Mavis was happily flying around Britain, finding rather fun since she turned 119 years old. She was in her bat form, enjoying herself. However, her fun was sort lived when she began to hear some sort of motorcycle sound and she looked, seeing a giant man on a flying bike holding a baby in his arms. Curious on why, she began to fly after the two but was finding it somewhat hard to keep up.

Mavis landed on a roof and was panting from all the traveling. However; what caught her eyes was three people in front of a door. She got closer and noticed that there was an old man with this crazy long beard, an old women who wore a green outfit, and the giant man who look like he was half giant, half human. Then, she noticed them leaving the baby that was once in the arms of the small giant at the front step of the house with a letter. Then, the three began to leave and when they were out of sight, Mavis landed in front of the door and transformed back to her vampire form.

She looked closely at the baby and deciding that the baby was better off with her, she grabbed the infant and went to hide. She goes to her back and pulls out a metal head of one of the armor suits from her home; Hotel Transylvania.

The head began to talk "Ah, Miss Mavis. What is it that you require from the Hotel?"

"Tell my father to send the hotel taxi here at Private Drive, Britain. And tell him; I've got a baby orphan in my possession." Mavis instructed the metal head.

Dracula was still getting used to the fact that Mavis was no long with him. Ever since she left to explore the human world a year ago, he was always feeling lonely except for the staff of the hotel. However, since it was the off season, Drac had invited his friends: Frank, Murry, Griffin, Wayne, Wanda, and Eunice. However, there wasn't much to do. However, just when Drac was called it quits and the guest wanted to leave in the Hotel Taxi, Drac noticed the taxi was gone.


A suit of armor came to them and saluted "Yes, sir?"

Drac looked at the suit of armor "Why is the Hotel Taxi gone!?"

The armor man saluted again "We received an order from Miss Mavis that she requested a ride back."

Drac was happy that Mavis had made contact but one thing made him curious: why would she need the hotel taxi when she could fly?

"Why did she need the hotel taxi?" Drac began to make a conclusion and began to panic "Is my blood orange hurt? Did something bad happened to her!?"

The suit of armor managed to calm Drac down "No sir. She requested it when she found an baby orphan being placed in front of a house on Private Drive, Britain. She cannot carry the baby back to the Hotel so she requested the taxi. As we currently speaking, it is making its way to her and she will be back here in three hours, two just before sunrise."

Drac sighed and was curious on why Mavis is bring back a human baby here. So, he went to tell his friends of the situation.

3 hours later...

The hotel taxi arrived and Drac was the first to arrive with the housekeeping witches. The taxi parks in front of the hotel's front door and the driver opened the door and Mavis walks out, holding the little baby Harry in her arms. She gives, almost unwillingly, the baby to the witches and they took the baby to the medical wing for examination. Drac approached Mavis and hugged her.

"Mavey Wavey, when did you get a baby?"

"Daaaaaaaaaaaad!" Mavis whines in protest "Dad, I found these strange people leaving the baby in front of this house. They were oddly dressed, like they were wearing robes."


"Yes." Mavis confirmed and Drac began to smile.

"My little blood orange, what you saw was three wizards putting the baby, who could probably be a wizard too, in a mortal family." Drac informed Mavis what she saw.

Mavis began to smile at the news and hugged her father in happiness. In all honest truth, Mavis hoped that, in case that the baby was a mortal, she would be able to turn that baby into a vampire. But learning that the baby was a wizard, she could still turn that baby into a vampire and the baby could be half wizard, half vampire. After explaining her father what she planned to do with the baby, they began to walk to the medical wing.

As they began to arrive at the medical bay, they heard "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD!?" and Mavis had ran up ahead and when they arrived, they see Wanda was being calmed down by Wayne, the Witches were at a lost, Frank and Griffin were able to keep the baby from waking up from Wanda's earlier shout. Mavis flew over to the baby and looked at one of the witches.

"What is wrong? Is the scar infected? Did something back happened?" Mavis continued guessing at random.

One of the witches raised her hand to stop Mavis "We were running some scanning spells from old magical spell books that are in the library and found something... that shouldn't even exist anymore... in his scar." the witch explained while looking at the baby with a sad expression.

At that moment, Dracula burst in and came to Mavis' side "What's in the baby's scar?"

"Something that apparently shouldn't exist." Mavis replied with unease while staring at the baby. Deep inside her, she was getting this weird feeling of affection towards the baby like she wanted something to help the baby. 'Maybe it is love? That motherly feeling to care for such a young one?' She thought to herself.


Mavis snapped back in reality when she heard her dad's voice boomed. That, alone, woke the baby up and it began to cry. All the females looked at the baby and it was Mavis who picked up the baby and began to sing a little lullaby. The baby's crying stopped and began to fall back to sleep. Drac smiled while Wanda was smiling proudly to see Mavis caring for a young one so lovely.

"Mavis, take the child to your room and care for it there since it has grown a bond to you." Mavis' father suggested.

Mavis left without saying another word. She was happy that she could care for the baby. Drac began to talk to his magic experts to see what could be done for the present situation.