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It's been almost three months. Two months and three weeks, actually. And Kaito was sitting in front of Shiho in her laboratory, waiting for her to finish up typing whatever it was into her computer. Kaito fidgeted, remembering Shinichi in his bed, right next door.

His actions had been weird, extremely weird these past few months. He felt goose bumps when he remembered that time when Aoko told Shinichi to grill some fish, in which the said detective complied happily. (Keywords: "It'll make Kaito extremely happy! And extremely healthy too!")

"So," the scientist said, turning her chair to face the magician. She looked weirdly formal, wearing a lab coat even though underneath it was her pajamas. It was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and Kaito had never seen the Alpha scientist to be an early sleeper.

'Night owl's suit her more,' he thought. "Kuroba-kun, has Kudou-kun been acting weird recently? Like, extremely cooperative or something?" she asked coolly, as if she was asking about how his day was. Kaito scratched his cheek with one finger in thought.

"I wouldn't exactly call it 'extremely cooperative or something', but yeah, he's been acting weird. It's like, his rational thought had just flown out of the window," he said, looking at her square in the eye. "I thought so," she said and went back to her computer and opened several windows.

"You see, the research from New Zealand and Ohio had given me these results," she turned the computer screen so that Kaito could see what she opened, "and this came from one of those drugs you gave me."

"Which one?" Kaito asked, remembering the amount of drug and the varied looks of it… "The one which was in the syringe," she said, taking out a picture of a syringe in a police plastic bag. "It's got traces of Kudou-kun's blood on the needle."

"Research shows that it affects the nervous systems, the ones connected directly to the hypothalamus, the part in a brain which controls all glands—"

"The master of glands?"

"Yes, and it also controls the pheromones in which all life being emits. If an Omega in in distress, the hypothalamus would work up a certain gland which lets out pheromones that reacts like an alarm in both an Alpha and Beta.

"How it affected the nervous system? Simple. It halts, or at least slows down the impulse in which the brain lets out to the hypothalamus, and so makes it hard to emit any kind of pheromones… or signals."

"And… What's this got to do with Shinichi's weird behavior?"

"Well, if this substance enters the body, and within the next few hours, this pill," Shiho took it out and showed it to him, "is consumed, then the brain would respond longer, but the calculations become quicker. That's what you call 'instincts'.

"Those instincts would act in one of the most primitive way, thus makes an Alpha absolutely dominant, and an Omega, absolutely submissive. They'd do anything an Alpha or a Beta would tell them to do, even if it would be something that the said person would normally not do."

"And… Shinichi took both of those?" Kaito asked, worry creeping up in his voice. Shiho nodded, her face serious. "According to the blood samples and your observation, he might have done just that… Or Clarisse had done just that. The latter is more possible."

'So that explains it… Shinichi was just obeying his natural instincts more than his own normally rational thought…' he nodded to himself, remembering that time in which Shinichi suddenly attacked him when he said that he could do sex all day and never stop as a joke.

He blushed at the thought. "So, how long will it take for Shinichi to recover?" Kaito asked, trying to distract his mind. "Taking his normally slow recovery rate into account, it should take about three to four month for him to be back to his usual self. That means, no cases for the remaining one month, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure," Kaito said dismissively, remembering Shinichi's first case right after he was released from the hospital. He'd said that A was the culprit, but then A said it was impossible, and he believed it. Good thing Kaito was there to help him and put the truth to light.

He didn't want to put more embarrassment to Shinichi, so he banned him from any cases afterward. He got a nod and a blindingly innocent smile in return. "Oh, and also," Shiho said, looking away from her computer screen to meet Kaito's indigo eyes with her teal ones, "try to keep him company. I'm afraid that one of the drugs that he was forced to take was the one that prolonged an Omega's heat." And possibly become some sort of birth control drug with a huge dose on him… Shiho added in her mind.

"Alright," Kaito said with a smile on his face.

"Kaito! Where have you been?" Shinichi said hugging Kaito upon his arrival. "Shinichi…" Kaito said, obviously embarrassed by the open display of affection the usually cool-headed detective showed, even though it's been going on for the past two months or so. Careful of Shinichi's broken arm, he hugged the detective and kissed the top of his head.

"I was at Professor Agasa's place," he said carefully. "No! Before that," Shinichi said, pushing himself away to look fiercely into Kaito's eyes, which the said magician found adorable. "Where's your 'I'm home'?"

"Ah, yes… I'm home…" Kaito said, smiling fondly at him. Shinichi returned it with a kiss, "Welcome back! I made dinner already!" Kaito winced. He was sort of surprised that he didn't hear anything blowing up. Shinichi then went into the dining room with a skip in his feet.

"Come on, Kaito!" he called. "Coming…" Kaito replied, wondering what it was that Shinichi made for him. It was some sort of omurice, where the fried rice was not completely wrapped in omelet. Shinichi excitedly motioned for him to sit down and took out a spoon.

Once Kaito sat down, Shinichi immediately took a spoonful of omurice and said, "Say 'aah'~"

As always since these past few months, Shinichi insisted that they both sleep together in the same bed, in which Kaito had no other choice but to comply. He didn't want to see those extremely sad puppy eyes on the face of the detective's lowered head, his shoulders sagged as he turned around and walked slowly towards his room. (After that, Kaito hugged him from behind and gave him an okay.)

He didn't sleep that fast, though, seeing that he's used to staying up late at night, researching Pandora and planning new heists, or just doing his homework. He could feel Shinichi awake too. His stare was sort of intimidating, and Kaito kept his poker face on so that the detective couldn't tell wether or not he noticed his stare.

"Kaito?" Shinichi said quietly, nudging him with his good hand. Kaito opened his eyes and took a look at the detective on top of his chest. "Yeah?" he said. Shinichi shifted so that he was sitting on top of Kaito, his legs on either side of him, pinning him down with his weight alone.

"Can we bond?" he asked innocently, as if he was a five-year-old asking for candy. "Eh?" Kaito asked, dumbfounded. Before he'd expected that it was Kaito who asked about it, not counting on Shinichi's dense nature to ask first. "Can we?" Shinichi asked again, eyes sparkling.

"Huh…" Kaito said, nodding. He was confused, that's for sure, but in the dim light, Shinichi couldn't see his expression clearly and smiled happily. Instincts taking over, he then pushed the detective down, a small growl of need evident in his voice.

"Are you sure?" Kaito asked, an obligatory confirmation. Shinichi nodded, a whimper escaping his mouth when Kaito gave himself fully to his instincts.

Ran and Akemi were in Agasa's kitchen, cooking together like they promised to do at least once a week, or sometimes, month. Ran had her reasons, of course, for not being at her home. Mostly because she wanted to punish her dad for going out to play mahjong when they were supposed to meet with her mom after a while.

But no, he didn't want that. So he went to play mahjong with his friends until late at night, and that made Eri extremely angry and so, she busied herself with other things. Akemi only giggled at her story and said, "That's lover's quarrel for you!"

The comment made Ran smile, despite her anger earlier. Then, the bell rang, and Akemi immediately turned off the stove and took off her apron, opening the front door. "Yes?" she said.

Curious, Ran looked at the visitors. Setting down her knife and also taking off her apron, she followed Akemi and couldn't contain her surprise. "Y-you're…!"

Chianti looked at her reluctantly. "You're that suspicious couple!" she said, recognizing even Korn who'd shrunk. Korn nodded, acknowledging her. "Greetings," he said casually.

'W-wait a minute… That time, the couple seemed to be in the same age… Why's he a little boy now?' she thought, staring at Korn with a dumbfounded look on her face. "Ara? You've met them already?" Shiho said, standing in the doorway to her lab, leaning coolly against the door frame.

"Sh-Shiho-san…" Ran said, a little bit confused. "Let me introduce to you, Chianti, Korn, this is Mouri Ran, Ran-san, these are my 'patients', Korn and Chianti."

A slight hostility flashed in Chianti's eyes when she took a passing glance at her. "N-nice to meet you!" Ran said, feeling somewhat guilty for suspecting them to be some sort of bad guys before. 'I see, so they were actually looking for Shiho-san, huh…' she thought in relief.

Shiho motioned for the couple to come with her, and Akemi and Ran silently watched. After the door closed, Ran finally got the courage to ask, "I thought they were in the same age?"

"Well," Akemi said, averting her eyes and scratching her cheek slightly, unsure of what to tell her. With a sigh, Akemi told her everything as they continued their kitchen work.

As Ran stirred the soup, Akemi reached the part where Shinichi got shot, despite all the other injuries he already had. "What?!" Ran said, putting a little bit too much pepper into the soup. "Ran-chan! The soup-!"

"Ah, sorry, sorry… Got too distracted… But… That happened to Shinichi…" It goes without saying that Ran was worried. "Don't worry, right after we got him back, we put him into the hospital. Right now, though, Kaito's taking care of him in his house."

"That's a relief," Ran sighed. After a while, the two gave each other knowing looks, and a mischievous grin broke out on both of their faces. "Hey, hey, Ran-chan~"

"What is it, Akemi-san~?"

"Why don't we go pay them a little visit~?"

"Sure! It's a get-well-soon visit, right~"

"It sure is~"

They knew that their voices were loud enough for the whole house to hear them, and after finishing up their cooking, they went to the house next door, a basket of food in hand.

That morning, Kaito woke up feeling pretty happy, despite the small guilt somewhere in his heart. 'He was in a somewhat delusional state, after all… If he were thinking logically like usual, he wouldn't do that, I suppose… Not until he realizes that he loves as more than a 'mate'…'

Shinichi's sleeping form looked unguarded, but from the mark on his neck, he knew that what happened last night was real. Very real. Kaito got up to go take a bath, and upon returning, he found a very confused and disoriented-looking detective.

"Morning, Shinichi," Kaito said happily, using the towel around his neck to dry off his wet hair. "Kuroba-kun…" Shinichi said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Didn't I tell you to call me Kaito?" he said, responding to his use of his surname.

"Why would I?" he asked, confusion clear in his eyes. "We…" Kaito trailed off, noticing Shinichi's glare when he saw the mark on Kaito's neck. Kaito saw jealousy flash in his eyes. 'Oh?' he mused, a mischievous grin on his face.

"Well, you know… You've been calling me that since the last three months," he said, watching the detective's reaction carefully, intently. "Three months?" Shinichi said, not getting the point of what Kaito said. "You know, Clarisse, Gin, Vodka?" Kaito tried to remind him.

Shinichi yawned. It was way too early for him to think too much. Massaging the bridge of his nose, he shook his head. "I'm gonna go make coffee…"

"How about I do that and you go take a bath?" Kaito offered. Shinichi's eyes narrowed at him and scanned him from top to bottom, blushing when he realized that he himself just got out of bath. "It's bad if you waste the warm water," Kaito said, throwing him a clean towel.

Shinichi sighed and complied. He then took some clothes and stalked off to the bathroom. Choosing a shirt, Kaito thought for a moment and grinned. 'I wonder what his reaction would be…' he thought, abandoning his shirt-choosing and walked into the bathroom, taking Shinichi's clothes and getting out stealthily.

He then put Shinichi's clothes back into his closet and then resumed his shirt-choosing, taking his time, waiting for a scream or loud footsteps or…

"KUROBA-KUN!" Shinichi called angrily, stomping into the not-even-half-dressed Kaito. Growling, he pushed him on to the floor with his legs straddling him right on his waist. "Where're my clothes!" he asked angrily.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… Calm down, Shini—"

"I asked you—"

"First things first, you're overreacting," Kaito pointed out, and Shinichi went quiet. "Second, do you even realize the position we're in right now?" he asked with a smirk. Shinichi's angry, but blushing face, was priceless. It was like they were back to how it was, when Shinichi only get the hints when he was in these kinds of positions, and Kaito dropping hints like an atom bomb.

Then they heard footsteps and the two looked at the open doorway. Ran and Akemi were panting, sweat beading down their foreheads, eyes dead serious. "Are you alright?! We heard Shinichi scream…" Ran trailed off when her brain finally processed the scene right in front of her.

Ran blushed and looked away and stuttered to find excuses, just like what Shinichi was doing, whilst Akemi let out an 'I'm-sorry-I-interrupted' look and Kaito shrugging when he saw it. "Will you please kindly leave us alone for now?" Kaito said politely.

Akemi winked saying, "Have fun, you two~" and Ran bowing and apologizing before slamming the door close. Shinichi looked dumbfounded. "See what I told you?" Kaito smirked, earning a glare from the detective on top of him.

"Fine, fine," Shinichi took a deep breath and exhaled it, somewhat calming himself before getting up, leaving that awkward position. Taking another set of clothes, he stalked off to the bathroom, locking the door this time. Kaito sighed, knowing that if he wanted to, that lock was child's play.

But he had coffee to make. And so off he went to do just that.

"Tell me this, Kuroba-kun," Shinichi said as he sipped on his coffee, waking up entirely. "What do you mean by this," he said, showing the mark on his neck, one similar to Kaito's. "Ah... That..."

"Judging by the freshness of the hickey, and bruise and bite marks, I would guess that this happened not too long ago. Now, tell me. Did you do this?" Shinichi asked, showing off his neck deliciously towards Kaito, oblivious to the needy glint in his eyes. Not that Kaito showed it, though. Clearing his throat, Kaito nodded. "Yes, yes I did."

"So, does that mean you bonded with me?" Shinichi asked, his eyes narrowed onto the thief. Leaning towards Shinichi's neck in one smooth motion and kissing it, eliciting a surprised gasp and a shudder from Shinichi, he said, "Of course! What else did you think, Tantei-kun?"

Blushing, Shinichi pushed himself away before Kaito could suck on the newly kissed part of his neck. He let out a somewhat relived sigh, and stopped himself when he realized what he was doing. Kaito chuckled at the reaction. Shinichi blushed profusely and glared at him.

"I'm going."

"Where to?" Kaito asked, leaning into his chair. "Police HQ. I need some cold cases to crack."

"Doctor's orders, no cases for a month."

"I'll go crazy."

"Go ask ojou-san next door."

With a grunt, Shinichi walked out of the house, leaving a scheming Kaito behind.

Shiho leaned into her chair and sighed, bored. All day, it had been typing, typing, typing. Experiments? Sure, but mostly typing up the results and stuff. Shrugging off her lab coat, she did the necessary things to 'sterilize' herself before stepping out of the basement.

Finding Ran and her sister setting up the dining table, giggling. "What do you think they're doing right now?" Akemi whispered with a huge grin on her face. "No way, Akemi-san! That's private stuff!" Ran said with a blush.

"You're curious, aren't you?" Akemi giggled. "Curious about what?" Shiho asked, startling the two Betas with a jump. "Shiho!" Akemi said with joy. And then the two told her their version of what happened that morning, with Akemi doing the story telling (with some of her own exaggerations) and Ran doing the correction.

"Hoo," Shiho said with a smirk. "So that happened…" She took out her phone and typed it down. 'Argh… typing again… But it's valuable data (read: blackmail) so I should probably keep it…'

The devil the scientist was, she only showed it to Shinichi, only when he got too annoying. Agasa then came down and was delighted at the food laid before him.


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