Hi people! This is my first attempt on an Omega verse fanfic – a Detective Conan fanfic no less – and I kinda know this is gonna be all… Uh… Yeah, I'll leave that judgment to you guys. Well, tell me how you think about this fanfic in the review and stuff. I'm not gonna let up any more of the plot, so please do enjoy.

Oh, and by the way, I have a teensy bit of knowledge in this Omega verse AU, only knew it from Shingeki no Kyoujin djs and some Omega verse fanfics that I read. So sorry if something about this AU is off or something~

Shinichi sighed as he flips through the lecture material on his book, seemingly bored. His eyes travelled towards the enormous rack of books in his house, wanting to read them, but unable to. "Shiho-san!" he said in exasperation as his desire to read could not be contained anymore.

Miyano Shiho looked up from the girl's magazine in her hand towards the East Detective. "What," she said in a bored tone. Being the Alpha she is, Shinichi couldn't say anything at her demanding tone. "If you want to read those books over there, then no. Your exams are tomorrow and you've been spending your happy days in a mountain of murder cases. If you wanna fault someone for neglecting your studies, then it should be you, yourself, Kudou-kun," she said coolly, turning the page over to the next page.

"But I couldn't help it…" Shinichi whined. The female Alpha glared at the clever, yet somehow stupid Omega detective. "You want me to force the whole lectures onto your head? I don't mind. I have the perfect drug for that."

At the word 'drug', Shinichi shuddered. "Fine, fine, I'll study…"

Kuroba absent-mindedly played with the deck of cards in his hand as he looked outside, waiting for the exam time to run out. Heck, he's already finished with it ages ago. He glanced at the detective right next to him, dozing off as he was also done with the task in hand.

He licked his lips at the very faint, sweet fragrance Shinichi was emitting. Kuroba knew that his crush is only a few days away from his heat, but he couldn't do anything about it. Since he knew that the scientist next door would drag him to her lab and do some tests. He had to hold back as his Alpha instincts told him to just pull Shinichi into his arms already.

He shook his head before getting back his poker face and masking his scent once more.

Akemi and Ran sat on a bench in a nearby park, watching Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko play around. Ayumi, being Akemi's extremely distant relative and having her parents out of the house for a while, had to be watched over by her. Ran, being very close with the children due to a certain case before, had volunteered to help keep watch over the children whilst waiting for her childhood friend to get out of college.

The day was clear, but it was visible to Ran that Akemi's mood wasn't as cheerful as the day seemed. "What's wrong Akemi-san?" Ran asked, sensing the gloom the Beta was emitting. "Hmm… Nothing much… But you see," Akemi sighed and glanced at the watch on her hand. "Shiho has been coming back pretty late at night from her lab, and it seriously worries me…"

"Ah… But being the well-known scientist she is, I can say that it's to be expected…" Ran said with a tight smile on his face. "It's just like last month when Shinichi suddenly went on a murder case spree… Sheesh, even breaking his wrist on the last one… He worries everyone a lot…" the Beta sighed.

"Ahh… I wonder if the fate of Betas all over the world are the same… Having to worry about their cherished ones a lot…" Akemi muttered, but sent a joking smile towards Ran who jokingly agreed. "Akemi-neechan, Ran-neechan! Let's play hide-and-seek together!" Ayumi called.

"Come on! It's gonna be fun with more people anyways!" Genta said cheerfully, leaving no room for the two Betas to argue. "Sure!" Ran said, a mischievous smile on her face. Akemi snorted, holding back a laugh.

"That was way too easy," Shinichi yawned. "That was easy?! Hell, Kudou! That way far from easy!" Hattori said, clearly shocked at his statement. "I couldn't answer some problems, you know?" the West Detective sighed. Shinichi grinned. "Does that mean I win this time?"

"Not yet," Hattori said, obviously confident in his skills. The Alpha lightly punched the Omega as the two laughed. "You know I never lose," Shinichi stated. "Oh? How about to that Kuroba guy? He's on par with you," Hattori sneered.

"Just you wait," Shinichi said, in a fiery tone at the challenge. "I will beat him even if it's by one point!"

'Heh… I wonder if he can… Seeing that the two are practically identical twins by fate,' Hattori thought, a smile blooming on his face. "Kudou?" a girl's voice called him. He turned to find Aoko looking up at him. "Ah! I knew it! You're Kudou! Have you seen Kai—Kuroba-kun?" she asked. Shinichi thought a bit as he tried to recall his last encounter with his doppelganger.

"Ah, I think he went out of class through the window or something," something I find very amusing to see every day… Shinichi added in his head. "That Bakaito…" Aoko muttered. "Thanks Kudou!"

'… A doppelganger of Ran…?' Hattori thought and shook his head. 'No way…'

"Oops… Hattori, I should go back now," Shinichi said, looking through his bag. "What? Something up?" Hattori asked curiously. "Yeah, I forgot to ask Shiho about my suppressants…"

"Your heat's gonna come any time soon?"

"Yeah, maybe. Well, bye," Shinichi said before running off. Hattori only looked at him with a 'seriously?' face before opening his phone. "Kazuha?"

"What is it, Hattori?" Kazuha's voice sounded cheerful, as always. "You have free time?"

"Sure. You bored or something?" Kazuha teased. "I know! You were left by that East Detective all alone, now didn't you? Come here~ I'll comfort you~" Kazuha said in a playful tone. "Baka, it's not like that at all," Hattori said with a grin, knowing that his childhood friend Omega knows a lot more about him just by his tone through a phone call.

"Haha, I know it's so true," Kazuha teased. "Where should we meet?"

"How 'bout we watch some movies?" Hattori suggested, leaning on the bench nearest to him. "Sure!" Kazuha practically bounced in happiness. Hattori chuckled at her cheerful reply and hung up with a destination in mind.

'Ah crap,' Kaito thought when he saw Aoko spot him. "BAKAITOOOO!" she said and threw a mop in his direction. 'Where the hell did she get a freaking mop?!' he thought as he landed on his back, hard, because of the mop that whizzed past him. "You promised to accompany me to the movies today!" she pouted.

"But hurling a freaking mop at me is not the answer to reminding me of that, Ahoko!" Kaito rubbed the back of his head. "Don't you know of this convenient thing called cellphones these days?"

"My bad," the Beta muttered, but went back to her dominant expression. Her smile clearly said, 'I got you~' and Kaito sighed, clearly too tired to retaliate. "Let's just go," Kaito said, taking the lead. Aoko bounced happily as they went to the movies, all charges on Kaito.

"I'm home," Akemi called, entering Professor Agasa's house, where she and her sister lived, due to their circumstances. Their parents died a few years back in an accident. Shiho had arranged their lives with a little bit of help from her connections; one of them being Prof. Agasa, whilst Akemi had been down, crying helplessly.

Shiho was the one who pulled her back to her feet and brought back her smile.

"Sorry for intruding," Ran and the children said as they also stepped into the house. "Ooh! Akemi-chan! Welcome back! Ran-chan, Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, welcome!" Agasa said cheerfully as he got up from his work. "Waah! Hakase, what's that you're working on?" Ayumi said, curious.

"Is it unagi?" Genta said, a drool ran over his mouth, clearly hungry. "No, no! It should be a game, right?" Mitsuhiko said, confident in his guess. "Ah, too bad… It's a hang-glider," the professor said meekly. The children's disappointed looks made him avert his eyes.

"Now, now, don't be so disappointed," Akemi said, taking out a cake from the fridge. "Who wants cake and tea?"

The children cheered up instantly, gazing at the elegant-looking cake. "Professor, where's Shinichi?" Ran asked, approaching the Agasa. "He's with Shiho downstairs," he said, pointing to a door that led to Shiho's heaven. "The usual check-up?" Ran inquired.

"Hmm… Probably… Is it that time already?" Agasa asked, laughing at his own forgetfulness.

"Hmm… I guess these suppressants will last for at least a week or so… It's sort of a strong dose, though. Remember, one pill at a time," Shiho said, a smug smile on her face, knowing that she'll irritate the Omega by doing so. "You should go back, though. Your scent's starting to affect me."

"Yeah, yeah, thanks," Shinichi said, a little bit irritated. Once got out of the lab, the detective boys surrounded him in pure happiness, immediately bombarding him with questions regarding the last few murder cases. With a smile, he complied.

Shiho got out of the lab and sighed at the sight. "Such a show off," she muttered. "Hahaha, but that's Shinichi for you," Ran said. When Shiho saw her sister join in on the interview excitedly, she had an unimpressed look on her face. "Are you serious…" she muttered.

"Your exams end next week, right?" Jii-chan said, startling Kaito from his train of thoughts. "Huh? Yeah, why?"

"I'm sending out a heist notice for the next jewel," he said, showing him a picture of a very beautiful flower, with its petals made of what seemed to be crystals. "You think this is the one dad was searching for?"

"Could be. It was found deep in the mountains, in a very small hut which was surrounded by small flowers, exactly like this one," Jii-chan said. "About a week ago, Jirokichi Suzuki-san bought it and, well, you know him…" Jii chuckled.

"So true… That old man's never gonna learn," Kaito laughed with an unimpressed look. 'Next week, huh…' he thought. His mind then wandered to the sweet scent of Shinichi and blinked. "Jii-chan, have you sent that notice?" he asked.

"I don't think so… It's right over…" Jii-chan's voice trailed off. "Oops, I think I did…"

It was rare for him to make mistakes, but Kaito could only sighed with a poker face smile on his face. "Oh well," he said. Inside, he worried about Shinichi's heat, which he knew would be put off until at least the end of exams. 'If it's Shinichi we're talking about… I just know that he'll come to my heist, even if he's as weak as a baby…' Kaito thought.

He shook his head and excused himself to his house, planning on observing the East Detective before planning on the show he'll put next week. 'You'd better be prepared, Kudou Shinichi,' Kaito's thought sent a thrill through his own body and he subconsciously started looking forward to the in-heat detective when he'll face him next week.

Kaito licked his lips and shuddered at the thought. Half-lidded eyes, rosy cheeks, out of breath… And most of all, the sweet scent that only Kaito can smell for some reason. Either it's because of his sharp sense of smell or it's because of his feelings towards the clever detective that he could smell the tiniest bit of the sweet scent that the detective emitted, the scent which Shinichi couldn't mask too well.

The thought caused a bulge to appear on his pants and he blamed himself for thinking those dirty thoughts on his very innocent crush. Well, except for the murder cases and suicide cases that the detective faced on a daily basis. 'You'd better be prepared, Kudou Shinichi… Because I'm gonna put on a very interesting show, just for you…'


Yes I know that I'm very bad at this… -m- But no worries~ I've got plans for the future. (Although for now, the plans don't make sense at all…) Quick question though… What's the first Omega verse? Like, where did it originate from? If I know more, then I might be able to clarify how the story goes (even if it's just a little).

- To be continued -