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The moment Nox entered the room she had to dodge several lances and arrows.

"Who are you?!"

Nox growled and removes an arrow from her leg.

"Nox. My name is Nox. I'm number 15."

Xion smiled brightly.

"Yay! Another girl!"

Nox chuckled, "A bit peppy for one who doesn't have a heart."

Xion whined, "And she's just like Saïx! Noooooo!"

Nox gasped as if offended.

"Why I would never! Besides, I'm fairly sure Saïx hates me. You and I both know I knocked him out. And as you can see, I'm actually possible to have short bursts of humor."

The other nobodies in the room immediately burst out laughing except for Zexion. Even Larxene had to smile a bit at that reminder. Though everything went quiet when said nobody entered the room.

Nox growled slightly, and to everyone's surprise, scales began to sprout on her face and she spat out a few green flames. Saïx winced and backed up, he may be a berserker, but he wasn't stupid enough to take on a dragonling who was clearly mad at him. Vexen however, was intrigued and slowly approached the Dragon girl from behind. A bad idea seeing that she swirled around quickly to glare at him, smoke billowing from her nostrils. Vexen was surprised to see her looking at him with less hatred and more confusion.

"I just wanted a sample of your scales, nothing more," He tried. Nox only looked at him before returning to her fully human form.

"Sorry, but it wouldn't have worked. Wait until I shed my scales, then we'll see."

Vexen's eyes lit up happily and he walked away, whistling. Nox, deciding to ignore the fact that he was so happy, summoned a cup of tea and walked over to Zexion. Almost immediately, they heard a wolf whistle.

"Less Saïx, more Zexion, look at the resemblance!"

Nox glared at him. Knowing it had been Axel talking before smiling.

"Here, wear this," She said, slipping a rune necklace around his neck with magic.

"What is it," He asked. Nox smiled slightly, "Oh, just something to cancel out your fire abilities and enhance your weakness to shadow and lightning attacks until I choose to take it off."

Axel yelped when he heard the lightning part and immediately began to pull on the amulet, making Nox and Zexion smile as they laughed at him. Larxene had already started to zap him with electricity, which only made Nox smile more until Xemnas walked in.

"Excellent work Nox, but I need his powers for the missions I send him on, so if you would?"

Nox nodded, "Yes Superior," She said while removing the amulet. Axel still twitching from Larxene's attacks. Nox had absently noticed Saïx walking over to her.

"Hey Nox, I heard what you said earlier, and it's not true. I'm an ass to all the new guys to see if they can take it. What I was never expecting was to find someone who wouldn't stand for my shit before I'd even really started, and had the guts to throw it all back at me. What I'm trying to say is, that I already think of you as a little sister. So welcome to the family. Oh, and Xemnas thinks of you as his daughter."

Xemnas paused to see how she'd react. Nox grinned.

"That's cool. I never had a Dad before. And…well…my older brother Isa was killed by heartless when I was little."

Xemnas chuckled before realizing what had been said.

"Saïx, wasn't your name as a somebody Isa?"

Saïx nodded before taking a good look at Nox.

"Did you have any other siblings?"

Nox nodded, "I had my older brothers Isa, Lea, and Marulia, and my only sister Naminé. Marulia, Isa, and Lea always looked out for Naminé and me. Until Mom split us up. Naminé was sent to some island because she only inherited Mother's magic, Isa was killed because he only inherited some of the Dragon temper, which turned him into a berserker, and Lea was killed because he only inherited the Dragon fire. Marulia only inherited mother's nature fairy powers, which annoyed her to no end, and I was only kept around for some long because she thought I would be different. 'til she realized I was difficult to control from spending so much time with my brothers."

Xemnas nodded before speaking.

"Axel, Naminé, Marluxia, I do believe our newest recruit is your somebody's sister. And now that she's one of us…"

Axel cheered as he and Saïx hoisted her onto their shoulders. Marluxia and Naminé simply laughed in the corner. When Larxene walked back into the room to collect the kunai she'd thrown at Axel, she was surprised to see it sitting on the counter in the empty kitchen with a note.

"Don't worry about your mission for the day, Saïx and Nox are doing them. Enjoy you're day off.

-Axel, Nox, Naminé, Saïx, and Marluxia"

She read out loud. Growing angrier by the second until she realized something. Marluxia was still there.


She screamed at the top of her lungs. The nobody in question appearing in the room.

"Yes Larxy?"

Larxene growled a bit.

"Who told them they could take my missions for the day?"

Marluxia sighed.

"Xemnas. Nox asked and said that you might like the extra time to read without being disturbed."

Larxene was surprised before picking up her dagger and walking over to the couch and picking up her book and plopping down in her usual reading position.

"In that case, tell them I said thanks whenever they get back."

Marluxia nodded before leaving the room with a smile on his face, only to run into his newly discovered brother Axel.

"I wouldn't go that way bro. She's actually happy right now. Let's see how long it'll last without one of us ticking her off."

Axel nodded and turned around, walking with his brother to the tower where Naminé usually stayed.

"Hey Naminé, can we come in?"

Naminé smiled as she opened the door and tackled her brothers in a hug.

"Where are Nox and Saïx?"

Marluxia smiled.

"Wonderland taking on the trick master, then Traverse Town to fight the giant robot. They'll be home soon."

Naminé nodded before looking at Axel.

"Axel, are you going to tell Roxas? I think Nox would tell Xion when she gets back."

Axel nodded, smiling at the mention of his best friend.

"Yeah, I will, but how do we tell everyone else?"

Naminé smiled and opened a page in one of her old sketchbooks. Revealing the sketched picture of three boys of varying ages and hair color eating ice cream on top of a tower looking at the sunset with two incredibly young girls sitting next to them.

"Let's them figure it out. Or let Nox tell them."

Marluxia nodded.

"Sounds like a good idea sis. Any idea when they're going to be back?"

Just then, a black portal appeared behind them with a worn out Saïx and Nox, who stepped out with grins on their faces.

"We're back. Tired, but back."

Saïx chuckled and ruffled his little sister's hair and gave Naminé a hug.

"So now what?"

Nox smiled.

"Axel and I go find Xion and Roxas to tell them, while Saïx, and Marluxia keep people from making my roommate want to kill someone. Naminé, is there anything you wanted to do downstairs or…"

"I'm good sis. Besides, Larxene may actually be nice today if we leave her alone."

Nox nodded and smiled at her sister before stepping in a shadow and vanishing to the Grey Room, taking exactly three steps forward before a lightning kunai zipped past her ear.

"Hey Larxene, enjoying your day off?"

Larxene looked up from her book before nodding and summoning back her kunai.

"Yeah, nobody bothered me today, so I'm in a rather good mood."

Nox smiled at the Savage Nymph.

"Good. I'll see you at dinner, I think we have some news that even you would find, pardon the pun, electrifying."

Larxene chuckled before nodding and going back to her book.

"Alright, see you at dinner."

Nox nodded and teleported again, this time landing in the kitchen to find Roxas and Xion sitting across from Axel.

"Hey guys, did he tell you?"

Roxas and Xion looked at her, then at Axel, then at Nox again.

"Tell us what Nox?"

Axel chuckled.

"That she's my baby sister-"

Nox immediately gave out a whine.

"Am not! Naminé is younger then me!"

Axel smiled.

"And you're younger than me. Now, since I'm sure you figured out my other sister is Naminé, now I can tell you the fun stuff."

Roxas still couldn't understand that Nox was one of Axel's sisters, so Xion spoke for him.

"The fun stuff being…."

Nox smiled.

"Saïx, and Marluxia are my other brothers."

At that, Roxas collapsed out of his chair, with Xion falling on top of him.

"That went well."

Axel chuckled. Nox smiled.

"I'll bet 300 munny that Vexen gives us all a blood test to make sure we're telling the truth."

Axel laughed as they walked towards their rooms.

"You're on! See you at dinner!"


That night, Larxene was the first to dinner. Eager to figure out what all the buzz was about. It was only after watching how everyone interacted that she got the answer to her question as Xemnas got to his feet.

"I am happy to announce that there has been a recent discovery from the time when Saïx, Axel, Marluxia, and Nox used to be somebody. Nox, I was told you would be the one to speak?"

Nox, on Larxene's left, spoke.

"It has recently been discovered that my siblings, who I thought dead, are actually alive and well, and currently go by the names Saïx, Axel, Marluxia, and Naminé."

After a moment of silence, Luxor let out a nervous laugh.

"Haha, she's kidding, right? Right?!"

Vexen raised his hand.

"I will be doing blood tests on each of them to insure that what we are hearing is the truth."

Nox smiled and looked at Axel.

"Pay up big bro. You lost."

Axel grumbled something about her being too smart for her own good and handed her the 300 munny he owed.

"I don't see how you guessed he'd do that."

Nox looked at him.

"Because he's called the Chilly Academic."

The entire table burst into laughter until Xemnas raised his hand for quiet.

"Also, I have decided that it would be beneficial to follow my instincts and adopt our newest addition to the Organization."

Nox just managed to move Larxene's plate away as she fainted. Nervous, she gently nudged her roommate's head.

"Uh Larxene? Wakey wakey. Larxene?"

When nothing happened she turned to Xaldin.

"Tell her I'll be a bit late to bed whenever she wakes up."

Xaldin nodded as Nox got up to follow Vexen to the lab with Saïx, Axel, Marluxia, and Naminé trailing behind her.


Andromeda hour later, Larxene was awoken to a shrill scream as Luxor fainted.

"What was that about?"

She asked. Xaldin passed her the piece of paper that nearly sent Larxene back into the blissful land of unconsciousness. In Vexen's neat hand writing, it read.

"Axel, Saïx, Naminé, Marluxia and Nox. Relation, siblings."

Nox was simply having a conversation with her brothers and sisters when Larxene finally spoke up.

"Okay… I admit, that is some new even I found important. I'm guessing were still sharing a room though?"

She asked Nox, having already grown fond of the younger nobody's presence. Nox smiled and nodded.

"Sure thing. But I have a question to ask you when we get there."

Larxene tilted her head slightly as the pair walked away to their room and plopped down on Larxene's bed.

"What is it you wanted to ask?"

Larxene questioned. Nox leaned back a bit.

"What are your feelings for my older brother Marluxia?"

Larxene gaped like a fish for a second before attempting to stutter out a response.


Nox blinked as Larxene caught her breath, having forgotten the to breathe during the sentence.

"Um…you may have to repeat that at a speed that doesn't sound like gibberish."

Larxene looked at her before calming down and repeating what she'd said.

"I think he's really handsome and nice and I may have had a giant crush on him ever since we met."

She said, although it sounded more like a question. Nox's eyes lit up excitedly before she gave Larxene a quick hug.

"I'll be right back, I promise!"

And with that, she teleported right in front of Marluxia, who was sitting in his room.

"She has a crush on you."

Marluxia immediately jumped to his feet before doing a bit of a happy dance.

"Should I tell her I like her too?"

Nox face palmed and grabbed her brother, teleporting them both back to her room. Larxene however, hadn't been expecting their sudden reappearance. Nox quickly elbowed her brother's ribs to get him to speak.

"I love you Larxene."

Larxene's hand moved from where it had been about to go for a kunai and went limp at her side before she hugged Marluxia tightly. Without hesitation, Marluxia hugged her back, making her smile. Nox chuckled slightly.

"Told ya she liked you Mar-Mar."

Marluxia glared playfully at his sister who only smiled before drifting out of the room and back to the kitchen and nearly walking straight into Zexion.

"Oh, hey Zexion."

Zexion smiled at Nox.

"Hey Nox. Look, I wanted to tell you this without your brothers around, but I really like you and was wondering if…"

Nox smiled brightly when she heard that Zexion liked her and hugged him tightly.

"Okay. When?"

Zexion smiled happily as he hugged her back.

"I'll pick you up for ice cream at 6 o'clock tomorrow?"

Nox nodded and smiled at him before picking up the bottle of tea she'd left earlier and walking back to her room. Incredibly excited to see exactly what the next day would bring. Needless to say, fate never failed to be a massive pain in the ass when it really counted.


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