The Sun, Moon and Stars.

The next morning Nefertiri woke up to the hiss of a black Egyptian Asp about to bite her face, she gasped as her body went ridged. Rekhu woke up from behind her and didn't hesitate to move quickly from behind her, causing the snake to switch it's gaze from Nefertiri to him. He used his hands to move it away from her and toward him. While the snake lunged for one of his hands, he used the other to grasp it's neck, right behind the head. Once he had a hold of the head he took no time in retrieving a knife and dispatching it.

Nefertiri immediately got up and ran to her ladies only to find several more snakes among them, ready to strike.

"Rekhu!" Nefertiri called, waking up all her maids who screamed and scrambled away from the snakes as Rekhu used his knife throwing skills to pin the snakes to the beds they had used.

"We have been cursed." Yem exclaimed as she looked at the sight.

"No, this is no curse," Nefertiri spat as she watched Rekhu gather the now dead snakes into a basket.

"This was a warning, a threat," Ahmose agreed with a knowing look to her Princess.

"I think we know where it comes from, may the gods direct my Sai to the real snake's heart," Nefertiri said cryptically as she went back to her own room, getting out her outfit that she was to wear for the fight, along with a special mask her father had commissioned to protect her face.

Nefertiri was livid, how dare Ank-su-Namun do such a thing, it was bad enough a snake was sent after her but her maids as well was crossing the line. Rekhu spent over an hour searching her suite for any more snakes or scarabs or anything that would cause harm.

"Tonight, I will spend outside the chambers, I will have extra guards as well." Rekhu murmured to her.

Nefertiri didn't like the idea of him suddenly being so far away as her chamber doors but she knew it was for the best.

Nefertiri nodded in acceptance.

Meanwhile Nefertiri's maids got her ready for the battle and she went to the throne room.

Once there her maids made as many little adjustments to her as possible. Ank-su-Namun stood impatiently, huffing indignantly at the sight.

"Such the life of an over indulged Princess, can't do anything without assistance," Ank-su-Namun taunted as she came nearer.

Nefertiri moved her attention to Anck-su-Namun and held back her desire to stab the woman in the face. "Enjoying a moment without that body paint? I hear your skin isn't taking to it well, I see some areas are quite irritated." Nefertiri retorted smugly.

"We shall see who's skin gets irritated." Ank-su-Namun scoffed as she saw Imhotep and Seti come into the room along with the rest of the royal family and the other high ranking court officials.

Both of them, now geared up, stood before Pharaoh Seti and bowed respectfully.

After some ceremony they both took their fighting positions ready for the battle.

Nefertiri fought as hard and vehemently as she could but Ank-su-Namun seemed to move inhumanly fast and Nefertiri found herself on the floor looking up at the smug Ank-su-Namun.

Nefertiri moved her mask up so that she could really scowl at her.

"Put your mask on! Let's not scar that pretty face," Anck-su-Namun taunted.

That filled Nefertiri with more fire to fight than ever. She lept her her feet, retrieved her weapons and took a stance to begin a second round.

This time Ank-su-Namun fought dirty and had managed to rip Nefertiri's Sais out of her hands and they had been cast across the room. Thinking quickly Nefertiri went to the fan axes that were on the wall because laws of the court or not she was ready to take Anck-Su-Namun's head off.

But yet again she was out done.

"You are learning quickly Nefertiri, I'll have to watch my back," Anck-su-Namun all but scoffed.

"Yes.." Nefertiri hissed. "And I'll watch mine." Nefertiri countered before Anck-su-Namun backed off, her eyes showing that Nefertiri really was first on her list of people to dispose of.

Despite loosing both rounds, Pharaoh Seti gave the guardianship of the bracelet that had belonged to The Scorpion King which had been renamed The Bracelet of Anubis to Nefertiri. As he announced that Anck-su-Namun would now be his chief protector and chief wife.

Nefertiri's heart as well as the hearts of her sisters and their mothers sank. Now she posed an even greater threat.

Nefertiri embraced her father but saw Imhotep and Anck-su-Namun exchange a longing glance. Her entire family was now in danger. As chief wife, Anck-su-Namun would now be crowned queen once she produced a male heir.

Nefertiri looked to her sisters who looked disappointed in her and left without saying anything to her.

She had won the guardianship of a bracelet but lost the faith her sisters had put into her.

She tried going to them, explaining she had done her best, that she would practice day and night if she needed to if a rematch could be possible.

"What's the point?" Hent questioned. "She's chief wife, we all have less than a year if she is already pregnant by father with a son, before all of us are in danger. Some of us are moving to Akentaten to be with Nefertiti, at least there we know we can be safe," Hent revealed as she turned away.

That night Rekhu searched high and low in Nefertiri's suite for anything and found nothing. Her maidens beds and bedding had been replaced and upgraded.

Rekhu even had acquired two guard dogs who helped him search the room. Once it was clear Nefertiri sat on her bed, beside herself.

"Tiri," Rekhu spoke softly as he came near and knelled before her.

"All my sisters are leaving Thebes for the city Aketnaten is building in his own name," Nefertiri spoke softly, a deep sadness filling her. "I lost today,"

"No, you won the guardianship of The Bracelet of Anubis," Rekhu reminded her.

"So what? I still lost to Anck-su-Namun, I lost the faith and trust of my sisters, myself as well as my maids have never been in as much danger as we are in now. Anck-su-Namun won't stop until she is queen, with or without an heir, her and Imhotep will find a way, they are both cunning. Why does my father not see what danger there is around him?" Nefertiri said forlornly as she put her head in her hands.

Rekhu reached out to rub circles into her back. "If your sisters were watching closely, they could have seen that Anck-su-Namun was not fighting with honor, she was just as close to killing you as you were to killing her. If your father the Pharaoh was not there, she would have. Today you may feel like you lost the battle in a way, but you will win this war against her. I will help you any way I can, you are not alone Tiri," Rekhu comforted.

"Thank you Rekhu," Tiri whispered looking up to give him a half hearted smile. He leaned forward to kiss her forehead before leaving her to guard her doors.

Nefertiri got into bed, wishing more than ever that Rekhu was there to hold her and chase away her fears and insecurities as she fell into a fitful sleep.

In the middle of the night the dogs got up from laying down at Rekhu's feet and stared at Nefertiri's doors, as if seeing through it, then they both began to bark and scratch at them which alerted Rekhu, he swung the doors open to find scorpions coming out of the reliefs and artwork on the walls.

The sound of the door being opened quickly awoke Nefertiri and her maids who all shrieked and ran to climb onto the higher furniture. The other guards came rushing in and lit all the candles and torches in the room only to find that most of the floor was now crawling in scorpions.

Even more guards came and soon all of them were stomping on the floor and pounding large mallets to squish them all.

"Where did they come from?!" Nefertiri demanded.

"The walls, they came from the walls!" Rekhu answered as he continued to try to stomp them out.

"This is enough!" Nefertiri exclaimed as she leaped over to a dresser that had the chest that contained The Bracelet of Anubis, she opened it and took it out, holding it in both hands as she jumped down to the ground, the bracelet still had power and the scorpions soon scattered away from her.

"Get baskets, I will heard these like cattle," Nefertiri ordered the guards.

Nefertiri had managed to herd the rest of them into a a circle in the middle of her room, making sure none remained in her maiden's rooms. The guards brought baskets and through teamwork between Nefertiri and the other guards, all the scorpions were now safely in locked baskets.

"Throw the baskets in the fire, scrape the dead ones off the floor and put them into another basket. They will be a present for the chief wife," Nefertiri spat, still outraged that Anck-su-Namun would go so far as to do such a thing.

In the morning light, as Seti was off with his architects working on his latest building project, Nefertiri burst into Anck-su-Namun's private chambers where she and Imhotep were standing too close together to be appropriate.

Nefertiri took the large basket from Rekhu and dropped it at Anck-su-Namun's feet.

"What is this?" Anck-su-Namun demanded.

"I am returning the gift you gave me in the middle of this past night." Nefertiri sneered as she opened the basket to reveal all the dead scorpions.

"Nefertiri I think your mind is beginning to leave you, I would do no such thing, The Bracelet of Anubis must be cursed." Anck-su-Namun supplied slyly.

"Then how fortunate that it is in my position and not yours." Nefertiri bit back. "So first it was snakes, now scorpions, what's next? Flesh eating Scarabs? Will you not be satisfied until all of my father's children are out of Thebes? My sisters are already making preparations to leave because they feel they are not safe here while you are here, well you may have intimidated them but you will not intimidate me. I'm staying." Nefertiri snarled.

"Your sisters are wise to join Princess Nefertiti, it would be horrible if whatever curse has befallen you were to take away not just your maidens but your guard too. That would bring your father much pain." Ank-su-Namun threatened.

"If I am under a curse then only you two could have placed one on me, my Royal Guardian Rekhu was born of Mefdet herself, all the Medjai swear by it, he proves it, every day. My maidens have already sworn their lives to me, if they perish in protection of me then their souls will haunt you in both this life and the next." Nefertiri swore.

"I am not afraid of what a spoiled, over self indulged princess thinks she can do, or how blindly she will believe her own lies." Anck-su-Namun taunted.

"Says the glorified sex slave of myFather the Pharaoh. His royal seed may be in your belly but your blood is as pure as the muck in the Nile. You are not and never will be fit or worthy to rule Egypt. Why do you think the Pharaoh has you painted every day? Because EVERYONE knows that you would wander into another man's bed." Nefertiri seethed as she looked accusingly at Imhotep. "Which would mean instead of producing true heirs to my father the Pharaoh, the bastards of men would be walking in the palace, surely what a great shame for you and insult to the Pharaoh, his kingdom, it's people and especially the gods. Even the palace itself would reject them. So like you said, you will watch your back and I will watch mine." Nefertiri spat before turning on her heel and leaving them.

Once back to the relative safety of her chambers, Rekhu led her to her balcony while builders were putting a fresh coat of plaster on every wall and artists were painting it over anew. While she had been gone they had found that inside Princess Nefertiri's chamber there were secret passages and the order was given out to block them all and cover them up.

"What are you doing Tiri?" Rekhu questioned. "If she really is behind this and Imhotep as well, I can not protect you from the supernatural dangers they pose." Rekhu admitted.

"Then we will have to find some supernatural protection." Nefertiri countered, marching out of her suite and to the temples, getting blessings and incantations from every priest she could for both herself and Rekhu. The priests put into Rekhu's hands blessed and very specialized weapons along with instructions on how to use them to protect himself and especially the Princess.

By the end of the day Rekhu had more weapons that he thought he could carry.

Let alone have on hand at all times.

"Rekhu, order more guards for my doors, you will not be leaving my side anymore, I will have stands built in my chambers for all your weapons. I can not be without you." Nefertiri requested, fear starting to creep onto her face.

The next few days Nefertiri saw all of her sisters leave and even the lesser wives and concubines leave for the protection Nefertiti offered under the guise that they were simply visiting Nefertiti and the new city her husband was building.

"Please come," Aoh pleaded, large tears coming from her large dark brown eyes.

"I am guardian of The Bracelet of Anubis, I can't leave Aoh, but I will pray every day for you, I will send messages to you every day if you wish. Nefertiti has always been kind to you, you will be very well taken care of, you will want for nothing," Nefertiri tried to assure Aoh.

"But I will want you," Aoh cried into Nefertiri's chest.

"I will want you too my lovely Aoh, but this is for the best right now, hopefully this only be a short visit, hopefully I will be able to come and see you soon," Nefertiri offered.


"I swear to the gods of the Sun, Moon and Stars that I will." Nefertiri promised, kissing Aoh's forehead.

"Now get on the boat, I will not leave this spot until I know you are safe in Aketnaten." Nefertiri urged as Aoh's mother came and took Aoh's hand, leading her away but Aoh would not take her eyes off of Nefertiri, even when on the boat. Nefertiri could do nothing but waive goodbye to her favorite half sister.

After she was out of sight Nefertiri broke down in tears because she felt in that moment Anck-su-Namun had all but won. She didn't know if she should go to Aketnaten herself now. Surely Aketnaten would build a safe place for the chest. And from the interactions between herself and him, she felt that if she were to be there, Aketnaten would surely take her as another wife and the thought of sharing a bed with anyone but Rekhu left her feeling sick.

For a few weeks nothing seemed to happen. The dancers had moved on, all of Nefertiri's siblings had gone. Her and Anck-su-Namun now had no interactions at all. Nefertiri had taken to eating all her meals either in her suite or her balcony. But in that time she had made spies out of most of the guards, receiving reports on all of Imhotep's and Anck-su-Namun's movements.

Until one fateful night, she looked out and across the courtyard from her were Imhotep's rooms, she saw Anck-su-Namun come in and she witnessed their treachery, she called all of her maidens, Rekhu, as well as the guards in front of her doors to come and witness it too, but by that point her father had stumbled upon them.

In horror she watched as the two of them cut her father down to pieces. She and Rekhu called out to the Medjai to go to her father's aid as Rekhu, the other guards and herself ran as fast as they could to the scene.

By the time they got there, Imhotep was nowhere to be found and Anck-su-Namun's lifeless body laid on the floor.

"Take her to Hamenaptra, bury her with other slaves of my father." Nefertiri ordered spitefully. She was not about to wait for Nefertiti and Aketnaten to come and take charge of the situation, as sole remaining heir in Thebes, this was her royal right.

"Find Imhotep and all of his priests, you must mummify his priests alive and the Humdai must be done to Imhotep for his treachery." Nefertiri ordered as she went to the palace's front gate where a chariot awaited her. But by then, some of Imhotep's priests had stayed behind, hidden and taken Anck-su-Namun's body and had already had it on a chariot with the fastest horses in the stables leading it toward Hamenaptra.

Once she arrived at the City of the Dead, she was told that Imhotep had tried to resurrect Anck-su-Namun but that he had been apprehended and her orders had been carried out. She was led to Imhotep's sarcophagus and she took a chisel to scrape off his name, his position, everything, even as she could hear him screaming in pain as the scarabs were eating him alive but she was unmoved by it. She was getting revenge for the last person on the earth who loved her unconditionally. She then took the key and placed it among Seti's treasure, putting into an Iron chest and had it sealed that it could never be retrieved again.

She had the scribes write letters to Aketnaten and Nefertiti, telling them what had happened and how she had handled the situation.

For days, no one could take an undercurrent of anxiousness away from Nefertiri as she worried about what was to happen next.

One night Rekhu climbed into bed with her, softly stroking her back as she talked about her worries.

"What if, when they come, they take me with them? Thebes has been the only home I have ever known. Aketnaten is now the rightful Pharaoh, he could order me to marry him, to go to the city in his name. What if they find displeasure in my actions, they could strip me of my title, take everything I have away, my maidens, you." Nefertiri worried as tears flowed from her eyes. "I will be left with nothing, with nowhere to go, the two people who loved me unconditionally are dead. What will I do?" Nefertiri asked rhetorically.

"Who said that I don't love you unconditionally too? It does not matter if you're a princess or not, it doesn't matter if you live in a palace or not. I will never leave you." Rekhu swore.

"Would you marry me? I don't ask for a palace, just a home to call my own." Nefertiri inquired despite her sobs.

"Of course, I can't give you a magnificent bundle, but I give you my heart and soul, my undying devotion." Rekhu swore.

"I too give you my heart, soul and undying devotion, no matter what will happen," Nefertiri sniffled, smiling through her tears, kissing him urgently.

The next day Nefertiti and her husband Aketnaten came, they were crowned Pharaoh and Queen Regent. All of Nefertiri's sisters came as well and Nefertiri could not be happier to see Aoh again.

Once all the ceremony was done, Nefertiri and Rekhu along with her maidens and all those who had been involved in the tragedy of the former Pharaoh Seti's death along with the royal family met with the new Pharaoh and Queen.

Nefertiri explained what had happened, how there had been witnesses to the treachery and how she acted as the last remaining Princess in Thebes.

Pharaoh Aketnaten and Queen Regent Nefertiti were a bit uneasy when it was mentioned that Nefertiri had demanded that the Humdai had been performed on Imhotep and what had been done with Anck-su-Namun's remains. But Nefertiti was the first commend Nefertiri for acting the same way she would have in that situation and they found no fault in her or her actions.

However when Pharaoh Aketnaten moved to make the command that the entire royal family would now permanently move to the city in his name, Nefertiri spoke out respectfully.

"Please, Pharaoh Aketnaten, I have been placed as guardian of the Bracelet of Anubis as well as many other treasures of religious value and that it would be unfair to the builders of Aketnaten to rebuild such safety chambers for these things." She requested that herself as well as all those associated with her stay in Thebes, even if it cost her the title of Princess, even if she was simply just a guardian of these things, she would be content.

Nefertiti was impressed by her devotion to their father's great city and palace as well as her humility to give up her title and wealth if it meant staying there.

"You shall keep your title, and all the wealth that has been promised to you, you shall be keeper of Thebes," Nefertiti commanded which brought great relief to Nefertiri.

"But you are still unmarried and you need to make an alliance," Aketnaten pointed out.

"If the Pharaoh will let me speak," Nefertiri spoke out.

Aketnaten gestured for her to continue and Nefertiri came forward and knelled before him once more.

"If it would please you Pharaoh Aketnaten I already have a marriage mate, he was given to me by the goddess Mefdet herself. His destiny and mine have been intertwined for a long time and I have every confidence that they will remain intertwined not just in this lifetime but in the one after." Nefertiri spoke before standing and bringing Rekhu forward.

"He was born with the sacred mark of the Medjai, he is the embodiment of her, just in the male form, I do not wish to anger Mefdet the goddess of protection since it is to her that I owe my life," Nefertiri persuaded.

Aketnaten thought this over as he looked Rekhu over thoroughly.

"Very well, I trust he has given you an adequate bundle," Nefertiti pointed out with a slightly critical eye on Rekhu.

"Yes he has," Nefertiri interjected.

"Very well, you shall stay in Thebes, rule it under myself and continue to guard the sacred items that have been placed in your care," Aketnaten commanded.

"Excuse me Pharaoh," Aoh spoke out as she bravely came out from behind her mother and other sisters.

"Yes Princess Aoh?" Aketnaten addressed, surprised she would speak up at a time like this.

"I wish for my mother and I to stay here in Thebes as well. The city in your name is nothing but mag-magni-magnficent, but I wish to stay close to my half sister Nefertiri," Aoh stuttered in request.

"Her and Nefertiri have always been close," Nefertiti whispered to Aketnaten.

"Very well Princess Aoh, you and your mother may stay here in Thebes, the rest of the royal family shall move to Aketnaten." Pharaoh Aketnaten commanded.

Nefertiri's sisters threw a feast in her honor for destroying Anck-su-Namun and Imhotep and ensuring the safety of the Royal line in Egypt and it's dynasty.

At the end of the night Rekhu came into what was now their shared bed chambers carrying a bundled up Jaguar skin.

"What's that?" Tiri asked before the bundle began to move.

"Every man must present a bundle to his bride, here's mine for you," Rekhu said with an excited grin as he put the bundle on the bed.

"So a jaguar pelt..." Tiri said as she took hold of an edge and began to unravel it, inside of it was a little white kitten.

"I said I didn't have much, everything I have you have given me, however I found her sitting at the alter of Mefdet, I gave her a bath and thought what better gift could I give you than another guardian?" Rekhu reasoned, knowing they believed that cats were guardians to the underworld.

"My own little Mefdet," Tiri cooed as she picked the kitten up and held it close as the kitten began to purr loudly.

"Perfect" Tiri murmured before kissing Rekhu, her arms still holding the kitten while Rekhu's arms wrapped around her.

Author's notes- Again very special thanks to VioletNoir for encouraging to write this. I hope everyone who read it liked my 'disney-fied' version. For a more real life version, by all means, please read VioletNoir's 'For Whom the Sun Shines," it's awesome. However I am going to end this portion of the story right here, if you would like to read more about TirI and Rekhu and possibly other Princesses who married orphans turned Princes (aka Prince of Persia) I will be writing a crossover - League of Guardians. Which should be interesting since there is over a thousand year difference between these couples. The clash of cultures is going to be a challenge but the similarities in characters SHOULD mean they would get along. No promises though. And if you have already read Datan's Lullaby, Tamina's Joy, Tamina's Jealousy and all that then this next story will take off right where this and those end. So again, thank you so much for reading and I hope you will like what is next to come.