If things had gone a bit differently that day, a look at what a few differences can make in a momentous day.

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With the pod clutched to her chest, its silky petals pressed against her forearm anxiously urging her to run faster. Tara willed the plants around her to protect them. Most of the plants obeyed, but in the heat of the moment the air was filled with palatable fear and she heard the pitiful and regretful cries as they shrunk back in vain in a attempt to protect themselves from the hoard of vile creatures that rushed over them, trampling their delicate leaves and tinging their once vivid green stems brown with death, her connection with the plants enabled her to hear their shrieks of pain and pleas for help driving an invisible dagger of regret into her heart. Tara wanted to turn back to fight for her beloved plants and people until her last breath. But that would be counterproductive, she was near helpless in this situation and any action besides her current course would likely lead to the the destruction of the people she loved so dearly.

By the time she had reached the under-passing the screams of her plants, people her people and their attackers had blurred into a maddening buzz that was somehow more painful the screams alone and she felt herself growing weaker than she was earlier this morning. But she knew she wasn't the only one feeling that way, it was already going to be an emotionally fueled and draining day as the pod picking happened to coincide with a certain Boggan event, which is why Tara was so insistent on ignoring Ronin's advice she figured the early attacks were the Boggan's last hurrah so to speak before they were preoccupied with more pressing things for a while..


Tara couldn't fathom what Mandrake could possibly hope to achieve that was worth exhausting a third of his army and inconveniencing himself and his people greatly after all this was hardly a time for the Boggan's to be combative, they should be holed away preparing for to increase their hoard by three fold as they did every spring, Tara shuddered at the thought of more Boggans, and Mandrake? He should be busy fussing over his son to compensate for his lack of a mate.

And yet here they were tearing apart her- their forest as much as it grated her nerves to think of it like that Tara realized there was a balance on earth, and decay was needed to keep the soil rich and fertile, but on the same token too much of Mandrake and his Boggans "handiwork"could send the forest reeling out of control turning it into a barren wasteland that only God could fix.

In the end it was a lot like a bird molting, Tara had decided last fall when the Boggans had been increasingly mischievous due to the heavy rainfall, and were apparently rotting things for the sheer thrill of it and while the death of her plants were never pleasant it was necessary to replace the worn and broken with fresh and functional members ready and able to do their job to sustain the forest in their own way just like a bird needed new flight feathers every now and again the forest needed new plants and in the end her beloved plants life forces were never destroyed, they lived on, it was the empty husks that brought her to tears.

When she thought about his nature in that light, Tara almost found him bearable, because she recognized his role in the grand scheme of things even if her people couldn't, which is one of the reasons Tara would never pass laws that cracked down on the Boggans as hard as her advisors urged her to.

As for Boggan affairs she preferred to stay neutral, she had seen how negotiations between Queen Donna and Boggan King Markea and the hostilities and tragedies that always resulted from them. Tara wasn't ashamed to admit that after mentor had passed on and she renounced the title of princess she had never attended another negotiation with the Boggans again. Tara thought it would best if they both did their part for the forest without the others explicit intervention and her method had seemed to be working, up until now.

The Boggans behind her were shrieking wildly and letting their crude arrows fly in every direction rotting everything they pierced. Tara noted as she reached down and grazed one of the arrows encouraging a tiny sprout to rise up around it, the arrows never struck her once.

Tara had given them all she could think of, a whole section the forest to run rampant in, to rot at their pleasure, an island of solitude, their own little world, a place where Jinn where almost never seen, a country inside a country.

What more could they ask for?

She felt anger boiling in her stomach and shoving its way up to her thin fingertips, after all the lengths she had gone to, all the pardons she had issued. How could they do this to her, quickly she glanced over her shoulder, the Boggans were getting closer and their insistent snorts and screams became louder Tara rolled her eyes and with a sharp motion called the vines surrounding her them to forge a barrier between her and her pursuers.

They resisted her momentarily but sensing her rage consented and skillfully weaved a barrier that would off the Boggans for a few minutes anyway. In mere moments they would be clawing at the vines infecting the with rot until they were nothing but mush, it never ceased to confound her as she pondered how those creatures were able to create weapons that could rot on contact, maybe there was something else to it briefly she glanced down at her own hands thoughtfully.

The weak cry of pain reminded her this was no time to ponder others cultures and weapons and she felt an intense pang of regret a scream of frustration died in her throat, not because she was above it but because a second later there was a scream of terror and pain from the end of the tunnel she had made. Tara froze her confusion and anger replaced with cold fear as she realized who that scream belonged to.


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