The car drove the DiNozzos to their house and the driver helped them out of the car after he parked in the driveway. They were meet by Tony Senior, who was smiling brightly. "There they are, the new married couple. My beautiful grand kids and equally beautiful daughter in law." He kissed Ziva's cheek after he was handed Tali into his arms. "Hey there princess, remember grandpa Tony?" The little girl stuck her tongue out and kicked her legs and Senior chuckled and held her close as the group went inside. Ziva turned to her father in law. "Abby should be along shortly. We can't thank you enough. I should have enough formula made in the fridge. And if there isn't-". "You have an instruction paper on the fridge. We got it Ziva. Now both of you go get changed. I got this." Ziva smiles warmly and headed to her and Tony's bedroom. Upon reaching the door she helped as Tony, now finally her husband, scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her bridal style into their bedroom. "Yah! Tony put me down!" DiNozzo smiled and let her down after he walked inside. "You know me, I couldn't help it. I love you my ninja bride. Sweet cheeks." Ziva smiles in return as he kisses her lips and murmured back in a purr. "And I love you my little furry bear. So where are we going?" She asked him after they embraced and they went to their closet and dressers, getting out clothes for their trip, which was for 3 days by the way. Tony smiled and showed her the plane tickets and Ziva's eyes widened in surprise. "Paris?! Really? Oh my gosh honey, I can't believe it! I love Paris!" Tony smiled as he hugged her and laughed. "Well lets hurry and pack. Our flight leaves in four hours but we have to be there two hours before it departs so that means we got-" "We got 2 hours to be ready to go and get to the airport." Tony smiled. "I love you." Ziva friend back. "I love you too, mon petipoit." The next two hours were spent doing just that. Making sure they had what they needed packed, enough supplies for the babies for when they're gone. Ziva pauses at the thoughts crossing her mind. "Do you think they'll be okay?" She spoke softly and her husband looked to her. "Zachary and Tali are gonna be fine. Gibbs told me that the whole team is gonna be watching over them." He places his hands on her shoulders for reassurance. "I promise Ziva. The danger is gone. Our babies are going to be safe. And when we get back you can coo and cuddle them to your hearts content." Ziva have a small smile and let out her breath. "I feel that I will miss them and not be focused on us." Tony took her hand in his. "It's okay, because I'll be thinking about them too. Wondering if they'll even know if we're not there because they're only 5 months old. But we will call them every day. I promise." He sealed that promise with a kiss to her lips, a long, powerful kiss and Ziva took it in, tasting him. " taste nice." She whispered to him seductively and his eyes darkened. "DiNozzo men do. And as much as I'd love to continue, we do have a plane to catch. But, if you will, will you give me the exception of seeing you out of that dress?" Ziva looked down at herself and realized they both hadn't changed out of their wedding attire, her eyes flicking back up to his and she took some slow steps near her husband, seeing the ring on his finger before glancing back to his handsome face and into his eyes. "Yes I will. So long as you return the favor." Tony took her hand in his and kissed her palm. "As you wish." Ziva stared, biting her bottom lip before turning around, reaching behind herself, her flexible arms and fingers working as she unzipped the back of her dress, then with lithe movement she slipped her arms from the shoulder straps of her gown, then let it fall to the floor in a big heap. Tony watched, staring at the back of her and nodded in approval when she turned her head towards him, slowly turning around to face him, and stepped out of the gown. She bent down then and took of her shoes, then her knee-highs, leaving herself in her bra and underwear. DiNozzo watched the entire time, his eyes darkened and lustful, desire of want going through his veins, he took a breath to calm his nerves as his wife, his bride, for eternity, approached him. "Now it is your turn to undress, and my turn to watch. Then we shall get dressed and head to the airport." As she said this her face was so close to his that Tony could smell her minty breath, their noses brushing as he felt her breath on her skin. She then sat on the edge of the bed and he turned around to face her. Tony smirked his charming dark-eyed smirk at his new wife and began with his tie, untying it and tossing it aside, he then proceeds, removing the black suit of his tux, then unbuttons his white shirt from the top down after setting the suit top aside, Ziva's desire for him showing as his toned bare skin is revealed. He had been working out some lately and she admired his commitment to stick with it. He wasn't fully where she would like him, but for now it didn't matter. She loved the man before him weather he was in shape or not. Once the white shirt was completed he took it off. He didn't show that he saw her cheeks flush with red when his hands went to his pants and he unzipped, then leaned down and let them fall to the ground, the slight bulge in his drawers showing already. He wasn't fully aroused but it was enough to reveal what was on his mind, for it was on hers too. Ziva has to refrain from touching herself on her breasts and between herself as she stifled a squirm when she felt herself become wet for him as she wanted him.

But she knew it was best to wait until they were in Paris. They stared at each other a moment, then Ziva slowly rose to her feet and went to the closet and dresser, getting out some clothes for him to currently wear, a styling dress shirt, jeans and socks. As she was getting out those things DiNozzo came up behind her and she froze at feeling his hands on her body, feeling her back against his chest, warmth sleeping through her as both their breathing became deeper and her skin began to tingle. "Tony." She said in warning, for she knew if they started now they wouldn't be able to stop. "Believe me I want you..but we have at least 45 minutes to get to the airport." As she was saying this his hands were roaming up her back and through her hair as he nuzzled against her. Tony breathed out a groan as he felt her reach back to him and gently grasp at his skin, knowing she wanted him. "I know, Zi." She turned around to face him and immediately put her hands on his cheeks and crashed her lips to his, devouring him in a long, passionate kiss. She was hungry for him and he groaned into her mouth when she moved her hips against him and one of her hands had brushed over the fabric of his boxers there. " a good boy...and let's get dressed so we can be on our way." She said breathlessly. "That was just a taste of what is to come my love." Tony stood there, breathing, and he looked to her as he began getting on his pants. "Only a taste? Are you sure I can't get a nibble?" Ziva's gaze darkened as she stared at him, slipping a beautiful purple to red shirt over her head. "Trust me ahuvi-my love. When we reach Paris, it will be a night you'll never forget." Tony stared at her. "You know, the same will be for you too." Ziva stared at him after getting on her pants and he put on his shirt. "Is that a challenge?" Tony's eyebrows rose a tad. "Possibly. But who said it was a competition? I just know that I'm going to enjoy making love to you all night long." Ziva smiles. "And I look forward to spending every second of it with you. Tony DiNozzo, my husband and father of our babies. Take a girl for a ride?" Tony smiled and leaned in and kissed her. "As you wish."

Ziva and Tony went downstairs, their luggage on their shoulders and Tony senior smiled to his son and daughter-in-Law. "Abby just put the twins down to bed. They're sound asleep." Ziva smiles and set down her bag, then after giving a nod to Senior she proceeded down the hall to the nursery, quietly entering the room. Tony watched her go then turn to his father. "Dad, I know we don't converse much and things, but I'm glad you're here. And thanks for finding us a nice hotel in Paris." Senior nodded as he and Tony embraced. "It's my pleasure, son. I love you. And I love Ziva and my grandchildren. I'm proud of you, so proud. And I know your mom is too. I bet she's smiling down on us right now." Tony grinned, a tear escaping his eye as father and son embraced. Meanwhile Ziva was looking down at her little five month olds in their cribs. She leaned down and kissed their heads and caressed their cheeks, gently humming to them. Abby watched Ziva in her motherly way and smiled, being a meter back as to let Ziva have the small moment alone with her children. Ziva licked her lips. "I love you Zachary. My son. I'll be back before you know it okay? Ima will be back. I promise." The mother sniffles and a her eyes started welling up with tears. It had been a long, exhausting, emotional day. Ziva then turned to Tali's crib and she peered down to her daughter. "I love you Tali, my little motek-sweetheart. You watch out for your brother okay and do whatever your aunt Abby says." Ziva glanced back at Abby as her friend came near, resting her hand on Ziva's shoulder. "They'll be fine. And they're gonna have fun. I promise Ziva. Nothings going to happen to them. Other than me spoiling them rotten." She giggled and Ziva chuckled at that and hugged her friend after a moment. "Thank you Abby, for everything. I'll call you as soon as we land." Abby nodded. "I'll be here." And with that, Ziva gave one last kiss goodbye to her babies and then, letting some tears escape, she left the room sniffling. Tony noticed her demeanor as she neared him and he pulled his wife into a hug. Senior watched his son and his new wife hold each other, knowing it must be a little hard for the new mother. But he knew the babies would be fine. He watched as Ziva pulled back after Tony exchanged words with her, cupping her cheeks in his hands and she seemed to nod after he spoke and bothered smiled after he kissed her forehead and she closed his eyes while he did so. Then they gathered their two bags and Ziva had her purse. "You both have a wonderful time. Everything will be right as rain when you get back." Ziva smiles and hugged her father in law. "Toda-Tony. Thank you." Senior smiles. "It's my pleasure." Father and son have a final hug goodbye before the couple left their home and got in their car and soon they were off for the airport.

Within those 40 minutes they were dropped off. Tony squeezed Ziva's hand after he got out the luggage and handed Ziva her bag. The car drove off and the newlyweds went inside and went through the normal customs that come with the package of flying. Their father spared no expense. First class seating including baggage carrying and whatever was asked was given. They finally boarded the plane to Paris and Tony and Ziva went to their seats. After buckling in, DiNozzo took his wife's hand in hers, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Well, we're on our way. We're on our honeymoon, sweet cheeks." Ziva chuckled and squeezed his hand back. "Yes we are my love. I love you so much." Tony smiled back. One of the flight attendants came near. "Champagne?" He asked and the couple exchanged glances then nodded. "Please." Tony inclines his head and two glasses were filled and served. "Anything else I can offer you?" Ziva thought a moment. "Do you have any fruit?" The attendant nodded. "Of course. We have apples, grapes, oranges, and berries. And other snacks like the usual chips or pretzels, peanuts, cookies, ect." Ziva nodded. "Hmm. I would like an orange and some pretzels." The man nodded. "Right away mam." Ziva looked to her husband after glancing out the window, seeing the sun beginning to set. "By the time we reach Paris it will be dark." Tony said to her and she grinned. "Perfect. Then we can see it lit up. Can you imagine the Eiffel Tower? I bet it's beautiful." Tony nods, taking a sip of his drink and setting down the glass gently. "You're right about that...but you're more beautiful than any tower. For you are the most beautiful wonder of all the wonders of the world." Ziva could help the few tears that escaped and she leaned over and hugged her husband. didn't seem real..but it was. The flight attendant returned with what Ziva had asked for and then he left after getting a couple pillows and blankets for the newlyweds so they could sleep on their flight. Tony knew the real fun would be later so they decided to save up their energy as he was sure they would be a little out of it from jet lag.

...A couple hours later Tony reached over and gently shook his wife's shoulder. "Ziva, honey." "Mhm." "Sweet cheeks, we're here." Ziva opened her eyes, rubbing them and sat up more, looking about. "Ladies and gentlemen we are beginning our decent, please make sure that your trays and all the objects, phones and other techno devices are put away and seatbelts are securely fastened. Thank you for flying Delta Airlines and welcome to Paris." Ziva looked to her husband and held his hand. They took breaths and concentrated as the plane began its decent and there was a few bumps before they finally landed. "We have landed ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying." The plane parked and Tony and Ziva DiNozzo got their luggage and headed out with the rest of the passengers. A cab was waiting for them to take them to their hotel, Ziva speaking fluent French to their driver and paying him. The drive wasn't too bad though there was some traffic. Ziva looked out the window a little, but she and Tony could keep their eyes off each other. They held hands and kissed and just cuddled while they were in the cab. After about a half hour, "We are here." Announced the driver and he nodded at the couple, speaking in French. "Have a splendid honeymoon." Ziva smiles and returned the gesture. "Mercy." Then she and Tony got outof the car to find one of the workers there with a luggage carrier. "May I take your bags please and I'll escort you to your room." Tony and Ziva exchanged glances. "You are Mr. DiNozzo, yes?" He asked in a thick accent. Ziva nodded. "We, He is my husband." The French man nodded and they went inside and headed to the elevator after getting the key card to their suite. "You both are going to love this room. The view is amazing and the room and bath itself is luxurious and you are free to use it however you please." Tony nodded as they were standing in the elevator. More minutes passed and the elevator doors opened and they exited the car. DiNozzo looked at the keycard "Our room number is 117." They went down the hall a ways and turned on the left, their helper smiled. "Ah, here we are." He opened the door and, "Oh" Ziva said as they went in, her eyes wide as she stepped inside and looked about. The suite was luxurious and fancy. Little figurines, a small living room like area where there was a door on the right which led to their master bed and bathroom. The couches were comfy, there was a small table with two chairs and a complimentary basket of fruit and a few choice bottles of wine, a big flat screen tv on the wall opposite the main couch. There was a small outside balcony that faced the amazing view of the city and the Eiffel Tower, it brought memories to both DiNozzos from when they were undercover as married assassins. Only this time they were actually married and weren't under cover, and this time it was going to be real love making...not that at one point they weren't faking before. (Hee hee I couldn't help it ;P) Tony and Ziva looked to each other after tipping their staff and he left quietly after unloading the luggage.

Ziva took her husbands hand and they went out onto the balcony, the wind lightly blowing, Ziva's hair lifting in the invisible breeze, Tony's eyes never leaving her a his smile was plastered to his face as well as hers as she leaned on the railing, his hand resting on the small of her back. The new bride looked out and took in a breath of fresh air, momentarily closing her eyes. "It's so beautiful." She said quietly as she glanced up at the night sky, the stars bright and twinkling and the moon full. Tony looked to her. "Yeah..beautiful." But he wasn't looking at the stars as Ziva found him staring longingly at her. She stared right back, her mouth partially open, they faced each other and Tony took her hands in his, then, walking backwards he led her back inside their room. He kept walking backwards, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to make sure he didn't bump into anything as he led her to the bedroom, Ziva's body already tingling with anticipation of what was to come. Would they take their time or chase the release? Who knows. But they were going to make a whole night of it. Once inside Tony paused and closed the door then he reached over and dimmed the lights just a little. Ziva walked up behind him after her eyes quickly adjusted and placed her hands on his shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze and then ran her hands down his back, feeling his body through his clothes. Tony stood still as he felt her touch, taking slow but deep breaths as he knew it had started. He felt Ziva's hand snake into his, their fingers immediately intertwining and he turned to face her. They stared at each other for a long moment before she proceeded, their eyes never leaving each other as she began taking off his shirt, her slender fingers going under the edge and gently tugging upwards, showing his skin until he lifted his arms to help take it over his head and she let it fall to the floor. Neither of them said a word, just pure body movement and talking eyes. Ziva stared at his torso then back up into his darkened gaze as she moved closer, feeling their chests brush against each other...then she leaned up..and pressed her lips to his ever so gently. Tony took in that kiss which soon deepened and he felt her push herself into him, his arms coming around her body and pulling her to him, holding her close. Ziva's arms came around his neck as he reached under her shirt, also lifting it over her head and tossing it aside, both continuing to kiss each other but now more heatedly as Tony pulled his new wife to him and began rubbing against her, Ziva's eyes closing at the sensation on her exposed skin. As they kissed over and over for dominance Tony snakes his hand down to Ziva's pants and unbuttoned, unzipped and began sliding them off. Ziva moves against him and tilted her hips to help with this small barrier and she stepped out of her pants and wrapped her arms around her handsome husband, her breasts against his hairy chest and lips crashing together once again, then Tony picked her up, Ziva's legs wrapping around his waist as he walked towards the bed, her arms around him and fingers going through his hair as in this position his head was at her chest area and she could feel his breath on her breasts. They were a little larger since becoming a mother and breastfeeding their babies. Though they had gone down a little since the birth, it wasn't much. But it didn't matter. Tony turned and sat down on the bed, Ziva straddling him as she gently ground her hips against him, making her husband groan in pleasure as they kissed deeply and Tony reached behind his wife, unclasping the bra and gently pulling it off and letting it fall to the floor as his hands went to her exposed breasts, squeezing them and cupping them in his hands, then he began sucking on them, causing Ziva to close her eyes and lean back her head in bliss as she ran a hand through her hair and moved it out of the way so it fell down her back, the sensation of it against her skin only adding to her senses.

"Mmmhh, mmmnhh." Moans and deep breaths came from the couple as they continued, their hands moving all over each other, Tony's rubbing her back and down to her hips, gently squeezing her ass cheeks as she moved against him, "Ughhh, Hugh!" gasping some when she felt the friction their from her own movements and also when Tony began sucking on her breasts. "Mmmn...Tony." She murmured and he leaned up more, kissing her alongside her neck and Ziva closed her eyes a moment as he did this and she wrapped her arms around him and kissed the top of his head, her hands clawing at his back. "Ziva." He spoke back to her, his voice low and husky with want. They kissed more fast now, Ziva attacking Tony's lips as he reached between them and rubbed between her legs over her panties, hearing Ziva's moans as she kissed him and ground her hips against his straining member in his pants. "Hughhh! Hmm mmmn! Tony..." DiNozzo looked to his wife and she nodded as they touched foreheads and he grabbed onto her and she did the same to him as he rose to his feet and turned around, laying Ziva down on the bed, a slight bounce as it was a tad more forceful than he had intended and Ziva yelped but let out a laugh, smiling as he crawled over her and caressed her cheek, moving bits of her long dark curly hair from her face and kissing her deep and he grinds his hips against her, their privates touching, making Ziva gasp. "Uughmn! Mnnhh!" Tony looked into Ziva's eyes and she nodded, taking his hand that was on her belly and guided it down to the hem of her panties, signaling her intent and want. Tony looked down then while he began to kiss her again, this time a little slower, savoring her taste and watching her reaction, slowly he inserted his hand below and rubbed her thighs right above where she wanted him, teasing her, making her want him all the more and she was wet and sexy and full of life. Ziva's body was hot and ready for her husband and she gasped and sort of whined as he avoids her most sensitive area, trying to move her hips towards his hand. She lifts her rear off the bed when Tony removed his hand and then pulled her underwear down her long silky soft legs. His wife leaned forward and reached for his pants as well and Tony let her start removing them as he stared at her the entire time, leaning down and kissing her skin, moving her hair and kissing her neck, her jaw, her lips and cheek, her ear. Ziva returned the kisses just as passionately and skillfully she removed Tony's pants, seeing his straining member peak through the hole in his boxers. His gaze darkened as he saw her eyes were on him, on his cock. Tentatively she reached forward and he took in a breath at feeling her fingers grasp at the edge of his boxers and pull them down and he maneuvered out of them. His cock was big and long, erected, it was perfect. She began rubbing and massaging it immediately as he moved closer to her, a hand on Ziva's cheek as his lips were on hers and the kissing began once again, Tony's other hand roaming over his wife's body, touching her exposed skin as they moved and lay side by side on the bed, facing each other and Tony then reached around his wife and touched her left ass cheek and they stared at each other a long moment, taking in the other now that they both were fully bare and warmed up.

Ziva massages Tony's length up and down and up and down, gently twisting and curling her fingers expertly over the head and along his already hard shaft, making him twitch and tingle with want. "Ziva." He growled and he returned the favor, his fingers touching her most sensitive core, causing her to cry out and grip the sheets as he began moving his fingers there, coating them in her moister as he went through her folds. Ziva swallowed and kissed her husband and he kissed her right back then he watched her raw reaction to him inserting a finger and moving it in and out slowly as his thumb rubbed her bundle of nerves there. Ziva's breath becoming uneven as she gasped and whimpered, moving her hips into his hand, her body beginning to sweat. She ended up letting go of him and fully laying back, groaning and gasping as he fingered her, going slow then speeding up, Tony judging her reaction and he licked his lips as he moved his hand, adding a second finger, he then leaned down and sucked on her breast and Ziva looked to him, her husband, feeling her breath on his face. "Need you...Now." Tony smiled and shook his head. "Not yet beautiful. I want to taste you first." This made Ziva's eyes darken with lust and Tony began kissing her lips, gently moving down along her neck and collar bone, then lower on her breasts, his tongue flickering around her hardened nipples. He slowed his finger movements and Ziva's breathing became a little calmer as he went, the movement of her hips more smooth and flexing at his menstruations to her heat. She hissed and smiled at him, the bliss feeling perfect as he loved to make her feel this way. And the night was just getting started. Tony kissed and licked lower down her body as he went across her muscles to her stomach, around her belly button, then the teasing went lower and lower, Ziva's eyes widening some as she became more alert from her brief relaxed state, her body tingling in anticipation and she focused on him as he began applying kisses to the front of her hips, then on the inside as he had moved further down the bed to now he was between her legs but not right there, going around her arousal but not touching it, only occasionally grazing the sides and right above her clitoris. "Mmn..hhmnn! Ughhh! Mnhh!" Her noises and grunts sounded like heaven to him. The beginnings of a song that was yet to be sung. Ziva raises to her elbows and looks at her husband there and their eyes make contact. Tony paused just above her nerve bundle, Ziva seeming to be holding her breath as she felt his there as he hovered, then...He dove in hard! Ziva called out loudly at this as her senses went into overdrive and bliss and nature was just taking over her mind, giving herself to the pleasure as Tony licked her clitoris and fingered her and he also removed his finger and darted his tongue in and out. He pulled his head back and then inserted two fingers and moved them in at out at a fast pace while he watched his wife squirm beneath him, her legs raising and wide for his access. "Oh god! Ughh!...aughhhh! Mmmnhssss! Sssiighhh! More Tony, yess! Oh god yes, yes! Shit. Please..!" Tony could feel her squirming and she griped the sheets and ground herself into his face. He moved up more with one knee on the bed and then just used his fingers against her clit and moved them in and out fast and began rubbing her and curling his fingers inside and twisting them. "Aaagh! Uuuaagh Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Ziva voice getting more high pitched, Tony could feel her clenching around her fingers. "You're so wet. And right." He spoke huskily to her. "I want you Tony!" DiNozzo shook his head but smiled. "No, I want to see you cum first." Gritting his teeth, Tony moved his hand fast over her clit and Ziva couldn't help but scream aloud as he did this, her toes curling and her husbands muscles shiny as his arm pumped back and forth. A few more good twists with his wrist and fingers and she was indeed cuming. Ziva cried out loudly as she rode her orgasm, Tony sending a few waves to add to her hard pleasurable bliss as she writhed there on the bed and Tony smiled and marveled at his work. He loved his wife and he wanted tonight to be one of the best of her life. Of their lives.

After a minute or two Ziva had calmed down some, her breathing more regular and then she sat up smiling at Tony as he climbed up to her and their lips crashed and her arms wrapped around him. Groans and heavy breathing continued once again, this time Tony sat up and then looked to his wife, her hands in his. "You ready, Mrs. DiNozzo?" Ziva smiles and nods. "I'm ready to become one with you, Mr. DiNozzo." Tony smiled and then reached down, grabbing his already erected hard cock and rubbed it some, working himself up into a frenzy and he bent the head down and then, locking his green shining eyes with his wife Tony pushed his hips forward. "Fuck." DiNozzo moaned out when he felt himself become engulfed by his wife, her walls wet and hot and inviting to his veiny length and he fully sheathed himself into his wife. "Ohhh..mmnnhhh." Ziva groaned out, Tony doing the same as he proceeded, widening her legs to accommodate her husbands large size. He looked down at her, concerned when he saw her wince when he began thrusting at a nice rhythm, not too slow but not fast either, just enough to get them going, lol not that it's going to last long. "Are you okay? Am I hurting you?" He huskily asked through his breathing and Ziva shook her head. "No my love. Just..don't..stop." She clenched around him and matched his pace, encouraging him to go faster and Tony got the hint. He speed up his thrusting, their skin now hitting with resounding smacks. Ziva yelled each time Tony pushed into her, his muscles shiny with sweat. He had one hand on her hip, he other higher on her breast, squeezing it and he groaned, momentarily closing his eyes. "Mmmnhhh ughhh...god you're so perfect. I want to be like this forever. I feel like I can do anything when I'm inside you." He spoke breathlessly to his wife, sweat on his forehead and neck, his torso pumping, hands gripping. Tony groaned when Ziva clenched hard around him, twice. "You feel amazing inside me. Ughhh! I love you, your body and your cock. Mmmnhhh! You feel so incredible! I love you ahuvi-my love. Keep going! Augghh! Aaghmm!" "Aaughh!" Tony grimaced and he pumped his body harder, his hips going back and forth, the sounds coming from Ziva's mouth edging him on and he felt his cock begin to pulse. 'Not yet, not yet.' He told himself, no, willed himself not to cum. He wanted to as he was already straining from before, but he forced himself to hold back, slowing a little. But with Ziva's walls around him and sucking on his length it was proving difficult. He squeezed his eyes shut and he kept thrusting, shooting his hips back and forth harder and faster against his wife, her cries and gripping hands pleasuring him as she ran them all over his hot body. She looked up at him and could tell he was close, feeling his cock becoming veiny inside her and feeling ready to burst. "Cum for me Tony!" She said to him through her heavily breathing and she matched his thrusting. "Faster Tony! Cum inside me!" "Oh god! Oh fuck, duck!" Tony opened his eyes and groaned, his head and neck turning red as he spilled forth into her, releasing, hands gripping, groaning loudly. "Aaughh, ooohhh, ooohhhh!" He called as shot his hips forward and his body jerked a little at his release. After a few moments he looked to her and both smiled. Ziva reaches up and put her hand to his cheek, DiNozzo kisses her fingers and leans down, taking her mouth in his, lavishing her. "I love you." He murmured to her, his strokes slow and soothing. Ziva smiles back and kissed his lips. "And I love you." He hovered above her a few minutes, his length still inside her as he continued to move slow, his length a little soft. Once she was sure he was a little relaxed and ready Ziva then flipped them over, causing Tony to gasp, groaning herself as she felt his shaft become hard once again in seconds. She looked down at him. "Now it's my turn." Tony smiled. "Round two."

Ziva started off slowly but with purpose, sitting up and flexing her hips against her husband, running her hands along Tony's sides, his belly and up to his chest. She leaned down to him and kissed his lips, breathing deeper, both taking each other's scent and Ziva kissed deeper and began moving, both thrusting each other and she moaned as she went, Tony groaning and he reached down between them and rubbed her clit with one hand, the other on her right hip as she ground against him, moaning and crying out as she went faster. Tony groaned out loudly at the pleasure his wife was giving him, enjoying it so much he couldn't help but grab onto her hips and thrust upward into her cunt fast and hard, bucking twice and Ziva yelled. "Oh, ohh, yes yess yes! Aaahh! Aaughh! Mmnn!" It was music to his ears. "Oh god fuck yes!" Tony growled to her. He pulled her to him and then turned over, then he sat up and held onto one of her legs and he thrust fast into his wife, Ziva yelling with each thrust and she screamed as he bucked into her. Tony's eyes widened. "Oh god I'm gonna cum! I sent you to cum with me!" Ziva looked to him. "Rub me Tony! I'm so close!" Tony reached down and rubbed her clit fast and shot his hips back and forth, drilling into her, his face grimacing, muscles straining and sweating. A few more good hard thrusts was all it took to send their build up towards their release. "Zivaaaaaghhh ughh ughhh Aaughh!" Tony called Ziva's name as he ejaculated into her. "Oh my god! Asaaagghhhh!" And Ziva was right behind him, her walls clamping down on his rigid cock as he spilled his seed into her. Ziva was on the pill so they hopefully didn't have to worry about her becoming pregnant again on their honeymoon. Ziva rode out her hard orgasm and laid on top of Tony, both breathing hard and sweating, muscles vibrating. They looked to each other, eyes exploring and speaking, smiles coming to their lips and caressing each other's cheeks. Ziva gently rose up, removing herself from her husband with a small grunt and snuggled up beside him as Tony wrapped his arms around her, kissing her lips softly and his hands smoothly going along her sexy hot body. Tony ran his hand over her breast and Ziva moved into him, rubbing her sensitive slit against his cock. She did it again, and again. "Fuck." Tony took in a breath with closed eyes as he instantly hardened up against her movements and he tilted his hips against her. Ziva smiles and he looked to her with his signature DiNozzo grin. "Round three?"

Ziva nodded, outing her lips to his and they rode up onto their knees and wrapped their arms around each other. "Mmmn, mmmn." Tony ran a hand through his wife's long curly hair and down her back. He leaned his head down and sucked on her neck, then went further to her breasts, hearing his wife morning and he grinned darkly at her when she gasped at his cock head rubbing against her heat, her core so sensitive now he could make her wiggle and squirm with the slightest of touches, and make her scream with his full blown hand. She moaned into him as they rubbed against each other, chest to chest, his hips leaning forward. "Mmmn, I love you so much baby. You're perfect." Ziva groaned as he move his hips forward, his rigid cock head pushing through her folds but not fully entering her. Ziva whined at not having him there where she wanted him. "You're amazing ahuvi. I want you inside me...sssughh, please!" Tony grinned. "Well, since you asked nicely. But I want to try something different." Ziva's eyes darkened as she stared at him. "Yes? And what is that?" "I wanna fuck you from behind." His wife smiled and she crashed her lips onto his for a long moment before she smiled and stoked his cock with her hand for a few seconds before turning herself around and widening her legs. Tony moved himself forward, resting hands on her rear, gently moving them up her back across her smooth skin and into her hair, caressing her soft curls, her shoulders, down her back. She moved her hip up and down against his erection and he moaned. Tony then moved his hips forward, moaning along with his wife's groan as he pushed himself slowly into her. "You're still so wet." He said huskily and Ziva breathes, looking back at him and moving her hair from her face. "You feel so good my love. I love it when you're inside me." She yelled when Tony responded with a fast hard thrust into her, feeling his cock go completely inside her all the way, her walls feeling so good to him. "Uuughhhh...I could do this all night baby." He thrust hard again, drew back slowly, then shot into her again, the sensations causing both of them to grunt and moan loudly and their heart rates quickened when Tony began speeding up, Ziva yelling with each thrust. Tony hovered over her, kissing her back as he humped her with more vigor and ferocity, reaching underneath and between her legs and fingering her. Ziva screamed with each thrust he made and he grunted as he claimed her as his, his body moving over hers in the animalistic way he took her. Ziva flexed against him, meeting his thrusts with her own moving hips. Tony bent up and smacked her ass and Ziva bounced back against him, causing Tony to moan huskily. "Fuck baby. Oh yeah. That's it." The sensations she was giving him couldn't be ignored in his urge to mate with her, fuck her, love make to this exotic prize and one whom he loved for all eternity. "I love you babe. Ughh you're so perfect. I feel like Superman when I'm inside you." He then grabbed her hips and began pumping his back and forth, Ziva unable to do anything accept yell and grip the sheets beneath her and her back bent and their skin smacked together as he continued his force, driving his rigid cock into her like a drill and her wet massaging walls gripping him, clenching, urging her husband on to bring them to their climatic release. "Augh! Aughhh! Sssss god yes right there! God baby you're incredible!" Ziva called out and groaned loudly, bouncing back into him as he thrust forward hard and fast. "I'm so close!" Tony grunted and began breathing harder and his movements more erratic, pounding into her hard, Ziva holding on, muscles straining and soon she began cuming. "Oh my god aaaahhhh! Fuck! Oh shit!" Tony was right behind her when he felt her grip around him. "Oh fuck! Aaughh! Ughh! Aaughh!" Tony yelled as he gripped his wife, his body shaking as she rode her orgasm on him, her legs quivering. "Oh my gosh." A smile came to her lips when the pleasurable bliss finally came down to its end. She looked back at her husband as he slumped down over her, feeling his breath on her skin. "Oh man babe, that was the best. I love you so much. And not just because we had fabulous sex." He quickly pointed out. "I truly love you." Ziva nodded to him and craned her neck back and their lips meet. "And I love you. Forever."

Tony's breathing became more regular but he had to admit he was tired. Ziva was as well and she grunted when her husband slowly removed himself from her. They both hugged each other and went to the bathroom and showered together. Ziva looked to him as he washed his hair and she smiled. He was beautiful. Tony smiled back and brought his arms around her and they kissed and then just stood there under the torrent, the water cascading down their bodies as they were embraced in each other's arms. Afterwards they were fully relaxed and ready for sleep. Ziva moved up next to Tony on the bed, her head resting on his chest and her left arm around him as he held her, their legs intertwining as both became sleepy and kissed each other gently. "I love you Ziva." Tony spoke softly to his wife and she looked to him. "I love you too Tony. For forever." She sealed her promise with a kiss to his lips, cupping his cheek in her hand. Tony drank in her taste and inhaled her scent. "You mean so much to me, and our family." "You do too, Tony. I love you and our beautiful children. We are going to have the best life ahead of us." Tony smiled at her. "It's not going to be easy. Raising a DiNozzo is a difficult task." Ziva smirked, eyeing him playfully. "I think we can manage." Tony looked to her, grinning. "Are you sure? It could be messy." His wife smiles. "You know how I love a challenge." Ziva said softly and then laid her head back down onto his chest and cuddled as close as she could, feeling her husbands arms around her body and it made her feel safe. She could feel sleep coming to her, so she closed her eyes and let it overtake her. Tony ran his fingers through her hair until he could feel her breathing and body become relaxed against his, enjoying and fully content and complete in her presence. Craning his neck he leaned down his lips and kissed the top of his wife's head. "I love you."

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