Title- Stay With Me.

Summary- Their lives were about to change through a tragedy, it was supposed to be the best year of their lives. Nobody was prepared for the gunman to walk into their school. Who will survive? Who will die? Will they be changed for better or worse?


Chapter One


"Stace keep it in your pants maybe?" Beca calls out to her best friend, the leggy brunette was leaning up against a locker beside her's.

Stacie rolls her eyes and takes her eyes off of Aubrey, "What? She's hot."

"Seriously Stace, we are in the Bella's with her and you see her almost everyday. Are you ever going to tell her how you feel?" Beca asks in annoyance.

The leggy brunette rolls her eyes and pushes the shorter girl slightly. "She doesn't like me like that, she probably sees me how everyone else does."

Before Beca can say anything a bubbly redhead skips over and wraps her arms around Beca.

"Beca!" the redhead yells excitedly as she hugs the tiny brunette.

Rolling her eyes and blushing Beca wraps her arms around the redhead. "Hey Chlo."

Chloe pulls back and smiles brightly before launching into Stacie's arms and hugging her tightly.

"Chloe you really need to learn boundaries." A familiar voice says causing Chloe to turn and stick her tongue out.

Stacie smirks, "I honestly don't mind." she says before pulling Chloe into another hug.

"Aye stop being handsy you two!" Another voice calls out as more girls join them at Beca's locker.

"You're just jealous that I'm not touching you." The leggy brunette responds winking at both women.

"Oh hell no, I am more into Bumper than anything." The Australian one says smirking.

"Amy, I am so sorry I'm late." The aforementioned male says rushing over to his girlfriend.

Fat Amy crosses her arms and glares at him. "Right, and why is that?"

Stacie looks away from them and rolls her eyes as they talk, looking toward Aubrey her heart stops when she sees her talking to Luke Stroma. "Hey Becs, I'm gonna go get some coffee from the coffee cart. I'll see you in first."

Beca nods her head at her best friend before wrapping her arms around Chloe. "See ya in first."

Nobody knew that this might be the last time they saw any of their friend's, they didn't know about the shooter who was gearing up for his revenge.

"So what is the plan for practice later today Aubrey?" Beca asks the blonde getting her attention off of Luke.

Aubrey walks back over and shrugs, "We could just have a jam session, I mean you guys have been amazing and I feel like I've been forcing you to not have fun."

"Aca-scuse me? What have you done with Aubrey Posen?" Chloe asks in shock, her best friend never agreed to jam sessions.

Jessica looks at her phone and sees the time. "Ash and I will see you guys at practice, the bell is about to ring and we can't be late for Mr. Patterson's class."

Everyone begins saying their goodbyes and promising to see each other during practice or in other classes.

"Come on Chlo, Aubrey we should get to Mrs. Adams class." Beca says taking her girlfriend's hand and looking at the blonde.

As they are walking toward the classroom they hear the screams and what sounds like people running somewhere on the same floor as them.

"Sounds like they are having fun." Beca says before a loud bang is heard followed by more screams.

Chloe stops dead in her tracks and looks toward the sound. "Was that a gunshot?" she asks fear entering her voice.

"Isn't the coffee cart on this floor?" Beca asks her eyes now wide and full of fear.

"Come on we have to find somewhere to hide." Aubrey whispers loudly as more gunshots ring out around the school.

They quickly run and hide in a janitor's closet, extremely close together.

"Turn your phones on silent and message whoever you can." Beca whispers to the other two as they each pull out their phones putting them on silent before quickly starting to text.

Beca's phone buzzes in her hand and she reads a text from Jesse. "Jesse, Benji, and Donald are in the gym." she tells them calmly.

Two sighs of relief are exchanged as two more phones go off.

"Fat Amy and Bumper are locked in a classroom with a few of the Trebles." Chloe says as she curls up closer to Beca.

Beca looks at her phone as it buzzes again. "Jessica, Ashley, and Lilly are in Mr. Patterson's class room."

Aubrey re-reads the text she had just received and tears fill her eyes. "The others managed to get outside but nobody has seen Stacie."


Stacie had just grabbed her coffee from the man behind the coffee cart, she couldn't stand being around Aubrey when Luke was there. It was like she suddenly became invisible because Luke and his stupid British accent.

The brunette had just started walking away from the cart when she heard the screams, looking over she sees someone standing near the doorway. She can't tell who it is exactly because her eyes are trained to the gun in his hand.

"It's time for all of you to pay." The teen with the gun says darkly.

The voice sounded so familiar to Stacie, she knew she should move but the gun was being waved around as he talked.

"After all of the years of bullying it is time you see what you have all done to me!" The teen yelled louder and that's when it hit Stacie, the shooter was Tommy.

Tommy the same boy she grew up with, the same boy who held the Acapella auditions and joked around with his best friend Justin. Tommy, the boy that was her first kiss, and her first friend the first day of kindergarten.

Tears fill her eyes as she looks at him, they hadn't talked much since middle school, that was when Stacie became more popular since she had a breast growth spurt in seventh grade after their kiss in sixth. After everything that had happened she had lost touch with Tommy, barely acknowledging him in the hallway or in class.

"Tommy?" she whispers to herself not paying attention as people run past her.

The sound of the gun going off causes her to snap out of it and look toward Tommy, her eyes following his to a younger girl what was her name, Leslie from Advanced Calc.

Suddenly Tommy was walking toward her the gun in his hand going off as he shoots at the people running from him.

"Why are you doing this?" Stacie asks her voice to quiet so she tries again. "Why are you doing this?"

Tommy stops and looks at her, laughing coldly as he waves the gun. "You mean this?" he asks aiming the gun at her and pulling the trigger.

The leggy brunette falls to the ground holding her right leg and looks up at him tears rolling down her cheek. "Tommy please stop." she begs as she tries to ignore the pain in her leg. "You don't want to do this."

"You don't know what I want to do!" The dark haired male yells as he waves the gun around. "All of those years of being my friend and you abandon me as soon as people start noticing you!" he steps closer and kneels in front of her. "You and Beca abandoned me after everything we went through together!" he spits out as he glares at her.

"Tommy please, I'm sorry. If you stop this we can, we can walk out of here and you can get away." Stacie was begging him, she didn't want him to go down like this.

"Fuck you." Tommy says standing up and aiming the gun at her again before pulling the trigger and taking off down the hall.

Stacie lay in a quickly forming puddle of her own blood, the sounds of people screaming and the gun going off ringing in her ears.

The brunette just lay there before suddenly deciding she wasn't going to die like this. Using what strength she has left she begins to pull herself down the hall, heading for any place she could find.

As she continued to drag herself she felt her body becoming weaker and suddenly she was staring at a pair of black sneakers, looking up her eyes land on Luke Stroma.

"Oh god Stacie, we have to get you out of here." The Brit says worriedly as he kneels down and tries to pick her up.

Stacie lets him pick her up but shakes her head. "He's still down here, we need to hide."

"There is a locker room down this hall to the right." Luke says as he begins running toward that locker room.

Upon reaching the locker room Luke opens the door and carries her over to a bench, gently laying her down he runs around the locker room grabbing towels and anything he can find to help Stacie.

"Aubrey?" Stacie mumbles softly as she starts to feel weaker.

Luke stops what he is doing at the mention of his sister, nobody knew they were related because he had a different last name along with an accent.

Shaking his head he moves over to her and wraps a towel around her leg before wrapping a belt around the towel and tightening it as much as he could. Taking the other two towels he wraps them around her stomach before wrapping two belts around her and tightening them enough.

"She's okay. Aubrey, Beca, and Chloe are locked in a janitor's closet." Luke whispers as he runs a hand through Stacie's hair.

Stacie takes a slow deep breath and looks up at him, her skin already unnaturally pale due to blood loss. "Tell her I love her." she breathes out.

"You will tell her yourself, when we get out of here." Luke says softly as he holds her close while pulling out his phone and dialing 911.