Chapter Five:

In Denial

Ino was sitting on the front near the whiteboard because that's where she's assigned to be seated. All she did was sigh almost every minute as she looked at the blue sky outside the window. She slammed her cheeks softly on her desk and squeezed her eyes shut. Why did Sasuke looked like that? She turned her face making her other cheek touch her desk, facing their classroom door. Should I force myself to ask him what happened to him?

"Ahhhhgggrrr!" she grumbled pulling her bangs. "Damn it, damn it, damn it!" she cursed.

"If I were you, I'll think about the outcome very well," Sai, her seatmate, told her. She almost forgot that he was beside her since she was busy thinking about Sasuke. Ino eyed him. Although it's more like a glare.

"Shut up, you know nothing!" she hissed. Seriously? How did this man read my mind? Was it obvious on my appearance? She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. But what he said was useful for her current problem. If he asked Sasuke about his injuries, she may piss him. No, she'll piss him definitely. He never want her and he never will. Still, Ino deeply care for him even though she's just one of those who cause him irritation.

"So? How is Ino-pig?" Sakura asked her moving into her after she entered their room. She placed her hand on her waist while the other one was tapping Ino's desk.

"Suckura, will you just leave me alone?" she raised her eyebrows. She already had Sasuke, what else did she want?

"I'm just wondering… how does it feel like… loving someone who can't love you back?" the pink haired girl grinned. Ino, stunned by her chastising was left unable to say something. Sakura's grin widened. She knew what Ino wanted and ever since she had Sasuke, she bragged about their relationship to her. If envy could cause death, Ino would be probably dead many times if possible.

"I would like you to go back where you came from. If it's in hell I'll gladly send you there," Sai broke the awkward silence. Sakura's forehead wrinkled. What the hell did that weird guy just said to her?

"Excuse me?" She pointed her index finger to herself. Didn't he knew who she was? "For your information, I am Sasuke-kun's girlfriend. In other words, I am the most popular man's sweet heart!" she proclaimed.

"Make that EX girlfriend." Sasuke himself told her. He just arrived from the clinic when he heard her bragging about him being her boyfriend. After his public breakup with her, he continued to walk sluggishly to his seat, passing Ino and Sakura.

"W-what? Sasuke-kun, that's an awful joke!" She chuckled. She walked towards him and laced her arms on his. Ino and her classmates didn't make a single sound. Is he breaking up with her? Ino asked herself. But he was head over heels with her. Impossible.

"You heard me right, Sakura. I am no longer your boyfriend." He replied coolly to her. He again walked pass her as he pushed her away breaking her laced arm on him. Sakura fell on the floor with her eyes and mouth open wide. Sasuke looked at her and mumbled something that made her eyeballs almost popped out. "Thus… you could continue fucking my best friend, Naruto."

It was an inaudible sound but she understood very well what it was. "S-sasuke K-kun, I-I don't k-know what y-you are talking a-about," She stammered. Her heart banged faster inside her chest. She can feel her blood flowing as each pound of them can be heard inside her head. She grew pale and her hands started to tremble. How did he knew about her and Naruto's affair?

"It's final, Sakura-chan." Sasuke even smiled at her but it sent chills down her spin. She swallowed hard. She can't think clearly. That smile is dangerous.

"You can't do this to me!" She roared. "I am your girlfriend! You are mine!" she stood up and walked to Sasuke.

Sasuke dragged her feet to meet her. He caressed her cheek sliding it down to her neck. "Shut up, bitch." He tightened his hand around her. Sakura gasped. He's chocking her!

"Sasuke! You asshole, what the fuck are you doing to Sakura chan?!" the blonde hair ran to them and pushed Sasuke away. He used to attend their classes late but surprisingly, he arrived earlier. All their classmates gulped. They never saw them like this before. It's different from their normal bickering. Ino was still processing things inside her mind.

"You can have her… you traitor. Fuck her all you want. Screw her, pin her on the wall… make her suck your dick for all I care. I'm done with both of you." His voice was rough never forgetting he's mad at them. He slowly walked to his seat at the back of the classroom ignoring all the wondering stares.

"Sakura cheated on Sasuke-kun?" Ino asked with disbelief. "She… you cheated on Sasuke-kun with Naruto?!" Ino hollered at Sakura while standing. She was about to run towards Sakura and slap her slut face but Sai had her close to his chest holding both of her hands just above her chest.

"You're not part of it. Calm down..." Sai whispered to her ear. Tears fell down that burned her cheeks. How can she not be angry at it? The one she loves… the girl Sasuke loves cheated on him. How can she let it go? She struggled on his hold but he was stronger.

"That's not true!" Sakura told her classmates. "He's lying!" She began to charge at Ino but Naruto stopped her.

"Sakura-chan, it's no use. He already know," Naruto told her with guilt on his face. Sasuke glanced at them. The blonde was holding her hand. What a dreadful sight.

"N-Naruto," she cried. Naruto hugged him as she buried her face on his chest. It was all clear now. Sakura and Naruto have feelings for each other. Sasuke decided to let it go for the sake of his and Naruto's friendship. Instead of punching him and shouting at Sakura, he kept in caged inside his heart. Never will he fall in love again.

Sasuke laid his back on his chair and placed his feet on the chair in front of him. He plugged in his earphone ignoring everything else. He's tired of hurting. He's tired of being lied to. This time, he'll be the one to hurt others. That's for sure.

The moment Hinata and Kiba arrived, the air inside their room felt heavy. Both of them just went to their seat after awkwardly making noise with their footsteps. Something was not right. Hours passed and it's vacant time. Normally, Naruto should be talking crap to Sasuke about how he made someone fall from his pranks. But today, she can't help but to fidget on her sit.

"Hinata-chan, are you alright?" Naruto finally asked her.

She smiled unsure of what she'll say. She looked at Sasuke who had his eyes closed and to him. "Ano… did s-something happened?"


"That dobe fucked Sakura and they both liked it. What else do you want to know?" Sasuke interrupted the blonde boy. Naruto rolled his eyes. There's a nice term for it. He and Sakura were in love.

"E-eeh?" Hinata gulped. She wanted to say more but she just can't find the right words to say.

"Now that you know it, will you shut the fuck up and fucking mind your own business?" Sasuke hissed. He was cussing at her. She never knew this side of him. She looked down and stared at her lap.

"S-sorry…" tears formed and she stooped to hide them from falling.

Sasuke waited until the bell rang at their last period before lunch. He decided to skip his other classes by staying at the roof top. He needed some fresh air. Naruto's presence together with the annoying girls' presence irritated him. Upon knowing he had broken up with Sakura, all those crazy girls were after him. He'll rest for a while and after that he'll begin to move his plan, his plan of revenge not to his ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend but he'll revenge by breaking other girl's heart. He grinned maliciously.

"Ano… S-Sasuke-kun…" That familiar voice… he eyed her while he was sitting with his back on the wall. How did this girl found him?

He glared at her. "Didn't I told you to mind your own business?"

Hinata expected this. She bent over him holding the bento she made earlier. After he left their house, he haven't eaten anything else. She gathered all of her courage to deliver it to him. "H-here…"

"The hell is that?" He looked at bento she was holding. He knew what it was. He wanted to know why she was giving it to him.

"F-for you… I think.. y-you haven't eaten y-yet.." she was trembling.

"Why would I accept it? I rejected bunch of those. How sure are you I'll take it?" Sasuke asked her. He stood up stepping near her. Hinata gulped. She hadn't been this close to him. He was towering her since his pretty taller than her.

"I… I thought y-you'd take it…" Honestly, she didn't thought that Sasuke would reject it. How foolish of her!

Sasuke grinned. Maybe he'll begin his plan now. He'll begin with the girl at his front. "Fine, I'll take it."

"E-ehh? Y-you will?" Hinata asked with her wide eyes. Her cheeks were slowly turning to red, the color of tomatoes.

"May I ask you something?" Sasuke asked her after pinning her on the wall beside them. Hinata who was still surprised because of him accepting the bento she made, had still not registered in her mind what Sasuke had done. She was currently telling herself he accepted it and she was mentally rejoicing. "Do you like me?"

"EHHHHHH?" she panicked. She lifted her flushed face and looked at him. She had just confessed her feelings for him! How fool could she be?! "I-I d-d-do bu-!" but before she even finished her sentence, Sasuke's mouth crashed into her. He was kissing her!

Sasuke was pinning her on the wall. He dropped the bento beside her and looked into her. She was blushing. But he didn't care about her feelings. He was thinking about his revenge. He smirked at her. Hinata said she liked him. Then, that means he can do whatever he wanted to her. He crashed his lips on hers. It was soft and sweet but he didn't care.

Hinata shot her eyes open. She felt him sucked her bottom lip and it made her feel weak. Her heart was banging on her chest. Th-this is w-wrong. She tried to push him away but Sasuke placed his right thigh between hers. She gasped. N-no! Sasuke took this opportunity to slide his tongue inside hers.

Hinata moaned. She was embarrassed in her situation. His thigh was between her legs, pressing her womanhood. His tongue on the other hand felt warm and ticklish as it brushed her tongue. She didn't know a kiss felt like this. She began to quiver when Sasuke started sucking her, her legs felt weak and she could fell if it wasn't for Sasuke pinning her. She was feeling strange, something she had never felt before. It's as if she's melting right before him.

"Hinata," Sasuke said after moving away from her. Hinata then panted as she breathe. He saw some of their saliva flowing from the side of her mouth. Her flushed face, her lips parted with her heavy breathing, he liked it. "Are you sure you like me?"

She didn't know what to say. She looked away biting the bottom of her lip.

"Don't do that," Sasuke warned her.

Hinata looked at him again curiously. "D-do w-what, Sasuke-kun?" upon asking, she looked at her feet. She can't believe they kissed and it's making her ashamed. How could she do such thing? Again, she bit her lower lip.

"That," Sasuke said. "Don't bite your lip if you don't want me to kiss you again."

She gulped. "I-I'm sorry, I-I'm going to the c-classroom… I'm sorry for disturbing you…" she said as she gently pushed him away. Sasuke moved a step back. He watched as she straightened her blouse and skirt. She had huge and soft looking breasts and her thigh looks soft too. Nah, he won't let her go.

"Who said you can leave like that?" He said again grinning. He towered over her making her back meet the wall once again. She lifted her face and saw his eyes… they were hungry… lustful.

"Uhm.. S-sasuke-kun… I-I need to go… p-please…" her heart started to beat faster. She was nervous. She was scared. She placed her hands on his chest pushing him away. "I-I'll be late for the next s-subject…"

"Do I look like I give a shit?" he growled sending her goosebumps. He watched as she began to shiver. He liked it. He'll break her. He'll taint her pureness.

"S-sasu—ahh!" she gasped. She felt his cold hands under her skirt, between her thighs. "No!" she shouted. She pushed him with all her force and headed for an escape. She needed to run away.

Sasuke smirked at her actions. With just few steps, he had grabbed her again. Hinata squirmed under his grasp. "Please…"

"You said you like me then act like this? Were you lying?" He asked. Was it her imagination or she saw pain in his eyes? He slowly loosen her grasp on her.

"I do li-like you… but this is—"

"Then you should accept whatever I do to you since you like me," Sasuke stated. He pulled her and began to touch her. "You're mine."

To be continued…