Chapter 1. Take Out at my Place?

It was the end of the day. Another case solved, another murderer put away, the streets a little bit safer. Team Gibbs had just finished up and Tim, Abby, Ducky and Palmer had gone home already. Tony and Ziva glanced at each other as they got done typing up files. They had been secretly dating under their boss' nose and now, Tony's eyes meet Ziva's and their feelings and affections grew. Things were starting to look up for the two lovebirds as it seemed it was going good, the relationship going in the right direction with doing picnics and movie nights, along with the human touch like hugs and pecks on the lips and cheeks..a few actual kisses. But beyond that that was all that had happened between them and it seemed that tonight they both decided to possibly go further without letting the other know.

Ziva blushed and moved a lock of hair behind her ear. Gibbs was reading a file, his glasses on as he read in silence. Tony glances at Ziva again, wondering if he should make a little hint comment that they had decided to be together to their boss. Just very subtle to see how Gibbs would react despite his rules. Ziva took a breath and gave a subtle nod. Trusting her partner, Tony rose from his seat, stretching. "Mmmm. What a day. Felt like I ran a marathon." Ziva chuckles. "If I recall correctly I was the one who caught the rabbit." Tony put his hands on his desk as he leaned forward a bit. "Yeah after I chased him through town and jumped over whatever he tossed at me. But I got his cramp in my back." Ziva smirked. "That is because you do not exercise." Tony made a pouting face. "Hey I hit the gym every once in a while." He gestured with his hands. "I say my abs have tightened up a little." He glances at Gibbs quickly then back to his partner. "Would you like to see?" Ziva grins like she usually does and shook her head smiling. Her eyes saying rip it off but her mouth saying no. "I do not need to see your manly physic Tony." Tony moved his jaw to the side a bit in a usual gesture.

"Hm...well." He slowly moved from behind his desk and walked over to hers, keeping his eyes on Gibbs as the boss continued to read over files and paperwork. "What do you say to..having take out at my place?" Ziva's eyes never left her lover's face, she seemed to be holding her breath. Tony also froze, his eyes planted on his boss but in a tad flinch like expression...but there was nothing from Gibbs. He just moved his head up and down a little as he read, trying to get his glasses to focus on the small print. Tony and Ziva looked to each other and then Ziva responded. "Take out sounds good, Tony. Uhm. What are you thinking? Pizza, Chinese..?" Tony nodded nonchalantly. "Pizza sounds good." Ziva nods and rises from her seat after her computer shuts down for the night and Tony lets himself relax a little and smiles. "Alright. I'll meet you at my place." Ziva gathers her things. "I will pick up a pizza." They nod and Ziva heads for the elevator, Tony soon following with coat in hand over his shoulder. Both looking at Gibbs from the elevator, leaning to the side to keep him in site as the doors close and the elevator dings, starting it's decent. Once it starts going down Gibbs can't help but let a smile peak through.

"Okay what the heck just happened?" Said Ziva as both she and Tony stood there facing the door of the elevator as it went. "There was no reaction to us going out together at all." Tony said. "None." Ziva agreed. She looked to him and he looked to her. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment until DiNozzo broke the silence. "Does this mean he's finally letting us..?" He raised his eyebrows a bit and Ziva takes a tentative breath, swallowing as he takes her hands in his. They had been doing more than just going out to eat together...they have actually been dating. "I do not know but we must be careful. Take it slow. I mean we have been doing this under his nose for some time and I'm surprised he has not caught on and shoved rule 12 into our faces as usual. I know he has his reasons and.." Tony nodded. "And he's like a father figure to us." He added to which Ziva nodded. "Yes, very much so...but at the same time I don't want to disappoint him." They looked to each other and then Tony looked into her eyes as the elevator reached its destination, the doors opening as they stepped out. "Oh and by the way..tonight's not going to be take out at my place." Ziva raised her eyebrows a little, getting excited. "Oh? And what does this..special dinner imply?" She asked smoothly. DiNozzo smiled and moved a curl of hair behind her ear. "It implies a night out with yours truly. Special indeed, meet you in 20 at the Rooftop in." Ziva nodded. "I'll be the one in maroon." She pecked him on the cheek. "Will any of that be involved?" Tony caressed her face. "Oh...much more than that." And with that they parted and each went to their apartments and got dressed out for the night.

20 minutes and Ziva arrived at the restaurant. She wore a V neck maroon silk dress, her hair all on one side and partially braided, curly locks down over her left shoulder. She went to the receptionist. "May I help you?" The man said and Ziva nodded. "Yes I am with someone named Tony DiNozz-" "Excuse me." A man's voice came out and Ziva turned to see Tony come near in a nice suite. "I am Tony DiNozzo." The receptionist nodded. "DiNozzo..Yep, table for two. Follow me please." They were led inside then upstairs to a private table for two. He left the me yes on the table. "The waitress will be up in a few minutes. Enjoy." And with that he left them alone. Tony looked at Ziva and both smiled as he escorted her to her chair. "Hmm. Dinner under the stars, candlelight. It's perfect." She commented. Tony smiled back as he seated her in her chair and went around and sat down across from her. "Well only the best for the lovely lady." He poured two glasses of wine for both of them. "Here's to us. Hopefully to a bright future, full of love, good memories, and an amazing life together." Ziva smiled, taking in his every word. "Cheers."

They clinked glasses and took a drink. "Mm. This is good." Tony nodded and the couple looked at their menus. It wasn't long before they drank more and then their waitress came up. "Good evening my name is Kendra and I'll be your server for tonight. Can I interest you in any of the specials or appetizers tonight?" Ziva went first. "No thank you but I would like the cream ravioli salad with pumpernickel croutons on the side please." The waitress nodded. "Alright...anything else?" Ziva thought. "Hmm. What type of wine is this?" Tony handed the bottle to Kendra. "Oh it's one of our most pollutant red wines." Ziva nodded. "Yes I read the label. Cabernet Sauvignon." Kendra nodded. "Yes it is actually from Chile. It is often blended with Merlon and Cabernet Franc. It's a bit dense and tonic but still a good choice." Tony nodded as he drank more from his glass. "Yes it's pretty tasty." The server nodded. "And what can I get for you sir?" She asked as Ziva drank more from her glass. She knew this would make them a little drunk but not too much to be unable to drive. Tony nodded. "Yeah uhm..I'll have the sirloin and grilled shrimp with fries." The server nodded and took their menus. "Alright. I will be back with your orders once they're cooked." She left them alone to continue their night out.

The night went on and Tony and Ziva talked and laughed. Saying many things as they then ate their meal and drank more of the wine. Despite their senses not as acute both had a good time and both spoke the truth about how they felt and also the future and where their relationship was going. Tony looked at his watch as they were done. "Hm. It's getting late." Ziva nodded and smiled. "Tony..Thank you so much for this lovely dinner. I really enjoyed it and our talk." Tony looked into her eyes, taking a chance he took her hand in his. "Ziva, I had a good night too. I thought maybe a night like this would help us become closer as partners...friends..." He wanted to say more but stopped. Ziva looked into his eyes and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "Lovers." She said. Tony nodded. "And it's true. I do love you Ziva. It's just been hard to say it until now. I mean I know you feel something for me just as strongly." Ziva nodded, swallowing. "Tony..I do feel the same. I love you." During this they had leaned closer and closer. Soon their lips brushed against each other into the most softest tender kiss they've ever shared. Genuine, true and pure. They opened their eyes and that's when it started. More kisses became exchanged until they pulled apart. "Ziva..race you to my place?" The brunet nodded and they paid their tab and left.

Tony quickly got to his apartment and changed into something more comfortable. He then noticed his place was messy so he cleaned up the dirty clothes, his bedroom, vacuumed and then waited until he heard a knock on the door. Licking his lips he paused and opened it. In walked Ziva and, smiling, the first thing she did was plant one right onto his lips, her hands cupping DiNozzos cheeks as his arms wrapped around her waist and they continued to kiss. "Mmm." With the desire tuning through their brings and their feelings and emotions going, as well as the bit of alcoholic wine, they didn't hesitate. They both knew what they wanted. A night of true love and passion, not from being undercover or not doing it for fear of the consequences, but genuine desire and love. Complete trust.

Tony pulled back and looked to Ziva. "I love you." He kissed her lips and cheeks repeatedly, both breathing through their noses as Ziva responded. "I love you too, Tony. With all my heart...You will always be in my heart." Tony smiles and then picks her up and Ziva wraps her legs around his waist as he carries her to his bedroom, kissing the entire way, bodies heating up and aroused. "And you're in mine." He said as he closed the door behind him and gently set Ziva down on mot her feet. She smiled and looked about the room. "It's clean...and you got a bigger bed." She commented as she ran her hands along his body. Tony took a breath and continued to kiss her. "Well I figured since we might eventually be sharing this place or your place I took the liberty of getting one for a night such as this, and the nights to come." He kisses her lips, her face, even her neck, Ziva's eyes close and she revels in his nearness as they go to the bed. "I'm going to give you 1,000 of these. Everyday." Ziva takes in his scent and his kisses as well as giving her own. "Mmm..And I'm going to give them right back. I love you so much." Their bodies began to sweat and the kissing and movement became more heated as desire ran through their veins.

Ziva began unbuttoning his shirt as Tony kissed her neck. Tony breathed in her scent as he wrapped his arms around her and took off her top, also taking off his shirt and tossing both aside. He kissed her lips and, carefully maneuvering, both lovers eased them selves onto the bed more, Ziva's head resting against the pillow as Tony took in the sight before him. Ziva smiles and does to him and both agents took off their pants and undergarments. It wasn't long before they were joined as one, taking deep breathes as Tony inserted himself into Ziva and they kissed and moved slowly, their bodies melting perfectly together, made for each other. "Mmm, Mmmn. I love you so much." Ziva moaned at his thrusts. Tony felt her pull him closer and he continued the rhythm with his hips.

He moaned as she met him each time and kissed his lips, neck, played with the hair on the back of his neck as well as pulling him as close as possible to her. As the minutes dragged on, things began to move as their hearts bested faster, more movement and the bed began to squeak under their intense lovemaking. It was enjoyable for both Tony and Ziva as he thrust into her and she pulled her legs back as he moved up and down, going deeper and deeper until he was going so fast and both agents called out and groaned loudly as DiNozzo released inside her. "Uuaaaaaghh!" Ziva screamed and held on tight as her own climax ensued and she grimaced, her nails digging into Tony's skin as he pumped his seed into her. Both breathed hard as they stayed like that for a while. Once Tony calmed he moved off of Ziva, laying beside her as both smiled. "Wow." Ziva breathed as she looked at him, caressing his chest. Tony smiles and plays with her hair, laying his head on the pillow, fully relaxed at the skin on skin contact. "Yeah, wow. I love you Ziva." "I love you too Tony...With all my heart."

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