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Issei sighed as he gently laid Asia in his bed. He managed to avoid waking his parents, but he knew that he would have to explain Asia's situation to them in the morning. Making sure that the girl would be comfortable, he lied down on the ground with a spare pillow and blanket. Sighing again, he went to sleep, dreading the next day. On the bright side, though, the weekend just started so he wouldn't have to worry about Matsuda and Motohama. Speaking of them, it had been a while since he talked to them. He grunted and decided to talk to them when he saw them again.

In Naruto's house, the four sat down on the couch. Naruto sighed and said, "I know it might be rude to ask this, but how did you guys get kicked out of heaven? I mean, I just want to know what I'll have to work with." To his surprise, the two fallen angels slouched in depression and grumbled.

Mittelt muttered, "It's not fair… it's not fair that I'm surrounded by boob monsters… and it's not fair that I got kicked out of heaven for eating a lot! I mean, when was liking to eat a sin? Plus," her voice raising, "everyone keeps looking down on me and they never listen to what I have to say!" She slouched more, sliding off the couch and onto the floor, whimpering.

Kalawarner blushed and said, "I'm kind of a heavy drinker. Also, the higher-ups said I spend way too much time lazing around and not enough time doing my job."

Otose snorted and said, "I'm surprised that you didn't fall from lust." Naruto lightly elbowed her arm.

Kalawarner blushed. She managed to reply, "Look, I've had a few flings, but I never had sex until about a hundred years after I fell back in the 1700s! Raynare was the one that fell from lust. She slept with at least twenty-five men each year, all of whom she killed afterwards. Plus, she also fell from greed, wrath, pride, and envy."

Naruto raised his eyebrows, impressed. "That's impressive, having sex only a few times in the span of about two hundred years." He stood up and said, "Well, it's really late now. We should continue this in the morning. Guest room's upstairs, third door down on the left." The trio went to their rooms, resigning for the night. Naruto threw himself onto the bed, falling asleep almost instantly. Kalawarner and Mittelt, on the other hand, took a few minutes adjusting to finally having a comfortable place to sleep, since they spent roughly the last month on wooden benches.

The next morning, everyone in the Uzumaki household woke up to the sound of screaming. Grumbling blearily, Naruto looked out his bedroom window, which was coincidentally right across from Issei's. He rubbed his eyes and saw that sometime during the night, Asia had fallen off the bed and crawled under the blanket Issei was using, cuddling up next to him. Issei's mother stood in the doorway, her mouth wide open in shock. She yelled, "Darling! Our no-good perverted son brought a foreign girl home and slept with her!"

The blonde watched in amusement as both of his neighbor's parents panicked over the situation. Finally, he opened the window and reached over, knocking on the glass. When Issei stumbled over and opened it, trying to find a way to explain what was happening, Naruto bluntly said, "If you did anything, I'll tell Otose to carry out her threat of cutting off two fifths of your dick then using a cheese grater to shave off a fourth of what remains."

Issei freaked out and quickly retorted, "I didn't do anything! I put her in the bed and slept on the floor! When I woke up, she was next to me!" Hearing his explanation, the brunette's parents calmed down. They then sank to the ground, mumbling incoherently. From their position at the window, the boys were unable to hear what they were saying, but managed to pick up a few fragments, both pertaining to disappointment at not becoming grandparents yet.

Naruto sighed and asked, "Are they always like this?" As Minato and Kushina, his parents, died less than half an hour after he was born, he never knew what it was like to have a family, much less how parents and their children interacted with each other.

Issei sighed and said, "Yeah, they are. How do your parents act?" At the mention of Naruto's parents, Issei's parents' heads snapped up and looked at Naruto, who winced.

The blonde took a few shaky breaths and managed to say, "I never knew them. They were killed the day I was born. All I know is what I was told, and that my mom was the dominant one in the relationship." Hearing this, his friend quickly apologized, but blushed slightly at the last part. "Anyways," the blonde continued, "what happened?"

The host of the Boosted Gear replied, "I put her in my bed last night then went to sleep on the floor. I don't know how she ended up next to me." He was unaware of his parents walking up to him. He stiffened when his mother grasped his shoulder. Turning around, he paled at the stern expression on her face.

The woman emotionlessly said, "Son, explain what is happening. Now."

The brunette quickly made up a story that had a mix of lies and truths in which he ran into her several days ago and treated her to a meal. He later learned she didn't have a place to stay, and offered to let her live with them. Fortunately, his parents took the news rather easily and accepted Asia into the household, but said that they wanted to talk to her when she woke up, adding that Issei simply had to tell them, as they would have allowed the girl to stay anyways.

Excusing himself, Naruto quickly made his way to the kitchen, where he and Otose exchanged looks. He said, "So, Otose, what do we do? I mean, the supernatural will definitely be on the lookout for us now." He was surprised by the maid's answer.

Otose replied, "It wouldn't be my first time. I have an acquaintance, Inko, who is a youkai. To be exact, she's a kitsune. We don't see each other very much, but we keep in touch. I'll contact her when I have time and ask her for assistance. Chances are, she'll contact Yasaka, leader of the youkai faction. Since I'm on good terms with Inko and I can vouch for you, Yasaka may hear us out when the time comes."

Naruto nodded gratefully, then paused. He said, "Kurama is inside me, and he's a fox too." He then froze. "Wait, Kurama! I haven't spoken to him at all!" He quickly ran over to the couch then sat down. Closing his eyes, he went into his mindscape, which was now a vast landscape in which the only surface was the water he was standing on. He walked over to the sleeping fox. Taking a deep breath, he yelled, "Kurama! Are you awake?"

A large pair of piercing red eyes opened and glared at him. "What is it, Naruto? If you hadn't noticed, we're trying to recover our strength from when Kaguya sent you through that portal," grumbled the large fox.

Naruto blinked and asked, "Wait, so you guys have been sleeping for the last several months?"

Kurama nodded and answered, "Yes, we have." After a short pause, he added, "Wait, months? What's been going on since we went to sleep?"

Naruto said, "Look through my memories. While you're at it, tell the others what I said. If they're still confused, they can look through my memories too. Speaking of which, where are they?" Kurama raised a hand-like paw and pointed. Turning around, the blonde saw the other Tailed Beasts groggily wake up.

Chuckling nervously, the blonde Jinchuuriki said, "Hey guys, when you're feeling better, look through my memories of the last few months. You missed out on a lot." He left his mindscape and opened his eyes, only to see Mittelt's face barely an inch away from his, her blue eyes filled with curiosity. He yelped, causing the girl to squeak in surprise and slip. She fell on him just as Kalawarner walked into the room.

The older woman said, "Getting a little frisky in the morning? Do you two have no shame?" The two blondes blushed furiously and got up, separating from each other quickly. She chuckled, seeing how they acted at her teasing. Taking a deep breath, Kalawarner said, "Anyways, Otose told me to tell you that breakfast is ready." She walked away, internally congratulating herself for successfully embarrassing Naruto and Mittelt.

An hour later, Naruto, Kalawarner, and Mittelt picked up Issei and Asia. They headed out after eating breakfast and preparing for the day. Naruto and Mittelt refused to look at each other, the blondes still embarrassed about the earlier incident. After a few minutes of silence, Kalawarner asked, "So where are we going?"

Naruto replied, "When I came to Kuoh, two people helped me transfer into the school. I called them a while ago to see if they can do the same with Asia and Mittelt so they can fit in. After that, I'm meeting up with my fishing buddy. I feel like he's connected to all this somehow."

They arrived at a café, where a waitress greeted them. Naruto whispered something to her, which made her eyes widen and usher them to the back of the building. The woman pressed on a white tile on one of the walls, which split to reveal a hidden room. Sitting at the table were two people that frightened the two fallen angels.

Sirzechs cheerfully waved and said, "Hello, Naruto-kun! It's good to see you again!" He was a tall effeminate man, who in simple terms, looked like a male version of Rias. He wore a suit that was obviously expensive. His eyes were closed, so he didn't see the two fallen angels.

"Naru-tan!" Serafall, the woman next to him, yelled. She was shorter, and could be easily mistaken for a teenager. She had large breasts, and had her long hair held up in two pigtails. She wore a magical girl costume, and her large amethyst eyes shone in excitement. They suddenly narrowed when they locked on to Kalawarner and Mittelt. Coldly, Serafall asked, "And what are they doing here?"

The two fallen angels stiffened, before trying to make themselves as small as possible. Naruto blinked owlishly and looked between the women. He dumbly asked, "What do you mean?" He looked between them again, and started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. He said, "Don't tell me that you're…"

Sirzechs stood up and sighed. He replied, "Yes, we know of the supernatural world." He looked at two three women and said, "Are they what you wanted to talk to us about?"

The blonde said, "Yeah, but I want an explanation for why you know about the supernatural."

Sirzechs sighed and said, "Serafall and I are devils. To be specific, I'm the Satan Lucifer and Serafall is the Satan Leviathan. As the three ladies there are from an enemy faction, this may be a problem."

Issei piped up and asked, "What's your relation to our school? I mean, you got Naruto enrolled, so you have to be involved with it!" The others save Asia sent warning glares at him, but Sirzechs waved his hand dismissively.

The red-haired man replied, "It's alright. We do owe answers." He looked at each person in the group in front of him. With a serious look on his face, he said, "Rias Gremory is my younger sister. Naruto-kun, I enrolled you into Kuoh in the hopes that you would be able to help her. However, judging by the looks you have, that hasn't happened." Taking a deep breath, he suddenly cried and childishly whined, "Why don't you like her?! She's the cutest little thing ever!"

He was suddenly punched in the face by Serafall. She pouted and cried, "No, my Sona-tan is the cutest! And she's better than your little sister because she became student council president!" They promptly forgot about their guests, and started having a contest of whose sister was better.

Mittelt nervously tugged on Kalawarner's arm and asked, "Kala, are we really seeing two of the strongest devils being sis-cons?" The older fallen angel could only nod in disbelief. After all, she had expected them to be serious, yet they were right in front of them acting like children.

Suddenly the two Satans glared at the petite blonde and in unison yelled, "I'm not a sis-con! I just love my little sister a lot!" They faltered when Asia and Naruto started giggling in amusement.

The blonde boy said, "I can't believe this! You two are supposed to be among the strongest devils alive, and you're acting like children! I guess it's true that the strongest people have the strangest quirks!" He spoke from experience. The First Hokage was a happy-go-lucky gambler, the Second acted like an Uchiha, Jiraiya was extremely perverted, Guy rambled about youth, Killer B rapped constantly, Tsunade was a drunkaholic, and there were many others he couldn't remember.

Returning to the reason of the visit, he said, "Anyways, let's get back to the main point. Can you get them enrolled?"

Sirzechs sighed and said, "Very well. However, we require something in exchange for this." Next to him, Serafall nodded in agreement.

She said, "That's right! If you want them to be enrolled, we have to get something out of it!" The childish Satan blinked in confusion when the blonde held out a small bundle of black cloth.

Seeing the questioning look on her face, he said, "Sona dropped this a few days ago. I was going to give it back to her, but I haven't seen her at all. I don't know what it is, and I really don't want to give it back and cause a misunderstanding that gets me labeled as a pervert. Can you return it to her when you have time?" Serafall reached out and took it, before unfolding it. While her face lit up in joy, everyone else gaped in shock.

Naruto squeaked, "All this time, I've been carrying Sona's panties?" Everyone grimaced in slight disgust, especially the blonde and his friend. He thought, 'I knew I should have at least checked was it was!' Issei also didn't recoil from the sight. Instead, he giggled lecherously, only to be kicked underneath the table by Mittelt, who glared at him.

Serafall whimpered. Trembling, she cried, "I'll cherish this with all my heart!" She promptly held it to her face and took a deep breath, much to the disgust of the others. Looking up, she added, "Alright, I approve. Now you just need to get Sirzechs's approval." She promptly went back to pressing Sona's panties against her cheeks.

The red-haired devil looked at Naruto expectantly with a slight hint of apprehension. He was about to speak when Naruto pulled out a scroll. Unraveling it, he unsealed a folder, raising eyebrows around the table. The blonde said, "I caught a few perverts taking these photos. I stole them and replaced them with yaoi pics I totally did not steal from Akeno, and it is totally not my fault that those perverts got framed as homosexuals. And I totally wasn't going to frame a few other perverts of taking these when we go back to school. Anyways, you can have them. I won't be able to use them anymore."

Sirzechs took the folder, opening it carefully. What he saw made him tremble. Inside the folder, there were pictures of Rias. He shuddered and went through them. He saw that the pictures spanned from Rias merely walking on school grounds to talking with Akeno to eating lunch. He looked back up at the blonde and said, "You have my approval as well." He promptly put the folder in a pocket dimension using his magic, Serafall doing the same with Sona's panties.

Coughing into his hand, the Satan Lucifer continued, "On the other hand, we would like to know what roles Mittelt and Kalawarner had in the Grigori."

Mittelt said, "I was a maid, and Kala was a secretary." She pointed at her dress and asked, "Can't you tell from our clothes?" True to her words, the fallen angels' clothes easily illustrated their jobs. Unfortunately, on the way to the café, they drew a lot of attention. Several times, the two had to be restrained from lashing out at a few gangs who thought they would have an easy win.

A few minutes after, Asia's and Mittelt's enrollment forms were filled out. Looking at Kalawarner, Sirzechs said, "I suppose you can be enlisted as the new administration staff member. We were going to find someone to fill that position after Daremo-san retired last week." The fallen angel bowed slightly in appreciation.

"Thanks for doing all this," said Naruto. "You don't know how much I have to do today, since I still have to meet up with someone and find a publisher, since I need to pay you back for getting me enrolled."

Serafall waved her hand and said, "It's fine, Naru-tan! You're going to the same school as our little sisters, so you don't need to!" Sighing in relief, Naruto thanked the Satan Leviathan, but stated that he would still find a publisher.

The group walked out of a building, blank faces shared by all. Naruto had decided to have Icha Icha and The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi republished, and it was easier than he thought. The editors looked through each book, and automatically accepted them. Naruto had given them a spare set of the books, as he had kept the original signed versions for himself, as they were a gift from Jiraiya. Issei badgered the blonde for a copy of Icha Icha, but was turned down each time until Naruto gave in and promised to give him copies later.

Kalawarner asked, "Why are we going to the river under the bridge?"

Naruto replied, "Remember how I mentioned my fishing buddy? We're meeting him here." The group walked down to the riverbank, and the person they saw surprised the fallen angels.


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