Talk With Sawada Tsunayoshi Part 1:

In front of the door.

Sawada Tsunayoshi sudden appearance surprised the member of Class 3-E, except Karma and Nakamura.

"Did you by chance, wait for us to come today?" Karma ask

"I did took account of the possibility, getting my home address is not even that difficult. I basically set you up to come here." Tsuna answered

"I see, my deduction that you did invite us here is correct after all. But what will you do if I fail to notice this?" Karma ask

"I really doubt that, but if you guys don't come here yourself, I already planned to meet up with you guys again myself." Tsuna said

Tsuna simply waiting here because he took account that the student will come here themselves. After all with Ritsu information gathering ability tracking him down shouldn't that be difficult. Well if by chance they don't come he already prepared to meet them again when they're have another group gathering.

"Well talking here will just attract unnecessary attention should we head inside?" Tsuan ask

"Eh? Is that ok?" Nagisa ask

"Yeah, it's not like there will be any trouble we having you guys here. Also if possible I want to settle our talk today. After all you guys approached me this soon, because the situation right?"

"—! I see so you already found out about fatty and dumbass." Karma said in surprise

"Of course."

At Tsuna response the class make a bit surprised face, they want to ask 'how', but soon enough they stopped. There is more important thing to done here. Each of them coming here because they want to talk with this man once more. Then the topic of Yanagisawa and Takaoka can be left for later.

"Well then shall we."

At this invitation the whole class nodded and head inside.


Sawada family home.

Today Sawada Nana is gone to visit her high school friend to have some chat…

Bianchi and Fuuta on the mission gathering information…

Lambo and I-Pin is out doing something…

And a certain someone you know is gone somewhere for some job…

After Tsuna welcomed the member of Class 3-E, he invited them into his house.

Tsuna then invited them into the living room, the only room that can't house 27 people in this home.

"Well then sorry for the long wait, should we begin our talk. Ah, sorry should I make some tea and snack first?" Tsuna asked

"No, let's begin. It's not like we're coming here to have tea and snack anyway." Karma said

"Right." Tsuna nodded "Well then may I hear your answer are you willing to accept my help or not?"

"Etto, what should we do here Karma?" Nagisa ask Karma

"Why are you asking me?" Karma ask back

"No now that I think about it, we basically got dragged here by you but I didn't think the reason we're coming here. Nor do I have thought Sawada-san word too much." Nagisa admitted embarrassedly

This is not only go to Nagisa, but also the rest of the class.

In the first place Karma suddenly went and talk that Tsuna purposely let them to get his info, and want to invite them here. On top of it all of them also want to continue their talk with Tsuna, so they tagged along with Karma. But now that they are here they have no clue what to talk about.

"Well, I guess I will be the one doing the talk. I'm here because I have some question for you anyway Sawada-san?" Said Karma

"What is it?" Tsuna said curiously

"This is something that I believe all of us want to know beforehand. Who are you? And what is your relationship with Koro-sensei?" Karma ask

"Eh? Didn't he already said that he is Koro-sensei friends?" Ask sugino

"I'm saying that it is not enough of an explanation. Other than we know this guy is probably a hitman and the fact he is an acquintance of Koro-sensei we know nothing about him."

At this the rest of the student nodded.

They also curious about this topic actually, after all Tsuna introduction is too short for them. They just can't trust him fully. In order to be able to trust this man they need to know more a bit more about him.

"I see. You have a point." Tsuna nodded "Sorry for rushing like you guys to give me an answer. I will explain a bit about myself, but well it is really nothing special. I'm actually a member of organization work in underworld. I met Koro-sensei approximately a year ago, a days after the moon destructions."

"Do you have proof that those really happen?" Karma asked

"Well if photo will do." Tsuna said as he took out his smartphone

Tsuna then showed off his smart phone to the class

In there is the picture of Koro-sensei making selfie with Tsuna at the background.

"He took this picture to show off his 20 mach speed to me, he took the photo after giving me a manicure. Just look at my finger." Tsuna said as he let out a bit of a laugh

"Ah, you're right!" Said Nagisa realizing

"Seriously what the hell is that Octopus doing?" Said Terasaka after seeing the picture himself

"I also have several other photo that the Octopus took at 20 Mach do you want to see it?" Tsuna asked

"No that alone is enough, I don't think those are fake anyway. In the first place, Koro-sensei picture never get out. You having picture of his real face alone is more than enough." Karma said

The only picture ever get out to the people is the fake photo of Koro-sensei looking like a monster that the government made. Currently Koro-sensei face only known by the assassins hired by the government, Military, and some politician. Tsuna getting his hand on a picture alone is already enough proof.

"My next question will be what kind of organiz—… No, let's forget about that. I bet you will not be willing to explain that much." Karma said

"Thanks. As you suspected I can't go and explain those kind of thing, after all you guys ultimately are civilian. No matter how much skill you have I would appreciate if you don't dig any info about my organizations. It will put you guys in even more danger than now." Tsuna said

"Figures, nothing good will come from this kind of thing. Anyway mind telling me the talk you have at Koro-sensei back then." Karma ask

"It is nothing special though. Still want to hear it?" Tsuna ask

"Yes." Karma said

Tsuna nodded and taking out some tablet.

He then turned it on, and hand it to Karma.

The thing appeared is some written document saved on the tablet.

"What is this?" Karma ask

"Just read it, you will know."

Karma then start to read the tablet, and then…

"Eh? This is! I see so that is how it is…" Muttered Karma

"It seems you understand now. Right those are the proposal Koro-sensei made to me a year ago in order to make Anti-Sensei weapon." Tsuna said



"W-Wait! Koro-sensei give you proposal to create Anti-sensei weapon!" Said Nagisa in panic

"Yes, actually Koro-sensei asked my organization to develop Anti-sensei weapon." Tsuna said


At this statement the whole class surprised even Karma.

Tsuna words is just too much of a surprise to them.

"From that face I guess you guys really didn't know, but think about it tentacle project done by Yanagisawa were mean to create a perfect human weapon. Do you think that rotten piece of shit will purposely make a weapon that basically a weakness of his own creation? The answer is no! Then who could possibly make that weapon? The answer is none other than Koro-sensei himself. He is the only one that fully understand his body composition after all. And in order to make it he need some help, which is why he approached me." Ask Tsuna

""""AHHHHH!"""" said the class in unison

Now that they think about it that did sound make sense.

They have never think about it, but the existence weapon they use do seems to be bit convenience to exist. On top of it the time Koro-sensei become their teacher and moon destruction is just a few days away, it didn't make sense for the government to manage to develop Anti-Sensei weapon in just a few days from the scratch.

"At first I got confused why did he bother creating weapon that may kill him, after all he supposed to be the earth enemy. Still I decided to fulfill his request because there is indeed a need to develop a weapon to kill him. The finished product then sent to Government immediately, which you guys received on the day Koro-sensei become your teacher." Tsuna said

"So that's how it is. Ugh, still I can't believe I didn't think about this until now." Said Isogai

"I also didn't notice it so I don't think there is a need to be that depressed Isogai. Still why you guys? Wouldn't it be faster for Koro-sensei to ask government help?" Karma asked

"Koro-sensei want to avoid a country to monopolize a weapon the Anti-sensei weapon. If a single country were to monopolize it there are chance they will use it to threat a weaker country. After all all country want to have a way to protect themselves from Koro-sensei, those weapons have some bargaining power enough to do just that. So instead of government he contacted my organizations to help him develop that weapons." Tsuna explained

"I see." Karma nodded

"After Koro-sensei become your teacher I actually put someone to watch any suspicious action done by him. But after observing for a while he absolutely didn't do anything suspicious at all, he teach you guys earnestly which confused us. Well in the end after we found out his identity, and what really caused the moon to explode we realized his true goal. Once I found out about it I felt so stupid to be suspicious of him. I started to make contact with him from time to time, and he often share your story with me. He look so proud when he tell me about you guys, as if you guys are his treasure."

At this the class also remember the time they spend with Koro-sensei.

He is who is fated to die in just a year decided to spent the last of his time with them who is known as failure. He is the one that teach them to be the way they are, and they try their best in order to not shame that teacher who believe in them.

"Well I've told you everything I can for now. So? What is your answer?"

Once again Tsuna asked the whole class.


At the same time in Italy.

While Tsuna and Class 3-E busy talking like that, Verde and Spanner stand in front of glass flask filled with water and something else inside.

"Fufu, it is finally finished." Verde said while laughing

"Man, it took much longer then I originally thought. I can't believe just to make something like this we need two whole weeks." Spanner said listlessly

"True, but we make this from scratch after all it couldn't be helped. Now that this is complete we can move on to the next stage!" Verde said

"Will Vongola actually let this plan going?" Spanner ask

"He will, and by some chance he doesn't the child will definitely be willing to cooperate with us. If the child themselves want to cooperate Sawada Tsunayoshi will not able to protest. Anyway call someone to carry this for us, we will head to Japan now!" Verde said while grinning