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Jo's perspective:

School was already bad five minutes into 1st period. I was sitting in my seat, silently crying over the C+ I got on my test when Kendall walked in. I still saw the rebel in him but I saw caution in him too. I like that, I never want to part with his crazy side but that cautiousness could be old for him. He entrance was very subtle, He quiet closed the door and slowly tip toed to his seat. Then without a word to the teacher, he began looking over the test and I did the same.

At the end of class I walked up to Kendall, "Hey," I whispered.

"Yeah, hey." He muttered, angrily. "What's going on?"

"I got a bad grade and I'm really upset, but more importantly what's going on with you?" I answered abruptly. Whatever was going on between us needs to end, now.

"That's what happens when you don't follow the rules! At most you'll get into a community college but I'd be happy with that, you wouldn't! I want you to be the smart, sweet Jo I love, not whatever that is!" He yells quiet while gesturing at my black outfit. "I take things to far, I almost go arrested- I don't want that for you OR ME! I'm not saying I'm going to stop pushing my limits and breaking some rules cause that's part of who I am, back it's not part of who you are...and, until you're you again, I'm breaking up with you." His voice faded at the end of the lecture. Tears were at the edges of my eyes and I think his too. Before I had a change to respond, Kendall left. Running to the girls bathroom, I started sobbing. One the way I pasted Camille and a look of concern crossed her face.

"Jo, Jo wait!" She called, following me down the hall. I didn't stop, I just kept running until I reached the bathroom. Sliding down against the wall, I curled myself into a ball and waited for Camille to come in. Barely two seconds later she burst through the door and sat down next to me. "What's wrong?" Of course she'd ask that! Way too many things were wrong to say but I had to say something.

"Kendall broke up with me," I whispered, wiping away my tears.

"I'll kill him." Camille said seriously. I quickly shook my head, Camille was a good friend but she's kind of intense. This was more proof of that, it was nice she'd do anything for me but that was not what I wanted.

"Please don't. Sure, he broke up with me but it was because he doesn't like the person I've become since moving here. So I don't need you to hurt him, I need your advice."

"Well," Camille started, You don't change for boys, you change for you. Do you miss who you were? Is Kendall someone who you want to change you and is it for the better?" That was the deepest thing she has ever said, Camille is an actress so she know how to become exactly the type of person you need at the time.

"Thanks, Camille. You gave me something to think about." I muttered, standing up for the disgusting floor. She gives me an encouraging smile and we head to our classes- EXTREMELY late. Other than that, school wasn't very eventful but at home I had a lot to think about. I did my homework, quickly and messily and ate my dinner in silence. After that I just sat in my room trying to answer the questions Camille asked me. Looking at my mirror, my closet, everything that represented who I was and who I'd become. I was so confused, so overwhelmed that I didn't know what to do, I kicked the wall, hard and painfully. It took awhile but I finally knew what to do. Putting half my clothes in a box for my mom to deal with and throwing a bunch of pointless stuff in the garbage, I felt like who I was meant to be.

*Next Day at School*

When I was walking to class today, I saw Kendall talking to his friends by his locker. Taking a deep breath, I walked up behind him, "Hey," I said, softly. He turned to face me and smiled at my colorful sundress with a light jean jacket over him because he knew I was being me..

"Hey." He replied, "Your you again!" Logan, Carlos and James were smiling too. I'm glad they like the true me.

"Yeah, so we're us again?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Seem like it to us!" Carlos, James and Logan exclaimed. Kendall and I laughed and he just nodded his agreement.

"So, then we can be, like...together again?" I asked, cautiously. I really hope he says yes because otherwise I'm going to be sad, and embarrassed.

"I believe that's the deal I made." He responded with a laugh as he hugged me. But, of course, to ruin the moment the bell rang!

"Oh, I got to go, can't be late!" I shrieked.

Kendall laughed and rolled his eyes, "I know Pixie Stick, see you later." I nodded and ran off to class. Everything was finally right in the universe, how cool is that?! :)

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