The consequence of tragedy. GIA

Days were slow and often painful at the Falconers but they were free, safe (ish..) and on there way to a better life.

It was late night, John had already headed to bed after a long day of writing and sadly no teaching for either of them. Louise sighed contently, pulling her bathrobe tightly around herself, no matter how many times she took one it just never seemed like she'd get used to taking a warm bath again. It was mind blowing really, leaving her snoring husband, Louise padded down the hall to see her children before heading to bed herself. Aiden was fussing with his phone, Louise rolled her eyes but was inwardly glad, he was up late playing on the phone like teens were supposed to be, not peering fearfully at the window like he used to do in the earlier days of their release. Nonetheless she firmly told him to put it down and get some rest, Meg on the other hand was already tuckered out from a long day at the science club, she still had nightmares about her encounter but she was a tough little girl and tonight she slept peacefully. Feeling satisfied Louise returned to her own room and laid down gingerly as not to wake her husband.

With a yawn she closed her eyes, waiting to slip into the inky darkness of a well deserved slumber.
Five minutes passed and still no rest finally after another five minutes she opened her eyes with a sigh and stared boredly at the ceiling, knowing she wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight, even after two and a half months there wasn't even a hint that her thoughts would be slowing down anytime soon, they had so many things to worry about now, things that she couldn't have even imagined 15 months ago, her main concern was, what was going to happen to them now?

They were back at home now of course, Meg had been returned safe and sound and Aiden was still struggling with his Macrame class but remained darkly humorous about it, as for her and John? They were just grappling with the fact that the government had basically handed them their shattered lives back in a garbage bag, with a little more than.

"Oops, our bad. "

Louise rolled her eyes that was a horrible (but mostly true) thought after all they had been through she still loved her country and there was still the matter of the wrongful imprisonment lawsuit along with a bunch of other lawsuits, which they had assured were more of formalities than actual lawsuits, so the at least the government was trying to fix their mistakes.

Money isn't going to fix our lives though. She noted, turning over onto her side and gazing outside, where the streetlamps illuminated the seemingly endless wave of snowflakes falling from the sky, creating a small bright spot in the otherwise dreary night.

A tall shadow curled around the side of the house catching her eye, Louise watched it curiously as it slunk away briefly Louise wondered if she should wake John, put stopped herself, paranoia was not going to dictate their lives the shadow was probably just a stray dog or something.

Laying back down she closed her eyes her thoughts trained on morning.


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