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"And the champion for Hogwarts is… Cedric Diggory."

The Great Hall erupted in cheers, everyone proud for the Hufflepuff. Six people however were not joining in on the festivities; they were instead staring at the Goblet of Fire which had failed to go out after ejecting the last name. They were right to do so as no sooner had Professor Dumbledore opened his mouth to dismiss everyone, did the Goblet flair red once more with not one bit two more pieces of paper being ejected from the flames.

"Harry Potter? Draco Malfoy?"

The ensuing silence was so thick that even the sharpest knife in the universe would have trouble cutting through it, so it was quite easy to hear the loud exclamation of "Fucking Hell" coming from the Slytherin side of the room and the just as loud cry from the Gryffindor side of "See Scarlet, I fuckin' told you, and now I'm going to blame whatever happens on you."

The two fourth years made their way to the front of the room and with all eyes on them Len and Barry proceeded to exchange a handful of money, before escaping into the antechamber.

"…And this Scarlet is why I never wanted nor will ever want to be a Hero." Len said as he concluded his 'Being a hero sucks and here's why' explanation.

"I concede the validity of your argument, really I do, but that doesn't explain why you get mixed up in this stuff as well now does it?" Len could practically see the air of smugness around Barry as they both emerged into the dimly lit antechamber.

"I do actually have an answer to that and granted it's a work in progress I think it explains why quite well." Len answered ignoring the looks that the other champions were giving them.

"Oh yeah, well what is this theoretical answer?" Barry asked curious and oblivious to the looks.


"Me." Barry deadpanned.

"Yes, you" Now the smugness was radiating off Len in waves.

"How the hell am I the answer?" Barry Questioned, the only response he got however was a smirk as Len turned to face the door.

"Little boyz do zey need uz out zere again?" The blonde champion from Bauxbatons asked with a little sneer and an unnecessary hair flip.

"Hmm, oh no they don't need you, but what I need you to do is ease up on your allure, Krum and Diggory may become potatoes if you don't." Len stated looking for all intents and purposes like he was bored…. He was even examining his fingernails.

Before Fleur could make a (most likely scathing) retort the door was flung open and in came the teachers one-by-one. Madame Maxime came through first followed by Karkarof and four of the Hogwarts professors, bringing up the rear were the two ministry officials in charge of the event.

"Zis iz and outrage Dumblydore, you must relight ze goblet so zat we have more champions" Madame Maxime stated.

"I am afraid madam that I am unable to comply with that request, as once the Goblet has been extinguished it cannot be lit again until the next tournament." Professor Dumbledore said trying to placate the irate headmistress.

"We do understand ma'am and we will enquire into how these two had their names entered, as well as having all members involved punished quite severely." Snape stated as his long fingered hand clutched Barry's shoulder tightly causing a barely noticeable flinch to occur.

"You know Professor; there are only two things I have to say about this, one, neither of us know how our names got in the fucking goblet, and two if you do not remove that hand from Draco's shoulder within the next five seconds you will lose it, permanently!" Len growled his words cutting through Snape like ice.

"Why you Insufferable little brat, you are just like your father…"

"Severus!" The sharp word cut Snape's rant off mid-sentence.

"Now Mr. Potter did you at any point this year even hint to an older student that you would want to participate?" Dumbledore asked calmly.

"Honestly Professor I think my response to anyone who asked or spoke about the tournament near me got the exact same response every time."

"And what was this response young man?" Mr Crouch asked.

"It was something along the lines of, who the fuck would want to join a tournament with a death rate that high?" Len said thinking back.

"Actually Harry, it was more like, that is a fucking death tournament, seriously who in their right fucking minds would agree to compete in something that had been outlawed over to many goddamn deaths, in a time when pointless and meaningless death happened practically every day, if you want to join in this gigantic fucking competition of death then be my fucking guest, just keep me the fuck out of that shit!" Barry quoted with a straight face, as everyone but Len seemed to be catching flies.

"Mr Malfoy, Mr Potter that sort of language is not suitable for a school environment!" well obviously Professor Mcgonagall still had a thought process after Barry's little performance.

"Well you guys are the ones that wanted to know my exact response and Draco over there memorised it apparently so that's what you got." Len said nonchalantly.

"Hem yes well moving on, you five are now the champions of your respective schools, you will be exempted from your end of year exams as well as being the face of your school. Your first task will be happening on the 24th of November, you will have until then to figure out a plan for completing the task." The man who had looked like a bumblebee at the Quidditch world cup said trying to ease the tension that had occurred.

"One quick question before everyone leaves," Len said "what happens if hypothetically someone were to say die a violent and horrible death during this tournament?"

"There is no chance of that happening Mr Potter, there are precautions in place that the competitors will not die" Professor Dumbledore stated "why do you feel the need to question your safety during this tournament?"

"No reason, but can the one trying to kill me this year make sure not to hurt me to much when he fails, I have to keep a house and yard spotless and it's hard enough to do with broken ribs but add in whatever magical damage yeah I'll probably not get fed." With that both Len and Barry left the antechamber.