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Previously on Hegh bathlIj

Completely fed up with the situation and unwilling to accept failure, a strange glint appeared in her eye.

'Fine! If I can't do this the easy way, then I will simply have to do it the hard way instead!' she thought. Challenge accepted! Time to put away the kiddy gloves and get serious.

Steeling herself for what she had to do, she looked towards her conn officer and then, with an angry tone as cold as ice, she called out;

"A... It's time to end this! One way or another... It's time to bloody well... Give! Them! Hell!"

"Engage Sol Protocol Gamma 6!"

Then, pointing towards the now cracked, yet somehow still functioning view screen, she said one last word:


And now the continuation:

Chapter 4

The Kobayashi Maru - Part 3

Stardate: 86457.17

Location: Holodeck 5, Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

Frustrated, Sandra knew. She needed to buy some more time. And the best way to do that was to...

"Anne... Engage Sol Protocol Gamma 6..."

"NOW!" she ordered, loudly.

It took a few seconds for Anne to react, but then, realizing that she had just been given an order and that, this time, it was one she could actually follow, Anne sighed in relief.

Allowing herself a brief smile she gave an affirmative; "Yes Sir!", then, quickly punching a button on her console, she forced the ship once more into a dive.

Sol Protocol Gamma 6 meant once thing: A dive!

Not just any old dive but...

A steep steep dive!

One which only a crazy pilot like herself would dare to accomplish.

And so dive she would.

The poor Miranda class cruiser dipped harshly. So harshly that the ship groaned and creaked in protest at the sudden extreme maneuver and an alarm sounded as the inertial dampeners threatened to burn out.

The Klingon ship's pilot, unwilling to lose its prey that easily, also attempted to emulate the maneuver and dipped his own ship harshly, following the light federation cruiser into the dive. Not having as much luck and skill as Anne however, the ships designated pilot soon was soon forced to admit defeat and abort before he inadvertently lost control, allowing the Anaconda a brief moment of freedom, just enough for it to get away.

For a few quick seconds Anne allowed herself a smile. Whether against Federation, Klingon or Photonic beings... she had proven herself the best once again. Her smile however was instantly wiped from her face seconds later however, when the previous Klingon ship returned, hungry for more, this time also followed closely by a friend. Seeing this Anne cursed and soon the Miranda class starship rocked once more from the incoming firepower of what was now two ships instead of one.

The situation, had just become worse!

Annoyed that her maneuver, while seemingly successful at first, had not had the desired effect she had hoped for after all, Anne quickly adjusting her flight path once more in an increasingly desperate attempt to limit the damage to the ships quickly depleting shields. The ships shields had barely had enough time to recharge with all the incoming firepower and at this rate, she mused with irritation, they never would. At this rate it was only a matter of not if, but rather when they would finally fail. Time, as it was, was just not on their side.

Realizing irately that she would have to do something drastic if she wanted any chance at all to achieve any favourable results in the near future, Anne decided to gamble.

"OK then,...seeing as that won't work... and seeing as I don't have much of a choice, let's see how you handle this!" she mumbled to herself, then, grabbing wildly at the ships flight control stick she raised her voice and spoke out loud to the crew.

"Captain...I'm going to try 'The Loop'... commencing Reverse Potter Protocol Delta 8," she announced loudly, then, not waiting for her captain to reply and ignoring the sudden curses coming from the other vixens, she pulled the stick up, harshly, nearly puling it out of her console.

Whereas last time she had put the ship into a steep dive, this time she brought the ship up into an even steeper climb. So steep was the sudden climb, that, unlike the previous dive, this time it suddenly flipped the ship right over.

Suddenly flying up side down, had the star-ship been a plane, this reckless maneuver would no doubt have caused the plane to stall, then promptly go out of control and crash. Luckily for the crew of the Anaconda, that was not the case. Space had no air and as such no resistance to hinder the clime...it had a lot more space to maneuver than in the air space of a planet... and the only gravity it had, was that which was artificially created by the ship itself. Even so, at that moment, quite a few crew members had to forcefully hold in their lunch.

Surprised by the abrupt unfamiliar feeling of suddenly finding themselves up-side down, the unsuspecting crew of the USS Anaconda could do nothing but watch worriedly, frozen in a mixture of shock, fear and awe, as alarms began to ring out all over the ship and several of the ships inertial dampeners groaned in protest, then momentarily stopped functioning altogether. Suddenly, realizing that the ships artificial gravity had momentarily ceased to exist, many crew members screamed and scrambled wildly in chaotic attempts to grab at themselves or any other objects which were still securely bolted down and not suddenly floating around the room. In some extreme cases, some even had to dodge fee-falling objects as they suddenly fell to the ceiling or the ships walls as the ship completed it's loop.

Anne, unperturbed by the sudden chaos she had caused around her, was very happy that she had had the foresight to secure herself into her seat before commencing the test that day. Had she not, then she would have had a difficult time staying in her seat. Of all the crew, only the vixens had known what to expect having had experienced it once before during a test run in the holo-suit. As such, only they had been prepared enough to hold on and hug their seats and consoles tightly when it happened.

Continuing to perform the near impossible maneuver, she forced the groaning and clearly unhappy Miranda class starship to suddenly appear right behind the Klingons ships. The two Klingon captains and their crews for their part could only watch in stunned silent amazement at the seemingly impossible -yet somehow not- maneuver, before their ships were suddenly blasted by deadly volleys of phaser and torpedo fire, thanks to the always waiting, eager and happy trigger fingers of one Elisa Flores who had managed to remain at her console during the loop. Just like the rest of the vixens the current chief tactical officer of the USS Anaconda, had come prepared for the maneuver, and had activated a pair of magnetic boots prior to the loop. A pair of boots which she had decided to wear for the duration of the test.

As for the Klingons. Realizing that 'they' were now the ones in dire straits, the pilots of the two Klingon ships valiantly tried to frantically dodge and escape from Anne's and Elisa's evil - to them - clutches, but to no effect.

Finding it an extremely easy task to follow, thwart and even influence the two fleeing ships desperate attempts of escape, Anne allowed herself the luxury of a small predatory grin and watched Elisa, seize the moment for what it was and mercilessly pound away at the two frantically scrambling ships.

All too soon, realsing that they just had no chance, the Klingon ships pilot simply gave up. A reaction which was then mirrored by the rest of the ships crew when they too realised they had simply had been defeated by a superior opponent. Accepting their fates and their honourable souls to the halls of Sto-vo-kor - the Klingons equivalent to heaven for the honorable, the crews of both ships started to sing the slow Klingon funeral song of the recently or soon to be honorably defeated. Another volley of phaser fire and a torpedo later, they too joined each others as casualties of war, as two brief explosive balls of fire in the cold vacuum of space.

Seeing the Klingon ships explode the crew of the Anaconda - now safely back on the floor of the ship, as the artificial gravity had reactivated itself - started to cheer. However, once again it did not last for long. In what was quickly become a common sight, their brief smiles and cries of victory vanished once again almost instantly when another two ships, another raptor and to their utmost horror another Negh'var battle cruiser warped into the system.

Sandra who had until that moment been silently watching and mentally applauding Anne's valiant attempt to outfox the Klingons had spent the past few moment thinking up different ways to win the battle, each one seemingly more drastic than the other.

Watching grimly as the sudden euphoria of her crew dropped lower and lower until it vanished almost completely at the sight of newest arrivals she sighed.

Damn it all to hell!

Just how many Klingons...and Negh'vars were out there, she wondered. Usually one Negh'Var was difficult enough to handle for the average star fleet captain...especially for a Miranda captain. But this...

This was getting ridiculous.

It seemed no matter how many ships they destroyed, for every enemy they took down, two or more were always ready, willing, eager and waiting to take it's place. It just wasn't fair. How many ships did she have to destroy to win this? she wondered.

The KobayYashi Maru mission sure was living up to it's name. That much was for sure.

It truly was an impossible mission. Even now the ship, her ship, was surrounded and just barely surviving, dodging the near overwhelming firepower of an armada of Klingon ships.

Sandra knew very well that it was only because of Anne and her insane piloting skills that they were even still in one piece. Though even that was stretching it a bit if one considered all the holes and scars her ship had already received from the battle so far.

Already it was beginning to look more like a swizz cheese than a space worthy Miranda and Sandra was sure, if it wasn't for the ships automated repair systems and the many force fields which were still holding it together, there wouldn't even be a ship left at all.

Unlike ships of the past, ships of her time had gained the ability to quickly repair themselves in a fraction of the time it would normally have taken, with or without the crews help. In fact, automatic repairs system had become so good that a ship could even repair itself back to 100% during a battle.

Still...this was pushing it.

Briefly closing her eyes she once again allowed herself a brief moment of despair.

What was it going to take to win this, she wondered, once again for the umpteenth time that day.

Tired and weary from the stresses of battle, she wavered for a second and for a second she even contemplated just throwing in the towel. After all at this point everybody was usually already long dead and blown to space dust!

Already she had done far batter than anybody else had in history. Besides Kirk that is... but again cheaters didn't really count.

Together, with the rest of the crew, they had proven themselves skilled enough to give the Klingon's a real challenge and to last far longer than anybody else had in the history of Star Fleet.

Alone destroying the few ships which they had destroyed was already a great feat all by itself, especially considering the circumstances. But it was just not going to be enough to win the proverbial war. And definitely not the Kobayyashi Maru either.

Baring in mind that nobody was actually expected to win in the first place there would not be any dishonor in actually doing so. Especially not after what she had already achieved so far...as such it would be so easy to...


No no no...just...NO!' she screamed at herself in her mind. Disgusted at her treacherous thoughts. Just as soon as the thought to give up came, just as soon did she had crushed it again within her mind and kicked it out of her mental airlock with extreme prejudice.

She would could not allow herself to simply give up and flee like the common everyday captain. Normal people did that, weaklings did that, but not she. She was not normal. Her Klingon side alone felt sick at the mere thought of giving up. She had been created to do the impossible. It was her duty to do the impossible. Giving up was simply not part of her vocabulary. It was not allowed to be! It was not allowed to end this way and as such she would be damned if she just gave up.

So what if she failed. If she failed... then she'd fail. Simple as that! But at least then she would at least be able to say. I gave it my all!

She would not be a 'bIHnuch'...a coward! She would not quit! Quitters never made it anywhere.

There had to be a way to win this. There just had to.

Just like Kirk before her, she simply refused to accept that there was simply no way to win.

There had to be a way to do this. Nothing was impossible...right? There was always a way! There just had to be a way!

'Think Sandra think! You can do this. You have to do this!' she thought to herself.

'Damn it Sandra...this is your purpose. This is what you were made for. You are supposed to be able to solve the most difficult of problems, to go where no man has gone before and to kick the other aliens asses...or equivalent...indeed, to do the things others would call reckless... stupid...crazy...'



'Wait a second!' Her eyes suddenly opened and widened as an idea came to her mind.





It was at that moment that she suddenly knew what she had to do and she allowed herself to smile.

Could it really be that easy? she wondered.

Maybe. Maybe it really was... that easy!

Why not!

After all, what did she have to lose? Nothing...that's what!

Maybe the only way to actually win an impossible mission like the Kobayyashi Maru was to be just that...

A crazy lunatic with delusions of grandeur.

Maybe... if she wanted to succeed, then...then maybe she would just have to do something so foolish, so dangerous, so unpredictable...so unbelievably 'bat fruity insane', that the academies Vulcan programmers of the Kobayyashi Maru would never expect it.

Maybe 'THAT' was the key to winning the Kobay!

Not to try to win...nor indeed to cheat...but instead, to do something the Vulcan programmers would never expect and thus would never have programmed a counter plan against

The only way to outfox a vulcan is to be illogical to the extreme. To beat their logic and do something they would never see coming.

It was with those thoughts that Sandra finally made up her mind.

'No time like the present to try and find out, I guess,' she pondered to herself.

What did she have to lose?

'Time to become a legend!...'

'Or to die trying...'

Preferably without the dying.

Though, come to think of it, I'll probably get kicked out of Starfleet for being too reckless instead!

Oh well, no time for second thoughts now. Come what may, either way, one way or another. After today she was sure, her life would never be the same again.

Once again, back in the Academy's Test Center.

"It seems the test is nearly over,' one of the Vulcan examiners said. "In the end even Cadet Sol, the so called star of the academy was not able to beat the Kobayyashi Maru," he added, a slight but still well hidden smug smile appearing on his Vulcan face. It seemed even a Vulcan, the epitome of emotionlessness, could not hide his emotions enough, to not gloat. Not after having been told for weeks that the cadet might actually be able to beat the test.

It was an affront to every Vulcan who had ever helped in creating the Kobayyashi Maru simulation. His Vulcan pride demanded that the cadet would lose. Nothing else was acceptable to the proud Vulcan which he was.

For the past few minutes Cadet Sol had only sat in her seat, seemingly watching the valiant actions of her crew and that of her conn officer, instead of issuing more orders. And while Anne Potter, Sol's Conn officer, was indeed doing an incredibly admirable job of keeping the ship intact, if only barely, it was becoming clearer by the second that it would soon not be enough.

All around him a few of the captains, grumbled and groaned in disappointment as they began to share his thoughts. Already some where thinking about the next upcoming test attempts.

The two admirals however however had different thoughts.

"I wouldn't count her out just yet," one of the admirals said as he gave the other a brief nod, a nod which the other returned. Unlike the Vulcan, he had seen the look on Sandra's face.

It was not the look of a cadet who had given up. On the contrary. It was quite the opposite. This cadet had a fire in her, not seen since the captains of the 'old era'.

While yes, there had been a moment where she had briefly lost that look and where it had momentarily turned into that all so common look of loss and resignation...it had only been there for a few short seconds.

"Sir?.."the Vulcan said, believing he had misheard.

"I said, I wouldn't count her out just yet," the admiral repeated himself.

"Sir...with all due respect... there is no way she could possibly..."

"What...win?" the admiral interrupted. "Whoever said anything about winning. Not everything is about winning. Though I dare say...cadet Sol might just be the first to prove you wrong in that regard as well," he continued.

"Sir, there is no way she could possibly... " the Vulcan started to say only to be interrupted again, though not by the Admiral, but rather by a sudden cry of disbelief from one of the other examiners.

It was more than enough to turn their attention back to the screen.

"Is she crazy!...That's against the directives!" one yelled out loudly.

An exclamation which quickly got the attention of everybody else in the room.

What crazy plan was she up to this time?

Back to Sol and the crew of the USS Anaconda.

"FINE!..." Sandra suddenly called out loudly, getting the attention of the whole crew and making a few jump.

"It seems I have no choice... T'vrell," she called out, instantly getting her Vulcan friends attention and making the Vulcan straighten up in readiness.

"Photonic Shock Wave... clear a path for us, now," she said, pointing her fingers towards the view screen once again."

Nodding briefly to acknowledged the commend, T'vrell pushed a few buttons on her computer console and charged up one of her special abilities.

"Aye sir!... Releasing shockwave now!"

Suddenly the ship shook as a large shock-wave was expelled from the ship, briefly pushing all nearby Klingon ships away from the Anaconda, giving it more room to maneuver and causing some light damage to the small Klingon armada around her. Due to the immense traffic around them two even went as far as to crash into each others and then explode. Sandra however didn't care. Not about two mere measly little ships who would soon be replaced anyway by the endless supply the Klingons seemed to have. She had other, far more destructive plans. Plans which would soon make the sudden crash look like a small spark when compared to what would happen next.

Ignoring the two Klingon ships as they exploded from the wave of released energy, seeing that the way was clear... for now, Sandra quickly proceeded with the foolish and unpredictable plan she had suddenly cooked up.

"Ok everybody...listen up," she started to say with the utmost seriousness in her voice. They would have to be fast, very fast...and precise to pull this off as they would not have much time. Even the smallest error would result in almost certain doom.

"A...no matter what happens next...do not lose your focus and continue to dodge that incoming fire as if your life really did depend upon it."

"Yes Sir!" Anne said stress clearly audible in her voice. All this time she had not stopped dodging the incoming fire from the Klingon ships and she was mentally swearing to herself, drops of sweat rolling down her face, as close hits continuously threatened to hit the ship. The smallest mistake could well be their last.

"T... Power up the warp core... hold the energy in the core no matter what, until I say so." A raise of her Vulcan friends eyebrow was her only reply.

"A...Be ready to get us the hell out of here instantly...and I do mean instantly. When I say so, go to warp and never look back!" she ordered.

A small pause a smile appeared on her face, then she allowed herself the luxury of a small nearly inaudible giggle. A giggle which nearly freaked out the rest of her crew.

"Z...you have the most important task. Set up a dedicated reactor and get ready to create...




A small pause then...

"WHAT!" came the reply of multiple crew members. Anne nearly lost control of the ship but managed to steady the ship again just in time to avoid crashing into a near by ship and a very deadly burst of incoming cannon fire. T'vrell was barely able to hold her composure and even the proctors eyes had widened comically in alarm.

It was an order which got wide eyes from everybody in the crew. No exceptions.

'Was she really going to...' the proctor wondered in alarm. There was simply no way he could stay calm about this.

"Sir, are you serious? We can't possibly do that... ," came an alarmed cry from a near by officer.

"Captain!" the proctor said, deciding that it was time to react. "I must protest! This will destabilize the ability to go to warp for the whole sector, not to mention break the Omega directive. Star Fleet regulations clearly forbid...," he tried to say but was cut off.

"Noted... We are doing it anyway!

"But Captain!" the proctor tried to say again but was cut off once more.

That's an order!" was Sandra's stubborn reply, ignoring the many incredulous stares of horror she was getting from all sides of the room. She was sure they thought she had finally lost her mind, however she would not change her plan now. Not anymore. She was committed. It was either all or nothing, to the bitter end. Either it would succeed...or in a few short seconds they would all be space dust, dead, and back in the deactivated holodeck. At that moment she was very thankful that she was not in a real mission but only a simulation. If it were real...well... she didn't want to think about it.

As it was...this was a huge risk and she had no idea how the other examiners would take her next actions.

Not good if the proctor beside her was any indication.

Either she would succeed and pass... or she would fail and get kicked out of the academy after which she would then fully accept the results of her actions...and then head back to Section 31 where they would then commence the fail safe plan.

Either way, one way or another she would soon be on board a ship. It was just a matter of when and as what.

Until that happy...or unhappy moment however...

"Cadet...do that and I will terminate the simulation," the Proctor said loudly standing up from his chair. It was time to put down his foot. Hard!

Sandra looked at him in surprise. This she had not expected. Stupid directives. Once again held back by imbeciles who couldn't make the difficult choices. Even in a simulation!

True...If this were real she could have understood it...but it was not real, damn it!

"Fine!" she said angrily giving the proctor a sudden angry glare...

"Cancel that!"

"In that case...plan B..."

Hearing this a huge cry of relief could be heard all around the bridge.

"T... Power up the warp core... but don't go to warp. Hold the energy no matter what happens, until I say so. "

"A...no matter what happens next...do not lose your focus and continue to dodge that incoming fire as if your life really did depend upon it." she ordered again, repeating the same orders from before, word by word.

The whole bridge crew looked up at her incredulously and the proctor began to frown.

"Captain didn't I just...," the Vulcan began to say but was stopped by Sandra who raised her hand, before he could continue.

"I'm not finished yet!" Sandra said back loudly. She was sick of dealing with her troublesome first officer. Her glare was still at full force. She couldn't stand that Vulcan and at that moment she didn't care if he was a proctor or not. This had gone beyond a test. This was now personal.

The proctor was suddenly silent. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Never before had he been spoken to like that before by a cadet. The nerve of that woman. Temporary captain she may be, but that gave her no right to talk to him in that way. If this had not been a simulated test he would have declared her unfit for duty, taken command of the ship and thrown her directly into the brig. However, at that moment he decided to simply let her have her way. After all, it was just a simulation and she wasn't the only one who was being graded during the test, so he couldn't just shut it down. For now he'd let her have her way, if only to prove her wrong. Besides, what was the worst that could happen. At worst they would just 'die' and the simulation would end.

No, he'd wait for the test to end, 'then' he'd deal with her. To even dare to speak to him this way...or to even consider breaking the Omega and Prime directives...

The nerve of that women. They were there for a reason! Once this was over she'd be on her way home. Once this was over, genius and star of the academy or not, he'd find a way to get her kicked out. This he swore.

Unperturbed by the proctors thoughts, wasting no more time, Sandra was once again back in her element, rapidly issuing orders as fast as her mouth could issue them.

She knew she was taking a huge risk here...but at this point she didn't care anymore. If she succeeded, they would never be able to touch her. She was sure of it. If she succeeded, she would be the undisputed star if the academy for years to come. The victor of the Kobay. If she succeeded they would never be able to kick her out. If not...well...It was not like they could demote her. Either she succeeded, in which case they would never kick her out of star fleet...or, if the worst happened she'd be on her way to S31 to her own command and to those who weren't afraid to do what needed to be done.

She'd listen to the well deserved music of her actions later. Besides...even if the worst were to happen, Sandra was sure, there was also a high chance that a few strings could be pushed and pulled to keep her in the academy if necessary. Section 31 did, after all, have friends in high places.

Should it come to it, then maybe she'd even be able to get the annoying Vulcan reassigned...to the front lines. Or at the very least, silenced.

Something to think about in the future.

For now however...

"E...Use our remaining torps and fire them at will at any targets as they come available. Do not, I repeat, do not use the phasers to target the ships. Concentrate the phasers fully on incoming torps, only."

"Z...I don't care how you do it...but...just keep the warp core from exploding. NO! unfortunately we are not creating Omega," she added seeing the forming question on her chiefs mouth.

"T... ready the tractor beam for use on the Kobay and keep your finger on the button. If a torp comes to close...use the tractor to alter their course back at the Klingons."

"A... Lay a direct course towards the Kobay...full speed."

"Sir!, that will make it easy for the Klingons to target us! I will not be able to avoid the incoming fire," Anne called back worriedly.

"Noted...however we don't have much time so we'll just have to risk it," came the reply.

"Yes Sir!" Potter said with a shrug. Choosing to simply trust her, she complied. One thing however was for sure. It was going to be interesting. Most likely short ...very short. But also very interesting.

Almost instantly the ship started to shake as it began to be hit more and more by incoming fire.

Sandra suddenly realised that she had to do something or else the ship wouldn't make it in time... at least not if they wanted it to be in any shape to go to warp.

Thinking briefly, she got another crazy idea. One of many crazy ideas that day.

"T'vrell..." Sandra screamed over the noise of the ship as it shook even more.

"Yes captain?" T'vrell asked, never taking her eyes of the console as she re-calibrated the tractor beam.

"Tell me... how large does your wonderful logical Vulcan mind think that raptor is compared to us? she said pointing towards a steadily approaching raptor on the view screen.

"With or without the holes, sir?" she asked her face as emotionless as usual.

Hearing this, a good few crew members turned to look at her. Did the Vulcan just make a joke? The vixens just smiled. It seemed T'vrell was making good on her promise to try to be more human and to enjoy a good joke from time to time.

Looking at her Vulcan friend Sandra's eyebrows rose and she swore she saw a small flicker of a smile but soon decided that it was a coincidence.

"Exactly as she is now," Sandra's responded only to be interrupted as a computer suddenly exploded near by, making a few crew members curse as they were brutally reminded that they were still in a battle for their lives, but luckily no one was hurt ...this time.

Ignoring the newly exploded terminal T'vrell answered the question.

"I estimate about 30 to 36% smaller."

"Good...that should be well within acceptable limits."

"Sir?" T'vrell asked again.

Another explosion rattled the makeshift bridge as another console exploded and a part of the ceiling suddenly collapsed nearby. Once again, it was ignored.

"T'vrell... When I say so I want you to use all of the ships tractor beams to pull that ship towards us. Can you do this?"

T'vrell's eyebrows disappeared into her hairline in surprise as she wondered what her crazy captain had planned this time, but she still answered. "Yes Sir!, I believe I can"

"Good enough for me, make it so!" Sandra ordered. Just before the ship shook once more and several crew members screamed as they were thrown to the ground and one got 'electrocuted' set on fire and and burnt to a crisp by a destroyed computer near by.

'Thank heavens this is just a simulation' was the combined thought of a few non photonic crew members as they desperately tried to control their gag reflexes from the sight and smell of burnt flesh. A few of the simulated crew members were not so lucky.

Suddenly the ships lights flickered and the force fields protecting Main engineering went out.

Seeing this, and doing her best to ignore the chaos around her, Sandra allowed a brief moment of worry to cross her face, but hid it quickly. 'Damn, there goes our protection against the Klingons...and more importantly the elements,' were Sandra's sudden thoughts before she refocused on her task. She hoped that luck was on her side. At least for just a bit longer.

"Shields are now fully down Sir!" came the resigned warning voice from one of the engineering officers, but she ignored her.

"Elisa... what's the status of the Kobay...are her shields down?" she asked her tactical officer.

"Yes Sir...they are still down" came the reply after a quick check, just as another explosion could be heard and another part of the ship's ceiling came falling down.

"Damn it, she's falling apart" came the warning cry of another crew member.

Sandra, like before ignored him.

"Good!...Potter! On my mark, turn out heading by...23 degrees and make a micro jump"

"Aye Sir!" came the response.

"T'vrell, at the same time...on the same mark..target and activate the tractor beam at these co-ordinates," she said speaking loudly and quickly pressed a few buttons into her still active console.


Hearing this the proctor started to open his mouth but then stopped and just shrugged. This was all so illogical to him, he had now officially given up trying to reason with or indeed understand the reckless cadets around him and had decided to just sit back and watch.

"On my mark!"

Anne tensed.

"Get set!.."

"Now...GO! Anne!...T'vrell!" Sandra said loudly. "Give it all you've got!"

Hearing the command Anne Potter punched down onto her console and engaged maximum impulse trust.

Time seemed to suddenly slow down as several things happened.

An alarm sounded shrilly alerting that another torpedo had scored a direct hit on the ship and had managed to punch a hole right through the saucer.

That... was ignored and deemed as unimportant. There was nobody up there anyway.

The tractor beam grabbed the raptor and the whole ship shook violently as the ships integrity sharply decreased by the sudden increase of force. It seemed the stress for the ship was simply too much as suddenly a small section of the saucer was torn right off. That...was also ignored. But only because at this point nobody cared anymore. The few photonic crew members who did, were all silent, resigned to their grizzly fate.

Sandra suddenly roared at a few engineers to keep up the few remaining emergency containment force-fields around the warp core and to keep it protected from incoming debris.

The ship was hit once more by another torpedo, then another. Two large holes were blown right though he ships hull, tearing through the ships saucer leaving huge holes in their wake and a few people who only just got back up again were thrown once again off their feet. Another console exploded and smoke filled the room as a new fire started. It, like all the others before it, was quickly put out.

A sudden lucky hit blew a whole through a near by room, causing a few crew members to be sucked out into space before another emergency force-field could be activated to plug the breech. That severely shook the remaining crew members left on the ship.

Seeing this Sandra quickly ordered the room evacuated and sealed.

"Elisa looked around herself, briefly avoided an incoming falling beam from the ceiling, then shrugged. "Ah, whatever! Looks like today really is a good day to die!" she mumbled to herself as she targeted another incoming torpedo with her last remaining operational phaser - the others had all been lost in the explosions.

Then Anne Potter punched down hard on a lever on her own console.

Suddenly all of the available remaining ships power was diverted to the warp core. The rest of the crew only had a split second to hold on tight and brace for impact.

T'vrell activated the secondary tractor beam just in the last nick of time for it latch on to the Klingon raptor.

"No..E...today is a good day for the other idiots to die..." Came Sandra's response, having heard her tactical officer.

And just like that, at that last second, the ship disappeared briefly into warp.

Then all hell broke loose.

Against all the odds, Sandra, and the rest of the vixens had timed it perfectly. At the exact same moment the Anaconda went briefly into warp, the tractor beam, aided by the immense destructive power of the speed of light, pulled the raptor right into the nearest and largest object it could find. An object, which incidentally, just happened to be a near by Klingon Negh'Var battle cruiser.

The unwilling raptor, suddenly finding itself momentarily requisitioned as a ship sized torpedo of weighted 'mass' destruction, hammered into the ill-fated battle ship, twice to three times it's own size, at the speed of warp, causing the raptor to fly through the larger warship and both ships to fall apart instantly under the sudden explosive pressure of the rather vicious impact.

The impact was so destructive that, at in a matter of a few short seconds, both ships exploded. They in turn then also showered the other Klingon ships with their own parts... severely damaging even more klingon ships in the area.

Unable to withstand the barrage of heavy ship sized shrapnel, some parts even larger than a large ships deck, two more ship soon exploded, which then in turn then also caused two more to explode and engulf another near by raptor...which then also decided to blow up seconds later releasing even more debris, and so on, causing a cascading effect. On and on it went until, in the end absolute chaos reigned supreme as in a matter of a few short seconds 16 ships simply ceased to exist.

Had it been a real battle, it would have been the greatest defeat the Klingons had ever had. One which could very well have turned the tide of the war which had taken place back in the era of the original Kobayyashi Maru.

Alas...it was just a simulation.

Still..that made it no less impressive.

In the Academy's Test Center



The whole room was silent. Only the sudden drop of a padd could be heard as it left the limp fingers of one of the captains and struck the ground.

The numerous gaping open mouths were testament to the shock the captains were currently feeling.

"Holy...crap. Did that really just happen?," one of the captains mumbled, his mouth wide open in astonishment.

"You're not seeing things...it really did happen," came a reply, just as amazed as the first.

"Who is this cadet again?" she asked, incredulously. "Are you sure that's not a veteran captain in disguise?"

"If I had not just seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. As if wanting to make an Omega particle to stop the Klingon was not already enough...now this," said another captain, shaking her head.

That's not...supposed to be possible,' came the reply from a Vulcan. One of the programmers of the Kobay simulation.

"That's it...I don't care what it takes. I want her on my crew," said the next captain.

"Get in line. I don't think you'll be the only one," said another captain beside her, an announcement which got quite a few nods from the other captains around them.

The admiral just shook his head. "The more I see the more impressed I'm getting. Almost makes me want to know what would have happened if she actually had gone ahead with her Omega plan," he said in bemusement.

"Hell...Almost makes me want to demote myself and join her crew once she makes captain," said another, which got him a few strange looks from other near by captains.

"What...you can't tell me you could have done what she just did," he said defending himself. "We could learn something from her."

"Wait a minute... are we really going to turn a blind eye to what she just tried to do?" one of the captains asked suddenly, which caused a few of the others to look at him.

"I mean she did just attempt to break the Omega directive," the Vulcan added.

Hearing this a few captains groaned. Leave it to a Vulcan to point out the bad and to ignore the unbelievable.

"How can we not? After what she just accomplished today, we'd be crazy not to. Once word of this spreads there will no so many captains wanting to get her on to their ships and and politicians wanting to use her and the vixens to get some popularity, we'd probably have a picket line of on-strike Captains outside our doors, if that were possible, should we expel her from the academy. I can already see the headlines; 'Klingons rejoice at Federations stupidity. The second Kirk, expelled!"

"Besides I wouldn't be surprised if HQ and intelligence will place her into the advanced training program after this whether we expel her or not. The vixens would be directly what that lot are looking for. In short they are directly what the Federation needs to finally turn the tide against the Klingons"

"What about Cadet Sol's behavior towards her first officer?"

"To be fair...if I had a plan...the only plan which I thought would work to save the lives of my crew and I was not allowed to use it because my first officer wanted to start a mutiny if I did, I'd be pissed too," came the answer. An answer which got a few nods.

"But cadet Sol was going to break the Omega Directive...that's an even worse offense than breaking the prime directive," the Vulcan tried again.

"Pardon me...but isn't the whole idea of the Kobayyashi Maru test to see just how far cadets would go to achieve victory?" another captain asked.

"That's right, it is." came the answer.

"Then why are we penalizing her for doing directly what is expected of her to do. This is just a simulation after all," the captain continued.

"Because, even if it is just a simulation, the federations directives and rules still apply," came the response.

"Erm...excuse me... but, she did not actually create an Omega particle, if my memory hasn't failed me and I'm pretty sure it has not, she was stopped by her first officer before she could," came another response.

"That may be true...but she wanted to. That strongly suggests to me that if she had not been stopped then she would have done so."

The other captain shrugged. "Could have, would have... fact is she did not. As such she had not actually done anything wrong."


"Enough, all of you!" one of the admirals chose that moment to say.

"While I agree that she should not have considered using an Omega particle of all things, it is also true that she did not actually make one. She was stopped by her first officer before she could. Which is directly why we have first officers in the first place, to advise the captain, to help them in the daily running of the ship, to protect the captain from harm... and if necessary even to stop their captains from doing things which could harm the crew and ship.

"Had Cadet Sol not stopped after Proctor Sopek's warning then it would have been grounds for disciplinary action and maybe her subsequent removal from the academy...however she did stop. As such, while it would have been better to have never considered using Omega, she had not actually done anything wrong."

"Rest assured I will be giving her a severe dressing-down about this, and I'll also be having a word with her about her conduct during the test and a few other issues...but other than that I can't fault her in her actions during the test today and will therefore also be grading her actions accordingly." He paused for a few seconds then continued.

"Also keep in mind that she is just a cadet. As such now would be the time to make the mistake. If anything I applaud her for her...daring and exceptional planning."

"If anything, Diana is right. By the end of this day, especially if she were to actually pass the test with a victory. Something which I might add has never been done before," he raised his hand to stop one of the captains from speaking before continuing. "...Kirk cheated so he doesn't count. Then there is no way we can drop her from the academy and justify the act. There would be an outcry if we did."

"Now enough of this for now...let's continue watching the rest of the test. I for one am very interested in the ending. We'll continue this discussion afterwards," he ordered, then not waiting for any more responses he turned his attention back to the screen.

Meanwhile, back on the Anaconda the ship was not without it's own fair share of problems. Though far enough away from the exploding ships to not be caught up in the fiery chaos it had left behind, the instance it went into warp, it quickly fell out of it again, a mere second later after having first entered it.

Now, twirling, out of control across the general emptiness of space, the ship finally decided it had enough.

It started small at first, then escalated at an alarming rate as the ships internal integrity quickly lost in stability. First the last remaining necelle snapped and broke off the ship, taking with it the last remaining phaser array of the ship. Then, the top right half of the top of the saucer started to rip right off the ship, causing a large ship sized crack to spread right across the ships front saucer.

First one deck, then the next. Deck after deck was torn off the ship and exposed to the unforgiving vacuum of space. This was, in turn, quickly followed by another larger rupture, which then proceeded to tear away even more of the last remains of the once whole ships saucer. A part of the ship, which incidentally also once held the former now defunct bridge. Soon the ship was indistinguishable to its former self. Now only half a ship, only the back part of the front saucer section of the Miranda remained, the rest having been completely separated from the once proud cruiser.

Main engineering, was the last remaining half way intact area of the ship, due to it's location at the back of the ship, - the front having been completely destroyed and was being held intact only by the many battery operated force-fields.

Screams could be heard as people were thrown all over the place. Computers exploded and numerous people were hit with shrapnel.

The lights had gone out multiple times and there was now complete darkness while the ships emergency systems frantically tried to compensate for the excessive damage the ship had just experienced...and was still experiencing. The only light that remained was that of multiple fires which were slowly spreading across the damaged remains of the ship.

Bodies littered the room, though most were thankfully just unconsciousness, having hit the walls and many objects during the ships brief foray through warp speed.

The Anaconda, a once proud Miranda in it's prime, was now barely more than a wreck.

It took a while but soon the crew - at least those still conscious enough to do so, got back on their feet. Those who were not, were simply put to the side and left in the gentle care of the few still active medical staff left on the ship.

Multiple fires all over the place were quickly put out once again, throwing the ship back into even more complete darkness, as the crew frantically tried to restore the ship to a minimum of operative capability.

Sandra, for her part, groaned painfully from where she lay, covered in debris. She couldn't see it yet, but a beam had missed spearing her by a mere inch. It had speared instead right thought the remains of the captains chair instead. Some time during the past few seconds Sandra had fallen - more like been flung out of her seat. Had she not, it would have been 'game over' for her.

Slowly she pushed some debris off of herself. If her current migraine was any indication, she had hit her head off the ground, hard. She'd have to get that looked at later on.

'I'm definitely installing seat belts into my future ship...' she vowed to herself again as she tried to get her bearings. If only the dizziness would stop soon. Little did she know that that would very well have cost her her life.

Pushing the loose debris of her she slowly got to her feet. Stumbling drunkenly as she tried to regain her balance she then helped put out the rest of the fires.

Soon, a few minutes later, the emergency lights came back on.

"Report!" she called out tiredly, through slightly blurred eyes as she took her first 'good' look around what remained of Main Engineering and swore to herself, her face paling as she looked at the remains of her chair and the beam sticking through it.

'I'm still getting the seat belts,' she thought stubbornly to herself, though how very shaken by her near death experience. Even if the safety system would have 'saved' her life. It still looked very real.

Slowly she settled into the remains of a near by chair and thankfully allowed a medic to look her over.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate and focus.

Soon the reports started to check in.

"Main power is off line, shields are down, warp core is down...and I dare say she will never go to warp again." Came the first response from an engineering crew member.

"Structural integrity is at a mere 23%.. and climbing slowly. The automatic repairs are fully engaged and repairing what it can, though I'm sorry to say it won't do much good as we lost over half of the ship, from deck 2 all the way up to deck 11." Came the next reply.

A short pause then.

"The main bridge is... gone, Sir." This time it was Zarva herself who answered.

"Gone? Sandra asked." What do you mean gone?"

"Just that. It's gone. Just gone, Sir...as in...it's not there anymore," she answered.

Silence swept over the whole room as the remaining active members of the crew stopped to listen.

Had they still been in there...and not moved to Engineering. Well, they didn't want to think about it.

"Ah...well...I never liked it anyway...too easily hit, Sandra mumbled to herself quietly at the revelation. It was one of the reasons why she had moved to Engineering in the first place. If she ever graduated and became a captain she'd recommend that all ships should have a battle bridge... and seat belts. Never forget the seat belts, she mused as she felt another spike of pain from her head. In fact...she might as well move into the battle bridge altogether and turn the main bridge into an observation lounge, or science room instead.

"Do you have any good news for me?" she asked a few silent seconds later.

"Well...we are still alive...that's good news...right?" Zarva answered.

True, there was that. They were still here. Sandra couldn't help but agree and nod, only to swear silently as the sudden movement hurt her head. Another brief look at the remains of her chair and the beam put a shiver down her back.

The medic, noticing the pain started to concentrate more on Sandra's head injuries.

Soon Sandra relaxed and allowed herself the luxury of a smile as the pain started to ebb away and before long the blurring in her vision decreased until she was able to see well again

"Any other good news?" she asked.

"Auxiliary thrusters are still working, if only barely. And we have minimal power...but that's about it."

Sandra sighed in relief. They still had a chance.


"Good?" The remaining crew look at her as if she were crazy.

"Yes, good...it means we can still move...and if we can move then we still have a chance," came Sandra's reply.

The room was struck silent once more and a few were wondering if their captain was insane.

"Sir!" an officer said incredulously. "I'm not sure if you haven't already noticed, but...we have no weapons...we have no shields...we can not warp...the ships repair systems will need hours to repair the damage, and even then we will still have no weapons. In short, sir, I'm pretty sure, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if the ship name shouldn't be changed to the USS Swiss Cheese," the officer used that moment to announce.

"So?" Sandra asked, her smile never leaving her mouth. She really loved messing around with the photonic officers, plus it was great that even now, her crew had a sense of humour. Though it probably was not intended as such.

"In short we have failed," came the answer.

"No we haven't!" she replied

"Sir?" the officer said, surprised and worried.

"We are still alive and the last time I checked we still have an operational ship. Add to that that we are not currently under attack and I think we are doing exceptionally well."

"Well...I guess...but..." the officer started to say but then stopped. He didn't know what to think. Deciding instead that it would be best to just shut up and that it just wasn't worth complaining, he shook his head and instead settled on a simple slightly sarcastic "Aye Sir! Of course Sir! To hell and back if necessary Sir" and with that he went back to work.

Sandra just smiled and chose to ignore the sarcastic remark. Instead she asked her next question.

"How fast can we still go?" she asked.

Anne looked at the readings of her severely cracked yet somehow still functioning console before answering. "According to the remains of my cracked console, only barely enough for quarter impulse sir, maybe half if we pushed her, though I'd advise against it," she answered. "Though I can't be sure if these reading are still 100% accurate," she added a second later.

"I see...and what's the...'cracked' status of the Klingons?" Sandra asked, expectantly. This was the moment she had been looking forward to. If her gamble and craziness had paid off then...

Anne looks down at her console again then gasped. "This can't be right," she answered clear shock evident in her voice.

"Potter?" Sandra asked, now very interested in her officer and friends answer. This sounded promising. The next information would either decide victory or defeat.

A few seconds passed before Anne felt ready enough to respond once more.

"According to this...and I really hope this is correct, the whole Klingon fleet is ..good grief...destroyed or badly damaged...she answered with clear unbelieving amazement in her voice.

Gasps are heard all around the remains of the make-shift command center. And even one bloody hell was heard before Sandra thought herself fit enough to continue. She too was shocked. This had gone far better than even she had expected.

Had she really done all that...with just one move at that?

"No wait...one ship seems to be left in one piece," Anne suddenly said, causing the those who were near enough to listen to still and become nervous.

It seemed it was still...too early to celebrate just yet.

"The Kobayashi?" Sandra asked calmly, although she too was feeling nervous.

"No..another Negh'Var".

A few 'Oh shits and 'Damn its' could be heard around the room after that announcement

For a second even Sandra closed her eyes. 'Well, Looks like that's that then. No way am I going against a fully operational Negh'var with this sinking tub of scrap metal.' she thought to herself.

Resigned she decided it was time to give the order to retreat and to at least save what was left of her crew. Or rather she would have had she not heard the next part: "It looks damaged though and if my scans are correct it currently has no power."

Hearing this the crew seemed to sigh in relief and some exclaimed loudly in celebration once more...but Sandra raised her hand to stop them.

"What about the Kobay?" Sandra asks again.

Silence prevailed once more as the whole crew, even the ship itself seemed to wait for the answer.

"Still there...it seems it was completely ignored by the Klingons and just out of the blast radius of our...attack?" came the answer, though it was more like an unsure question than a fact.

Hearing this, the whole crew was silent at first but then everybody once again broke out into loud cheers.

"We did it!... We actually did it!" a few crew members started to say jubilously as they began to realise that not only had they had survived but also what they had achieved that day.

Sandra herself just sighed in relief and allowed herself a few seconds to ponder her next move. She knew that even now, they were not out of the woods yet. This time however she allowed the others to celebrate unhindered. They had earned it. No matter the outcome, as of that moment, win or lose, they would already go down in history simply for taking out a whole Klingon Armada with one ship. Even if it was just a simulation. Hell, even if the Kobay had been lost, or they themselves were destroyed, the record of Klingon ships destroyed would have remained.

Also, more importantly for her, this also meant that he position at starfleet was now safe. No matter what happened next. While she would no doubt be reprimanded for her actions that day, there was no way that they - meaning the academy officials- would kick her out of the academy now. At least she didn't think so. Not after having just smashed and annihilated the previous record. If after the test she kept her head down from now until the end of term she should be just fine. And she had every intention of doing just that.

No one had ever done what she had done today. Even better, a good portion of her crew were still alive. Another thing no one, or at least no one who had chosen to help the Kobayyashi, had ever been able to say. Up to this point...casualties had always been...well...absolute.

To date, everybody who had chosen to help the Kobay had failed...and had died almost instantly during the first few moment of their attempts.

Until now!

Yes...until now.

And she was no where near finished yet if she had her way either.

Slowly she began to grin as she made up her mind.

If your in for a strip, then you might as well be in for the full bar...of gold pressed latinum that is.

Nodding to herself she turned to what remained of her crew.

Yes she had still lost a few good men during the battle and a lot of damage had been inflicted to her ship. The falling ceilings, and explosions had seen to that. Unfortunate but expected.

However, the vixens...were still there. That alone made it a complete victory in her eyes. Even if some of them were badly cut up from the shrapnel and T'vrell was limping from an injury to her leg. Not to mention the fact that she herself had nearly been speared by a beam. Still...nothing that couldn't be fixed though with a quick visit to the doc.

She even still had a few members of the elite force left.

All in all, her crew got away lightly, all things considered.

Nodding again as she decided on what to do next, she turned to face the remains of her command crew.

"Set course towards the last Klingon ship...best speed," she ordered.

Once again the celebrations stopped as the stunned crew turned to face their crazy leader. Everybody stared at her as if they just couldn't believe what she had just said. In a way they probably didn't.

Even the Proctor, the only one to have survived the crash in one piece and without injuries of any kind - but that was only because, as proctor he was not allowed to fall unconscious or be injured and therefore was therefore exempt from being injured during the simulation, was completely silent.

In fact, the 'Vulcan' had been struck speechless and was staring into space.

"Oh and Elisa..."

"Yes Sir!" she asks wearily. The Tactical officers hands were white from gripping the remains of her broken console. Not that she would be needing it any longer seeing as the ship had no more weapons left to fire.

"Prepare the troops."

Elisa closed her eyes in defeat and for a second she didn't answer. Her thoughts were all too clear. 'That crazy bitch is at it again.' In the end though she simply smiled and nodded.

Unperturbed Sandra continued: "I think it's time to play a little game of... let's be Klingons."

Blinks and blank stares from the crew were her only response.

"No objections?" she asked. "Good!... I'm glad you all agree!" she said happily her smile on her face, before she turned deadly serious.

"Prepare for boarding!"

Silence and the sound of a datapad falling to the ground was her only answer.

"Helm...set course for the Negh'Var. Fastest possible speed."

"I want that ship!"...

" And I want it now!"


The last thing that could be heard was a small sob coming from the Vulcan proctor as he finally lost his calm.