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Barry really wished that the dimension hopping would come to an end, because waking up in different situations is annoying. Taking in his surroundings Barry decided that he needed to talk to someone about the décor, seriously, black and weirdly, ominously glowing purple did not go together at all. Moving his obnoxiously long white hair out of his face, Barry caught a glimpse of his now purple hand and swore.

"Fuck, please let me be part of the good guys and not who I think it is."

It was exactly who he thought it was, because looking back at him from the mirror was the purple face and white hair of the Prince of the Galra empire, Lotor.


Waking up in another dimension was nothing new to Len. Waking up with a face mask on was a little weird but also nothing new. Waking up in a new dimension, wearing a face mask and finding out he was in space was so new that Len had a little trouble believing it.

"Lance, Buddy, you okay?" the voice of the big guy in yellow asked through the door that Len had disappeared through.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, because sweet Jesus he was in space, Len opened the door and took in the sight of the two people in the hallway.

"Peachy" he said with a slight smirk as he pushed passed the green and yellow people.

Due to his pushing passed he didn't see the look the two shared nor did he see the green one pull out a glowing green weapon, he did however feel it when the weapon's electricity coursed through his body, effectively knocking him out.

Waking up Len found himself, not for the first time in his life, handcuffed to a table. Around him sat six people, two of which he recognised from before his impromptu nap.

"You know… if you're going for a rainbow look…you're missing a few colours… blue for example." He said looking at the assorted colours in front of him.

"Who are you and what have you done to the Blue Paladin." The tall white-haired one demanded.

"Oh British, nice… are you the captain of this little ship, because let me tell you, the last time I was on a ship with a British captain, I died… for a bit… I got better." He said in lieu of a proper explanation.

"Answer the question, who the hell are you and what have you one to Lance?" the one in red demanded getting all up in Len's face.

"Okay a few things, one, get out of my face," Len said pushing Red's face away from him, "two, I thought you were looking for your blue paladin, third the name's Cold, Captain Cold and the only lance I know is a hot, female assassin named Sara."

"How the hell did you get out of those handcuffs?" the one in Black asked.

"I am a master thief, if I want out of handcuffs, I will be out of them, even if I have to freeze a hand off." Len said shrugging.

"How would you freeze your hand off?" the green one asked.

"Well I aim my freeze gun at one of my hands, freeze it, destroy said hand, and then I am able to move around."

"That's brutal." The yellow one said.

"We don't know if he's telling the truth." Black said.

"Okay, I'm gonna need some names, I can't keep calling you colours, mainly cause red is messing with my fung shei by not being scarlet."

"Who the hell is scarlet."

"Well red, scarlet is an annoyingly nice human being who-"

Suddenly a loud ding reverberated throughout the ship followed by a voice.

"Hello… paladins… princess…anyone… I kinda need to talk to someone on this team." The British accented voice called out.

"You may want to answer that." Len said.

"Shiro bring him with us."

With the command from the one Len believed to be the princess, everyone filed out through one of the many doors.

Len went to follow, the one in black decided that his hand needed to be placed on Len's shoulder so as to guide the displaced thief.

"You know I appreciate the guiding but… if you don't remove your hand from my person…you will lose it…again." Len said looking at the metal prosthetic on his shoulder.

The hand was quickly retracted and they set off to the main deck of the ship.

"Oh good there are people here, Princess my name is Lotor and I want to help with your endeavour." The voice came from a white haired person… who was purple.

"Is it just me or is this guy purple, cause if he is…. He needs to dress better…and find better décor…black and glowing purple do not go together." Len said effortlessly dodging the hand that went to cover his mouth.

"You know I thought that too when I woke up… Len is that you?" Barry questioned.

"Why yes it is Scarlet… do you have any idea where we are now?" Len Queried.

"Actually I do know… and I would just like to you know… get away from the witches that can and probably will find a way to get to our dimension." Barry said looking behind himself.

"Well Scarlet, if you send coordinates to the ship I may be able to commandeer a vessel to come and get you." Len said really getting into the dodging of hands.

"W-wha- no you will not be taking one of our vessels to pick up your evil minion." The red one said.

"Wait… I'm not an evil minion… you have the master thief, I'm the good guy…. I'm a superhero." It seems that Barry really didn't want to be the bad guy in this dimension.

"Yeah right and I'm the Flash." The red one said.

"No you're not… I am." Barry said.

"Prove it."

"Scarlet don't"

"Stay out of this Snart."

"And we're back to the surnames, I thought I told you dimensions ago to call me Len?"

"You know what no fuck this, fuck you, I guess I'll take all these expensive trinkets and put them back in their high security vault behind high tech lasers and bullet-proof gla- …. Huh…didn't think that would actually work… so…. Paladins of Voltron… who's your favourite superhero…I like Supergirl…she was fun…she could also sing really well…you're not gonna shoot me if I come onto your ship are you..." Barry was rambling now.

"Lotor you are a slimy viscnarg and I would like nothing more than to throw you into a black hole, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and I will not order anyone to shoot you as soon as you board my ship." Allura said.

"Right…so I should wear a laser proof vest, because you're probs gonna shoot me about a minute after I board the ship… oh looks like Len's here." off screen the sounds of fighting were being picked up by the video mic.

"Scarlet… come on, I have a big robot lion in the docking bay and well you can get us to her faster than I can." With that said the screen went black.

"…how the hell did he get there so fast?"

"So... who are you?" the one in yellow questioned as soon as Len and Barry got back on the castleship.

"Well, my name is Barry Allen, as you just saw I am the fastest man alive, this is Leonard Snart, the coldest and puniest man alive, and you are the paladins of Voltron, the defenders of the universe." Barry said keeping as calm as he could.

"Well it looks like you know where we are Scarlet… do you mind explaining it to me." Len said, he was really sick of these dimensions.

"Well Len, this is the dimension of Voltron, the newer Netflix version, and these are the paladins of Voltron…. Basically there are five of the lions and they all join together to form a giant robot called Voltron, the lions are all colour coded to their paladins, so the red lion belongs to Keith, the one in red, the green lion belongs to Pidge, the short one in green, the yellow lion belongs to Hunk, the big lovable one in yellow, the black lion belongs to Shiro the big guy with the scar on his nose, and the blue lion belongs to lance… whose body you are currently inhabiting."

"Well that gets those introductions out of the way… what do we call the orange one and little miss princess?"

"Well the Princess is Allura of the former planet Altea, and the orange one as you called him is Coran, royal adviser to the princess, also the unanimously acclaimed space uncle."

"You guys cannot actually believe this?" Keith cried.

"Well Kevin" "Keith" "That's what I said, they can cause it's the truth"

"Len stop antagonizing Keith, we kinda need him If we want to y'know live….and then hop to another dimension"

"God I hate it when you're right."