Do You Remember The Onceler?

Do you remember the Onceler?

He was someone who saw the world as his to take. He had no idea of what could happen in the future, he only thought of what mattered in the present. He didn't realize the affect of his actions, not even the ones he considers to be small.

He was warned many times by a creature called the Lorax. You may not see him now, but he was someone who spoke for the trees.

Yes, there were trees in this place. Real ones. Not the fake kind you buy in a store, but the kind that takes love, care, and years to look after. They came in beautiful colors and make this valley alive. They had tuffs that are softer than silk, and the sweet smell of butterfly milk.

Under the trees there were also the animals that resided in the valley as well. Brown Barbaloots skip around in their Barbaloot Suits, Swammy Swans sing as they fly above, and Humming Fish hum in the river that once held clean water. This was their home, and the only place they knew. Wherever they are couldn't replace it.

Now, this place is not what it used to be. If you want to know the story of the valley and the Lorax, go see the Onceler. Ask him, he knows. Go to the valley where the Grickle Grass grows and the wind smells slow and sour when it blows. In the Street of the Lifted Lorax, where the only birds that now sing are old crows, you'll find the home of the Onceler-the Lurkem where he lurks.

You would have to pay in order to know. All he asks are fifteen sense, a nail, and the shell of a great grandfather snail. If you give him these, then he will tell you. He will whisper the story into the whisper-maphone, and tell you all need to know.

But before go, please understand. The Onceler was never the cruel man you probably now think he is. He never meant to hurt the forrest. He never meant to drive the animals or the Lorax away. He didn't know of what could happen as the years went bye and his progress grew fast. He only wanted to impact the world with his Thneed. And he did. He created a business that expanded and gave everyone work, which helped build something. He had a dream that he wanted to make come true. He saw only the good in things he did, never the bad.

I knew him and he was someone who always believed in himself, even when others try to bring him down. He was someone who always faced the world with a smile, and was too stuborn to even let the Lorax drive him away. I don't know how he is now, but please, listen to the whole story before you make a judgement.

If you do go see him, try to have him come out of his Lurkim. Staying in a place where you only see your damage, with guilt as your only friend, can drive someone mad. If he won't come out, then try to speak to him about something other then his mistakes. He may just apreciate that.

Just remeber him and the Lorax who speaks for the trees. And the valley that this place used to be. And the animals that once lived here. And the Truffula Fruits they feasted on. Don't forget all of them because, so far, memory is the only living thing left of this valley. Listen to the story, keep this place alive with it. And who knows? There may be a way to bring the Lorax and his friends back.

In honor of Earth Day, let's remeber to take care of the place we call our home. We wouldn't to loose it, or any living thing that we share it with, would we?

In honor of the Onceler and his brthday, let's not forget him on this day.