Chapter 1: Jason's Point Of View (P.O.V)
The city is beautiful at night, though I do hate it. I hate Gotham almost as much as I hate Joker, but not quite. Although it could be worse. It's still better than a coffin...

'BANG!' 'What the hell was that' I thought as I ran towards it without thinking twice.

"Damn you... you, Nightbird"

"Was that supposed to be some sort of insult?"

I heard someone growl in annoyance and I saw Black Mask trying to shoot Nightwing and failing. 'Move more get hit less' I thought while watching Nightwing dodge the bullets effortlessly then I noticed his right upper arm was bandaged and red was slowly seeping through.

"You gonna stop trying to shoot me anytime soon? Don't want to waste your ammo do ya?" He asked and hid in the shadows

"If you just stand still i'll make your death as fast and painless as possible"

Nightwing laughed "Word of advice" He jumped off the crate behind Black Mask and onto his back "Never tell an acrobat to stand still" then he kicked Black Mask unconcious.

I was almost impressed, but I would never admit it, especially not to him or I'd never hear the end of it. Then somone else emerged from the shadows and kicked him in the back of the head. Nightwing dropped his escrima sticks (which he had been holding for some reason) instinctively to catch his fall, he rolled over and jumped up before his attacker could do any more. Ra's Al Ghul stepped into the light and Nightwing's eyes widened (or the whites of his mask, same thing really)

"Hello Boy Wonder"

"Ra's fancy seeing you here" Nightwing stood in a fighting position "Nice outfit" he laughed

"Still as immature as the day we first met"

"And your still a bastard"

"This coming from you"

Nightwing's only response was a quiet low growl

"What's wrong Demon got your tongue?"

I could tell Nightwing was close to attacking 'Really wish I had some popcorn'

"Why are you here Ra's?"

"Just came to see an old friend" Ra's began his attack.

Nightwing was mostly dodging and defending himself, it was an interesting fight to watch and after a few minutes Nightwing gained the upperhand. 'Now I really want popcorn'. Then Ra's dodged his punch and hit Nightwing on the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. Nightwing fell to the ground, and before he could get back up, Ra's stood on his upper back pinning him down, Nightwing still struggled to get up, never giving up is one of his stronger traits. That's when I decided I should help out.'After all he's not immortal'

I tackled Ra's off Nightwing, which took Ra's by surprise. Nightwing got back up pretty fast, Ra's kicked me off 'Pretty strong for such an old guy' and I impacted with a shipping container "Ow" I said mockingly though it did actually hurt, a lot. Ra's started going after Nightwing again, who seemed more surprised by the fact that I was helping than that Ra's wanted to kill him. I couldn't let Dick get hurt, I don't know why. I went over to help him fight off Ra's. While he was trying to slice Nightwing, I injected him with a sedative and he promptly fell to the floor.

"Hey little wing, nice to see ya" Nightwing smiled and started securing Ra's.

"I told you not to call me that"

"I know your smiling under that helmet of yours"

"No i'm not" (well not really)

"Whatever Jaybird, why did you help me?"

"I saw you getting your butt kicked and figured you needed a hand"

"You could have just walked away and let him kill me"

"What! No I couldn't have just left you to die, your my brother and I would never let anyone hurt my brother" I couldn't believe I had just said that.

Dick was smiling as much as Joker (and I would know) "Does that extend to Tim as well?"

"Of course it does, he's my brother too!" I said without thinking

"Your such a softie"

"I am not!"

"Sure whatever helps you sleep at night"

"If you tell Tim that I said that I will cut your head off!"

"Pfft, no you won't, your too soft"

"Don't test me"

"What are you gonna do? Softie"

"Stop it!"

"Not as long as it annoys you" He looked over at me "Oh stop scowling little wing"

I went to speak when Nightwing pushed me to the ground.

"HEY!" I yelled then I gasped. Nightwing was kneeling down and clutching his side, blood was pouring out fast, "Nightwing!" I ran over to his side.

"Oh God, Nightwing"

"It's not that bad" Dick looked way paler already

"Not that bad!?, your bleeding out and you've already gone 3 shades paler, I'd say it's pretty frickin' bad!"

Dick smiled "I'm sure i've been through worse"

"You have some serious problems"

He laughed then hissed in pain.

"You want me to call Bats?"

Nightwing nodded his head and I used his comm link to reach Batman


"Jason? Is that you?"

"Yeah it's me, you need to get here fast, Wing's been-" But I was cut off their when I felt a bullet rip through my right thigh, it hurt like hell but I didn't care, I was too worried about Dick. I turned around and saw Ra's put a needle 'A poison or a sedative?' into Nightwings arm, then when he stopped moving Ra's picked him up and threw him into the back of a black van with a red stripe on the each side. When I went to get up someone hit me over the head, the last thing I heard was Bruce's worried voice

"Jason, are you there?, listen we're on our way, Jason?"

'He's probably only worried about Dick

Black Mask calling Nightwing Nightbird was my friend's idea not mine