I own nothing. Truly nothing except for this weird twisted idea I came up with in my physical science class. Oh, and the keyblades. You'll understand when you see them and hear the names.


Mal panted. That was all she had the energy to do besides run for her life. She was running through her home, a world called Hallow Bastion, with hordes of her mother's heartless on her heels. Her closest friends were literally a world away, and she had used all of her magical energy to try and protect herself from Maleficent's wrath.

As she ran, she realized she was only delaying the inevitable. In some form, she knew she would die. But she had no intentions of making it easy for the heartless chasing her down. With that thought in her mind, she ran faster.

"I may be about to die, but god dammit I'm going down fighting! Death is really just a long nap anyway!"

She thought, and felt a sudden, familiar weight in her hands, and was reminded of her siblings, who Maleficent had killed. When she looked down, she was amazed to see two weapons that she immediately noticed.


She asked herself, still running for her life. As she looked at them, she realized the blades couldn't look more different, yet feel so similar.

In her right hand was a solid white keyblade that appeared to have angel wings for a cross guard and straps of blue winding up the shaft, with golden accents on the chain and spikes the resembled the head of a key. Yet, in her left hand, was a keyblade that resembled a sword slightly more then a key. It was almost a solid black, with red straps winding up the shaft and silver accents where the other had gold. In her mind, she knew the name of the blades. The white keyblade, she deemed Dragon Savior, and the black, she named Demonic Spirit.

Feeling a surge of power, she turned around, and with a practiced grace from her years of fighting experience, she started to destroy horde upon horde of heartless. Somehow, she managed to last until the very last horde before giving out a cry of agony as they overwhelmed her, forcing her to the ground as she felt herself being split in two. Her heartless being lead away, and the rest of her, whatever it was now, taking a new form.

Confused, Mal walked over to a hidden pond her mother had never found at the top of a nearby mountain on a neighboring planet and looked at her reflection. She still looked the same, but she felt different. Hollow. It was only when she tried to figure out how she felt that she realized what had happened. She didn't feel anything.

Thinking back to the book her mother had given her, she knew what she was. She was nobody. She shouldn't exist, yet here she was. She was nobody, had nothing, and was going to leave. Where to, you might ask?



Years later, Mal was still in the form of a sixteen year old girl, and still hadn't settled down. She had no purpose, and as far as she was concerned, no family. She had traveled throughout the worlds and had yet to find a purpose, though she had a basic idea of where to go.

Over her travels, she had heard stories of a group called Organization 13 that had its base in Twilight Town. Having been hiding in the town from her mother, she quickly figured out where their base was, but had opted on not going to face them.

It took her breaking into her mother's castle and stealing a few pages of the Book of Ansem that her mother had had before she felt ready. But just to make sure, she went heartless hunting.

After blasting down several heartless with the scepter she had built on her travels, she was surprised to here an angry, "Who goes there?!" from behind. Old instincts tuning in, she ducked into the shadow of a tree and vanished. Quite sure that it was as in her best interests to scram. Meanwhile, the angry voice Mal had heard yelling at her was utterly confused. Yet, this person was none other then Demyx, who decided that since his mission had been completed for him, made his way back to the Castle that never was, eager to tell his Superior exactly what had happened.


Xemnas listened intently to what the Melodious Nocturne had to say.

"A girl wielding a scepter you say? Slaying heatless?"

Demyx nodded eagerly and Xemnas sighed.

"Leave her be. Clearly she is too cowardly to face us."

Just then, Axel, number 8 of the Organization walked in.

"Superior sir, there is someone at the front gates."

Xemnas sighed and rose from his throne, flipping up his hood and walking to the front gates.

"What is it that you want," He said, not even bothering to see who he was speaking to.

"I want to join your Organization."

Xemnas nearly fell from the shock, nobody had ever requested to join his Organization. That was when Demyx began to bounce excitedly.

"That's her!"

Xemnas rolled his eyes under his hood and looked down to see a girl, sixteen years old, looking at him with focused grey eyes.

"Who are you?"

He asked, Demyx was surprised when the girl looked at Xemnas with no fear.

"I am nobody. Though, when I was somebody, I was called Mal."

Xemnas sighed.

"You must have an X in your name to join."

Before Xemnas could turn, Mal spoke up.

"Then call me Nox. It's my last name."

Xemnas froze, and looked back at the girl, mildly intrigued.

"Demyx, gather Saïx, Larxene, Xion, Roxas, and Zexion. We'll have a meeting considering our newest wannabe."

Demyx nodded before turning and sprinting down the corridor, returning with the people Xemnas had requested.

"Yes Superior?"

Saïx asked, confused between Xemnas and the teenage girl standing to his right and slightly behind him. Xemnas sighed.

"This girl wants to join us in the Organization."

Saïx looked at the girl and started to laugh. Xemnas only watched as the girl walked up to him and punched him in the face, sending him to the ground before planting a leather clad, boot on his throat.

"I have been taking bullshit from too many people for far too long, and I sure as hell am not taking bullshit from the likes of you, you lazy asshole."

Xemnas and Larxene chuckled a bit as Saïx tried to wriggle out from under her foot. The girl however, only glared at him before moving her foot back just enough for him to sit up before kicking him in the chin and knocking him out. Xion, Roxas, and Zexion looked at the right friend's body, mildly surprised while Larxene was full on laughing and Xemnas smiled slightly. While Mal backed away, she caught sight of his smile, but kept her own emotionless expression.

"Nox, for your show of courage, I will offer you a chance to plead your case to me as to why I should let you join the Organization."

Mal, already used to being called Nox, nodded.

"Thank you Superior."

She said, her voice devoid of emotion. When Xemnas lead her to his personal office, she remained stoic. Taking a seat in a leather chair, he looked her in the eye.

"Now, why should I let you join my Organization?"

Nox nodded.

"Because I can still turn into a dragon, despite being a nobody, I seek a purpose, I want to see Maleficent suffer for what she did to me, and I'm an excellent strategist and work well with others who have earned my respect."

Xemnas nodded slowly, "And taking orders?"

"Very well sir. Depending on who the order is from. I'm also a keyblade wielder."

That made Xemnas smile at her.

"In said case, you will be sharing a room with Larxene and she will also be your mentor."

Nox bit her tongue and nodded.

"Yes Superior."

Xemnas nodded, content before calling Larxene in. As Nox had expected, the elder nobody lost it.


Xemnas sighed, but was caught off guard when Nox spoke up.

"I don't particularly like this agreement either. But this is the closest thing I have to a home right now. So if you don't mind, if you're just going to be an ass about it, I can just go find a nice roof in town to sleep on."

Xemnas smiled slightly, this kid had spunk, and Larxene saw it too.

"Fine. Come on, I'll lead you to our room."

Nox nodded and followed the Savage Nymph to their room, that wasn't far from the kitchen. Spotting the bed that was relatively empty, and looked as if nobody had slept in it for a while, and sat on it, looking at her roommate expectantly before simply surrounding herself in a wall of solid shadows. Larxene growled a little before going to her own bed.

Meanwhile, under her shadow dome, Nox was studying one of her spell books. It wasn't until she heard a knock at the door that she finally got up. Only to have a kunai flung at her at full speed.

Sidestepping the electric projectile, Nox glared at Larxene, completely ignoring the red headed man standing at the door.

"It's dinner time. Get up."

"I was never asleep."

Nox quipped before getting to her feet and leaving, following the scent of food directly to the kitchen, fully aware that this would change the rest of her nonexistent life.