It was just his luck that he had England over when it happened. They were sitting at the kitchen table, England complaining about how his cup contained a lousy excuse of tea, when the cry rang out: "AMERICA!"

He'd just ignore it; pretend that he hadn't heard anything at all. Maybe they'd go away. He took another swig of coffee despite the fact that England was squinting at him.

"'MURICA!" Gosh, he hated that name. America scooted his chair back and set down his coffee with a resigned sigh. He couldn't be left alone for fifteen minutes without some state running into trouble.

"What?" he was about to answer wearily when the door crashed open and the intruders fell atop one another. One of the three tried to make a run for it, but a second yanked him back by the collar and he choked.

"Oh, no you don't," Nevada spat. "You aren't going anywhere."

Molossia struggled to escape his grip, his sunglasses falling off and clattering to the floor. "I sure as hell am! I didn't do anything; you need a passport to touch me! His Excellency does not approve!"

"Passports are recommended, not required. Nice try."

The third person hadn't gotten up from the floor. America recognized him as another state- Kentucky by the looks of it. He was decked completely in blue, and smelled like a slightly revolting mixture of tobacco and fried chicken. The state moaned pitifully. America knelt and shook his shoulder. "Kentucky? You alright, Dude?"

"I'm gonna die," Kentucky mumbled weakly.

"You are not going to die," Nevada huffed. He had gagged Molossia with a handkerchief, and the micronation wriggled like a fish, his cursing muffled into loud grunts.

"You said I gotta parasite," Kentucky sniffled.

"Molossia is a pest, but he's only deathly annoying."

"Well, then." America scratched the back of his neck. "Any one of you want to explain what this all is about?"

"I'm sure he would." Nevada shoved Molossia forwards. The micronation's eyes flared, and he growled from under the gag. "Oh, right." The standing state removed the cloth from his mouth, and Molossia spat on the tile floor.

"As I was saying," he hissed. "I didn't do sh-"

The window shattering interrupted him. England screeched a screech high-pitched enough to be worthy of a little girl's, ducking his head and cowering under the table. A small figure rolled into the room, stood on the table (upsetting both America's coffee and England's tea), and shouted, "I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR SEALAND'S TEAM!"

England scrambled up with a scowl. "Sealand! I thought I left you at home!"

America put his face into his hands, torn between laughing and groaning. "That was my window."

"Glass cannot separate friends!" the little micronation exclaimed. He took a beeping device from his pocket and traveled about the room. The closer he came to Kentucky, the higher it whined. Sealand shoved it in his face. "Miranda the Micronation Sensor chooses you!"

Kentucky started to cry, wailing and blubbering with heavy wet sobs. "Noooo!"

Nevada took Molossia by the collar and shook him. "Look what you've caused, you piece of shit! I bet you and all your little friends planned this, didn't you? Stop it!"

England pinches his nose. "America, please control your states."

All at once, Kentucky's sobbing escalated into a terrified scream. "NO! PLEASE!"

Sealand's sensor keened, and its owner clapped, taking a spitting Molossia by the hands and swinging him about the room chanting, "One of us! One of us! One of us!"

America shook his head. "Oh, gosh no-"

The world blossomed in a burst of navy and gold.

"Technically, Kentucky isn't a state. It's official title is a commonwealth, which makes it a community that associates itself with a country," someone whispered. The voice was so soft, anyone could have easily mistaken it for Canada's. The light died down, and in its place was a girl. She wore dark blue jeans and a shirt with a figure of a stag on the front. She had her head cocked to the side, her braid flopping over one of her light green eyes. She took in the room with a small smile on her round face. Her gaze lingered on Molossia, but her smile turned into a full-on grin at the sight of Sealand. "Oh, so there's three of our species here. Lovely- omne trium perfectum."

She adjusted the laptop bag slung around her shoulder. Molossia examined her, his eyes narrowed. England looked one hundred percent done with the day, silently chastising himself for accepting America's invite when he knew that it was going to be a bad idea. America tried to get Kentucky back on his feet, but the state was mumbling something about 'you're not going to make it to Florida, Ohio." Nevada was murderous. Sealand gazed upon the newcomer with wide eyes. She was small. Maybe even smaller than him!

When no one said anything for a while, the girl frowned. "Sorry. Did I interrupt something? Goodness, look at this mess." She went to inspect the turned over mugs on the table, stopping to sniff England's. "Is this tea?" America opened his mouth, but the only sound that came out was a, "wha?"

The girl moved on, digging through her bag before producing a lollipop, taking off the wax paper wrapper and sticking the candy in her mouth before grabbing a handful more. She stuck her arm out in offering. "Want any?"

Kentucky got to his feet warily, circling her the way a dog would another dog. "Are those-" he sniffed- "are those Ale8 suckers?"

"Yeah," the girl mumbled around hers. She jerked her bouquet of candy out. "Would you like one? I have tons."

The state reached for one slowly, his eyes slits. "Are these poisoned?"

"Of course not."

"Are you going to kill me?"

"I wouldn't know why, much less how." She wandered about the kitchen, making a full circle before stopping once again before the windowpane and making a clucking noise. "This won't do."

The girl sat down at the table as if she owned it and slid the laptop from her bag, unsticking her lollipop from the roof of her mouth and waiting for the computer to whir on. Once it had finished waking up, she slid her candy to the side of her mouth and began to attack the keyboard with swift fingers.

The shards of glass on the floor shifted, and the broken window fixed itself.

England watched this strange magic with a mixture of puzzlement and fascination as the girl snapped her laptop closed with a pleased smile. "That's better, isn't it? We'll just have to clean the spills up."

"Who are you?" Sealand asked, finally regaining the ability to speak. This was even better than the time Japan had turned him into a Transformer!

The new micronation shuffled, nervously running her hands down her side braid. "I'm- I'm Tierney."