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"What's going on?!" Megumi thought to herself once more as she lay trapped in her dark prison, clawing and kicking at the unyielding ceiling and darkness just before her. Her thumb hit it at an odd angle and shattered the nail. Megumi winced in pain as she instinctively placed it in her mouth but gasped in surprise as she felt it growing back together. "how the hell?" she tried to say as a hoarse whimper escaped her lips. "H-help me." she futilely tried to cry out as a sinking feeling of hopelessness overcame her. After a few more minutes of struggle she laid back and began to quietly sob, sure she would succumb to whatever horrible fate she had fallen into.

"calm down" a muffled voice said sternly as Megumi could hear what sounded like earth moving above her.

"H-help...please" she gasped once more.

"just shut up and relax. You'll be fine." the voice said, slightly more irritated. After a few more moments Megumi caught a glimpse of light and heard a prying sound. Now with full view of the night sky Megumi slowly sat up and looked around. She grimaced as she wiped away the dirt from her face and stared up and around the hole she was in.

"i was buried?!" she thought in horror as she saw the simple wooden coffin shed been lying in only moments ago.

"I'm sure you have lots of questions though you might find it difficult to ask them at the moment." the voice said with a snide laugh. Megumi turned to face the source of the voice and saw a large man with blue hair cropped into the shape of wolf ears sitting perched at the edge of the hole she was sitting in. "hi'ya. Names Tatsumi." he said with a wave and an air of false pleasantness. Megumi shirked back from him, getting an increasingly uneasy feeling as his yellow eyes seemed to stare through her.

"where am I?" she tried to wheeze out in a barely audible voice. Tatsumi sighed as he extended a hand to help her out of the hole. She reluctantly took it and he lifted her up completely by the arm and set her down feet first on the ground just on the outside of the ditch he'd dug. Megumi turned her gaze and her eyes fell upon a small wooden grave marker with her name ornately scrawled onto it. She shirked away from Tatsumi as he let out a sadistic chuckle when he saw her terrified eyes.

"yes, you are in fact...dead…well sort of." he said with a crooked grin. He put a hand to her face as her mouth hung agape in horror. "now before you try to hit me with a million questions be quiet and let me explain the situation you're in. first off, you are one of the lucky few to have risen as a vampire, consider it a blessing, you wont age from this point, virtually all wounds will heal nearly instantly and you'll never get sick. However religious artifacts will terrify you, the sun will burn you to a crisp, you cant go into a private building without an invitation and of course you'll need to drink human blood every night to survive. There's a little bit more to it than that, but you'll figure that out, I don't really have time to explain the finer details."

"v-ampire?" she wheezed.

"surely you've noticed you aren't breathing. Try inhaling a deep breath before you speak." he said with an annoyed look on his face.

"am I really?" she said more clearly after taking his advice. She struggled to find a way to comprehend all of the information she had to process.

"yep. Now as im sure by now you must remember me from the big mansion on the hill. I was the servant. Everyone in that house is a vampire or is an ally to us. We're prepared to welcome you to our family, but you need to play by our rules. Our end goal is the total conversion of sotoba village, we want to make it into a sanctuary for our kind. This of course means we need to kill the native population and convert them all into vampires…well only about a third actually rise up but you get my point." he said, barely able to contain his sadistic glee. Megumi glanced away and bit her thumb.

"i don't know if I can kill anyone." she said hesitantly. Tatsumi shot her a dreadful glare.

"get used to the idea. As a vampire you'll pretty much be doing it for the rest of eternity." Megumi felt a rock in her stomach. "think about it like this, its your life or theirs, if anyone were to find out what you are I can promise you they'll kill you first, and vampires don't die quickly. Its a fair deal, we'll protect you as long as you do what we say. Whats a few pathetic villagers for eternal life?" Megumi almost chuckled in agreement but then a thought occurred to her.

"what about Sora? What will he think of me now?! Are they planning to kill him too?!...do we have to kill everyone in the village?" Tatsumi smiled smugly at her question.

"to the last woman and child...i know exactly who she's thinking of, hahaha this could be worth a good laugh just to see him plant her square on her face when she tries to attack him...don't worry so much, its not like we're gonna force you to kill your friends and family if you don't want to, we can send someone else to do that. We'll even provide a weak human for you to pop your cherry per-say" Megumi shot Tatsumi a dreadful look this time.

"i don't have any friends in this village...there's only one person I care about here, the rest of them can go to hell." Tatsumi gleefully smiled as Megumi dusted off her funeral gown.

"then you might have found your calling. But after the first human we give you id recommend taking that person out yourself. You wouldn't want a meaner, crueler vampire to do it. Who knows how much they might make them suffer." he said, almost beside himself with the storm he was causing. Megumi looked like she was about to burst into tears.

"if I do it I can make sure Sora is as comfortable as possible, and there's always a chance he could rise, he might truly die though...then ill be alone all over again. no...i have to be the one, they'll kill him anyway so at least I can spare him some suffering..." Tatsumi grinned wolfishly as he watched Megumi pace around with what he thought surely must be tearing her apart.

"for now come with me. We've got some work to do." Tatsumi said as he ushered her towards the mansion on the hill.

A few days later

"what the hell does Tatsumi want me to go wait on the side of the road like this for?" Sora asked begrudgingly as yoshie sat down next to him.

"you and I both know that guy has a screw loose. Just do what he says, id rather not deal with him when hes irritated." she said with an equally belated look on her face. "i better go, sunako might think im showing favoritism if I keep hanging around you like this." Sora shot her a smug smile.

"what sunako doesn't know wont hurt her...or maybe it will, even better." Sora said with a laugh. And in a sarcastic voice "and you and I both know I am your favorite." she flashed her fangs at him in a playful way.

"don't get ahead of yourself, its not like I have any good choices, a borderline insubordinate or a complete psychopath, I pretty much lose either way." she said with a soft glance.

"well at least im fun." he said with a wink. "anyway I really appreciate you treating me well, sunako just thinks of me as a tool and Tatsumi is looking for any excuse to tear into me, of course ill take him with me, ive already proven I can, but this is horrible what we are doing…whats even worse is its getting easier." he said with a haunted look.

"sunako doesn't just think of you as a tool. She values each and every one of us like a family member." yoshie said sternly.

"whoops, I hit the sunako button, I keep forgetting yoshie is a complete fanatic… I hope thats true...and I hope I can find some kind of solution to our problem that doesn't involve...genocide..." he said with less conviction than he wanted.

"it would be nice...anyway ive got to get going. Just wait until Tatsumi drops by to tell you what he's planning." Sora and yoshie both sighed as he sat back on a small hill right behind a thicket of forest.

"...and now I wait." he said as the minutes started to tick by. Soon enough the minutes became hours and Sora was growing more irritated. "maybe I should just go, whats the worst they could possibly do to me? Yoshie wont care and Tatsumi can't hurt me anymore than I can hurt him...there is Megumi, he might do something to her...if she ever rises. Its been over a week since the funeral and I haven't heard a word about her, maybe Tatsumi was just lying to me and she really is gone" the thought sickened Sora almost as much as if he'd lost her all over again. "if she really is gone then I'm gonna lay waste to their entire operation. Ive killed enough people by now not to feel a shred of guilt about it" he thought with just a hint of reluctance. Suddenly his hears pricked when he heard sounds coming from the forest behind him. "if this was just some kind of elaborate prank so Tatsumi could burst from the woods and scare me hes got another thing coming. I'll play along, gives me an excuse to thrash him." so Sora waited complacently as the noises approached him.


"okay. This is the moment of truth. Sora is sitting right there. If I just move quietly he won't even know I'm coming. I can bite him and hypnotize him before another thought passes through his head and he wont have to suffer. Ill make sure I tell him to feel no pain." Megumi thought as she clutched a tree. Her hands were trembling and her resolve was shaking. "maybe I should tell him I'm here. He'll be so happy to see me, I'm sure the funeral was hard on him. I could give him one last moment of happiness...if he rises I don't know if he'd forgive me so I can give him this at least. Its not every day you see someone come back from the dead." she thought with a somber laugh. She walked another step when the ruffles of her pink dress caught a branch, she pulled the black strap it was tangled in free with a loud snap and she was certain Sora, who was mere feet away, heard it. She felt an icy wave of tension envelop her as she waited to see him cock his head around, but nothing. He simply sat in the same position almost as if he didn't notice. "he really is an oblivious guy." she smiled fondly as she took a deep breath. She walked a few feet behind him and called his name. "sora?" she spoke softly.

This time she did get a reaction, with inhuman speed Sora whipped his head around and his eyes grew large. She could see tears starting to well up in them and it in turn made her quite sad. "please forgive me for what im about to do."

"Megumi!" Sora said as he rushed over to her. He gave her a tight hug and buried his face into her neck leaving his own exposed. "I'm so glad you're okay." he said, voice slightly muffled through her skin. He nestled in tighter and she put a hand on the back of his head.

"thats an odd thing to say...i would have assumed he'd say I thought you were dead. I guess it doesn't matter…I'm so glad to see you" she said with genuine affection as she held him tighter, with an inhuman strength in fact.

"i thought you were really gone for a minute there." Megumi let out a curious noise, surprised again by the wording Sora used. She held him tightly again and cherished what she thought might be the last moment she might have with him before speaking softly in his ear.

"sora...im so sorry." she whispered as she extended her fangs, about to sink them into his neck. In a heartbeat sora's instincts kicked in and without effort he reached around her arm and flipped her onto her back. Megumi let out a shrill squeak in surprise as she felt the heel of sora's shoe crushing her windpipe.

"Megumi, what the hell?!" Sora said with a shred of guilt as he took his foot off of her neck. She choked and sputtered as she tried to stand up. In utter shock she stared at Sora for a moment. He had a slightly guilty look on his face.

"sora. Im sorry. But I have to drink blood to survive. They'll kill the whole village and I didn't want some other vampire to hurt you." she said as tears were starting to drip down her face.

"look, I understand your situation, but if you just needed a meal you could have asked, id be more than happy to share my blood with you. Normal vampires should be able to drink jinrou blood without the narcotic effect…..wait, other vampires?!" Sora said belligerently. Megumi looked utterly flabbergasted.

"i...i didn't want them to be the ones to kill you. I figured if I was the one I could make sure you didn't suffer." she said guiltily. Sora put a hand to his forehead and made a dreadful face.

"tatsumi you mother fucker..." he whispered quietly. Megumi looked even more surprised now.

"sora? Whats going on? How do you know that name?" she asked meekly.

"i cant believe he didn't tell you when he dug you up." Sora said irritably. "Megumi, im ALREADY a vampire…..well a jinrou, but same difference." she fell to her knees in utter shock.

"jinrou?" she whispered.

"a vampire that isn't cold to the touch and can walk around in the day time. We can eat normal food too….basically a superior version of what you turned into." she nodded as her mind drew a blank from the stress.

"h-how long have you been a...jinrou?" she asked with a confused stare on her face.

"since before I came to sotoba at least. I didn't even know I was one until the day of your funeral, we don't have to drink as often as you so it was an easy thing not to know actually, but on that day the stress must have caused me to snap and in a blood lust I fed on someone, Tatsumi saw me, we fought and now im basically sunakos slave….for now." he said begrudgingly

"well I can see how you lost a fight with Tatsumi, that guy is enormous." Sora shot her a playful stare.

"actually I could have probably killed him, but he mentioned there were more vampires and that they would hurt you if I did." he said with a sigh. Megumi blushed a bit and smiled softly when Sora mentioned that.

"you can barely hunt villagers properly and you think you have a shot at me?" Sora snarled when he heard tatsumi's voice behind them. He turned his head and bore his fangs at the man.

"the difference is I want to kill you. Especially after this little stunt." Tatsumi smiled smugly.

"i had a good laugh, gotta make your own fun in a place like this." he said as sora's eyes were burning through his soul. "anyway you two have things to do and people to kill, better cut this reunion short." Sora could have flung himself at Tatsumi then but Megumi held his arm.

"we can talk tomorrow. If we don't age there is plenty of time to spend together after all...don't get yourself hurt..." Sora took a deep breath and sighed.

"fine...i swear im taking sunako down if its the last thing I do. This was the last straw."

the next morning.

"sora, hey" doctor Ozaki said with a smile. Sora winced at the usual smell of cigarette smoke and antiseptic.

"doctor...we need to talk."