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Four of the dragons were what Len and Barry expected the fifth one however was a complete surprise. Fleur, Cedric and Viktor had gotten the expected Welsh Green, Swedish Short-Snout and Chinese Fireball respectively. For Barry and Len their dragon choices were limited, they knew that one of them had to get the Hungarian Horntail that neither of them wanted to face, but the final dragon was a mystery. The choosing of the dragons in itself was a challenge all of its own for Mr Bagman, as he had to compete with a highly bored Leonard Snart.

"Alright champions to begin the task we're going to have each of you place your hand in this bag and pull out the creature that you will be facing. We'll start with the young lady over her-" Bagman was cut off.

"So we have to put our hand in a bag without knowing whether or not what is in the bag can poison us?" Len asked 'with concern'

"Well yes but you're al-" He was once more cut off.

"And you decided that the most gullible person to stick their hand in without questioning would be the female?" Len was amused at the expressions that were scrolling on Bagman's face.

"Well, I mean no, there is nothing in this bag that could hurt you, as inside are just animated figures of the creatures that you will face." Bagman said sweating quite a bit.

"Oh alright then you may continue." Len was sure that Barry was really struggling not to laugh, he was succeeding, but only slightly…. The smile was proof of that.

"Right, well miss, if you would just-" Once more Bagman was cut off.

"WAIT, how big is this model figure, because… I don't think I can see any details if it's as tiny as the bag suggests." Okay so Len was really bored.

"Mr Potter how about we just pick out the Dra- models before dinner time, okay?"

"Ugh, fine… spoil my fun will you" Len grumbled as he sat down on the one of the benches provided.

As the other three picked the dragon that they were going to fight Barry was panicking over which dragon he was going to get.

"Scarlet relax, if it's a bad pick you could just swap it out for mine okay, that way you'll know how to fight it." Len whispered calmly to the shaking blond.

"Yeah but then you'd have to fight the unknown dragon, and knowing how your sister is about you…. If you died or were grievously injured she would find me and kill me, no matter what dimension we're in."

"Hey don't sweat it, we've both got our powers so we should really be alright okay, if I do get the unknown I'll just wing it." Barry found it slightly funny that the Leonard Snart was concerned for him, and was about to say something about it when there was a bag thrust into his line of sight.

"Mr Malfoy, it is your turn to pick your opponent, there we go, oh very nice the Antipodean Opaleye, bred of the most vicious wild mother from the Australian outback." Barry could not believe how that last sentence was said so exuberantly.

"And last but not least Mr Potter, your opponent will be," Bagman said turning the bag towards Len, who promptly reached in and pulled out the Dragon, "ahh the Hungarian Horntail, very dangerous that, well now that everyone has their Dragons, your task is to claim the Golden egg within the nest to pass the task, we will be going in order of the numbers around their necks, so Mr Diggory you will be first followed by Miss Delacour, then Mr Krum, Mr Potter and finally Mr Malfoy, you will go to fight when you hear the cannon, are there any questions?"

"Just this, Malfoy switch with me."

"Okay… wait why?"

"Just a feeling."

"….fine, so I'll go fourth and you go last…. Anyone have a problem with that." Barry asked.

"Well actually I-" Bagman started

"No, none, okay good let's get this over with." And Len cut him off again.


"Well that is the signal; please make your way to the arena Mr Diggory and good luck all of you." Bagman left the tent in a hurry, partially to make it in time to announce the match but mostly to escape Len.

"Well… that went well." Barry said staring from Len to the tent's entrance.