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"So Barry tell me about the lives that you've lived so far." Luna asked one day during History of Magic.

"Sure Luna, well it all started when I was fig…Luna… what are you doing in the Fourth years' history of magic class… and where did you get that popcorn?" there Luna was, seated quite comfortably on a beanbag, eating popcorn and drinking… was that a slushie…where did she get that.

"Oh is that what this is called, it's quite delicious, well I got it from this very funny looking contraption in the come-and-go room, it was also where I got this drink and funny chair," Luna said as she took a large sip from the drink, "as for why I'm in your history of magic class, it was the longest class that you have that I can take advantage of to hear your story… it's also during divination and the professor really couldn't be any more wrong about how one looks through the veil of dimensions and time."

"Okay…. that seems like a very good excuse to me, so where was I, oh right, well me and Captain Cold over there were fighting a meta by the name Rhein, now normally Cisco names the metas for no other reason than because he can, but this one had named herself," Barry said getting comfortable and studiously ignoring how many people were now paying attention to the conversation, " you see her powers don't kill people but they do make the people hit by them lose consciousness in their world and then make them live through multiple other worlds….the first world really freaked me out, mainly because I had just gone from being 27 to being 12 and instead of having my speed… I had a demon in my head."

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY JAILOR!" that was the first thing that Barry heard when he woke up.

"W-what… who… where am I?" Barry was really confused because he was pretty sure that he went to bed last night in his own bed… and not in a big ass sewer with a "what are you supposed to be… the Easter bunny because if so… you really suck at it."

"I am the almighty Kyuubi, the most powerful of the tailed demons and you will answer me about what you have done to my jailor." 'the Almighty Kyuubi' roared really not frightening Barry because really he's faced a big telepathic gorilla, and this bunny was behind bars…in fact this kinda looked familiar.

"What's your jailors name, oh Almighty Kyuubi… mainly cause I need to have some Idea of what I'm doing." Barry really hoped that Rhein's powers couldn't do what he thinks that they could.

"If it is to help you to bring back my jailor, the whelp goes by the name of Naruto and now I require you to bring the whelp back." The Kyuubi relented, flinching a bit at something that Barry could not see.

"Why is one of his parents giving you hell for losing their son when you are literally sealed inside of him." With the confirmation of the name Barry knew that Rhein's powers either put a person into the last anime/tv show that they watched or into the life of a person from another universe.

"How the hell do you know that the whelps' parents are also here nobody knows that but me and the parents."

"Well you see…um… hey look I'm waking up and I suddenly cannot hear you."

With that Barry woke up in an apartment that, while large and desolate, still felt like a home. Looking at the clock on the wall near his bed, 7:30, 'hmm I wonder what time I have to be at the academy'


"NARUTOOOOO! You are late and the exam practicals start in 1 hour you need to pass these in order to become a ninja." A ninja, that Barry assumed was Iruka, said from the door of his apartment.

"Yeah…I'm coming, sorry having a little freak out, finding out some things and y'know lost track of time," Barry said as he pulled on the 'kill me' orange jumpsuit.

"Oh… umm what type of things did you find out?" Iruka questioned afraid that he had found out about the Kyuubi.

"Oh it's nothing bad… I mean it could be like I had the kyuubi sealed into my stomach… but it's not, I just… umm couldn't find my left sock which I know I left over there, so maybe the sock monster got it." Barry really hoped that he wasn't ruining the continuity of Naruto's life right now.

"R-right, well come on then we need to get to the academy in time for the exam." Iruka muttered as they made their way through the village.

"Right well now that the weapons portion of the exam is done it is time for the ninjustu, when I call your name please come down to the front and perform the kawarimi, bunshin, and henge jutsus', first up Aburame Shino. As Shino went to perform his justsu Barry thanked all the gods that he watched Naruto as a child otherwise he wouldn't know shit about what was going on or who anyone was. Watching carefully at the hand-signs that the other students in the class were doing, Barry decided to do something impulsive, in other words Naruto was going to pass the exam this time and not have to deal with Mizuki, so taking note of the hand-signs for the bunshin Barry thought… 'fuck it imma do the shadow clone, and imma do a lot of them' tuning back into the exam, Barry noticed that it was pretty boy Sasuke's turn up at the plate.

"Alright Sasuke, let's see your jutsu." Mizuki was really laying it on thick with the ass kissing.


The kawarimi that Sasuke did was good, as well as the clone but the thing that caught Barry's eye was the henge, because there in front of him was no longer Sasuke it was in fact an exact replica of Leonard 'Captain Cold' Snart in all his winter coated glory…Fuck.

Finally it was Barry's turn and armed with the knowledge that Snart was there in this world with him, Barry was going to go all out with the clones.

Going through the hand-signs, and studiously ignoring the teachers, Barry executed a perfect kawarimi, and then it was time for the henge, deciding that Snart had the right idea Barry henge'd into a perfect copy of himself wearing the flash suit without the cowl, and then he henge'd the the clothes to normal street clothes, shocking quite a few people.

"Umm sensei, I'm still having a few problems with the normal Bunshin, would it be alright if I did a different one?" Barry asked merely wanting to let Iruka know that it wouldn't be the normal Bunshin.

"I suppose that we could allow that, yes Naruto you can do a different type of Bunshin." Iruka said hoping that this wouldn't ruin Naruto's chances of being a ninja, then again that Henge of his, changing the outfit of the henge while still wearing it took quite a bit of concentration, but it didn't look like it was too hard for him.

"Sweet… okay here goes, Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" with his hands in the proper sign and a large cloud of smoke the room was suddenly covered in orange, in every free spot of space was a full fledge clone of Naruto.

To say that the classroom was quiet would be an understatement, in fact it was so silent that it was deafening and Barry of course was the one who got to break it.

"Sooooo….do I pass?" it was said with such innocence and suddenness that Iruka and Mizuki could only nod in agreement.

Breaking out of his stupor Iruka had to ask "Naruto where did you learn that?"

"Oh I saw this guy on the street who was reading an orange book use it when he was challenged by a green blur…. Well I think it was a challenge… anyway he used it sent the clone after the guy and then hid in a tree." Honestly Barry thought that his bullshit of an excuse was pretty good….also it may get Kakashi in trouble which is always fun.

"R-right…well congratulations everyone, we'll meet back here in a few days so that we can give you your teams, also make sure that you get your ID done before you come back, I'll see you all in a few days."

"Ohhh and then what happened?" one of the Hufflepuffs in the room asked… it seemed like he had gained quite an audience.

"Wow Draco, I didn't know that you were such a story teller." Blaise said leaning back in his seat.

"Well there's more where that came from, however it is now time for our next class." With that Draco fled the room, his stuff magically in his bag after being spread across the desk.

"ALLEN/MCCLAIN WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!" the words echoed across the camp, their origin that of cabin 3 and cabin Hades, the sources of the yells came out of their respective cabins to find their dimension travelling companion.

Out of the Apollo and Athena cabins came Will Solace and Annabeth Chase.

"Keith…. damn I swear I heard Keith yelling for me." Will said turning to look at Annabeth.

"Snart… God damn it Snart where are you?" Annabeth shouted back

"Scarlet this is the second time that we are not in our home dimension… which one are you?" Percy Jackson asked looking between the other three people visible in the courtyard.

"Well, my name is Lance… broody mcbrooderson over there seems to be my man Keith, and I have no idea who you two are." The tall and smiley Will said.

"Hmm so you are a female this time we may be able to have some fun with th-"

"Not on your life"

"…Right well Keith and I will just be heading over that way so yeah you two can sort out your dimension bruhaha… bye." and just like that Will picked Nico up and ran.

"Well I wonder what we can do in this life?" Snart said waving his hands around and concentrating.

Almost immediately a wave of water hit Barry in the face, opening his eyes Snart started smirking and out came the scariest thing that Barry had heard in a long time.


"Please don't go around telling water puns, the ice ones were bad enough."

"Oh but Scarlet, don't you sea this is the best thing ever."

"I thought that the best thing ever was getting Haku as a minion after letting him live?" Barry questioned thinking back on the young ice user that Snart had practically adopted as his own.

"That was then and this is now, what can you do in this life Scarlet?"

"Well…if I'm correct, I don't have any powers other than being super smart." Barry said, by now fully ignoring the femaleness of his new life to know that this life is that of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

"Hmmm I wonder if those two ever fixed their dimension hopping oh well not my problem."

where did they go next? what happens to the original consciousness? who were the other two dimension hoppers? and when will the new chapter be up?