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Tatsumi was right, if they fed every night jinrou didn't need to sleep. Sora sighed to himself as he squinted because of the exceptionally bright sunlight that day.

"why does the sun shine so brightly in this village?! Now that I think about it since I turned ive never liked bright days like this…its like the daytime is oppressive…" he thought to himself as he walked towards the clinic. "i could almost tolerate having to off the villagers...they never treated me well, but when you make me hurt the one single person I give any shred of care to...that's the last straw. I was a fool to think I could do anything all on my own even if im as strong as ten men. Maybe im just not smart enough….maybe im not strong enough" he thought with a shiver. "seshin is completely enamored by sunako like everyone else...but maybe the doctor would understand, a man of science cant deny me if I show him proof..." Sora thought reluctantly, wondering if it was a bad idea not to go to Seishin first.

He squinted as the light reflected brightly from the off blue color the clinic's roof was painted. He gave it another quick thought, but his resolve told him to push forward. "how exactly should I explain this to him? Ive had a hand in this myself and im not going to face justice for it, god knows the government would dissect me or execute me or worse..." Sora cringed at the thought. And with a shiver stepped forward into the clinic. Ike he always did Sora recoiled at the smell of antiseptic and tobacco smoke and walked up to the nurse sitting at the counter. This time it was a woman with green hair, she looked young and Sora didn't fail to notice how pretty she was. Something about her set his mind at ease, and with a bit more confidence than he had, he walked up to her.

"i need to see doctor Ozaki as soon as possible." he said with a smile as he laid one of his arms on her desk. She flashed him a smile with a hint of hidden concern.

"you aren't getting sick are you? Maybe feeling weak or getting pale?" she said pleasantly, though trying to hold back some tension Sora saw right through. He could feel a rock in his stomach as he took a deep breath.

"something going around I take it..." he said knowing full well exactly what that was.

"whoops, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. I need you to keep a secret, there has been something going around, but the doctor is working on it, hes actually in a meeting with the other nurses as we speak so you'll need to wait a while."

"i need to see him asap. Consider this an emergency." Sora said sternly, causing the nurse to slink back in her chair a little.

"you just look a little pale Sora, im sure it can wait." Sora shot her a strange look.

"how did you know my name?" the nurse went flush red in the face and smiled.

"you're tohrus friend right? Ive seen you walking with him and Natsuno."

it was true, in the days following megumi's death Sora had been spending more time with them, helping Tohru and Natsuno study during break periods at school, he'd been asking the kirashiki's to avoid attacking people he knew for now, and with a few small exceptions they mostly had honored his requests though always with the line "you'll have to feed on them eventually." if megumi's protection wasn't enough of a motivator for him to try and stop them, then the only two or three decent people in the village were.

"oh yeah. They've really been there for me since Megumi died.." he said with a bit of regret. The nurse looked sad so she tried to lighten up the mood.

"anyway my name is ritsuko, and if you tell me whats wrong you might not even need to see the doctor, im sure I can help you." she said with that same bright smile. Sora returned one, or at least ass kind a smile as he could, ever since he realized what he was something about him turned a bit more predatory and he was worried it unsettled people. The nurse gave no indication of this so Sora silently sighed.

"its a...male…issue." he said through gritted teeth. "what a degrading lie..." Sora thought bitterly. Ritsuko blushed again and called for the doctor right away. Sora could smell the doctor long before he saw im step out of his office. He walked over to them and flashed Sora a smile.

"sora hey" he said cheerfully. Sora took one look at him and could tell the man had seen better days, his facial hair was longer, there were black bags under his eyes and though no one else may have been able to tell, Sora could smell body odor with his acute nose.

"doctor...we need to talk." Sora said with false modesty.

"yeah, ritsuko told me" Sora sighed and shot her an annoyed look.

"lets just walk into your office." he said unenthusiastically. The doctor nodded and the two set off.

"so whats wrong Sora? Feeling anemic again? Ritsuko said it was a personal thing though." he said as he pondered to himself. Sora gave him a piercing look.

"how many deaths have there been in the village lately because of this strange illness." he asked bluntly. Ozaki was floored. He straightened up his lab coat and shot Sora a stern look. Sora was unfazed.

"i remember us talking about it at megumi's funeral, but to bring it up so bluntly..." he said with a bit of irritation.

"there's been a development." Sora sighed. "we can stop this, I figured out were the source of the problem is and it isn't me like I thought at first." he said. Ozaki gave him a condescending smirk. "if you don't wipe that grin off your face im going to do it for you..." he said through gritted teeth. The doctor sighed but didn't have the energy to get annoyed.

"alright. What's causing this?" he said, half expecting to get a terrible answer.

"promise you'll listen. Be absolutely sure you wont call me crazy. I need you at 100% doc." Sora said.

"yes yes just get on with it." Ozaki said, growing irritated. He sparked up a cigarette and Sora slinked back a little bit recoiling from the smell of butane.

"the people living in the house on the hill are vampires." there was an awkward pause for a moment.

"sora, you know I can prescribe anxiety medication right?" he said with a laugh. Sora looked at him with a straight face and hissed, red eyes fangs and all. The doctor fell back on his back in terror.

"that always freaks people out..." he said as he put a hand on his face.

"there are people dying left and right and you want to joke about it?!" Ozaki said grabbing Sora by the scruff of the neck. It took every ounce of willpower Sora had not to flip him on his back.

"its no joke" Sora said, bearing his fangs once more. "they really are vampires and so am I. Well im a different kind, its kind of complicated..." he said, fatigued. "we've been feeding on the villagers in an effort to turn them all into vampires like us, or to drive them away from the village so we can live I know how Tatsumi must feel having to explain this day after day..." Ozaki was flabbergasted for a moment.

"you said...we. You've been feeding on them too?! I know they haven't been good to you but that's no reason to kill them you monster!" he said as he tightened the grip he had on Sora. Sora's feelings were a little hurt, but nonetheless he tried to explain himself anyway.

"its not like I want to hurt them, I couldn't really be bothered to, but they've turned Megumi and they'll hurt her if I don't do what they say. Im taking a big risk just by going here." he said indignantly.

"that's no excuse! Its not right to take the lives of innocent people no matter what reason you have." he said, shouting in soras face. Sora, growing tired of Ozaki yelling in his face lifted the doctor up by the neck with one arm and began to tighten his grip.

"now listen here" he said as his eyes grew into red slits. "that girl is the only person who truly matters to me left. If I had to burn the village to the ground and kill every man woman and child here with my bare hands to keep her safe then I would, right or wrong be damned. If you aren't willing to listen to me then I can force you too. You are NOT my enemy and I intend to keep it that way." Sora said as he brought ozaki's neck closer to his face. He buried his fangs into the doctors shoulder, Ozaki squirmed around for a few minutes before growing limp and relaxed. He groaned and Sora looked deeply into his eyes. "you're going to work with me every step of the way to try and solve this problem with as little bloodshed as possible. You will reveal my existence to no one, and you won't tell the villagers about the vampires unless I approve so as not to cause a panic. I am not your enemy. As long as you follow these basic commands you may live your life as you see fit."

"you...are not my enemy..." Ozaki said with a dazed look on his face. After a few moments the doctor regained his composure.

"what the hell did you do to me?" he said, about to make another grab for Sora, but stopping himself in his tracks. "i guess we have bigger problems than what you've been doing… you aren't my enemy I suppose, and we should probably keep this whole vampire thing to ourselves, I need more proof than you though, would it be alright if I run some tests?" Sora smiled slyly to himself.

"I'm getting pretty good at this, poor guy thinks this is all his idea. Almost a shame I like Megumi, I'd totally use this power to sleep with girls." Sora thought with a chuckle. "sure, id love to know more about what makes me tick. But keep it simple for now, ive got to think of a good excuse to why I came here. They're almost certainly tracking me."

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