well I'm at my all tI'm lowest...God damn it ...

cinder looked at a crying neo, why neo crying well cinder had called her midget. She had also gotten a bit chubby from eating a bunch of ice cream

Mercury was in the corner of the room, he had his head wrapped in bandages, he was drooling for some reason. He had gotten into a kicking fight with a man named chuck norris.

Emerald was wrapped in bandages she had fallen down some stairs and landed in some glass and then beaten up by a bunch of weeaboos.

Cinder smirked "all according to plan." and few weeks later every got pregnant as hell from a man named JOHN CENA.

Cinder then became full autumn maiden after killing amber and then promptly sunk a ship call arkos, and then killed a girl called pyrrha, and then made out with everyone.

I was bored...really bored...so yeah... this is my all time low...I tried to be funny I think.