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Cosmic Era 46-Mendel Colony

Like any other day, a group of brilliant scientists were doing intensive research on how to create the "ultimate coordinator". This project were led by two people by the names of Dr. Ulen Hibiki and his lovely wife Dr. Via Hibiki. Ulen and Via both had their respected degrees from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institution of Technology, making them both a near perfect team of genetic engineers. Ulen had hoped to make the world realize that normal people and coordinators weren't any different from each other, aside from the enhanced abilities of a coordinator. For the time being, it was merely a dream for anyone who wanted peace to come true for the current world in which we lived in.

Later that day, around 1:00pm, while everyone was on lunch break. The research lab's front desk associate have received a call about a shuttle carrying an important person. The associate didn't get any hint on who this person was, but was instructed to tell Dr. Hibiki that this specific meeting was for him alone. As per the instruction, the associate had informed Dr. Hibiki of this private meeting and also the shuttle would arrive within an hour. "Thank you." said Dr. Hibiki and turns to his lovely wife to say goodbye. "Have fun at the meeting dear." said Via, a gloomy Dr. Hibiki moving his head from left to right a few times. "These type of private meeting is never fun, it's either a single or a bunch of high horse politicians asking for my help for something stupid." said Dr. Hibiki. "Even so dear, they are the ones funding this whole research facilities and staffs, so we can work on our research till our hearts are content with the results." Said Via. With that said, Dr. Hibiki head towards his office and wait for this mysterious person to show up.

Outside the Mendel Colony, a private corporate shuttle was ready to deck. The communication between the Mendel space control and the shuttle went as smooth as it possibly can. When all the necessary protocol were done, two stiff looking bodyguards had step out of the shuttle, behind them was the mysterious man and started walking to their destination. Without saying much, the front desk associate were escorting the guests to the doctor's office. A few moments later stopping in front of a steel door, the associate pressed a button on the intercom to inform the doctor that his guests were here. On the other side of the door, "Great, its 2pm in the afternoon and I'm having a meeting with a high horse politician." thought Dr. Hibiki. He stood up from his chair, walk to the door, and much to his surprise it wasn't one of those politician. "This was much worse than a politician, it was a corporate ass who thinks money alone can change the world. Damn, his bodyguards look stiff as hell, this boss person must be a real pain in the ass to work for." thought Dr. Hibiki.

With everyone in the room, Dr. Hibiki and the three guests were having a stare down to see who would speak first. Since this was an important meeting Dr. Hibiki doubt that he would need to talk first. After A few minutes, the mysterious person in the back, walked forward to Dr. Hibiki and introduce himself, "I am Al Da Flaga, the president of Da Flaga Corporation." said Da Flaga. "Nice to meet you, I am Dr. Ulen Hibiki and the person in charge of this research facility." said Dr. Hibiki. "I am well aware of your reputation as a top genetic engineer. I have come to recruit you for an experiment that is the upmost important." Said Da Flaga "Let's hear your important experiment and I'll see how curial it is to your life or corporation." said Dr. Hibiki. "The experiment is rather simple but it's just complicate to complete. I would like you to take my DNA and create clones, clones that are better than my own son Mu La Flaga, who is 12 years old and it's ashamed that he has to have some of his mother's genes. Which in my book would make him a flawed son and would never be better than Me." said Da Flaga.

"What! You want me to create clones of you, just because your own son isn't good enough for you. Are you crazy?" said Dr. Hibiki. "No I'm not crazy, I want the perfect clone of me to live on in this life time. Plus, if you take this job, I will personally increase the funding for the whole research facility by five-hundred million dollars." said Da Flaga. Dr. Hibiki's jaw dropped and eye widen, when he hear the amount of money going to be infuse into any research project that the facility has been conducting. "I don't have all the time in the world doctor, so will you take the job or not?" said Da Flaga. "Give me some time to think about this, it's already a lot to keep up with that amount of money pumping through my mind." said Dr. Hibiki. After taking some time to contemplate the situation at hand and it would affect everything around him. "Not everything is going to be on straight path life, so I guess it's time to go through one of those rough road in life." thought Dr. Hibiki. "Well, I will take the job and you better hope you will not have any regrets about this experiment." said Dr. Hibiki. With a grumpy face, "I don't invest any of my money that wouldn't guarantee a high reward in return." said Da Flaga. "Follow me then if all is well and set with you." said Dr. Hibiki.

For the rest of the day, it was anything but normal after everyone heard the plans of Mr. Da flaga's wanting to clone himself. While Dr. Hibiki was getting ready to artificially clone a human being with just DNA. He had asked his wife Via to check of the health of Mr. Da Flaga and grab a few blood samples. The other scientists were prepping the medical equipment that would sustain a clone. When everything was ready for the procedure, Dr. Hibiki himself was on top of everything, he wanted no mistakes to be made. Dr. Hibiki begin with the blood sample and puts the blood into a small machine with tubes and needles to make sure that the injection would be accurate. He then prepare the artificial woman's egg that was created in the lab, which had no trace of human DNA, just artificial DNA that would merge with human DNA and create a clone of himself or herself. The procedure went as smoothly as possible, and the artificial clone was put into a medical tube for monitoring and fix any complication with the clone, if that was even possible. "The clone had been created and will continue to grow for the next few months, so when I get some result, I will contact you Mr. Da Flaga." Said Dr. Hibiki. "Then I will wait for your results and they better now disappoint me." said Mr. Da Flaga.

Late at night, having finish their delicious home cook dinner of grill steaks and creamy potato soup. Lastly, the desert was orange custard pie with vanilla whipped cream. The two can finally relax and have a nice conversation. Taking a sip of water, "Via, I told you that today was going to be horrible and that Al Da Flaga gives me the creeps. Somehow he also give off this dark aura, like if he was going to rule the world one day." Said Ulen. "If he was that scary then why did you help him with his clone experiment?" said Via. "Well I thought that today was one of moment where people has to go through a rough patch in life before anything can get better. Also, I have a feeling that I have created a devil and no one will be able to stop this clone." said Ulen. Walking over to Ulen to sit on his lap and puts her arms around his neck. "If you really think you've created a devil, then why not create an angel that would slayer this beast in the future." said Via. "I would if I could but the ultimate coordinator project is not even near complete and I don't know how long it. Would it be as effective as I hope it would be, there's a lot of uncertainty within this project." said Ulen. Via is thinking really hard to say something that would relief him of his uncertainty. "Ulen, the future is always going to be filled with uncertainty and the ultimate coordinator project is definitely not going to save the whole world's problem. Plus, you and I will do whatever we can to help bring the world out of the darkness. It's getting late, let's head to bed." Said Via. "Okay, let's go to bed." Said Ulen looking happy to have such a confident wife.

Time Skipped-Nine Months Later

After all these months of waiting, it's finally happening, a clone created from just pure DNA and all the misfortune that comes with the clone. Dr. Hibiki was looking over the medical charts to see how the subject was doing. He noticed some of the data was irregular, it did not match to a natural or a coordinator. Dr. Hibiki called his wife over to check over if the data he saw was right, but to his wife surprise also notice the irregular data. "Via, I need you to do some research on this side effect and develop some kind of medicine for this clone." said Ulen. "Yes, Of course I can but why was this clone aging faster than normal human or coordinator?" said Via. "Well I actually do not want to look into it, since there are other research project I like to prioritize myself with, so just get the medicine done and we will let Mr. Da Flaga handle the rest since he wanted a clone of himself." Said Ulen.

Within a few hours of the initial report of the clone, Mr. Da Flaga had arrived at the Mendel colony to pick up his clone. Walking impatiently to the research lab where his clone was being held in. "Dr. Hibiki, is my clone ready? It's been nine months since I was here." said Da Flaga. "Mr. Da Flaga, the clone has been born for a few hours and the subject is ready to be taken home." Said Dr. Hibiki. A fellow scientist walked out with a baby clone in his arms and handed the subject to Mr. Da Flaga. "So is there anything wrong with, I think I will call you Rau La Flaga?" said Da Flaga. With a stern look, "Well there is a problem with Rau La Flaga, his whole body ages faster than any normal human or coordinator. So here is a bottle of medicine he can take when you think he is old enough. This medicine will slow down the aging process." said Dr. Hibiki. "What! You are a top genetic engineer, why can't you fix this problem?" said Da Flaga angrily. "I will only say this once, no scientist in the world can clone a human that is one hundred percent flawless and the way you wanted your clone, it was bound to have flaws." said Dr. Hibiki. Mr. Da Flaga Turned and started heading towards his shuttle with an angry face that made his bodyguards not wanting to get on his bad side at the moment. "Watch out , one day I will come back with the perfect clones to wreak havoc on you and your family one day." muttered Da Flaga.

Time Skipped-Cosmic Era 55

It has been nine years since Dr. Hibiki had started his ambition of creating the ultimate coordinator. He worked day in and day out to create the perfect artificial womb. Even though the perfect womb was there, Dr. Hibiki did not have a child to put through the gene modification process. Too many children have died from the failed experiment of the past. Thou putting the ultimate coordinator project endanger of being shut down completely.

Back in the office of , he was resting his head and trying to figure if there was another solution to his problem. A moment later, his lovely wife Via walked into the office with a piece of cake for her husband. "Honey I came to bring you a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of coffee." said Via. "Thanks for the snack Via, but I'm really not in the mood for cake and aren't you supposed to be in labor soon. Via you should not be moving around too much." Said Ulen. "It's okay, a little exercise wouldn't hurt the twins. Plus my maternal instinct tells me that the twins are really strong and nothing will be able to put them down." said Via. "Have you thought of names for the twins yet?' said Ulen. Thinking, "Since you just asked that question, for our son, his name would be Kira and our daughter name would be Cagalli. So what do you think Ulen?" said Via. Something in Ulen's mind just sparked, "I think the names are great, but Kira could be our hope in defeating the devil that I have created nine years ago." said Ulen. Via is shocked at what she just hear from Ulen's mouth. "Are you serious? You want to make Kira into a coordinator? How many times has the experiment succeed?" said Via angrily.

Ulen give Via a serious look which told her that this was his answer for the mistake he had made nine years ago. "I'm sorry but I think our son will also be our angel in this world. He will become the one and only ultimate coordinator. I hope you will agree with me when I say that Kira will become a beacon of hope for everyone." said Ulen. Via's tears flowing down her cheek, "Will they four of us ever be a normal family?" said Via. "One day when the hatred between naturals and coordinators have been eliminated." said Ulen. With a sadden look on Via face, "Okay than, let's go give our Kira enhanced human abilities." Ulen and Via walked together into a lab where Ulen and a few fellow scientists were getting ready operate on Via. The operation went off without a hitch, with the fetus in Ulen's hand, he quickly went to the artificial womb and put his almost develop son for the final gene modification.

On May 18, cosmic era 55

Via was in labor and waiting to give birth to her daughter Cagalli. Ulen on the other hand was still monitoring Kira's incubation chamber to make sure that nothing bad was going to happen to his son. After a few hours or hard labor and monitoring, baby Cagalli was born without a problem. Ulen at the same time had just taken Kira out of the incubation chamber and much to his own relieve, his son was in perfect health and was the ultimate coordinator. Via was happily resting in bed with each arm having one twin on each. A nurse took a few photos of them together and made copies for the family and to whoever they like to give it to.

A year later the family of Hibikis were happy and enjoying a normal life. Until one night at the Hibiki's estate in Massachusetts, while they were all sleeping, unknown to them was the ruthless Rau La Flaga that was setting their home on fire. Rau was outside the house watching the flame engulf the fragile structure and within an hour the house had turned into ashes. "Via wake up and grab the twins, the house is on fire." Said Ulen. Via quickly rushed out of bed and race to the twin's room. "Come on you two, we have get away from this inferno." Said Via warily and tried to grab all the stuff the twins would need. "Come on." Said Ulen. Grabbing Cagalli into his right arm and using his left hand to grab Via's right hand, with Kira in her left arm. They were running to the basement where they had built a secret passage way, in case anyone wanted to harm them. Running through the tunnel, "what are we going to do?" said Via, unable to keep up with his husband quick feet. Slowing down his own pace and getting some air into his own lungs. "We have to get our twins to safety first and for that to happen we are going to Orb. We will have your sister help and hopefully Lord Uzumi." said Ulen.

Ulen and Via escape the inferno house with any injuries, but they had forgotten all of their documents for entering another country. When the Hibiki family had arrived in Orb, it was no easy task to convince the Orb government that they were in need of help and there had extended family were here in Orb. As luck would have it, they were able to meet the chief representative of Orb, Lord Uzumi Nara Athha. At first glance lord Uzumi was unable to recognize the couple. This was taking so long, that Ulen just decided to introduce his family. "Lord Uzumi, I am Dr. Ulen Hibiki, this is my wife Dr. Via Hibiki, and these are out twins Cagalli and Kira Hibiki." Said Ulen with his friendliest tone. "So what type of help do you need? And from the looks of things, you and your family had ran away from somewhere afar." Said Uzumi. "We do need a lot of help but I would like to talk at a place with no privacy, if you do not mind." said Ulen. With that being said, lord Uzumi had order some of the Orb's solider to escort the Hibiki family to his main office in morgenroete.

Ten minutes later, everyone had arrived at morgenroete and headed to lord Uzumi's main office. Lord Uzumi can see from the looks of the Hibiki family that they will all go through a lot of hardship. "Hopefully the help they need would not be too much of a problem. I guess I can always try my best to help them." thought Uzumi. While Ulen and Via are playing with Kira and Cagalli, "Lord Uzumi, the help we need right now is a way to protect the twins. Right now we have no idea who burned down our house back in Atlantic Federation. I also think that my twins are endanger as well since Kira over here is the one and only ultimate coordinator." said Ulen. "Ultimate coordinator?" said Uzumi with a confused face. "Yes, I have given Kira all the best abilities that his genetic has to offer to him. But above all else little Kira here is still a normal boy where he still have choices to make in life without anyone pushing him." said Ulen. "Why would you want to make your own son the ultimate coordinator?" said Uzumi. "I'm an ambitious scientist and hope that he would be the beacon of light that wipe the hatred between naturals, coordinators, and a few other reasons." said Ulen. Via cut into the conversation, "Until those reasons come up in the future, we need to keep these two safe, so lord Uzumi would you like to adopt one of twin?" said Via. "Dr. Hibiki's wife sure have a lot of determination." thought Uzumi. "If you really insist, then I would adopt Cagalli into my family." Said Uzumi. "Thank you, and here is a photo of the twins with their names on the back. Lastly, we have to go my sister on to give her Kira." said Via with a sad tone.

Twenty minutes later, Ulen and Via arrived at Via's sister house, knocked the door for someone to open. "Via! Ulen! It's so good to see you two, come in and have snack." said Caridad in a happy tone. "We would like to but we really can' stay too long, we came for your help. But for your own safety do not ask too many questions. Also I need you and your husband to adopt your nephew little Kira here." said Via with puffy eyes. With a worried look, "Okay if that is what you need sis, but how long will this be for?" said Caridad. "We do not know how long this is going to last, but one day we will come back and reunite the whole family together again." Said Via letting a few tears run down her cheek. "Before I forget you also have a niece named Cagalli and she is with Lord Uzumi. So when you have time, visit her and let her know she has a really wonder aunt. Lastly, keep the knowledge of them being twins under the carpet, they need to safe from unknown danger. This is as far I should go with the explanation." Said Via, crying uncontrollably. "Take care until we come back." Said Ulen.

Ulen and Via was walking away from their beloved twins and go into hiding and will reemerge when the world will truly needs their help and expertise. They will also remember this very day, the birth of Cagalli Yula Athha and Kira Yamato.