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Inside the Archangel, most of the important officers were talking about which route to talk since the ship was almost out of the heat distorted space. "Maybe our best move would to head to the moon base." Murrue said, whiling using her finger outline her plan for the most direct and fast route.

"Captain, given the situation we were in at the colony. The ship isn't sufficiently supplied to make that long journey. So also picked up a few more passenger, so our supplies is definitely more limited than before." Natarle said, marking her point straight and forward.

'That's true, but I know there is a way out of it. I wish I had learn about warfare tactics' Murrue thought. Suddenly she was brought out of her thoughts. "Well we could always take the shorter route to an allies' base. The umbrella of Artemis, built and station by the Eurasian military forces." Mu said, having good knowledge of the space map and bases.

"The asteroid base…but will the Eurasian forces let us in. We had to get out of the colony fast, we didn't even have the time to have the ship's identification code sent to the main or allies' forces." Murrue said with concern not knowing what's going to happen.

"We could always stay here and let the Le Creuset's team fire on use until we are all burnt to smitten rind." Mu said with a sarcastic look on his face.

"Commander, no matter how dire the situation is, you always have a sense of humor about our in pending death around the corner." Murrue said giving Mu the glare.

"The mood on the bridge was getting tense. Plus you might be over thinking things, it's true we have an unregister ship. But a new warship and weapons always interest the military. It doesn't matter its allies' or enemy." Mu said with a causal smirk.

"Lt. Commander La Flaga, you're the like the class clown of the whole military." Natarle said shaking her head back and forth.

"Ensign Badgiruel, I'll have you know that I became top gun from hard work." Mu retorted not seeming to happy about this ensign on board.

'He know when to be serious and most of the time, he is just a goof ball.' Murrue thought. "Chandra keep a sharp eye on the enemy location. Arnold set the course for Artemis."

"Yes, Captain." They replied in unison.

Inside the Vesalius, they were having their own strategy meeting on what action to take next. Every member of the Special Forces was at the map table. "We are almost at the clear of the heat distortion and then we can track and pursue the legged ship again." Ades said.

"They probably wants to go home to their precious moon base." Dearka said casually.

"There always that blimp of a base from the Eurasian forces. The umbrella of Artemis." Nico said as it's another possible route for the legged ship.

"Who care which way they are going. Once we are out of this situation, we can all go out and destroy the new warship and take revenge for our fallen comrade." Yzak said with his grumpy attitude.

"You really think it's that easy to take out their new warship. I bet you we haven't even seen its full capabilities yet." Athrun said. They both glared at each other, look like ready to fight each other.

"Calm down you two. No need to be hasty. When we have the chance, we can see what it's made of. I'm sure all four of you can do the job. Go ready up and be on standby inside your machine." Le Creuset said with a soft tone, casual smirk.

Back inside the Archangel. "One problem solved. But another problem isn't far behind." Murrue said feeling comprehensive.

"I'm not sure how much we can do but, the kid and I should be able to buy some time for the ship to escape to Artemis." Mu said while thinking up a plan.

"Are you thinking of a suicide mission commander." Murrue asked with curiosity on her face.

"Of course not, I just hope the kid will be alright with he have to do. Anyways I'm going back to the kid's resting room to talk to him since we don't have much time left." Mu said and with that he exit the bridge and head towards Kira's resting quarter.

Opening the automatic door. "Kira, are you awake or sleeping." Mu asked, waiting for a reply.

Kira opened his eyes since he was a light sleeper even though he was still exhausted. "I feel really drained from what had happened."

Mu walked into the room and stand next to Kira's feet of the bed. "Well that isn't surprising. But the fight isn't over yet and we are going to go into another battle soon."

Kira quickly got up with his eye wide open. "Why do I have to fight again? Isn't once enough. Doesn't the collapse of Heliopolis mean anything to anyone." Said in an angry tone.

Mu looked into the intense purple orbs. "Kira, you don't have to fight but in our current situation. If you don't fight, it will mean the end of this ship and everyone on board. Even you."

The words had hit Kira hard. The fight of protecting his friend turned into a fight for survival. Mu could see the shock on his face. "Listen none of us like this situation at all but you have really optimistic friends. They to join you for battle even if it's not on the field." Mu said hoping those words will be able to get through to him.

"My friends…my friends why did you and the captain let them get involved in this war?" Kira said giving a hard glared to Mu and grabbing his uniform.

Mu using his own hands, trying to get Kira's hand off of his uniform but it was no used. He was being overpowered. "Kira you have to calm down. We didn't force any of your friends to join. They did it out of their own will. To support you, as to how you have protected them back at the colony." Mu said trying to remain calm as possible.

He slowly let's go of the commander's uniform. "What do I have to do next?" Kira said with his head down.

Mu placing a hand on Kira's shoulder. "Before I tell you the plan. There is something else. Your power is only for you to decide on how to use the power. It's good that you're using for power to protect. So let's go suit and get into our machines and I'll tell you the plan along the way." Mu said with relief. 'Kira we all want to live in a peaceful world. But it's never that simple, the world is far too complex for it to happen.' Mu thought.

Kira was hearing the whole plan in the dressing room. Afterwards they went to their machine and was on standby to launch.

On the bright, the com link open up with the Mobius zero. "Captain, we are ready to launch. Once you see the enemy ship, just launch a barrage of missiles, and I will take care of the rest. Kira will stay behind to define the ship from the mobile suits attack." Mu said.

"Be careful out there commander." Murrue said. Then the com link was cut. "Everyone, level one battle station."

"Okay, load launchers one through twenty-four with sledgehammers. Fire anti-beam depth charge once you seen the enemies. Get the valiant's ready for backup." Natrale ordered the weapon's officers

Down in the hangar, the Mobius zero was already on the catapult. "Mu La Flaga, Mobius Zero, launching." Mu said and flew out of the hangar for his part of the fight.

The strike was on the other launcher get armament. Sudden in the cockpit, the com link came up. "Kira from now on, I will be the unit's CIC." Miriallia said with a smile.

"Why did you and the others join the military?" Kira asked in his normal calm tone.

"Let's talk about that later when we have the time. Right now, let's get ourselves to safety." Miriallia said having her own smile.

"Right. Kira Yamato. Strike Gundam, launching." Kira shouted, the strike flew into space and readying itself for battle.

Back at the Vesalius. "We're almost out of the heat distorted area. Prepare to launch the mobile suits." Ades said giving orders to the ship. The Vesalius got out of the heated distorted area thirty seconds later and launched all of the mobile suits.

Inside the Archangel, the alert had sounded. "Enemy warship detected. They also have launched 4 mobile suits. Thermal patterns matching, Blitz, Duel, Buster, and the Aegis." Chandra said.

'Damn they are already using our own machines against again. That would be that they have already gather the data on them.' Murrue thought.

"All sledgehammers fire!" Natarle ordered.

At the enemy side. "It looks like we spooked them like a ghost to fire off that many missiles." Le Creuset said with a smile.

"Take defensive measure. Mobile suit team, take out the missiles." Ades orders.

The Blitz, Duel, Buster, and Aegis approaching the Strike. Immediately it turned into a fire fight, where no one could hit the strike with the shield and dodging every other shot.

"Damn you, Strike, go down already." Yzak yelled in frustration as he seems that he can't do anything against this pilot.

"This guy is good. It looks like the pilot have been in many battles before." Nico said as he continuing to fire off his beam rifle at the Strike.

'I need to convince to come back with me to ZAFT.' Athrun thought, as he was firing at the Strike, not even putting in an accurate shot as if it was even going to hit.

The Buster wasn't in the one on three fight. "This war ship is really a tough piece of work." Dearka said, while firing successive shots at the Archangel but was doing no real damage due to the anti-beam depth charges.

Inside the Strike's cockpit, Kira was breathing hard, trying to keep up with four enemies all at once. Even when one of the enemy is his best friend. 'Commander you better hurry up with your plan. I'm not sure how much longer I am able to hold out against them. The machine is losing energy quite fast.' Kira thought.

On the outskirt of the battle, having asteroids hiding his presence. Mu is in place to make his move. The Mobius zero flew straight down at the Vesalius with the gun turrets aiming for the engines. The attack was unexpected and one of the engine got damaged. "Hell yeah, got'em." Then the com link opened, "commander you better hurry back, Kira needs your help in the one vs four fight." Miriallia said with concern in her voice. Mu went back to the Archangel without hesitation without even looking back at the enemy.

The Vesalius. "Damage control, shut down the damaged engine and quickly get a maintenance team for repair." Ades quickly ordered.

'You sure a damn pest aren't you, Mu La Flaga.' Le Creuset thought. Having excitement in his eyes under his mask, even if no one can see it.

Back at the fight. "Kira just hold on a little longer. The commander have succeeded in stopping the enemy's ship." Miriallia said.

At the moment, the Strike's phase shift armor powered down. "No. I don't have enough power for anything besides small flight movement." Kira muttered to himself.

The others saw that the Strike's phase shift was down and it was the opportunity that they needs to finally destroy the machine. "It's finally your time to died Strike pilot." Yzak yelled ready his rifle to fire.

Athrun flew in and transform into cannon grab mode and trap the Strike in its grip. "What the hell do you think you're doing Athrun?" Yzak yelled.

"This is the fifth machine and we have the opportunity to capture it. That's what I am doing." Athrun answered not caring about anything and that he was able to save Kira from death.

Suddenly the com link between Aegis and Strike open up. "What the hell do you think you're taking me Atrhun?" Kira yelled.

"Be quiet Kira. You're a coordinator and you coming back to the ZAFT ship with me." Athrun retorted back.

"Like hell I'll ever go to a ZAFT ship." Kira yelled sweating like crazy.

Inside the Archangel. "Commander, hurry. Kira is in real trouble now. His machine ran out of energy to fight and is heading back your way." Miriallia said voice full of concern.

"Calm down, just get a striker package ready to launch. I just don't know how long I can fend off four machines." Mu said and ordering something impossible of the crew.

"Commander are crazy, launching a solo striker pack with the Strike." Murrue said voice her own concern with these crazy plans of the commander.

"I'm giving Kira a second fighting seconds and I'm the man that makes the impossible, possible." Mu shouting out loud like he's already a hero.

Within fifteen second, Mu saw the Aegis having the Strike in its transform mode. Having the two gun turrets and gun barrel, firing at the Aegis non-stop till it let go of the Strike. "Kira, get back to the ship's catapult to get a new striker pack. I don't know how long I can hold on against these four." Mu said.

The Strike flew back to the side of the ship when it detach the empty power supply and flew in front to match its speed to receive the new striker pack. With the machine fully charged, it head back into the battlefield. Kira could only see that Mu was dodging all the shots without getting kill. All the Mobius gun turrets were gone. Kira quickly fires back for everyone to notice. Mu was definitely relief to see the help.

"Everybody let's get back to the ship." Athrun said firing off a few rounds to defend himself.

"We still have the advantage, why the hell should we go back now. And it's your fault we didn't kill or even capture the Strike."Yzak yelled in even more frustration.

"Forget that for now. We are at a disadvantage now. With the Vesalius attacked earlier and our machines at twenty percent power. The Strike replenish its power." Athrun retorted to give Yzak a good enough reason to retreated. Everyone else agrees and retreated. Yzak was hot-head but he also retreat too.

"Kira, stop chasing. They are retreating and so are we. We are going to head to the Artemis base now without problems." Mu said to Kira.

Kira stopped his chasing and headed back to the Archangel with Mu. They were in the hangar, where Mu on the video com with the captain.

"Soon we will be able to enter the umbrella of Artemis since they understand our situation." Murrue said in delight.

"That's good to hear. Then I will be heading up soon." Mu said. Then close the video com. He walked where the Strike was placed in. Walked up the metal ramp to meet the young coordinator. "We're about to enter Artemis. You should put a lock activation on the OS, to make sure that only you can unlock it."

"Why would I need to do that? Isn't Eurasian forces part of the earth alliance?" Kira asked with a curious tone.

"They are part of the alliance. But it's not as simply as being in an alliance. Even though countries are in an alliance, each country have their own goals that they want to fulfill. And one of the most wanted from all countries would be the new military technology like the Strike. And to simply put it it's a safety precaution." Mu honestly answered.

"So why did you join the military then if it's so complicated?" Kira asked.

"That's another story for another time. But for now just lock up the OS." Was Mu simple reply.

Kira didn't know what to make it but got to work on locking up the OS. The job took about three minutes since it was a simple task. When it was all done, Mu and Kira went to take a shower to take off all the sweat from fighting, and into their somewhat fresh clothes.

The two went to the bridge for any kind of debriefing. Finding everyone sitting calmly for them to reach Artemis.

"Miriallia, Tolle, Sai, and Kuzzey. We need to talk. Let's to somewhere private." Kira said, asking for each individual. They all follow him out of the bridge to an empty cafeteria.

"Commander, what was all that about." Murrue asked with interest.

"Nothing bad. I told Kira that his friend have join the military. He and his friends need to talk some stuff out." Mu said with worried tone that he might have done something wrong. Murrue just swing her head and don't even know what to the commander.

Kira and his friends have arrived at the empty cafeteria. "So why did every one of you join the military?" Kira questioned everyone.

"Kira you do all this cool things and we only wanted to help." Tolle said.

"Tolle they seem to be cool when you look from the ship. But it's really dangerous when it's the real thing. And I appreciate the help, this doesn't mean you guys need to be in the military to help me." Kira replied.

"Even if it's not fighting. There are a lot of things on the ship we can help with. Like how I was the CIC for the units." Miriallia added in with a smile.

"I'm just going along, not wanting to be left out." Kuzzey insert himself into the conversation.

"Kira, just think of us as the five musketeers." Sai chirping in the talk.

"Wasn't the original only three?" Kira asked with a questionable face.

"Kira, the point is to stick together. And how could we possibly leave you alone." Miriallia said hoping this would get the point through.

Kira only smiled. Over the loud intercom, "Attention everyone on board the Archangel. We are now entering the umbrella of Artemis." Everyone let out a breath of relief.

As the Archangel finally park in space with ship locks on them. Everyone on the bridge looked at the screens to see that Eurasian's soldiers was surrounding the ship, heavily armed at all. A couple of minutes later, a few more soldiers were enter the ship and what it seem like they are securing everything.

At the bridge, not that it was any better. "Commander, what is the meaning of this." Murrue asked.

"You should remain silent for now. You're lucky that we even let you into Artemis. This ship doesn't even have a clear identification code. Not to mention, we don't even know if everyone here is authentic earth alliance officers." Eurasian commander said.

And now the fate of the Archangel is in the hands of the Eurasian forces.