrances. He saw it out the corner of his eye and he smiled to himself as he finally spotted his loose end.

"Time to end this." He said dangerously while aiming his gauntlets and turning the power up to seventy percent, "Good-bye…"

"And goodnight!"

The Shocker turned just in time to see two feet bash right into his chest sending him flying backwards, however he managed to get a shot off that that hit the support beam to a billboard. The billboard tilted forward and then broke off and fell towards the crowd below.

Spider-Man and Shocker tumbled across the roof asphalt, and both recovered quickly, the web-slinger spun around and kicked the Shocker in the face knocking him back down.


Spider-Man turned around and rushed to the edge of the building and fired off multiple webs that managed to secure the billboard inches from the ground and crushing the civilians that were right under it.

Spidey felt his spider-sense come alive again and so without thinking he backflipped high into the air, avoiding a direct blast from Shocker's gauntlets. While he was in the air and over his enemy he fired two web-balls that webbed the gauntlets together.

The Shocker growled at his webbed fists and was about to blast them apart when he felt a web-line connect to his chest followed by a mighty tug that lifted up off the ground, around and then into the brick wall. He smacked against it with a hard thud, but his insulated suit kept him from feeling most of it.

Shocker felt another tug on the web-line however once he was flung, he held out his hands and fired a singular vibrational blast at his enemy. The blast ripped through the webbing, the web-line and headed straight for Spider-Man. The wall-crawler ducked and rolled under it. He tried to fire another web-ball, but Shocker was prepared and blew them out of the air. The crazed villain then charged up his gauntlets which were vibrating dangerously and then slammed his fists into the concrete they were standing on. The vibrations rippled outwards and towards Spider-Man who predictably jumped over it.

Shocker wasted no time in firing upon him and nailing him with one of his blasts. The blast carried him over the edge of the building, but a single web-line fired out and snagged him by the face. The Shocker yelled as he felt himself being pulled over the roof along with his enemy.

The Shocker and Spider-Man clashed in the air as they were falling and the two immediately grabbed the other by the throat with both hands.

"Ah'm gonna kill you!" Shocker yelled.

"I-If I had a nickel for every time, I heard that!" Spider-Man shouted back before breaking the hold on his throat and drawing the Shocker in for a hard headbutt to the face. He managed to hit him again before the Shocker slugged him in the face knocking them apart.

Shocker aimed his gauntlets at the ground and fired them both at the same time, slowing his descent until he hit the ground, his suit once again absorbing the impact. He quickly got to his feet, and he looked to sky ready to blast his enemy again but to his surprise he did not see Spider-Man. He saw a black ops helicopter lowering down from the sky with the words H.A.M.M.E.R in bold lettering on the side.

"What tha hell?" he whispered before a kick found its way to his stomach.

Spider-Man wasted no time in using the small distraction to land several hard blows but the new and improved insulated suit Shocker was wearing protected him from about half the blows. The wall-crawler grabbed him by the front of his suit and was about to punch him again when his spider-sense came to life. He turned around and then sprung out of the way of several pellets being fired at him and Shocker.

The dozens of pellets stuck to Shocker missing Spider-Man by a mile. The pellets gave off a synchronized beep before unleashed a massive current. Shocker could feel the vibrations from the electrical current, but he did not feel any of the pain. He collapsed to the ground deciding to play possum for a moment just to see what was going on and to catch his breath.

Spider-Man watched as five black and silver clad operatives that were armed with guns and knives rappel down from the Hammer helicopter.

"What now?" he said.

"Spider-Man! Shocker! By order the order of H.A.M.M.E.R both of you are under arrest!" One of them shouted.

"Just hold on a minute. Who the heck is H.A.M.M.E.R?" Spider-Man asked.

The answer did not come because the Shocker chose that moment to act. He lifted his left gauntlet and he blasted the rotating wings of the Helicopter, blowing the top half clean off. The chopper burst into flames and fell directly down on top of the H.A.M.M.E.R agents, all but one.

"NO!" Spider-Man shouted as he fired several globs of webbing at Shocker's hand that webbed it to the street.

The H.A.M.M.E.R operative that lived picked himself up off the ground and took off his black helmet to reveal a dark-skinned man with a white streak going in his hair. He stared at the burning wreckage with disbelief however the bodies of his crew told him that was seeing was very real. He pushed aside his disbelief in favor of anger. He remembered his mission and he would complete it.

The dark-skinned agent turned his eyes towards Shocker.

"MURDERER!" he yelled will pulling a large Bowie knife from his waist.

He charged with the intent to kill. He was a few inches away from stabbing Shocker in the face when he was knocked to the ground by Spider-Man.

"Thanks for tha save Hoss." Said Shocker.

"Shut up." Spidey returned before socking him in the face.

In the split second that it took him to hit his southern foe the H.A.M.M.E.R. agent had flipped to his feet and was on the attack. Spidey was for a moment impressed by his speed and by his strength. He blocked several quick punches and kicks followed by several slashes from the large hunting knife.

'Jesus, it's like I'm fighting a slightly weaker Captain America. I wonder were all the rest of them like this guy.' Spider-Man thought to himself.

"RAHHHHH!" yelled the H.A.M.M.E.R. agent as he jumped in the air and came down with his knife aimed at the wall-crawler's skull, but he blocked it as well.

The Shocker was watching the fight in front of him and thanking the powers that be that he had a moment to free himself from the webbing that was on him. He blasted through the webbing on the ground but just as he freed himself, Spider-Man whipped around and fired another glob of webbing at his face, blinding him.

"Sonuva!" he shouted.

Shocker's hands went to his face trying his best to rip the webbing from his eyes.

Spider-Man ducked under a knife strike after webbing Shocker. He then came up with an uppercut and then knocked the knife out of his hand and then spun kicked the H.A.M.M.E.R agent in the chest knocking him to the ground. Once he hit Spider-Man wasted no time in webbing him to the ground.

"Okay buddy, fighting time is over. I'm not sure who you are but I can't fight you and Shocker at the same time."

"Don't worry about him. I'll take care of him! He killed my team, so I'll hunt him to the ends of the earth and then I'll hunt you down for not letting me kill him! And I'll…. mmm…" he started before webbing found its way to his mouth.

"Yadda. Yadda. Yadda." Said Spider-man in an exhausted tone.

Spider-Man bent down and picked up his fallen knife and looked at it for a second almost recognizing it before the sound of Shocker's struggling with the webbing on his face caught his attention. He finally managed to rip it off before staring daggers at the wall crawler.

Spidey held up the knife.

"Okay Shocky, it's time to get you out of that suit." He said.

"Come and get a licken bug." Shocker replied while letting his gauntlets flail with energy.

"Get a licken…ewww! How about I stay over here now." Spider-Man scoffed.

"THAT'S NOT WHAT AH MEANT! GOD AH HATE YOU!" Shocker yelled before letting loose with two blasts from his gauntlets.

'Spider-sense don't fail me now.' He thought to himself.

The wall-crawler twisted through the air narrowly dodging each attack. The Shocker was not going to let him get close enough to cut his suit, and so he would do anything he could to keep him away.

Spider-Man fired a web-line at a pile of debris, and he swung it around and tossed it at the Shocker, who predictably blasted it out of the sky shattering it to smaller chunks of bricks and rocks. Spider-Man used the brief moment of cover to swing in closer.

The dust cleared and Shocker was greeted with a punch to the face followed by Spider-Man flipping over him and grabbing him from behind. Spidey dragged the thick knife in his hand down the Shocker's right arm. The sharp military knife sliced through the tough fabric creating an opening in the insulated suit.

"NO!" Shocker yelled before slamming his fist together creating a pulse that flung Spider-Man off of him and sent him flying into the wall behind them, dropping the knife in the process.

Shocker let out a pained groan once the pulse receded. He cradled his right arm because thanks to the rip in his suit he felt the vibrations from the pulse. It felt like something was tearing his arm apart from the inside out.

"Damn it!" He cursed loudly.

The crazed villain thought about running away to repair his suit but the sight of Spider-Man being down on the ground and not being finished off did not sit well with him. He knew he might not get another opportunity and so he steeled himself for the pain. He charged up the left gauntlet up to eighty percent and he groaned as he felt the powerful vibrations through the large slit in his costume.

Spider-Man shook his head trying to shake the cobwebs from the powerful pulse that knocked him for a loop. He felt his spider-sense nudge him and he tried to jump out the way but the blast that came for him hit him square in the chest, knocking him back down.

"AHHH!" he gasped feeling the power behind the hit like a tidal wave.

"Hurts doesn't it!" Shocker exclaimed in pain himself

He fired another blast that struck his enemy in the chest again.

Sally peeked from her hiding spot, and she looked at the scene that was in front of her. Spider-Man was on the ropes with Shocker blasting him with his gauntlets. While the others had scattered, she had decided to stay and pray that Spidey would be able to deal with Shocker and it seemed like he had him but now it looked like he could use some help.

"We need to go!" Tawny shouted from next to her.

"Go where?" she asked.

"Your friend's house that's where we were supposed to go before right."

"Well, that was before our train got blasted to hell and Spider-Man showed up. He's our best hope, so this is it. We have to help him." She said.

"How?" Tawny asked.

Sally spotted a brick on the ground next to her and without a second thought she grabbed it.

"Stay here." She said.

Sally slowed crept up towards the Shocker who was too busy yelling at Spider-Man to pay any attention to her. She planted her feet and palmed the brick tightly before aiming and throwing.

SMACKKKKKK! Came the sound of the brick hitting Shocker in the head.

Shocker felt the strike to the head, but it was not enough to knock him out, the insulation to his head was still intact. He turned to see a blonde-haired girl standing a few feet away, and with his left hand he fired a blast at her that hit the ground near her feet. The ground exploded and it sent her flying through the air.

Tawny watched in terror as Sally was sent flying and, in that moment, she was brought back to the night that Galactus appeared and killed her family, how she was powerless to do anything.

"Sally, No." she whispered.

She ran from her spot and to where Sally was on the ground. She rolled her over and she gasped at the sight of a few burns and cuts on her face and hands. Sally was not moving and so she feared that her friend was dead, just like her family.

Tawny looked away and towards Shocker and anger gripped her tightly.

"No." she said in a low voice, "NOOOOOOOOOO! YOU BASTARD!" she screamed.

The Shocker heard the scream and he turned to see the girl he had been chasing. He smirked to himself, but the smirk fell flat when before he could fire on her just like he did the blonde she held out both her hands and unleashed a singular beam from the rigged gauntlets.

The beam fired and hit him square in the chest, right in the spot that was not insulated. It shook him to the core and sending him skidding across the pavement.

Spider-Man's vision cleared once the Shocker was no longer hitting him with blasts. He struggled to move because it felt as if his whole body was shaking but through sheer will he managed to make it to a knee.

He saw the Shocker on the ground trying to get up as well however his spider-sense nudged him in the direction of Tawny. He could see her screaming in agony as energy flashed off the gauntlets on her hands. And so, he picked himself up and made his way over to her. He had to shield himself a bit from the power and from a quick look at them it seemed as if they were going to overload.

Spider-Man took hold of her, and he peeled the gauntlets off her hands gritting his teeth against the intense vibrations. He threw the rigged devices to the ground, and he covered them in webbing, but he was skeptical that the webbing would be able to hold the still sparking energy. The wall-crawler saw that the Shocker had finally fought his way back to his feet and that's when an idea found it's way to his mind.

'How about a taste of your own medicine.' He thought to himself as he fired a web-line at the gauntlets that were quickly reaching a critical point because his spider-sense went from a nudge to a urgent buzzing.

Spider-Man swung it around and flung the webbed gauntlets at their maker. He then threw himself on top of Tawny and the unconscious Sally Avril, praying he could shield them. The vibrating gauntlets flew through the air until they hit the Shocker and exploded on impact.


The explosion ripped through Shocker's damaged suit and destroyed his own gauntlets and sent him bouncing further along the ground until coming to a rough stop next to a police car that arrived on the scene.

Spider-Man gingerly rose to his feet, completely out of breath. He waited until the smoked cleared and he was able to see the Shocker down on the ground unconscious with smoke rising from his body.

"Please let that be it." He said to himself as he started towards the villain.

On his way over to him he stopped when he noticed a piece of Shocker's suit fabric under his feet. He bent down and grabbed the torn piece, studying it for a moment.

"SPIDER-MAN!" came a shout.

The wall-crawler looked up to see another H.A.M.M.E.R. helicopter come hovering into view.


"What else is new." The wall-crawler said to himself.

Spider-Man with some effort jumped into the air and he fired a web and swung away.

Later: Jumbotron News Feed

"Good Afternoon New York City I'm Michelle Burns bringing you up to the minute news and the shocking news is that the explosions around New York City as well as the chaos in Chinatown have been traced back to escaped convict and criminal Herman Schultz better known to all as the Shocker. As you can see on your screens, we have footage of him going on a rampage throughout the city. He was confronted by Spider-Man on two occasions however after the second confrontation he was beaten in a spectacular show. We have reports that several people have been injured on his rampage but out of this rampage we have an eye witness a Tawny Roberts who can confirm that the Shocker was responsible for the other explosions. We also have footage of the new regime that is now partially funding the Avengers, H.A.M.M.E.R. After the fall of SHIELD last year with Norman Osborn's expose on their doings and the wrongdoings of their former Director Nick Fury, everyone is wondering just how they will be different but the new director Henry Gyrich has not been available for questioning but more on that later….."

Greenwich Village-Mary Jane's Loft

Spider-Man opened the skylight and he dropped down into the spacious loft. He immediately collapsed to a knee, grabbing his ribs in pain. The Shocker's attack still fresh, meaning he would have to heal before jumping back out into the streets.

'At least now I think I'll be able to sleep.' He thought to himself while taking his mask off.


Peter heard his name and he turned to see Johnny and Mary Jane sitting on the couch close to each other.

"See, I told you he'd be okay. You gotta respect the Superhero code."

He looked between the two of them and several questions ran through his mind, but Johnny beat him to the punch.
"You have some timing Parker; we were just about to start making out." He said.

Peter stood there with his mouth open not able to say anything other than one single word.


Elsewhere- H.A.M.M.E.R Helicarrier

The new commander in chief of HAMMER Henry Gyrich stormed through the lower corridors of the large Helicarrier that hovered in the sky. He bypassed several security checkpoints until he came to a large thick door that required three identification codes. One was a retinal scan, the other was a hand-print scan and finally the other was a voice command. Once all three had been inputted the thick doors open to reveal a large training area where a single occupant stood in the middle.

The man was facing a holographic hard-light projection of the Amazing Spider-Man. The holographic projection jumped at him, and he side-stepped the attack and then grabbed the hard light projection by the neck and snapped it with a mighty twist.

"Simulation ended." Came the sound of the automated computer voice.

"I hope I'm not interrupting." Said Henry.

The man glanced over his muscular broad shoulder, and he sneered.

"Allow me to guess the reason for your visit. You failed, yes." Came a thick Russian accent.

"All but one of your trainees died on their very fist mission. They had your blood and your training and yet they still died. I thought you could deliver the greatest prize, but it seems I was wrong about you…. Kraven." said Henry.

Kraven the Hunter turned, and he stalked towards the much shorter man until he towered over him.

"I told you I could deliver you the Spider with the proper team and equipment and yet you decided to let the pack hunt without their leader. So do not blame me for the outcome of your poor choices. You must let me out of here." He said dangerously.

"You're an escaped criminal who is in the country illegally, heh, do you really think I'm going to let you out of here."

"If you want the Spider, you will have to choose either to let me out of this glorified cage and do what I do best with the team of soldiers that you gave my blood to or continue to allow him to roam free."

"You will betray me the first chance you get." Said Henry.

"A chance you will have to take, but if I should betray you. It will only be after I have delivered Spider-Man's head." Kraven replied.

"Maybe not his head. I need his whole body intact, just for a little while to study it and dissect it and find out what gives him his powers. We've learned all we can from you and the others, but I need him."

"Then let me out." Said Kraven.

"Fine. I'll put you in charge of a small team but if you should try to escape before our deal is complete there is no rock that will go un-turned until I find you. And then I'll eliminate you in the most painful way possible."

Kraven smirked and he held out his hand to which Henry shook.

"A deal. The Spider will be yours, and I will have my revenge."

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