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Chapter 1 - The Attack

"Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!" Michael Cole's voice came on over the sound of Raw's opening theme song as he introduced the audience to the show, then nodded over toward his two broadcast partners and continued, "On my right is Byron Saxton, and on my left is JBL, and we are live tonight from the town of Greenwich Connecticut, the home of none other then the CEO of the company Triple H." The crowd erupted in boo's and jeers with only a few short rounds of cheers and applause. Suddenly the stadium blasted with the sound of Kevin Owen's theme song as the self proclaimed "Prizefighter" made his way down to the ring. The stadium erupted again in a chorus of boos and cheers from the audience as the ring announcer Lillian Garcia announced the match.

"This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Marieville, Quebec, Canada weighing in at 271 pounds, Kevin Owens!" "Boy this match is already shaping up to be quite a comeback isn't it Byron?" Cole asked turning to his partner as the three announcers watched Kevin enter the ring. Byron nodded and was about to reply when the sound of the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose's theme song blared through the arena causing an eruption of cheers and applause from the audience, but nothing happened. There was no sign of Dean Ambrose anywhere. The music stopped then started up again a few minutes later, with still no sign of the Lunatic Fringe. "Somebody better check what's going on backstage." Cole replied, "This could be serious."

The sounds of the arena quieted down as Kevin paced back and forth in the ring obviously getting frustrated and angry. Meanwhile backstage as Roman Reigns watched the events play out, he realized something was wrong. Dean was never late for a match especially not the ones he was in. Taking out his cellphone from his pocket, the Samoan man drew in a deep breath and dialed in Dean's number. Keeping himself calm as he listened for the sound of his best friend tp pick up, a cold shiver of fear ran down his spine, when he heard a faint sound in the distance. Pulling the phone away from his ear, he listened for the sound and took a small step forward as he know realized the sound was Dean's theme song playing as his ringtone. That's odd. Roman thought as another shiver ran down his spine. What the hell is going on here?

Roman held his breath and his heart pounded in his chest like thunder as he slowly began walking toward the source of the sound, with the music getting louder and louder the closer he got. Keeping a constant vigilance of his surroundings, he looked down, and felt his heart sank in his chest with worry and fear. "Oh god. Dean." He breathed in horror as he noticed the blackberry cellphone lying in a small pool of blood that seemed to lead as a trail. Gently picking up Dean's phone as the music stopped, he drew in a deep breath to try and keep himself calm. Something was definitely wrong, and he knew it.

Following the trail, while attempting to keep himself calm, as an overwhelming wave after wave of fear ran down his spine, he now realized that the trail of blood seemed to get darker and darker as he now headed into the parking lot. "God please, don't let Dean be dead." He pleaded softly. "God please no." Clearing his throat, and drawing in a deep breath, he closed his eyes and called out, "Dean? You here man?" There was no answer, and as Roman continued to follow the trail, he kept calling out Dean's name, but to no avail. Suddenly he stopped and his eyes snapped open again as a quiet sound was heard over his own pounding heart - A whisper of breath, short and shallow, and yet at that moment it was the best sound he had ever heard. It meant that wherever Dean was, that he was still alive. "Dean?" The Samoan man called out again. "Come on bro, talk to me. Where are you?"

Again there was nothing but silence as Roman called out, "Come on Dean, talk to me man." Finally as he looked down ahead of him he noticed a figure lying on the ground in a crumpled heap in a pool of dark blood and a shiver of fear ran down his spine. "Dean!" Roman fell to his knees beside his brother and tried to gently shake him awake, but to no avail. Suddenly as Dean began to stir, Roman let out a soft breath of relief. A quiet groan of pain passed through the Lunatic Fringe's lips as he slowly started to raise his head, looking around in confusion. "Ro...Roman?" His gaze was disoriented as he attempted to figure out where he was. "Wh...What happened?" He asked weakly as Roman placed a gently hand on his shoulder to keep his best friend still. "Easy bro." The Samoan man replied gently. "I'm going to call an ambulance okay? just take it nice and easy."

A quiet groan of pain escaped from the Lunatic Fringe's mouth as he closed his eyes briefly before reopening them again. "So...Tired..." He muttered weakly as his eyes closed again. "Stay with me bro." Roman said gently. "Stay with me you hear me Dean? Don't go to sleep. I need you to stay awake buddy come on." Roman watched as Dean's eyes rolled back inside his head for a brief second before his eyes closed and his breathing became shallow almost inaudible, which began to make him panic. "Dean? Come on bro, I need you to stay with me come on Ambrose wake up." With a shaky hand on his cellphone he attempted to dial 911, and with a soft breath, he gently spoke to the operator to inform her of his location. "I need an ambulance pronto. My best friend is dying."

With the voice of the operator talking to him, he felt a sense of calm, and yet a fear at the same time that only seemed to grow once he realized Dean had stopped breathing. "Come on bro." He muttered softly. "Don't do this Dean. Don't leave me bro please." He now felt a round of tears blurring his vision. "Everything alright sir?" The operator asked as Roman informed her on Dean's condition. "He's not breathing." "Okay, so now what you want to do is remain calm." The operator instructed. "Do you know how to do CPR?" "Yes." Roman replied while drawing in a deep yet shaky breath. "Then what you need to do is try and get him to start breathing again." The Operator instructed. "The paramedics should be there at any moment." Roman drew in another shaky breath and began attempting to perform CPR on Dean to try and revive him. "Come on Dean." He said softly. "Come on bro. Breathe."

Time seemed to slow down around him as he tried to keep doing CPR, but to no avail. Nothing was working and Roman now began to get the sinking feeling that it was too late. He stopped once he heard the sound of the ambulance sirens and saw the paramedics rush out toward him. Roman watched through blurry vision as the paramedics placed a breathing mask over Dean's mouth, while the other two attempted to perform CPR on him which lasted only for a few minutes before a faint sound of heartbeat filled the heart monitor that was now connected to Dean's chest, which sent a wave of relief through Roman's body. That a boy Dean-O. He thought with a smile as he now watched them load him onto a stretcher and into the back of the ambulance.

"Are you part of his family?" One of the paramedic's asked him. "Not by blood." Roman said softly. "It's more like we're blood brothers, he's my best friend." The Paramedic nodded understanding as Roman then asked, "Is it okay if I ride with him to the hospital? He pretty much doesn't have any other family around here." The paramedic looked over at the other two beside Dean and both of them gave their partner a slight nod in agreement. "Come on in sir." One of them said as Roman climbed into the back and held onto to Dean's hand. "It's okay bro." He said softly. "I'm going to find out who did this to you. I swear it."

It seemed like an eternity as Roman sat in the waiting room, his mind spinning with thoughts of worry and concern for his best friend's safety. Suddenly he looked up as a middle aged doctor with soft brown hair and green eyes approached him. "I'm Doctor Rodgers, I'll be the one in charge of Dean's medical care." he introduced glancing at a chart in his hands. "I heard you were a part of Dean Ambrose's family is that correct?" Roman stood from his chair and nodded. "We're not biologically related obviously, but we're close like brothers. My name is Roman Reigns. He said softly while clearing his throat. "Is Dean okay?" The doctor turned and motioned for the Samoan man to follow him.

Roman felt his eyes water as he caught sight of Dean lying in the hospital bed unconscious, with tubes of all kinds sticking out of his body. "Mr. Ambrose is currently in a medically induced coma." Doctor Rodgers explained. "If the swelling in his brain does not subside soon we will have to remove a small section of his skull to relieve the pressure. He has several broken ribs; his right forearm is broken, as well as some sever internal injuries as a result of a rape. He is very lucky to be alive at the moment." Roman felt every word like a blow to his body. Everything inside him began to shut down except for an unbelievable pain in his chest. His brain felt numb as he tried to keep himself together.

Dean lay there in death like stillness in the pale gold glow of light over the hospital bed. His face was a swollen patchwork of cuts and bruises. Machines beeped and hissed monitoring his breathing and brain waves, IV tubes snaked around his arms, and Roman couldn't keep his tears from falling as he went over and pulled up a chair and sat down beside his brother and wrapped his limp hand in his own. "I swear to you Dean, I'm going to find the person responsible for this." He said softly. "I swear I'm not going to let them get away with this bro." Doctor Rodgers went over and placed a hand on Roman's shoulder. "He's lucky to have a friend like you who cares so much for him." He said softly. "If you hadn't have found him more then likely he would've been dead." Roman looked up at the doctor and smiled weakly as he rubbed Dean's hand and said in a soft whisper, "I'm here bro. I'm always here for you no matter what."

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