Title: The Frosted Heart

Summary: Sasuke's heart was cold as ice. Is anyone will be able to warm it?

Author's note: This story's title was previously 'The Ice Prince'. I do ship naruhina but I also ship Sasuhina. Oh and this story is High school setting. Lastly, I do not own Naruto and its characters.

Chapter One:


They say, the best way NOT to get hurt is to act mean. If you use your heart less, you won't trust anyone. If you don't trust anyone, no one can break you, you don't have to expect and you will not be disappointed. Sasuke applies this belief in his life.

The eighteen years old boy lazily entered their academy with his hands inside his pockets. He was wearing a lavender long-sleeved shirt which was open at the torso with a smaller version of the Uchiha crest on his collar.

Just like most of his days, girls greeted him with those high note voices which sickened him. He pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and untangled his earphones from it. Putting his earphones on his ears, he decided to ignore the world. Somehow, those girls nagging him seemed not to exist. He was playing one of his favorite songs, 'I am Bulletproof by Black Veil Brides'.

Upon reaching his room, he quickly went to his seat. It was located on the last row of the room's left corner near the windows. He sat there and placed his bag just below his feet. Sasuke turned off his cellphone then he unplugged his earphone carefully tangling it. Just after he put it inside his pocket, one of the girls in his class approached him.

"Sasuke-kun~~" Ino greeted him. She was wearing a pair of small silver hoop-earrings and purple, fairly revealing clothing. Just by hearing those high pitched voice makes Sasuke's ears twitch.

"Be gone," Sasuke said without even looking at her. He lifted his feet and placed them at the back of a chair at his front.

"Mou.. but I have to tell you—"

"I'm not fucking interested," He kicked the chair on his front to indicate that he's now annoyed hoping the girl will be frightened. But it's not the case. Ino's eyes sparkled.

"So cool~~ Sasuke-kun~ 3 Kya!" She squealed and went to the other girls to brag it. Sasuke rolled his eyes. He always thought that they are annoying. Can't they notice how he looked at them with his disgusted eyes? All those girls just want to have him in their beds. He knows that very well. 'Sluts.'

"Ah..u-uhmm.. S-sasuke-san.. i.. if possible.." Another girl tried to make conversation with him. Sasuke looked at her directly in her eyes. The girl on the other hand trembled. She thought he was glaring at her. "not to …k-kick my chair…" she finished as her voice slowly turned to a mere whisper. She had her tears at the side of her eyes.

"Do I look like I care?" he raised his right eyebrow.

"A-Ah! I'm s-sorry!" the girl cried and turned away. She buried her face on her desk out of humiliation. Sasuke stared at her back. Her dark blue hair that reach her lower back reminds him of her mother whom just died a month ago. Out of the blue, he reached them and combed it with his fingers. Hinata slowly turned her face towards him. "Sasuke-san…?"

"What?" he inquired. He acted like he didn't do anything and just gave her his famous blank expression. He pulled his hand and placed them on his desk.

"N—Nothing!" She answered. Again, she buried her face on her desk. She really can't stand being embarrassed. Besides, she feared the Uchiha. Unluckily, her seat was designated at his front.

"Oh God, why did I fell in love with such scary person,"