Title- Stay With Me.

Summary- Their lives were about to change through a tragedy, it was supposed to be the best year of their lives. Nobody was prepared for the gunman to walk into their school. Who will survive? Who will die? Will they be changed for better or worse?


Chapter Four


The ER of Barden Memorial was overrun by victims of the shooting, looking around him Dr. Adams feels anger boiling through his blood. These children did not deserve any of what had happened.

Dr. Adams is broken out of his thoughts as two paramedics rush in pushing a gurney.

"Eighteen-year old female with a GSW to the right leg and lower abdomen. Vitals dropped in the field. We almost lost her three times enroute and once at the school." A paramedic says as they wheel a tall brunette into the hospital.

Looking at the patient the doctor looks up. "Young! Meet me in Trauma room one!" he yells as they wheel the teen into the trauma room.

As soon as they reach the trauma room the doctor's and nurses work to keep the young girl alive. After hooking her up to the machines that help them keep track of the brunette's vitals Dr. Adams moves back down to stop the bleeding.

"Hang a 500 ml of O neg! And someone hang a Saline drip!" Adams commands as he works to stop the bleeding from the girl's abdomen while another doctor works on the leg.

Suddenly a loud beeping begins to fill the room, signalling a drop in vitals.

"We're losing her!' A nurse yells over the commotion as everyone at once works to bring the girl back.

Dr. Adams immediately sets to work on CPR as the crash cart is brought into the room.

"Charge to 200!" Dr. Young yells as she prepares to shock the young girl. "Clear!"

A slight beep is heard before the continuous sound of a flat line, Dr. Adams begins CPR once more.

"Charge to 250!" Young yells as she once again readies the paddles. "Clear!"

Multiple sighs of relief echo throughout the room as a steady heartbeat echoes throughout the room.

"Alright people we do not have a lot of time, let's stabilize her and get her up to CT!"

After they manage to stabilize the girl Dr. Adams walks out of the trauma room and covers his face with his hands, this was a tough case and nobody knew what would happen.

"Excuse me, I am officer Dave Collins." A tall man in uniform says as he stops in front of the doctor.

Dr. Adams looks up and sighs. "What can I do for you officer?"

"The patient you were just working on, her name is Stacie Conrad, her father Michael Conrad is the chief of police." Dave says as he looks around the ER. "Just do me a favor and make sure I don't have to tell my boss his daughter is dead." he says before walking off.

Dr. Adams sighs once more before heading to the CT room where he is met by Dr. Young.

"Alright Young, this is Stacie Conrad as in the daughter of the chief of police. Let's keep her alive." he says as they sit down and wait for the scans.

It's not long before they are met by Dr. Raye, pediatrics and Dr. Monroe, Orthopedic.

"Looks like the bullet in her abdomen is resting right next to her small intestine, we need to get that out without damaging any of the surrounding organs." Dr. Adams says before he notices something else. "It seems to have nicked her liver and has caused a small bleed, we will need to fix that as well."

Dr. Monroe leans forward as she reads the scans. "The bullet seems to have lodged itself in her femur bone, but it looks like the bullet is in fragments in other parts of her leg."

"We need to get her to surgery now." Dr. Young finishes after seeing the internal damage.


Back in the ER several victims of the shooting were being taken care of, some only having graze wounds while others have a through and through wound or were pronounced DOA.

"We've got one more!" The nurse at the desk calls out catching another Doctor's attention.

Walking over to the desk the doctor waits for the doors to open, as soon as the doors open he is right there.

"Seventeen year old female, GSW to the lower right leg." The paramedic begins as they wheel in a brunette who is holding hands with a redhead.

Groaning in pain the brunette tries to sit up.

"Beca stay still, the doctor's have to fix your leg." the redhead whispers into her girlfriend's ear.

Beca sighs and lays back on the bed. "Look, it's just a graze. I need to check on my best friend."

"What's your friend's name? I can have someone check on them and you will be informed. But we need to take care of your leg." The doctor says as he waves to another doctor to get their attention.

"Stacie, Stacie Conrad." Beca tells him as she finally relents to letting them take care of her leg.

The doctor turns to the female doctor that walks up to him. "Doctor Warner, see what you can find out about Stacie Conrad."

"Right away Doctor Lowell." the female says before running off to find out anything she can on Stacie Conrad.

Turning back to Beca Dr. Lowell sighs and looks at the teenager. "Now can I properly look at your leg?"

Sighing Beca falls back on the gurney and nods her head.

"Alright let's take her over to Bay six." he says talking to an intern.

Beca finally lets how much pain she is in show as she is led away from her girlfriend.

"What's your name?"

"Beca, Beca Mitchell." the brunette responds as Dr. Lowell begins looking over her leg, wincing when the man pushes down near the wound.

Grabbing some tweezers and a needle with thread Dr. Lowell smiles. "Looks like you just need to be stitched up."

"Doc do you think I can get some meds for the pain before you start?" Beca says through clenched teeth.


The waiting room of Barden Memorial was packed full of students, police, and teachers that were present during the shooting.

Michael Conrad was pacing back and forth trying to keep calm as he thought about his baby girl, after the update Dave had given him he was quite upset.

"Mr. Conrad?" he hears from behind him causing him to turn and come face to face with Jesse Swanson. "I just wanted to see if you would like a coffee or anything?"

Swallowing down his emotions the Chief nods his head. "A coffee would be nice young man, thank you."

"It's no problem sir." Jesse says before him and a few of the Trebles walk off to find the cafeteria.

Aubrey was curled up in her brother's arms crying as she worried about Stacie. "I never got to tell her."

"Aubs she isn't dead. When all of this is over you will be able to tell Stacie you love her." the Brit says calmly, neither of them noticing that the Chief had walked over to them.

"Ms. Posen, may I have a word with you?" he asks having known his daughter's love for the girl.

Aubrey immediately pulls out of her brother's arms and stands up. "Chief Conrad, what can I do for you?" she asks trying to hide her emotions.

"Walk with me." Michael says before beginning to walk, expecting Aubrey to follow him.

The blonde is only a step behind him when he once again begins to talk. "My little girl, she loves you and I know that she would want you to know. Ever since Lacey left, Stace hasn't been quite herself." pausing he turns to look at the blonde. "Except for when she is around you and your friends."

"I love her so much sir, and once she is awake and stable I will tell her everything." Aubrey tells him honestly.

Nodding his head Michael goes to speak when one of his men comes up to him. "Chief a doctor is here to talk to you about Stacie."

As soon as those words are said Michael makes his way towards the doctor.

"Hello I am Doctor Young." the woman says upon Michael's arrival. "I just wanted to update you on your daughter's condition."

Michael nods and waits for the woman to speak again, crossing his arms in a defensive manner.

"She has lost a large amount of blood, and we have lost her twice on the table." pausing Dr. Young looks him in the eyes. "However your daughter, your daughter sir is a fighter and now that we are in the homestretch of the surgery we expect she will make a slow but progressive recovery."

"Thank you." the Chief says dismissively before walking off, he needed to think after the news.