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Blake falls and hurts himself on a class trip where Carl is assigned as his buddy (Hoodsey is with Higsby). The fall fractures one of his arms and gives him a concussion, as well as amnesia. He doesn't even recall his own family or his name.

The seventh graders are eagerly awaiting to hear their partners for the upcoming field trip. Polly the Bird Girl has already been paired with Noelle the Telekinetic Girl, much to either girl's displeasure. Also, Hoodsey has just been assigned Brandon's partner. Carl had waved a sorrowed farewell, overdramatic as usual.

"Carl Foutley with Blake Gripling."

"Gripling?" Carl yelps at the word.

"Let's make the best of it, Foutley." Blake walks up, jabbing at the other boy with his walking stick.

Close to an hour later, the kids board the bus and sit with their 'buddies'. Carl and Blake are in back, Hoodsey and Brandon directly in front of them. While Brandon innocently chats with Hoodsey, Carl stares out the window and Blake stares straight ahead. The field trip is a farm. Most of the kids go to the bus to grab their things while Blake instead grabs Carl and drags him behind said vehicle. Winston had been tailing the bus. He keeps an eye on Carl while Blake hops inside the limo to change his outfit.

When he emerges, he is wearing a red plaid top with rolled-up sleeves and blue jean overalls, along with red sneakers. Carl lets out a low whistle. Winston clears his throat and moves away from the two boys after uttering a small compliment to Blake. The boys collect their things and join the group. The teacher starts to recall a long, boring speech about his grandfather's farm. Hoodsey and Carl run off, with a tagging Brandon and Blake.

The former duo attempts to lose their companions by climbing to the top of an unstable barn. Hoodsey and Carl hide in a barrel. Blake pushes up Brandon, despite the latter boy's fear of heights. Brandon almost immediately coils in a corner. As Blake barely reaches the top of the rickety ladder, Carl and Hoodsey leap from the hay in a juvenile attempt to startle the young Gripling.

It is a success. Blake, still on the top rung, pulls back and the ladder follows. Carl and Hoodsey's laughter abruptly seizes, noticing the terrified frozen blond stuck to the ladder. They forget about upcoming punishment and shout for help. The teacher and the rest of the class arrive just as Blake lets go of the ladder. It snaps in half, laying at their feet. Blake is hit in the head by a sticking-out feeding pipe before painfully falling into an empty trough.

Blake is put on life support in an ambulance, with Winston directly following. Carl and Hoodsey continuously apologize, though the teacher isn't having any of it. An arriving fire engine escorts the three boys down. The class trip is cancelled. Most of the kids are sent back to school. Carl and Hoodsey are sent directly home with notifications for a juvenile delinquency center. The teacher drives Brandon to the local hospital, as he is curled in the fetal position, frozen in shock and fright.

Eight weeks later, Carl and Hoodsey are under house arrest. They are to go from school to home, to community service, then back home. Hoodsey has community service in the park, while Carl's is as his mother's assistant in the hospital. They are in Blake's room. The kid is so pale. There are multiple IV's sticking in his arms and legs. His right arm is up in a cast and sling, as it was fractured and dislocated from hitting the trough in an irregular way. His head is all bandaged and it is possible he may have brain damage. It is torture for Carl, who has improved a lot in behavior.

As Carl and Lois are cleaning the room Lois is wiping down the counters; Carl is sweeping beneath the bed a sudden stir comes from the bed. Carl jumps, hitting his bed on a bar and falling back. A soft groan is heard and both Foutleys are at his side. Blake blearily opens an eye and neither Foultey can resist a grin.

"He's awake." Lois sighs.

"My nurse?" Blake questions breathlessly before scowling from instant pain.

"Yeah, I'm your nurse." She smiles down on him. "Let's not talk, though. You've been out of it a long time."

Blake nods in response, confused by her statement. He tries to recall what happened but finds nothing. He doesn't recognize the nurse, or the boy standing beside her. He tries to think if he goes to school or if he has any siblings. Nothing. Tears begin to roll down his cheeks without sobbing. His heart rate rises and he feels as if he were about to faint. He doesn't even remember his own name.

A few hours later, his room is crowded. Two doctors, Nurse Lois, Winston, Courtney and her mom, Carl and Ginger. Blake sits up carefully and glances around. He is immediately hounded by a man in a vest suit with a bowl of strawberry ice cream. Blake sputters at the sight of the food he isn't sure if he likes. He rather forcefully shoves the man away.

"Are you feeling well, Master Blake?" He asks with hurt and confusion in his voice.

"I I Doctor?" There is no trace of a British accent in his voice.

One of the doctors Dr. Dave walks over with a smile. He notices Blake's terrified expression and ushers everyone out of the room.

"Do you know who I am?"

"My, doctor?"

"Yes. Do you know who you are?"


"Is that a question or are you telling me?"

" Telling you?"

"Blake what is your last name?"

His mind draws a blank as he looks around the room for answers. His eyes land on a box of tongue depressors. "Uhh Appearus?"

"What is 4+4?"


"When did Columbus discover America?"

"1492. Why?"

"It seems you have personal amnesia. You remember things you've studied but not anything personal. Things will be better if you stay around those who you were last with."

"Which would be?"

"Carl Foutley, Robert Bishop and Brandon Higsby."

"Any of them my family?"

"Uh, no. You have a sister, Courtney, a butler named Winston and a mother. You have a father too but I understand he is hardly around."

"Pity. When can I go home?"

He smiles and hands Blake a striped tank top and beige shorts. "When you get dressed."

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