" Hey, we all ready to go?" Chloe asked as she sat in the back of the bus. Everyone nodded. Fat Amy started to drive the bus. "Man. I'm going to miss you weirdos." Beca said to the Bellas, but looking at only Chloe. "You guys did great. You all brought back the Bellas after a terrible incident. You are all great friends." Aubrey said starting to cry. "We will stay together forever. Wherever we go, in our different ways, we will always keep contact." Stacie said demanding.

"Whoah!" Fat Amy slammed the brakes. "What the hell?" Cynthia Rose said. "Someone is in the middle of the road. The guy looks freaking weird like a freaking monster." Fat Amy said leaning to get a closer look. Beca stood up to see what Amy was talking about. "Open the door." Beca demanded. "What? No. The person looks crazy as hell. You are not going out there." Amy said stopping Beca before she could open the door herself. "I'll go with her." Chloe said walking to Beca. "Open the door. It's okay. I'll go with her." Fat Amy looked at Chloe. "Fine." Fat Amy opened the door slowly.

Everybody was at the front looking out the front window to watch what was going on. Beca and Chloe walked to the person. "Hi. Are you okay?" Beca said carefully. The person turned around. Beca and Chloe jumped back. Blood all over the body, eyes white, and moss formed around wounds of the body. "What the hell?" Chloe said backing up a bit. "Amy open the door!" Beca tried to say calmly and not trying to seem scared. The thing jumped at Beca. Beca was knocked down. "Beca! Get off her!" Chloe kicked the human shaped guy in the face. She then picked Beca up off the ground. "Let's go!" Chloe yelled pulling Beca in front of her. They ran onto the bus, taking the lever to close the door.

"Why did the guy tackle you?" Aubrey asked."I don't know what the hell that thing is. All I know is that it used to be a person." Beca said. "What do you mean?" Flo asked. Lilly looked outside not saying anything. Which didn't really matter, because she spoke to softly that no one could ever hear her. "I don't really know how to explain it." Beca said looking around her body for any cuts. "It was strong though. I mean, I know I'm short but I am still strong. It was strong, but it seemed slow when it turned around, but once it was on top of me it was fast. I don't know." "Well this is some crazy shit." Fat Amy said quietly.

"Let's drive and get away from this thing." Aubrey demanded. Fat Amy did as said. Everybody sat down. Chloe next to Beca. Aubrey next to Stacie. Beca was shaking a lot. Chloe could see that, so she pulled Beca to her chest. "It's okay. I got ya." Beca looked up at Chloe. "You saved me. Thank you." Chloe smiled. They both felt relief. "Bec? I want to tell you something." Chloe took a deep breath. "I do too." Beca said trying to sound confident. "You go first." They both said at the same time. Everybody was staring at Chloe and Beca. They all knew what both of them wanted to say. "You know what I'll just tell you later." Chloe said. "Yeah. Me too." Beca said standing up walking to the front of the bus. "Where we going?" She whispered to Amy. "I don't know. I'm just gonna drive." She replied. "Amy! Look out!" Once again the bus came to a halt.

Everybody ran to the front of the bus. They looked out the window and saw what seemed like 13 to 15 of those things on the road. "What do we do?" Stacie asked. "Hold on." Chloe said opening the door. "Chlo, what the hell you doing? Get back here." Aubrey demanded angrily. Everyone tried to pull her back in but failed to grab her. She walked to the side of the road picking up a rock. She threw it far to the left side of the open field next to the road. She threw it far enough to where they would clear the road. She ran back into the bus. "You crazy son of a bitch." Beca said laughing softly. "Why thank you." Chloe responded smiling. "Drive." Cynthia Rose said.

"We should call them something" Stacie said. "What about Slackers?" Aubrey said. "Really. Dude. That is like the worse name to call something like those things." "Beca It's just a name. We'll just go with that. Aubrey could we talk?" "Sure." Chloe dragged her to the back of the bus. "What do you want to talk about?" "How do I tell Beca I like her?" Aubrey looked at Chloe trying to think of how to answer the question. "Well, just wait to tell her in the right moment. Tell her confidently. Take your time. Be the confident Chloe you are, like when I watched you on stage today." "Okay. Is now a good time?" "At the moment I think we should let her calm down. She still seems a little shaky." Aubrey explained. She pushed Chloe to Beca. Chloe turned around before she went to Beca. "You should take your own advice." She said turning back around.

Chloe tripped over a bag on the floor. Before she could hit the ground, Beca caught her easily. Beca pulled her up to sit Chloe next to her. "Thanks." Chloe said blushing. Beca held back a soft giggle. "You're still shaking." Chloe said to her. "Yeah. I know. I'm so freaked out right now. I can't get the image of me being tackled by that slacker." "It's okay. Her lay down. Try to sleep. If you have a bad dream, I'll be here to comfort you." Beca thought for a moment then decided to do what Chloe had suggested.

"Help!" Beca said screaming waking herself up. Everybody was sleeping beside Amy and Chloe. "Hey. It's okay. It's just a dream. It's okay." Chloe said getting something to wipe the sweat off of Beca's forehead. "Nope. That didn't help me sleep. Where we at?" Beca said looking to Fat Amy driving. "There's a town coming up here. I saw a sign. Let's hope it's not full of Slackers." "Great, it is real." "That's what your dream was about? I'm sorry." Chloe said feeling guilty. "You should've stayed in here." "No. It could've been you who got tackled." Beca claimed. "If Jesse were here he'd be the one who went out there." Chloe said. Chloe turned to look . Beca scoffed out a laugh. "Yeah." Chloe looked at her again. "Beca? What's going on?" Beca shrugs at the question. "Bec. Look at me. Tell me." Beca looked at her. She smiled. "Dude. It's nothing." Chloe looked at her. "Tell. Me. Now." Chloe demanded leaning close to Beca. "Fine. I broke up with him." She said looking into Chloe's eyes.

"What!?" Chloe jumped up. "Why?" "Dude be quiet the girls are trying to sleep." "Yeah, listen to Beca." Fat Amy said cutting in. "Fine. Tell me why." Chloe said sitting down. "He told me that I did love him, but he said that I loved someone else too. He's right. He said he didn't want to be together if I loved that person too. He wanted to be the only one. I told him that I didn't want to pick. He made me though. I ended up breaking up with him." Chloe stared at Beca. Chloe was waiting to know who the other guy was. "Well? Who is he?" Chloe asked looking at Beca's steel blue eyes. "This he is actually a she." Chloe got excited inside and tried not to get her hopes to high. "Who is she?" Beca started to struggle with breathing. "No one you know her, but the world is going to hell so... I don't think it matters. Even if it did, I wouldn't have a chance." "I already know who you're talking about. Chloe guess." "Amy what are y-" She stopped realizing what Fat Amy was saying. She turned to Beca. Beca sat there. She didn't move to look away. Chloe moved closer. She pulled her hand to Beca's chin bringing her head to look straight at her. She leaned in and kissed Beca.

Chloe was sitting in front of Beca holding her face in her hands. While Beca was holding onto her sides. The kiss was gentle. Beca pulled her tongue to touch Chloe's bottom lip, asking for permission. Granted. Chloe felt a moan coming up her throat and out her mouth into the kiss. They stopped when Amy pulled over to park. "Okay break it up love birds." She said walking to the back.

Chloe looked back to Beca. "We need to get Stace and Bree together." Beca was surprised she wasn't the only one that notices they both like each other. "You see it too!? Dude! I thought I was the only one." Beca said letting out a small laugh. Chloe did the same. "Yeah. I noticed."

Everybody was up and walking around. "Where are we?" Emily said walking to Beca. "We are at some town. It looks a little small, but big at the same time. Let's go check it out. We have to be careful though. Grab something to defend yourself." Beca said in a response which made her sound a little to scared. Beca grabbed a metal tire iron. Chloe got a crowbar which she would bring to use in situations like these. Stacie getting a curling iron out of her bag. Lilly opened her bag, everybody turned towards her from a loud clinging noise, she brought out seven knives out. Everybody was wide eyed. Fat Amy walked up to her asking for one, along with Emily, Flo and Aubrey. "Let's go. Stay behind me." Chloe said. Chloe hates scary things, but now she is going to have to get used to it. Beca was more into horror. Probably more than any of the Bellas. "Chloe, you are terrified of things like this, let me out first." She walked in front of all the girls. "Now stay here for a minute." Beca said walking down the steps. "Beca." Chloe stopped her. "It's okay this time I have something to defend myself." Beca walked out. There's nothing. No sound. No movement beside the girls behind her. She went around the bus and checked for the Slackers. Nothing.

Beca turned around, finding three Slackers in front of her. She froze. One was almost close enough to touch her. The girls on the bus noticed. "Bec!" Chloe screamed running of the bus and running to tackle the Slacker closest to Beca. Beca snapped out of her little trance. Everyone was off the bus. Chloe was still stuck under the infected. She was struggling to get the Slacker off her. Beca started to run to push off the infected. Before she reached it, drool was beginning to crawl out of it's mouth. Chloe turned her head to the side trying to avoid a black sticky liquid. "Ugh. God. Please get this thing off me." Beca kicked the Slacker off of Chloe. She took the tire iron and brought it to the head of the thing. She pulled Chloe up from the ground. Beca looked at Chloe finding the black goo from the Slacker on her shirt. "Yeah. We need to get you a new shirt. Chloe tried not to throw up. However, Emily moved away from the group looking at the ground. "Em? You good?" Flo asked. Emily put her hand to her stomach, sticking her free hand up giving a thumbs up. A few seconds later she threw up. Fat Amy walked behind her and pulled her hair back. "Let it out. It's okay." She stopped for a moment only to throw up again. Fat Amy patting her on the back. She stopped after that second time. "Does anybody have two spare shirts?" Stacie walked to her bag and grabbed two shirts. One is a long sleeved purple shirt with a small coat attached to it. The other somewhat the same, but it was green and had a tank top under it. Chloe took the purple one while Emily took the green. They all decided to wait for another day. "Tomorrow we will go and find some place to stay and find food and water." Beca said looking to everybody. "Let's get some rest." Beca said walking to sit next to Chloe. "You okay? You saved me. Again." Chloe nodded, but it instantly turned to shaking her head. "I guess I'm physically stronger. Not mentally though." She said with a small laugh. "What if next time I can't save you? What will I do?" Beca stopped her after that question. "Hey. There won't be a next time that I will be needing saving. You know why? 'Cuz I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna be here with you the whole time. I promise. Can you promise the same thing?" Chloe looked up at her. "I promise." Beca said one last thing with little confidence hoping it wasn't a bad thing to say at the moment. "I love you Chloe Beale." "I love you too, Beca Mitchell." Chloe got up and took up the free space to lay down and using Beca's lap as a pillow. "Goodnight. Chloe said snuggling on top of Beca. "Goodnight." Beca responded.

Chloe was the first one up. She looked to see the sun shining bright. She looked up at Beca who was still sleeping. She looked at her phone that was still able to tell the time, but the battery low. 10:37. She decided to wake up Beca. She whispered to Beca to wake up. She wasn't moving. Chloe poked her in the stomach until Beca woke up. "Would you stop that?" Beca said looking down at Chloe. "It's after 10:30." "Gee thanks for waking me up to tell me the time." "Bec, we need to go." Chloe stood up walking to the front of the bus. "Oh. We. Are. Screwed." Chloe said loudly, enough to wake everyone up. "Did you just say we are screwed? What do you mean?" C.R. stood up. Chloe started panicking. "We are dead. We should've left yesterday. We're dead." "Chloe calm down." Chloe ignore Beca. She was pacing back and forth. "Come on baby. Calm down." Chloe walked up to her and pointed outside. Beca then dragged her girlfriend into a hug. "It's going to be okay. I promise. I love you." Beca said pulling back and giving her a small kiss. Everybody except Fat Amy were stunned about Chloe and Beca.

"Are you guys? Wait. Are you guys together? You guys are gay?" Emily asked confused. "You guys seriously didn't realize the way they look at each other and how much time they spend together. It never occurred to you that maybe they like each other as more than friends?" Fat Amy asked. "I did. I did know that Chloe likes Beca. She told me." Aubrey confessed. Stacie turned around. "Really?" Aubrey nodded. They all stood there still surprised. "Well where's my stuff?" Stacie said. Everyone around her went to their bags and grabbed something. "What is this?" Chloe asked. "We made a bet. I said that you both liked each other and that one day you'd both become a couple. They said it was impossible. I was right." Stacie said smiling as everyone gave her what she wanted. "You made a bet on us? Good job Stace." Beca said barking a laugh.

"Aubrey we made a deal now you have to confess." Chloe said staring right at Aubrey. Aubrey shook her head. "Not yet." "Bree. She's standing right there." "Okay. If she won't confess whatever she is supposed to confess let's just tell our feelings for one another since there's an infection going on." Beca suggested. Everyone sat somewhere on the seats. "I think that my feelings are basically already out." Beca said smiling at Chloe, Chloe smiling back. "I could say the same." Chloe said taking Beca's hand. Everybody went around and said their feelings.

By the time it got to Stacie and Aubrey they paused. "Well you guys are up." Flo said. "Yes. We are. I don't know what to say or how to say this." Aubrey said. Before Aubrey could try to say anything the bus flipped over a little bit. "What the fuck?" Fat Amy said standing up. Everybody went to the side to see what it was that made the bus tip slightly over. There were Slackers everywhere. "What the hell? They weren't bothered by anything. How'd they know we were in here. Nothing happened until now." Emily said trying to hold back the tears now forming. "Okay. Everybody calm down. We'll figure this out. They might've just found out that we are not one of them. They weren't coming to the bus fully until we got louder so that means they have better hearing than smelling. We will get out of her. Grab the things you absolutely need." Beca said walking to the front of the bus. There were too many to make a run for it. She then walked to the bus looking out the small window. "They aren't behind the bus. We'll go this way. Take all the unnecessary things out of your bags and bring the useful things."