Hey guys! This is 2468gaby.

So a couple of months ago, I was playing this app called Kissed by the Baddest Bidder by Voltage, which I thought was really fun, that consisted of a story where you would play the main character. By the time I finished it, I was thinking how cool it would be if it were done in a Soul Eater perspective (with a few tweaks here and there)….

Which is exactly why this story exists.

And BTW;

Spirit is not related to Maka in any way in this story, so don't be weirded out by anything he may do….

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I open my eyes to a place I have never seen before. I was in a extravagant theater that was dimly lit, huge in size, and packed with what seemed like hundreds of people. All were dressed very exquisitely either with a sharp tuxedo or long, expensive looking dress. The guests were all seated, chatting enthusiastically to each other. It seemed to have been a regular theater at first glance, except for the fact that all guests were wearing masks and holding number cards.

Among all the chatter, a bright spotlight appeared out of nowhere and shined down on me. I had to squint my eyes in order to see. I look down and see I'm dressed in a simple white cocktail dress. I try to get up, but see that my wrists and ankles are chained to the ground. I see all eyes all eyes to me. Then I realize I was set in the center of the stage.

I don't remember ever putting this dress. I don't remember how I got here. Hell, I don't even know where I am, I think to myself, What is going on?

A man emerges from backstage, his identity was concealed behind an elaborate mask. A huge smile was beaming from his face.

He rose his arms up in the air, "everyone having a good time?!" The members of the audience go crazy. There were hoots and hollers coming from every side of the auditorium, but after the man lowered his arms, the room goes to a deadly silence.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to put up our next item up for auction!" The audience one again cheered.

"This item is definitely unique; something new to our fine auction. Here, we have a young, healthy woman! Keep her as your slave, keep her as your toy…. Do whatever you please with her! It is completely up to you!" The audience cheers madly. "And now, we start the bidding!"

I was overwhelmed with the chaos that occurred next. Number cards were being raised up from everywhere, along with different amounts being shouted out from all over the place.

"I got $500,000 from number 13, $1 million from number 7, $1.2 million from number 27….."

The numbers wouldn't stop coming, each time a new bid was put up, it felt as if a heavier weight was being placed on my chest, dragging me down into the stage. The restraints on my wrists and ankles felt as if they were getting tighter and tighter… It seemed as if only a few moments ago, I was living out my normal day.

How in the world did I get here?

I swing open my locker in the maid's locker room to retrieve my uniform, just as I do every morning.

I work as a maid at the famous Crimson Cosmo hotel, located in Death City, Nevada. Death City was one of the most prestigious cities in the country, where people with lots of money come to gamble, look for opportunities, and make deals. The Crimson Cosmo hotel acted as a landmark in the notorious city. It was a place that only the finest people would stay at, expecting to receive top of the line care from staff members and anyone else associated with the hotel.

For me, being a maid wasn't a permanent career, but rather a temporary until I have enough money saved to afford college tuition. I never really wanted to have student loans, so working at this hotel seemed like the best option for me.

"Morning Maka!" said my friend from across the room. I turn my head and see Tsubaki, a sweet, shy girl that I've known all my life. She was in the same situation that I was in, both having always dreamed about going to the same college together. I could always trust her with anything, we were both twenty-three years old and she has been my best friend for as long as I could remember.

"Hey Tsubaki!" I reply, "What's up?"

She smiles, "Just at bit psyched that the V.I.P Convention is starting today! I'm so excited!"

I chuckle at her enthusiasm, "I'm surprised you're so excited, you're going to be way more busy than usual since you work at the casino. I should be the one excited since all I do is clean the regular guest rooms."

She laughs, "I guess… but I've always loved seeing so many celebrities in one place!"

"That's true," I sigh, "I wish I could work at the I.V.C like you, Tsubaki."

"You'll get there someday. After all, everyone's goal who works here is to eventually work at the casino."

I smile brightly for her, "you're going to have so much fun at the I.V.C.!" I say enthusiastically, "I've been dreaming about it ever since I saw the party on the television." I did want to attend the party, but I was so happy that my best friend had the opportunity to work there. I didn't even feel envious of her, I was so happy that she got such a wonderful opportunity.

Tsubaki started to fiddle with the lock on her locker, "models, movie stars, millionaires, top athletes…. I remember us applying here not thinking we'd get hired," she clicked open the lock and opened it.

I snicker slightly, "what if some super rich, famous hot guy falls in love with you?"

Tsubaki rolls her eyes, "I'll keep dreaming Maka."

One of the Crimson Cosmo's biggest events was being held for the next couple of days, the International V.I.P Convention. It occurred once a year and was held at the Crimson Cosmo hotel. The event attracted a lot of international publicity, causing more tension and stress between the employees than usual.

I close my locker and turn to Tsubaki, "we should probably head up to the lobby and start our shift, we don't want to be late."

Tsubaki smiled, "you practically read my mind."

We left the locker room and headed towards the hotel lobby. Our route there was much more crowded than usual. There were many reporters crowded around the lobby entrance. Onlookers have gathered to see what all the commotion was about. Celebrities start appearing from their cars one after another in front of the lobby entrance.

All of the sudden, a long, black limo pulls up to the entrance. Once it stops, the Chauffeur gets out of the limo and opens up the door for the passenger.

Tsubaki gasps, "oh my god Maka…. Look who just got out of that limo! That guy is always on our VIP list!"

I was too short to see with all the people in our wau, so I started jumping up and down to catch of glance of the mysterious man, "Who is he? Where is he?" I ask.

I have never been very interested in celebrity gossip, but I couldn't help but join Tsubaki in trying to get a quick glimpse of the guy. She was so enthusiastic about meeting this guy.

Past the shoulder of a news reporter, I see a tall man with snowy white hair surrounded by women on both sides. He looked as if he were in his early twenties.

"Maka, those women… that's the world-famous model Yuki Kioko, and the actress Shizuka Kuran!" Tsubaki whispered harshly in my ear. I never liked the idea of men taking advantage over women, which was quite evident in the way the man presented himself. However, I felt partially intimidated by this guy.

"I recognize him now! He's been living in the penthouse suite here for a while," Tsubaki said, "I've seen him around the hotel before. But his name is escaping my memory-"

"The penthouse?!" I interrupt, "but it costs thousands of dollars just to stay for one night in that room!" He must have a really high paying job,I think to myself.

After pushing through the reporters, Tsubaki and I finally get a good view of the guy. I was definitely right about the hair, it was whiter than freshly fallen snow. He wore a black-and-red pinstriped suit and striking black dress shoes. Probably the most intriguing part about him was his glowing, red eyes. There was no doubt in my mind that a big reason why he was so famous was for his dashingly good look.

He payed no attention to the huge crowd or the reporters asking him questions left and right. The man just walked straight ahead, ignoring his surroundings.

The girls in the crowd started to squeal at the sight of him. They shouted things like "ahhhhh! He's here!" or "I can't believe it's him, it's him in the flesh!"

Out of nowhere, a group of women start running to get closer to the man and crashed straight into me. "Maka!" Tsubaki calls out. I was pushed right out of the crowd of people and….


I look up to see who I crashed into, and I could've swore my heart stopped for at least five seconds. I had plummeted on top of the charming guest that everyone was fawning over. I had smashed so hard into him that we were both on the ground, me on top of him.

Words wouldn't come out of my mouth, I had no idea what to say. After a few seconds, he gives me a confused look. I push myself off him, "I-I…I'm so sorry!" I was extremely embarrassed of myself, evident since my face flushed to a bright red.

"What do you think you're doing?" Called the actress Shizuka Kuran.

"How dare you touch him!" Shouted the other, Yuki Kioko.

I was so embarrassed. I hadn't meant to cause any trouble. "I-I'm really sorry, I was pushed out of the crowd, and then-"

"I don't need excuses, it's cool." His tone changes and he gives me a stern look, "get out of the way."

It was the first time I had ever heard him speak. His voice was so cold, so stern, and so serious. Yet, he sounded so relaxed and cool. He brushed off his suit, and then walked away, disappearing into the hotel with the two women at his sides and forgetting the incident had occurred.

The crowd began to disappear, following suite with the white-haired man. Rubbing my back, I rise slowly from the ground and see Tsubaki running up to me.

"Oh my god! Are you alright?"

I rub the back of my head, "Yeah, I'm fine…"

Tsubaki looks over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching, "Maka, that man just caught you in his arms! What was it like?"

I brush myself off from all dust, then huff, "pretty crappy actually, he seems so rude! He didn't even bother asking me if I was okay!" I cross my arms and shiver, it was actually pretty frightening… I think to myself. I've never had a stranger stare at me so coldly before.

"Yah, that was pretty rude of him…." Tsubaki commented.

"Just what do you think you were doing, making a fool out of yourself in front of such an important guest?!" I turn around to see my least favorite colleague; Medusa. She was in her late twenties and for some odd reason, had always had a hatred towards me. Tailing close behind her were her little 'minions' (as Tsubaki and I call them), Mizune and Eruka.

I reply to her question bluntly, "Look, accidents happen, I couldn't help-"

Medusa cuts me off, "It was your fault for not paying attention to what was going on around you," she sticks a finger in my chest, "you're in charge of the regular guests, not someone as important as he is! You have no business being around the VIP's." She takes her finger away from my chest, "try getting promoted to a VIP maid like myself and thenwe'll talk."

We stare at each other intently, before I say, "Yes Medusa…" I never liked complying with her orders, but since she was at a higher position than me, she technically could jeopardize my future career.

She smiled like a snake, "that's a good girl. Now, go to every floor and drop off all the special gift boxes for the guests staying for the spa package."

A vein pops out of my forehead in irritation, "you mean… all by myself?"

She leans in closer to my face, "yah, you got a problem with that?'

"….no," I reply. Medusa had always loved to irritate me, knowing that I can't talk back to her.

Medusa smiles, "that's a good girl. Have fun with that now," With a snicker, the snake and her minions slither away, out of sight.

I sigh, "I'll see you later Tsubaki, I better go get ready for the I.V.C." Tsubaki waves, "I'll see you later!" I leave her and head towards the elevator that led to the basement.

Before I get close to the elevator entrance, I see a man and a woman arguing loudly about something in front of the elevator. The woman, whom was wearing a dark blue peplum dress, threw a mask on the floor.

"I can't believe you!" She yells loudly, "I can't take it anymore! It's over, you bastard!" She slaps him across the face then storms away, as if fumes were coming out of her ears.

I look at the mask that way lying on the floor. It looked like a mask that a person would wear at a masquerade ball. The man picks up the mask then brushes it off.

The man had red hair that was tied back in a ponytail and wore a casual black suit, he leaned up against the wall and huffed to himself, looking at the ground, "shit… now I don't have a date."

He looks up and glances around, eventually making eye contact with me. I quickly look away, not looking for any more trouble in one day. There was an awkward silence between the two of us, which was pretty hard to ignore.

Just as I was walking away to another elevator entrance, he calls out, "hey you, with the pigtails." I turn around slowly to face him. "You just saw that whole fiasco, didn't you?" I ignore the question, as if I didn't hear it. But after a few seconds, I look up and see him still staring at me. Eventually, I nodded my head.

"I apologize for eavesdropping sir, but I have business to attend to, so if you wouldn't mind letting me into the elevator-"

He stops me in my tracks, grasping his hand firmly around my wrist. "Now, come on, don't run away. We've only just met! I'll explain everything when we get there." He started to pull me in the elevator with him.

"Um… Excuse me….Sir! I have places to be!" Before I knew it, he had closed the elevator and had pressed floor 60, the casino floor. That's where the I.V.C is being held,I think to myself.

We were all alone in the elevator, which was quite awkward. I look down and see him still holding the firm grasp on my wrist. He wasn't showing any signs of letting go.

The man smiles, "well, you are a bit young, but I'm lucky I found another date," he proclaims, "after all, there's no way I could walk into a party without a woman on my arm!"

I roll my eyes at that comment and pretend that I didn't hear it, "So I assume you're attending the I.V.C?"

He puts an arm around my shoulder, "no sweetheart, we're attending the I.V.C!"

This guy is a VIP guest? I stare at his face for a good few seconds, but don't recognize him. He could possibly be a model, hence the suit, but he didn't seem attractive enough to be one…

I brush his arm off my shoulder and back away, putting my hands in the air, "I'm sorry to disappoint, but I work at the hotel, so I can't go to the party with you, misfortunately. And what about that woman you dumped up back up at the lobby? Aren't you worried at all about her?"

"That lady? I couldn't care less about her," he smirks, "the reason I dumped her was so I could meet you."

The man grabbed my chin and made me face him. I was so close to his face, I could practically feel his breath grazing my face. He stares for a few seconds, then says "yeah, you're just my type. This is destiny!" He throws his hands in the air as if celebrating.

This guy's a total whack-job, plus he looks like he's in his mid-thirties…. We just met, he's probably ten years older than me, and to top it off he moves way to fast. There's no wonder why he got dumped…

The elevator comes to a stop. The man and I arrive at the casino floor.

"Let's go, my sweet," He takes my arm and drags me out into the casino before I could protest.

I have never been on the casino floor during the I.V.C. It was ten times more crowded than usual. Everywhere you look, there was either celebrity or a news reporter trying to talk to a celebrity. The room was brightly lit by a gorgeous chandelier that hung from the high ceiling. There were waiters or waitresses walking around serving champagne, while the guests gamble away at the tables or machines.

There were so many faces I recognized in the room, it was overwhelming. I was so wrapped up at looking at all the celebrities, it takes me a few moments to realize the man who brought me to the party had disappeared.

That jerk, he drags me here against my own free will, then runs off like I don't even exist?

Suddenly, I hear a voice calling out from behind me, "excuse me, you look like you work here. Do you happen to have any champagne?"

I turn around to see a man a sharply-dressed man with black hair that had three white strips running through the top. He wore a black suit that had a skull for a tie. His hair seemed to be perfectly combed.

I recognize him, but I can't put my finger on where I've seen his face.I think to myself.

However, I gasp when I realize who he is. "D-Death the Kid?" I stutter.

"So you know who I am?" he smiled warmly, "I'm flattered."

"Oh…I'm sorry! That was rude of me to say," I immediately regret what I said earlier, it made me sound like I was a stalker. But then again, I don't know a person who doesn't know who the world-renown model Death the Kid is.

I always believed that his pictures were highly photoshopped, but seeing his up close proved me wrong. His features were perfect. He didn't have a single imperfection on his face, reminding me of a porcelain doll. I broke out of my daze then said, "yes sir, I'll go get some champagne right away."

I've never worked on the casino floor before, so I had no idea where the champagne was. I look around the room for a while, then hear him chuckle, "you sure you work here? You looking all around the room as if you were Alice when she stumbled upon the Mad Hatter's tea party."

I raise an eyebrow and say politely, "excuse me?"

"Just ignore that comment," he looks to a far corner of the casino, "I see some champagne over there on that table, I'll get it myself so you don't get lost. Now try to stay safe, will you?"

He grins with amusement and leaves with a wave.

He seemed very nice and polite, at least compared to the rest of the people that I met today. Despite that, I needed to get out there before I caused any more trouble.

I turn around for the elevator, but I'm stopped by another person. This man was rather short, had a very long nose, and had a grey mustache. He wore a top hat that was probably bigger than him.

The man grabs my hand and smiled in a way that sent chills down my spine, he seemed very sleazy…

"You know," he said, "I love girls just like you. You wanna come with me and give me some special room service? I'll make sure to tip you for the extra hard work."

His greasy face was looking at me up and down, it was disgusting. I give him a death stare and reply in a very stern voice, "Sorry, we don't offer that kind of service here." I would not let a man like that treat me that way.

The man snarls and drops my hand in disappointment. Right when I think he's about to leave me alone, he says, "you know, you're pretty lucky you met me. My net worth is more than $500 million." He slips his clammy arm around my waist and pulls me towards him, "so I think you can make an exception."

"You know," a voice behind us says to the man holding me, "This party just gets really uncool with you doing stuff like that. At least don't be so sleazy about it."

We both turn around and gasp. It's that same guy from before,I think to myself, the man with the white hair.

"You both are in my way, move." He gives me a glare that nearly scared me out of my skin. I wasn't the only one intimidated, because right after that the short guy and I make a path for him to get through.

The short man's eyes go wide as he starts to panic, "I-I'm so sorry, Mr. Evans sir! Please forgive me!" He dashes off without any trace.

Shizuka Kuran and Yuki Kioko, the two celebrities with Soul earlier, come rushing over to us. They both grab onto his arms, "Let's go, Soul!" Shizuka says.

He turns around and begins to walk away, still surrounded by the two women. I am overwhelmed by his presence as I watch him walk away.

I look down in his path and see a white, plastic glove on the floor. Did he drop that? I walk over to it and pick it up, studying it. It was the kind of glove you would wear when handling paintings or artifacts.

Why would he have something like this?

Despite his nasty attitude, I couldn't let him leave this behind. I call out to him, "Um sir? Excuse me, sir!" I speed walk towards him, but I lose him in the sea of people. After looking around for a bit, I see him at the far corner of the casino standing next to a deserted door. He walked through the door and disappeared from sight.

I make my way through the crowd then follow him through the same door.

Behind the door was a long, barren hallway. It had no decorations and was painted a plain white. There were hundreds of doors that were shut tight, and he could've entered through any of them.

"Which room did he go into?" I say to myself. At the far end of the hallway, I hear chatter among people. Taking my best guess, I made my way towards that room. When approaching the door, I see that it is slightly open.

I peeked through the small gap and see several tables. The tables had two-to-three briefcases lying on top of them. They were either filled with guns or large amounts of money. Three well-dressed men were in the room discussing something. I couldn't understand what they were saying… Are they speaking in Chinese?

I suck in a breath when out of nowhere, someone roughly grabs my arm and pulls me into the room. The man who grabbed me slams me up against a wall, while the other two men shut the door.

Fear and panic begin to set in. What's going on?!

I look at the man who forced me against the wall. He had bright blue hair and was very muscular. He wore a casual black suit that wasn't buttoned up all the way. He pinned my shoulders against the wall, holding me in place. "What are you doing here?" He asked with a very serious tone. He stared into my soul with very sharp eyes.

I was terrified, my body starts to shake furiously with fear. "I-I…." Words wouldn't come out of my mouth.

"I think this lady is just an employee," says a man with a thick Chinese accent, "she probably accidentally stumbled her way across here."

"You don't know that! She could be a spy for all we know!" The man holding me says. He stares at me intently for a few moments, me shaking vigorously in fear.

Shit…. I shouldn't be here, I think, Are these guys going to kill me?!

After analyzing me, the man with blue hair whispers intensely, "Look lady, you've got five seconds to disappear and forget everything you just saw, otherwise you'll be wiped off the face of the earth. " I didn't hesitate, I nodded my head and the man lets me go. I bolt away so fast that I trip over flat ground.

I run down the hallway, through the door I entered, past the crowd, and to the elevator. I bolt in there with my heart still hammering against my chest. I press floor -1 so furiously that I felt like the button was going to fall off the wall.

By the time I reach the basement storage room, my heart was still racing and I was out of breath. I make sure no one followed me to the storage room, then take a deep breath in and out.

That was so scary, I'm so glad that that guy let me go. After my heart rate decreased, I thought to myself, should I tell my boss that people are selling guns in the hotel?

I shook the idea away. No, the man said if I didn't forget about it, he'd kill me...

Either way, I would have to forget about what just happened and focus on my job. I still had to deliver the gift boxes to all the guests and all my other chores for the day. I go to the back of the storage room and pick up the gift boxes. As I turn the corner towards the elevator, I slam into something and fall onto the ground, dropping all the boxes.

I look up and see two men, whom were also on the ground. They were carrying a large wooden crate, which was now also on the ground. One of the men get up and peek inside the crate, a look of panic goes across his face.

"Oh no! The statue of Venus is broken! It's completely shattered!" The other man pops up from the ground and peers inside the box as well.

"What?!" I exclaim in shock. I quickly look inside the crate and see the statue, shattered into pieces. "Oh my god, I'm so sor-"

But then I stop myself. I remember seeing this statue somewhere before, I've seen it on the news. It was stolen from a museum a few days ago.

This couldn't be the actual statue of Venus… there's no way…

I look up at the two men, who were glaring angrily at me. One of the men stare at me with fury in his eyes. He says, "this was a very important piece that was going to be auctioned off! How are you gonna pay for this?!"

Words wouldn't come out of my mouth. It was as if every step I took in that day, I was getting myself in to more and more trouble. I swallowed hard, then spoke, "I'm sorry, I had no idea someone else was down here-"

"You think an apology is gonna cut it?" The other man blurts out, "you owe us big time!"

The three of us stare at each other for a few seconds, then out of nowhere one of the men throws a punch at my head, knocking me out cold.

"1.7 million dollars from number 2! 1.8 million dollars from number 13!"

My memories from the first part of the day began to flow back to me. I got put up for auction in place of the statue of Venus.

"Wow! 2 million dollars from number 6! Going once…"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, someone was bidding 2 million dollars on me. Seat number 6 was right in front of the stage. I turn my head to see who it was, and even with the hideous mask on I could tell it was the same creep with the long nose from earlier.

Was he going to buy me? Panic sets in, that man buying me was one of the last things that I wanted. The man in seat 6 leers at me.

I didn't want to be auctioned off, I didn't want to be here. I look around for anyway out of this mess, but there was no way. I stand up and try fighting the chains, but it was no use.

What was going to happen if that man was going to buy me for 2 million dollars? The auctioneer was saying that I'd be a slave or a toy…. No human being should ever be addressed that way. There had to be some way of this…. Anyway…

"2 million, going twice!"

I start to shake vigorously, No, no, no, this can't be happening...Oh god please no….

I fall to my knees hanging my head in defeat, the tears I have been holding back all day threaten to fall.

What am I going to do? Mom, Tsubaki…. Please, help me….

But then, the unexpected happened.

The auction hall suddenly buzzes with commotion, I look over to the man in seat 6 and see that his mouth had dropped to the ground. What's going on?

"Seat number 100 with a bid of… $20 million dollars?!"

I barely could believe my ears. Was I hearing things?

"Are there any more bids?"

My mind went totally blank. Someone had just bet $20 million dollars on me? I was completely dumbfounded. A bell sounds from the back of the auditorium, calling the auction to a close.

The auctioneer motions his hands to what appeared to be seat 100. I try to catch a glimpse of who it was, but the seat was too far away. "Sold to the man in seat 100 for $20 million dollars!"

Two masked men come from backstage and unlock my shackles, dragging me offstage. This was my opportunity to escape. I attempt running off the stage, but before I take a step, I was lifted in the air by the two.

"Put me down! Put me down!" I scream out, squirming around trying to escape.

"Sorry lady, but we gotta take you to your new owner," says the one of the men.

When we get backstage, they place me down on the ground gently. I didn't see a point in escaping now, I'd have to wait until there weren't people around, especially people this physically capable.

I had to admit, I was glad that the short sleazy guy didn't buy me. I wasn't sure what would have happened if he bought me. But where were they going to take me now?

And most importantly, who bought me?