Jo's perspective:

I walked into 1st period the next day ready to be insulted by Kendall and his snotty friends. Instead Kendall wasn't there (should have seen that coming) and all his friends seemed upset. I was extremely curious so I walked up to the and asked, "Where's Kendall?"

"He's not here!" One, I think Carlos, replied sharply.

I couldn't help but laugh as I asked, "Do you have to tell the teacher he's dead?" I know I was being rude but they weren't exactly nice.

"No, actually. He's home sick. He forgot his coat when we played hockey yesterday but skated for 3 hours anyway and jumped in the unfrozen part of the lake. So now Kendall has minor hypothermia." Logan, who I could tell was the nicest, explained.

"Oh," I sighed, feeling bad about mocking them now, "Sorry".

"Why do you care? You hate him!" James, who was pretty cute, retorted. I didn't say anything as I walked back to my seat. I wasn't going to tell anyone but as much as I hate Kendall, I like him 2 times as much. Gosh, I like him but if he knew I'd die, same goes for if his friends found out. Besides, class was starting and I actually like school.

Kendall's perspective:

Being sick was terrible, I was under like every blanket in our house and was still freezing. But what was interesting was all the texts I got as soon as 1st period should have started. As I looked in messages I saw this:

Carlos: Dude, I'm so bored I wish I was sick

Logan: I don't think I can keep our friends alive without you here

James: The hot new girl was asking about you ;)

Wait, what did that last one say? OH MY GOD! That annoying, pretty goody two shoes asked about me? And I called her pretty?! Ok, deep breath. I'm sure the hypothermia is just messing with my brain. Am I dying? That girl is so annoyingly pretty and- UGH why can't I stop calling her pretty!? I calmed down for a minute and just when things were back to normal, a terrible thought ran though my brain. She's not pretty- she's hot. I needed to fix this because it seems like I can go back to school tomorrow and I can NOT think like that at school.

******next day, at school******

Keep it together, everything is fine, I had to constantly remind myself.

"Boo!" Carlos yelled from behind me, I jumped.

"Oh, it's you... Sup bro?" I tried to act normal. Soon I was with all my friends and we were walking to 1st period. It was boring, I think, to whole time I was focusing on being invisible to Jo. I did pretty good except when I first walked in and the teacher made a joke about me actually being on time.

It went something like this, "Kendall, your on time? Gosh if your gonna be on time after your sick then you can be sick more often." The thing that really seemed to get people's attention was when I didn't respond or react. But from that point on, completely invisible. Now only to do the same thing for the next 8 classes.

Jo perspective:

Kendall was being weird today. He was being the guy guy that I...have a crush on! And now it's official, I like Kendall. Surprisingly I like the Kendall who is late and rude but outgoing and seems fun, but the one who can be bad and still make me laugh. Today he was being so different though. His squeaky vans didn't walk in late, he didn't talk back- he didn't talk at all. So when ouch came and his friends were sitting without him, I couldn't help but go up to them. "I hate to intrude, but where'd Kendall go?" I asked.

"We don't know, he just like- disappeared." James replied.

"Oh...I'm sorry." I said, and I meant it. I was really concerned.

"Yah, right!" Carlos clearly didn't believe me. Then Logan elbow him.

"Thanks, Jo. You seem really nice." Logan replied. I smiled.

Kendall perspective:

I ran back home before lunch. I'm obviously gonna text my friends and tell them that I'm ok. But I not, I can't be myself around Jo anymore. I can't even think straight. Ok.. It's official, I'M GOING CRAZY!

Author's Note: I was gonna leave a cliff hanger but I think this ends the chapter better. I hope you like it and I'll try to update every weekend because the weekdays are too busy for me.