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"so how many have we turned?" a large man with blue hair asked casually as he lit a candle. He sat back in a lavish chair and held up an extravagant wine glass filled halfway with a rich red liquid.

"a security guard. And a couple others" a little girl walked up to the chair across from him and starting pouring a glass of her own. The room they were sitting in was dimly lit, a cold ambiance accompanied only by the dim amber light of the candle provided any warmth to the scene.

"Sunako, are you sure that three will be enough to start with?" he asked innocently. She gave him a sly smile.

"but we've got you Tatsumi, chizuru, Yoshie, ebuchi and shizuka, along with the new three, and myself, that makes nine." She drank the wine in her glass slowly, savoring each sip.

"too bad that guy burnt himself to a crisp…we'd have ten if not for that. Maybe even eleven, he was feeding on his son before he died. Why did you go after him anyway? We were just supposed to target loners and people who wouldn't be missed." Sunako smiled and thought vividly.

"they were such a cute family! I couldn't help but want them." She held her hands to her cheeks and blushed. "oh could you imagine our own settlement with cute families walking around like that?" she giggled shrilly. Tatsumi gave her a tepid smile.

"we've got the preparations for that house completely finished, and we can move in at any time…but…before we do...are you sure this is what you want? Turning and killing hundreds of people? It's not like you're alone so…do you need this?" he asked hesitantly. She walked over and gave him a pat on the head before smiling malevolently.

"I need a place to truly call home. I need a place where I can walk on the streets without fear. I NEED a place where no one else will judge me because of this "affliction". I need this. I truly do, Tatsumi" she said with an almost frightening conviction.


"what a pain… of all the places Sunako could have gone, it's this sad little village…" Tatsumi thought as he drifted back to reality. *sniff sniff* "something smells odd." He looked over outside the window of the spire he was sitting in and saw someone standing at the foot of the mansion's big forged gate. "first victim. I almost feel sorry for the poor kid." He sighed.

Sora stared up in amazement as the gates opened, revealing the massive structure held behind the thick stone wall. He had to crane his neck to look at the highest parts of the mansion. He could see it almost glow against the night sky, its creaky spires cut through the heavens and the whole place felt ominous, Though Sora didn't take much notice as he lost himself in the incredible sight.

"quite impressive isn't it?" an elegant well-spoken voice rang through Sora's ears. He instantly locked eyes with a man in an odd looking dress suit with a rifle strapped to his back, along with another muscular man with blue hair that ended in points. Sora thought that they looked almost like cat ears.

"that guy with the hair smells weird…and what's up with the gun?" he writhed his nose as he chuckled over their strange style. "yeah, this place really is incredible. I can't imagine the time and money you must have sunken into it." The two smiled politely as Sora looked the place over.

"oh yes, it was quite an undertaking. Either way, what can I do for you, young man?" the man walked over to Sora and put a hand on his shoulder.

"here, the village temple wanted to offer you a housewarming gift." Sora held up the basket and the letter. The man took them from his hands and smiled warmly.

"the walk here must have been exhausting, why don't you come in for some tea." He extended a hand which Sora shook.

"I guess so, Seshin isn't expecting me back for a few hours…wow! I can't wait to see the inside!" he looked over to the man, and his servant. "my name is muroi Sora by the way." He said as the tree walked along.

"kirashiki Seshiro" the man friendlily replied as a smile crept across his face.

"and I'm Tatsumi!" the man with blue hair enthusiastically exclaimed. "it's a pleasure to meet you." He clasped his hands together and bowed. Sora gave him a tepid smile.

"it's nice to meet you too…his voice sounds familiar…but I can't put my finger on it" He awkwardly replied. Tatsumi stood up from his bow and the two looked at each other, deadly seriously, for a brief moment.

"he smells really weird" they both thought in unison. They shrugged the feeling off and continued to walk inside. As they walked down the long corridor, Sora studied the immaculate interior of the house closely. The walls were the brightest shade of white with ornate gold trimming, alabaster columns dotted the area. The place had a surreal, elegant feel to it. It was almost as if Sora had walked into a medieval ballroom complete with high ceilings and intricate chandeliers.

"as you can see I spared no expense in design and construction." Seshiro said as the three walked along.

"master has excellent taste you see." Tatsumi beamed.

"yeah, no kidding." Sora said as he panned around the room. Seshiro led the three to a small ornate table tucked away in the corner of the room as Tatsumi prepared a tea pot.

"so tell me about yourself Sora, are you a studying monk at this temple?" Sora almost spat his tea out laughing.

"oh hell no." he chuckled. "I…lost my family….and Seshin, the junior monk, took me in because he was my next of kin." Sora tried his best not to look sad in front of Seshiro. But the man could tell regardless and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I understand. Well I'm glad I moved to a village where the people are kind enough to do something like that." Sora looked away awkwardly.

"I'd say Seshin is an exception…most of the villagers seem pretty vile to me… I hope you like living here." Sora whispered. "so, about you…I have so many questions myself. But I guess the first one…." Sora stared at the rifle strapped to the man's back. "the gun…what's the story with it?" he said as he felt a pang of uneasiness at the sight of it. Seshiro laughed heartily.

"oh this old thing? I collect them. I just happened to be cleaning it when you showed up at my door so I had no time to put it away." Sora breathed a sigh of relief.

"alright, next question, why move to sotoba? Surely with the capital to build a place like this you could have moved somewhere like a tropical island." Sora sipped the tea.

"I actually read one of the books Seshin wrote and thought that this place would be lovely to live." Sora looked at him in suparis.

"Seshin writes books?" Seshiro nodded and plucked one from the bookshelf sitting behind him. It had an elaborate purple color with light pink embroidering.

"I remember mom reading a book like that once, I guess it would make sense…damn. The more you know…." Seshiro looked to the side, distracted by a noise.

"ah, my wife and daughter are awake. You should finish your tea, they hate the smell, so I have to sneak this flavor when they aren't around" Sora obliged and quickly gulped down the rest of the cup. He heard the noise too. Two sets of footsteps walking down the hall. Suddenly a beautiful blonde woman with pale skin and dark eyes, along with a girl who was maybe thirteen walking close behind her, stepped into the room.

"oh? We have a guest?" they both said in unison. Seshiro nodded and beckoned for Sora to introduce himself.

"my name is muroi Sora, it's a pleasure to meet you…damn! this woman is prettier than megumi! Same style too, flashy clothes sort of like a movie star." Sora blushed when he looked upon her face.

"My my, what a handsome young man you are!" she walked behind him and leaned into the back of his neck. He could feel her chest pressing against him and he could smell her perfume, another gaudy flowery scent. He could feel his cheeks becoming hot red and pulled away out of instinct.

"t-than-k you…" he stuttered as sweat started to bead up on his forehead. She chuckled as she noticed him blush. Sora took a moment to clear his throat and regain his composure.

"so, what's your name?" he asked nervously as he tried to change the subject. She laughed haughtily, like megumi would.

"kirashiki chizuru, and this is our daughter Sunako." The girl walked from behind her mother and curtsied with her dress.

"it's a pleasure. So is it true that you're related to Mr. muroi?" the girl asked. Sora looked at her dark eyes curiously. It seemed as if they were trying to feign interest, like an imitation of an emotion. There was something cold to them, and to chizuru's.

"you mean Seshin?... her voice sounds really familiar too…I get a bad feeling in the pit of my gut with every word she says…I KNOW I've heard her voice before…but where? yeah, Seshin is my cousin. I lost my family and he took me in…I hate having to explain things twice…" Sunako walked up and patted Sora on the head. He stared awkwardly.

"I'm truly sorry. Loss is the worst kind of pain a human can bear." She said eloquently.

"she seems so much older than she actually is…" Sora yawned. He looked over at Seshiro and noticed a full glass of tea.

"hey, you've still got some tea, I thought your wife didn't like how it smelled or something." Sora casually pointed out. Seshiro chuckled.

"oh, my I must have forgotten." Sora could hear shuffling behind him, and turned to see Sunako and chizuru holding his arms. He tensed up as he stared into the black pits that were their eyes. A horrible feeling of uneasiness washed over him.

"I think I should go. It was nice chatting with you." Sora said as he abruptly stood up and pulled his arms free.

"are you sure? You must be getting tired, why not stay and rest up before you leave." He heard chizuru speak. There was almost a…hunger…to her voice.

"yeah, call and have Mr. muroi pick you up. I'd love to meet him; his books were brilliant." She said, with that same hungry tone of voice chizuru had.

"you can just come by the temple. I really have to leave now." Sora said sternly as he felt the fear creep up his spine.

"oh please stay" chizuru walked closer to him and put her chest on his arm. Sora took one look at her open mouth and nearly pissed himself.

"fangs?!" two, inch long, ivory white fangs replaced what were her canine teeth. Sora could feel his whole body shake and convulse with fear. He looked at Sunako, and felt the same pulsating fear when he saw the fangs in her mouth.

"I NEED TO LEAVE!' he yelled as he vigorously yanked himself free. He could feel a tiring sensation flow throughout his body, but shrugged it off and ran as fast as he could out of the mansion gates. Tatsumi walked up behind a stunned Sunako and put a hand on her head in a comforting way.

"don't worry about it, we can't get them all at once." He sighed.

"you don't think he'd tell anyone what he saw do you?" she asked, slightly worried.

"like I said don't worry, even if he does, no one would believe him, they all would just think he was being paranoid of the new people." Tatsumi reassured her.

"Seshiro!" she angrily shouted. "I thought you drugged the tea so they couldn't resist!" Sunako calmed own and stared at him icily.

"but madam, I did, enough to knock out a man three times his size" Seshiro replied indignantly. Sunako sighed.

"I guess it can't be helped, send out someone to check and see if he passed out on the way back to the temple. That's where he said he lived. I was going to pay Mr. muroi a visit in a few days, so I can take care of this myself if need be. She sighed, exhausted. Tatsumi looked around and started thinking to himself.

"he really did smell odd…"

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