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"Senator Beckett"

"Hey dad," Alexis said coming into the office.

"Hey pumpkin. Look what I found," he said pointing at the screen to share the information he came up with for their latest case with his daughter.

"Have you been here all night?"

"Nah, came early. Kate had an early flight to DC so I dropped her off at the airport and came here."

"She's really enjoying this whole Senator thing, huh."

Rick smiled widely and proudly like he always did when talking about his wife.

"Yup. I didn't think she would take to politics this well, but she is doing great. She is very passionate. I thought she'd miss police work, especially so soon after becoming Captain."

"Dad, with how much you talk she must feel like she's practically living these cases," Alexis shook her head fondly as her father grinned mischievously and unrepentant. "Let's see what you got."