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Naruto sighed as he looked at the sky while walking to Kuoh Academy. He was a young man with spiky blond hair and bright blue eyes. He had lightly tanned skin, like he was born under the sun. His face was heart-shaped, and there were three whisker-like marks on each cheek, giving him the appearance of a fox. Standing at the height of 5'4", he didn't seem very intimidating for a boy who was seventeen years old. Naruto wore the male school uniform for Kuoh Academy: a black blazer with white strips and a white collar and black pants. Under the blazer, he wore a fishnet mesh shirt.

"I still can't believe that this happened," sighed the teenage soldier. Apparently, during the fight with Kaguya, the goddess managed to send him away using her Yomotsu Hirasaka just after he and Sasuke had tagged her and sealed her away. He had then landed in this world, having been left in a desert. Thank the holy log that he had Shukaku in him! If the sand demon wasn't in him, Naruto would have surely died in the vast landscape. He then spent the next month finding civilization. After he had done so, he quickly hid in dark alleys and took money and clothes off the unconscious bodies of the thugs who thought he was an easy target. Afterwards, he spent time in the libraries, learning as much as he could with the discreet use of shadow clones transformed as other people. Hey, just because he hated Icha Icha didn't mean he hated reading!

Naruto then moved to Japan, as the people in the country spoke the same language as him. He made fake birth certificates so the government wouldn't investigate his sudden appearance. Eventually, he had bought a house in Kuoh, and applied to the school in order to blend in as well as learn more about the world. While in the school, he had noticed that the student council members and the members of the Occult Research Club had higher energy signatures than the other students. Well, actually they were the only people in the school with energy. After investigating, he found out that none of them were human. In fact, they were devils. Not figuratively, but literally devils.

However, one of them stood out. Koneko Toujou had chakra. He couldn't believe it at first, but the petite white haired girl with blank golden-brown eyes had the same form of energy as him. He decided to try to get closer to her, and to his surprise, it worked. Now, they were good friends, but he could tell that she and the other devils were monitoring him.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Naruto noticed that he had arrived at school. Kuoh Academy had recently turned co-ed a year ago, so the female to male ratio was roughly three to one. Naruto was rather popular with the females, meaning that the males didn't really like him. "Naruto-sama!" "Please be my boyfriend!" "Marry me!" "Impregnate me with your hot sticky semen!" The blonde heard the girls' cries and shuddered at the last one.

At any moment, the boys were going to- "Why does that punk even come here?" "Damn you, you fucking bishie!" "Do the world a favor and die, blondie!" Yep, there they were. The classic insults that Naruto received almost every day.

Naruto sighed and said, "Please, stop it. All of you. Why can't we all just get along?" The girls swooned at his question, while a certain brown haired boobie loving pervert silently agreed with the blonde (A.N. his lack of animosity towards Naruto will be explained later on). The other boys, however, started yelling obscenities even more at Naruto. Sighing again, the blonde thought, 'And this is a good day at Kuoh Academy. Yippee.'

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