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"Where are we going?" Tierney giggled, trotting alongside Sealand.

"It's a surprise!" He tugged her harder. "Hurry up!"

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying. Am I supposed to close my eyes?"


"Good, because I don't trust you that much. Be careful- oh, excuse me!" she added quickly, calling back over her shoulder at the woman they had cut off as they raced across the street.

"Are you ready?" he huffed, pulling her up onto the sidewalk. They had stopped before a glistening building: a large, black skyscraper that reflected the sunlight into their eyes.

Tierney shaded her face and smiled. "Is this what I think it is?"

"I don't know, is it? Can you see it?"

"It's like having the Sight," she gasped, blinking and watching the building waver in and out of existence, as if she was noticing it just out of the corner of her eyes.

"Is that magic stuff?"

Tierney laughed at him. "No, the Sight is what people with angel blood have."

"I suppose that explains why England can do magic."

She laughed again, and he loved hearing it. It was a high bark, almost seal-like, and she clapped her hands. "I should see if he's a Shadowhunter himself."

Sealand smiled, though he didn't understand her, and pulled her through the doors and into a fancy lobby, cool air brushing their faces. "Welcome to the Nations' Meeting."

The other micronation let go of Sealand's hand and tilted her head up, up, up, spinning in a slow circle.

Her heart beat like a drum in her chest, and she wondered how possible it was for someone to spontaneously combust from excitement. The ceiling arched high, and a sparkling chandelier hung from the center. The carpet was red; the windows huge. Leater furniture and potted plants patterned the space. It was so simple, so elegant, so real- she put a hand over her chest and inhaled deeply. "Am I dreaming?"

"No. Isn't it great?"

"Wonderful," she gasped. "Thank you."

"Your welcome. Now come on, I wanna show you the actual cool stuff."

"How can anything top this?" She spun in another circle.

His teeth flashed. "Two words: Secret. Passages."

Her gray eyes widened, and he was afraid she might be in danger of having another psychotic breakdown.

"We're going up some stairs now, so be careful. They're a little steep."

"How did you find this?" Tierney put her hand out and let it trail the wall in the narrow passageway. This. Was Ah-mazing!

Sealand shrugged. "Hide and seek with Finland. Hanatamago sniffed out a dead rat and ate it, and I just happened to follow her here."


"Really? I think rats are scary."

"No, man, no. Rats are creepy. Ducks are scary."


Tierney clenched her fists and muttered something under her breath, something that sounded like 'bloodthirsty creatures' and 'long live William Herondale'.

Sealand laid his hand on the knob of a little door. "Ready?"

He could see Tierney's eyes glinting in the dimness. "Yes."

He opened the door, letting light bleed into the passage and stepping out, Tierney following close behind him. They had arrived into an upper hall, one without any of the grand windows that the lobby had boasted. To the left, the hall opened up into a collection of small tables and chairs. Sealand took a seat, watching Tierney's reaction. "Well?"

She stood frozen, her gaze drifting from him to the left, where there was the sound of yelling and squealing and utter madness.

"Can we go in?"


She turned her head robotically to him, as if she had to force herself to look away from the door to the Nations' Meeting room. "Can we go in? Will you take me in to the meeting?"

"I don't know," he answered sheepishly. "They don't think of me as a real nation, so I'm not allowed to participate."

"Sealand, if anybody's a country, it's you. "

He looked down, blushing. "Thanks."

"And, define 'participate'. From what I know about country meetings, nothing gets done except for a lot of yelling."

Sealand got up from his char with a snort. "You got that right."

"Is there a passageway into the room?"

"No. The passage cuts off here, just outside. We'll just have to go in like boring normal nations."

Tierney pumped her fist. "Social anxiety, activate! Okay, okay, calm down, Tierney, ole girl, calm down, calm down…"

Sealand raised and eyebrow, his hand hovering above the doorhandle.

Tierney nodded her head. "Do it already. No regrets."

"You can't go crazy in front of everybody," he warned.

"I won't, I won't," she promised quickly.

"You can't act weird."

"I'm not weird, so it's no problem."

"No magic." He eyed warily the laptop bag she carried with her everywhere.

"I'm not magical, either. Extremely creative, sure, but not magic." She clenched the strap to her bag as if she was worried he'd try to part it from her.

"No fangirl things."

"I can't help that; that's what my nation is."

"We're just going to be perfect little angels."

"Perfect little angels, got it."

"Just watching the show."

"Just watching the show."

He squinted at her. She squirmed, unable to sit still.

"Do you promise?"

"Pinky promise." She stuck out her hand, and he linked pinkies with her.

"Oookkaayyy, here I gooooo…" Sealand let the door squeal open, letting the lady go first (just the way England taught him- above all, the old nation valued chivalry. Sealand used to think these lessons on being polite were stupid, but now he was using them to his advantage- take that, England!).

Tierney stepped into the room-

-and managed to last a full two seconds before she completely lost her shit.

Prepare for madness.