A/N: Part One of Six planned. Writing experiment testing different PoVs telling the same story. Each part is a different PoV with more of the story is revealed as you go along.

Or in other words... I'm a cruel cruel person who is going to tell you the whole story, but only let you find out the end of the story at, you know, the end.


Iemitsu beamed as he cuddled his precious son, his daughter still lying in his beloved wife's arms. The girl was whimpering, trying to curl inwards to Nana as she did her best to sooth her, a shock of dark brown hair poking out the blankets. The elder of the two, her brother, was blinking up at him in wonder, his eyes wide and unseeing. That would change as they grew older. He could already picture how they would grow... A strong, son with a gift for leadership and a beautiful daughter, soft and warm like their mother... And both of them Skies of course - drawing in strong and loyal friends.

His children would both be amazing.


Tsuna was as expected. He was a happy child, and a friendly one. A strong and pure Sky, that had little trouble making friends. He was a good boy, and all that Iemitsu could want in a son. Tsuna - his perfect little tuna-fish.

Honoka... was different. He had been so sure she was a Sky. Those first few weeks, while his Tuna-fish was (while they both were) too young to show signs of their future flames, he had been certain that there were once sparks of orange in her dark eyes so similar to his own. He had once had dreams of his youngest marrying Frederico, reuniting the separated branches of their Family. Only, it now seemed that she didn't in fact have a Sky flame, and so that wasn't a possibility any more. In fact, he wasn't sure she had a particular flame at all. Her potential seemed to flicker between the 6 more common types, never showing up in any strength and leaving her completely overshadowed by her brighter, stronger brother.

"Honoka! Play with me!"

Iemitsu frowned as his Honoka half heartedly threw the ball back and forth for a bit, wishing she had some more zest. Only then his precious little Tuna-fish, so pleased that Honoka was playing with him, threw it a little bit too hard and it went flying into a tree. He pouted up at it, the expression so cute on his face that Iemitsu had to suppress the urge to let out an un-manly squeal. His Tuna-fish was so cute!

Behind him, Nono laughed at something Nana said and Iemitsu turned to join in the discussion. He shouldn't be focusing on his boy - he had spent enough time thinking about his wonderful son already! - but on discussing plans for his family's upkeep with Nono and Nana.

He was taken completely by surprise at the huge inferno of Sky flames bursting out of nowhere in the garden behind him.


He loved his children, and he loved his wife. It didn't matter that one was apparently a near-null flame inactive and the other was a clumsy, hapless, terrible student of a boy. His wife was warm and welcoming, and for all that she hadn't activated her flames, she was still a Sky and his beloved. He loved her and her comfort and beauty and care. His son would recover and grow into his own if he ever had need - the effects of a flame seal may not be all that well known but some clumsiness was to be expected. Really, it was for the best. His little Tuna-fish was so young... And even with the seal he was still a cheerful little boy who loved his father so everything was fine. His daughter... His daughter was at least intelligent. She got high scores on all her school tests without seemingly needing to try. He could ignore her listlessness and admittedly dull personality in favour of that. She could still find a good match.

Yes, for all their faults, Iemitsu loved his family.


Enrico died, then Massimo, then Frederico. Iemitsu didn't know if to curse the Gods or praise them for this twist of fate. On one hand, he had liked Frederico and Massimo. He hadn't been as friendly with Enrico, but... He still grieved like the rest of the family. On the other, there was now only one legitimate heir of the Vongola left. Only one Sky still living with Vongola blood that wasn't already tied to the CDEF.

His little Tuna-fish was going to be the Tenth boss of the Vongola.

(He didn't think about his daughter, save that this would mean better protection for her and her mother. It was the men's duty and privilege to protect the women after all.)


The first time Iemitsu knew that something was wrong, terribly terribly wrong, was when Reborn's first report came back. Tsunayoshi was doing better than either he or Nono had hoped. The Smoking Bomb had been accepted as his right hand and storm guardian, and with Reborn forcing Tsunayoshi to push past his seal, other viable guardian candidates were quickly being drawn in.

No, Tsuna was fine. The concern was with his daughter. His daughter who was not in fact a weak, multi-flame inactive, but a Sky - a broken, shattered active one. In Reborn's expert opinion, and the opinion of Trident Shamal, she was broken so thoroughly she was lucky to have even the semblance of sanity left. Only the incredible strength of her flame and her incredible will was allowing her to function at all! It was as if each shattered remnant was enough individually to keep her going on its own! Had she been any weaker, had she not had flames that could rival both Tsuna's and the current Sky Arcobaleno's... She wouldn't even have that. She'd have shattered.

Iemitsu's hands slipped and he glanced down, his flames having burned through his desk.

Something had happened that had ruined his daughter, that had destroyed her immense potential. No. Not something. Someone. In the time between leaving the twins when they were a few weeks old and their fifth birthday someone must have gotten to her.

Iemitsu stalked out of the room, his flames crackling around him. He cared little for the Varia, but for something like this, something that his own people had missed...

Perhaps they would be more effective.

They would certainly ensure the perpetrators received a suitable punishment.


Honoka was gone.

Honoka was gone.

Iemitsu was near frantic, and from the reports, his son and his guardians were the same. For all Honoka's faults and flaws and disinterest, she was still Family, more she was family. She... She... Someone had taken her. Someone had attacked his family and no one could find any leads. No one had seen anything, and despite the investigations of Vongola's best flame trackers, there was no trace of the mist flames that must have been used to smuggle her away. There was no trail.

Once again, he had failed his daughter. The first time when he had missed the attack from whoever had hurt her so badly her flame shattered, and now this.

As soon as she was found, he was stepping down as Head of CDEF. He would dedicate his time to protecting his family in person. Clearly he was no longer fit for his position.

But first... He would see the ones that had taken his daughter die a slow and painful death.


Honoka hadn't been kidnapped.

She had run on her own, escaping out from under Reborn's watchful eye, away from her brother's overarching Sky and the shelter he offered. She had hidden so thoroughly, that Viper had been unable to find her. Had somehow done it so that she could do something that had the Arcobaleno Sky panicking.

He swallowed, his heart aching at the outpouring of storm flames that were surging and tearing everything in reach. Conello and Lal were trying to calm her, and both Aria and his Tuna-fish were reaching out for her - Aria with her flames, Tsuna trying to force his way through the storm physically, his flaring brightly around him. Fon would be here soon and he would help too. He... Her father. He was doing nothing.

Iemitsu could do nothing.

A parent always knows their children better than anyone else, he thought. They might ignore what their instincts tell them, but if they listen...

Iemitsu was listening now.

Perhaps for the first time in his life, Iemitsu was truly listening.

His daughter wouldn't stop. Wouldn't let herself stop. Would burn the world if she had to, to achieve her desire.

And if it stopped her pain...

Iemitsu would let her.