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Chapter 1: New Beginning

At around noon, at a certain house in Namimori city a young man look around 16-17 years old with a medium length silver hair standing right in front the door of the house. The young man is waiting for the door to be opened.

"Hai, Hai I will open the doo- Ara! If this isn't Gokudera-kun?" Said a certain women with a brunette hair

The name of this women is Sawada Nana just your average housewife with a husband and a son with a very big secret. However, because of her kind and gentle nature she never once ask what it is. After all she had no need to hear it, in the end no matter what the two of them are her family. So Sawada Nana decided to trust them instead. She is a very strong women that deserve a lot of respect.

"Ah, HAI! JYUUDAIME OKAA-SAMA! Gokudera Hayato is here!" Answered the silver haired boy formally

The boy with silver hair is Gokudera Hayato the current Strom Guardian of the Vongola family. He is a very genius boy in all sort of field. Whether it is study or sport he is always capable of doing it perfectly without any trouble. However, this genius boy have one weakness, and that is his temper. He will always get angry on all sort of thing thus always resulting this boy to get into a fight. Thankfully since his meeting with Vongola Decimo nearly 4 years ago he is no longer get into a fight anymore, and this had added to his popularity to the girls. Well he still get angry when someone try to harm his boss though.

"Are you looking for Tsu-kun, Gokudera-kun?" Nana ask

"Ah, yes. I have something to talk about to Jyuudaime." Said Gokudera as his face turned serious

Right, today Gokudera have something to talk with his boss and that is why he is here.

"I see, well then please come in. Tsu-kun s his room as usual." Said Nana smiling kindly to Gokudera

"Thank you." Said Gokudera as he coming in to the house

After coming into the house Gokudera immediately try to climb the star that head to the second floor of the house. He then suddenly seen a boy and a girl walking down the stair.

"Ah, Hayato! Why you come here? Do you have some business with me?" Said the boy with a black hair with and a jacket with a bit cow hide pattern

"Hey, Lambo! Where is your manner?! At least add-san, Gokudera-san is far older than us!" Said the girl with a cute face wearing a Chinese clothing

The name of the boy and girl is Lambo and I-pin.

Lambo is the former member of Bovino family, and now the Lightning Guardian of Vongola. After becoming elementary schooler he is no longer afro, and he is no longer crying as much as before. He had grown quiet splendidly, but as you can see his mouth still don't know any manner. Especially toward Gokudera who always teasing him in the past.

I-Pin the student of former Arcobaleno Fon, and also member of Vongola family. She is now going to school in Japan together with Lambo. Oh, by the way she is now had become a lot more feminime, her face start to look like her future self. On top of it her martial art training and study had also going well, she surely and grown extremely well as well.

"As usual you don't know any manner Aho-ushi! On the other hand I-Pin sure grow up very splendidly." Said Gokudera frankly

"Ah, you call me Aho–ushi again!" Lambo said angrily

"There, there Lambo. It is not like Gokudera-san is lying." I-pin said while giggling

"Eh? I-Pin are you by chance telling me that I am an idiot?" Lambo ask with a dumb face

"Who know? Ah, by the way Gokudera-san, are you looking for Tsuna-san after all?" Ask I-Pin as she try to change the subject

Gokudera then reminded his purpose of coming here, because of Lambo stupid talk he almost forgot about it.

"Ah, yes you right." Gokudera responded

"I see, then can you tell him not to push himself too much?" I-Pin said looking worriedly

"Pushing himself?" Gokudera look confused

"He been talking in the phone, and also busy with his computer since in the morning. It seems like he is working on something important, we don't know wat exactly though. It start to make me worry as he had not took a single rest." Said Lambo as looked worried as well which is pretty rare for the idiot

Apparently Tsuna been busy with some kind of work since the morning, and based on Lambo and I-Pin story it seems he pushing himself quite much. Well Gokudera can guess what this important job though. After all that is likely the reason he come today.

"Understood, I will tell Jyuudaime to take some rest then." Gokudera said

""Thanks!"" Said the 2 of them

After saying that the 2 of them come down to the first floor, Gokudera then walk once more heading to his boss room.


—Knock! Knock!

Gokudera knocked he door of a certain room

The room is the bedroom of Vongola Decimo Sawada Tsunayoshi.

"The door is open…" Said the voice coming from the room


Gokudera opened the door he then found his boss there seating in front of the computer.

Sawada Tsunayoshi, the current boss of Vongola family and also the strongest boss Vongola ever had. After educated by reborn in the past 4 year there is no shred of the old Dame Tsuna, he is now tall man with a very handsome face his face start to look like Giotto. His test in school improved so much that he can now compete with Gokudera. He also become very athletic to the point he can compete with Ryohei and Yamamoto in sport somehow. His personality had also grown to be a lot more mature. This had made Tsuna super popular these days.

"Jyuudaime, I like to report about my observation of the Kunugigaoka Class 3-E Graduation Ceremony." Gokudera said to Tsuna who still focusing on the computer

However, after hearing Gokudera word Tsuna turning his head

"Is the ceremony going okay? No reporter forcefully try to interview them?" Tsuna ask while looking worried

Seeing this Gokudera immediately report his finding.

"Yes! Although those reporter force their way to enter the building, thanks to the student from the other class covering for them, Class 3-E manage to escape from the reporter." Gokudera answered

After hearing this Tsunayoshi looked very relieved

"I see, thank goodness. It make me worry that the media people will try to forcefully interview them. It will be bad for those kid, if they gain more attention from the media. They might ended up unable to have a normal life." Tsuna said

"Indeed, especially if those media people ask stupid question. Those 3-E kid might snapped and ended up saying something stupid in front of media. That will ruin their future forever." Gokudera said

The power of the media is not something you can take easily

You can just look at history at how many people in the world got their life ruined because of the media. This is because most human easily got influenced by word spread by the media. For example if some media said a certain someone evil, then they will be seen as evil by society. This is very ridiculous if you think about it, but that is the reality.

If those Class 3-E make some mistake in front of the media, they will ruin their life for sure.

"However, I doubt those media will give up so easily. Those 3-E kid is just too much of a perfect scoop to them, I mean a bunch middle schooler that manage to kill a monster that the world army fail to kill. Is just too delicious to miss." Said Gokudera.

Indeed in this current peaceful time the thing that media will cover normally will be a Sport, Economic, Politic, and Entertainment. Of course they also cover several other thing, but this mainly what news will normally cover. But now the world tell us there is a monster capable of destroying a whole planet, and the one that kill that monster is a bunch of middle schooler.

This is something completely new for the world, and they will undoubtedly curious about those kids. The media can't possibly let this miss.

"That's why I been talking with the director of all the media company in Japan to limit all sort of report they made on those kid. The government had also done the same, but those people are too lousy at their job. The fact the reporter manage to know where the Graduation Ceremony take place alone is already proof of it." Tsuna responded

Since the morning after hearing the report of Class 3-E manage to kill their teacher Tsuna immediately pull all sort of string in order to limit the number of media that will try to interview Class 3-E. He already predicted the reaction of the media from the beginning, this is why he work this hard.

"Well, turn out even after using my influence as Vongola boss the media still pretty daring to pull this kind of stunt at those kid graduation. It seems those guy really get bored to live huh. I seriously thinking about sending some our man to kill all the reporter in the whole country." Tsuna said as he smile darkly

"J-Jyuudaime, a-as expected that will be too much." Gokudera said worriedly

After all Gokudera know Vongola is fully capable of doing exactly as Tsuna said

Vongola influence is very large, if Tsuna the boss of Vongola give order to kill all the reporter in Japan. It will only take one day before all the reporter in Japan disappear.

"Haha, it is a joke. As expected I also think it will be too much. In the first place I somehow manage to make the media to not show those kid face in the paper or television. This way even if their name did spread somehow, no one in their school should know that they are the Class 3-E. As for Akabane Karma who plan to stay in Kunugigaoka he likely going to have some trouble, but… I believe he should be fine. Koro-sensei tell me that Karma-kun is one of his, most promising student after all. So putting more effort than this should be unnecessary."

It seems Tsuna had somehow manage to make the media to not show those kid face. So when those kid change school everybody in their new school will just think that they are people that share the same name. Well as for Karma because he entered Kunugigaoka High school division his face are bound to be known, but with the help of his fellow student there he should be okay. And Karma himself should more than capable of take care the media.

"I see that mean the problem with the media should be done with this. We can left the rest to the government." Gokudera responded

"Indeed, as expected if those government member can't even do the cleaning then they are as good as useless. I gone as far as black mailed all the government member who kidnapped Class 3-E kid. With that they should at least put a little effort." Tsuna said

Tsuna predicted one more thing, and that is the fact the government member not going to put effort in protecting the student of Class 3-E. After all those kid did basically spit in government face. By defeating all the elite army their place around the mountain yesterday. As an adult they shouldn't have grudge on those little thing, but reality is cruel. People with big influence tend to hold grudge, and might actually do crime so they can have their revenge.

Thankfully those type of people have a lot of dirt that can be used, and Tsuna took advantage of this to make them work for him.

"Then the next problem will be that right?" Gokudera said with curious face

"Ah, the chance someone might attack those kid because they have grudge toward the God of Death…." Tsuna said

Koro-sensei formerly God of Death

The man that were feared for his assassination skill to the point even Reborn who were known as the Greatest Hitman claim that in term of pure assassination he hold no candle against the man. A man of that calibre undoubtedly feared and respected by people in the dark world, but that also mean a lot of grudge. Although the fact Koro-sensei is the God of Death only known by few people, but there is a chance those people with grudge toward God of Death manage to gain this information. If that happen those Class 3-E might end up in trouble.

"Jyuudaime, as expected you really plan to do that, huh." Gokudera said

"Yes, I did make promise to that octopus to lend those kid a hand. He did give me quiet the gift after all in our last meeting. In exchange I will put all my effort to help his sstudent."

"I see, but is it really needed for you to do this yourselves? Can't you just order us your Guardian?" Gokudera ask

The thing Tsuna about to do is not dangerous by any mean, after all Tsuna ability is just way out of normal human realm. The current Tsuna might as well be as dangerous as Koro-sensei, such man have almost nothing to fear in this world. However, Gokudera still don't like the idea his boss doing all this by himself instead using his man.

"Don't misunderstand Hayato if this is a job for the Vongola I will use my men instead of doing all this myself." Tsuna said

This is something Tsuna will never said before he become Vongola boss. In the past Tsuna will never order other people, and always do everything himself. But as a boss of Vongola he realize he need to at least use his man after all as a boss putting his life in danger is something he must not do. In the first place there is also a need to maintain hierarchy in the organization.

However, this time…

"This is purely a request from a friend that's why I need to put some effort myself. After all the one that octopus asked for help is not the Vongola Decimo, but Sawada Tsunayoshi." Tsuna said

"…" Gokudera become quiet

Gokudera reminded that this is the kind of man his boss is…

More than anyone he respect all the bond he make with other people.

More than anyone he put effort to protect all those dear to him.

More than anyone he capable of sacrificing himself.

Lastly he is more hard headed than anyone.

This is all the thing that draw all the people around him including Gokudera himself.

(Talking more than this useless. He will not listen to logic.) Thought Gokudera as he sighed

"I understand, but at least let me help. No please let us your friend help out a little. I believe not only me but the other muscle head also want to help you in this." Gokudera said

"…Haha, fine. Well then I rely on you to help me out." Tsuna said with a smile

"Leave it to me." Gokudera said enthusiastically

This is the new beginning for all the member of Vongola and student of Class 3-E