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Previously on Once Revived, Twice Broken - "You bastard! You fucking betrayed me!" Seth roared out angrily as his brown eyes shifted in rage. "No Seth." Came The Game's sarcastic remark. "You were the one that betrayed me."

"I Gave you everything you could've ever asked for. You wanted fame you wanted to be on top to be the man that ran WWE and I gave you that. You wanted to be WWE Champion and I gave you that too, and all you had to do was hold up his end of the bargain. But you just couldn't do it, and as soon as the pressure mounted, you turned tail and ran. In the end you threw it all away and for what? A chance to reunite with your little Shield buddies all because Ambrose got a little hurt?"

"Dean didn't just get hurt, he was fucking raped and left for dead! He almost died that night and you act like it was all for fucking nothing?!" Roman growled out as he tried to break free from the chains that was holding him. "How would you like it if someone did the same damn thing to you huh Hunter? How would you fucking feel?!"

"I swear to god, when I get free of these fucking chains, I'm going to make you feel every ounce of pain and agony that you had you little goons cause Dean. I'm going to not only beat the holy shit out of you, but maybe I'll even rape you myself just so that you can feel what it's like to have yourself completley broken both inside and out."

It was never about me at all. He thought in realization. This was about the destruction of the Shield because we were the only thing standing in Hunter's way of obtaining ultimate power.

"You're time is up Hunter." The Eater of Worlds replied as his eyes shimmered in an unnatural otherworldly fashion. "We're the ones taking over your little empire here, and we'll be taking our prize with us."

Bray laughed again and as the lights went out again and when they came back on, this time there was someone tall and muscular standing behind the Game. Someone wearing a black sheep mask over his face.

"We're the ones taking over Hunter, and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it." Bray said with a laugh as he and the rest of his family did their signature in-ring poses in front of him. "Now Follow the Buzzards." Was all that Bray would utter before the lights around them went out for a final time, and when they came back on again, Triple now found himself standing in the room alone much to his shock and surprise, and as he took a glance at the chains that once held up Roman and Seth were now empty and were swaying gently on the rafters.

Triple H now knew that the Shield wasn't the only faction that was standing in his way, and that if he didn't do something soon and fast that he was going to lose not just his empire but everything else he held near and dear, and that was something that the Cerebral Assassin wasn't going to take lightly especially not without a fight first.


Chapter 26 - Shield of Vengeance

Dean was only semi-consciously aware of the fresh stabs of aching pain that his wounded body was in, and was beginning to wonder how much longer he was going to be able to withstand the mounting pressure. Blinking his eyes open, he then looked around and realised that as much as he had hoped and prayed that everything he had gone through had been nothing but a horrible nightmare, he slowly was coming to the grand conclusion that it wasn't an illusion, but in fact a harsh painful reality.

Opening his eyes wearily he now found himself no longer in the prescence of Stephanie Mcmahon or even that of her husband. Instead, he came face to face with the Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt. "Great. I go from being in the cluctches of one sadistic family, and right into the hands of another one." Dean muttered weakly with a slight hint of sarcasem. "This must be a new record or something. See how long it takes to break down Dean Ambrose before he crumbles into nothing but dust and bones huh?"

"I'm not going to hurt you Dean." Bray replied softly. "I'm simply here to help you."

"Yeah right," Dean replied with a roll of annoyance in his eyes. "you can keep sprouting the same gospel garbage all you want Bray. I ain't buying it."

"If we wanted to hurt you, don't you think we would've already done so?" Came the reply now that belonged to Randy Orton known as the Viper. "Never thought I'd see the day you would sink low enough to join these melon-heads Randy. What did the voices in your head grow soft?"

There was an intense growl of anger steeming from Randy but a strong hand from Bray held the Viper back. "He's asking for it Bray." Randy insisted his blue eyes boring into Dean's hazel ones. "That's not why we brought him here." Bray replied in a reasuring voice.

"Well he sure as hell doesn't seem greatful for our help." Came Luke Harper's voice from behind Randy. "He just needs to see that we mean him no harm." Bray said as he undid the chains around his arms, and without any support to hold him upright, Dean fell to his knees struggling to breathe. The weight of all the damage his body had undergone was already a tremendous blow as it was, but now after everything he had been through he had no idea up until this point just how much of a weight that damage had truely became on his body.

Wincing in agony, the Lunatic Fringe struggled to make it back to his feet, but ended up falling to the ground writhing. "Fear not my lost little lamb." Suddenly Bray's voice was beside Dean whispering in his ear and sending waves of fear down his spine. "I will be your savior. All you have to do is let me help you."

Dean struggled to move away from Bray, but the force of Bray's followers sent more bouts of agony to shoot through Dean's body as all three men grabbed ahold of his arms to lift him up, but Bray held up a hand to stop them. "Lift him gently." He said in a soft voice. "Show him mercy, or there will be no mercy upon the three of you." The three men nodded slowly as Bray drew in a deep breath. "We shall let him rest for now. Take him to the room where his brothers are." Bray ordered. The men did as they were told, and for a minute or two, Dean was beginning to feel like the Wyatt's were up to their own agenda, but the minute he saw the faces of Roman and Seth, all the tension melted away. He had been so worried about them, and to see them alive and well sent shivers of relief down Dean's spine as he stumbled forward into the room Randy and the others had led him into.

"Dean!" Roman was the first one to reach his fallen brother, as he and Seth both rushed over to him quickly and gently helped him over to the only bed that was in the already small and confined room. "We thought that Hunter and Stephanie had done something horrible to you!" Seth cried out frantically. As Dean nodded slowly in agreement. "Same here. Glad to see you guys aren't dead." Roman couldn't help but laugh at that, but his smile soon faded the moment he had laid eyes all across Dean's mid-section which was starting to look much worse since the last time he had observed it. Now the bruises weren't just deep purple and black, but now it seemed that there was a tinge of green now starting to emerge, which meant the first sign of infection.

"Dude, we gotta get you out of here." Roman said setting on the bed next to Dean as he shook his head. "Rome, you know as well as do that no matter what happens that I won't make it. Tommy and Sami planned their revenge against me and they won."

"So that's it? Your just going to give up?" Came Rollin's reply as he laid a hand on Dean's shoulder. "That doesn't sound like the Dean Ambrose I know. What happened to the junk-yard dog who was the fearless leader of the Shield? The one who wasn't afraid to run his mouth and say anything to the camera that popped in this crazy little mind of yours huh?" Roman smiled in angreement. "He has a point Dean. With the three of us, you got me, the strong powerhouse, you got Rollins the stragedist and the brains, and then there's you, the wild and crazy guy, but yet fearless leader who keeps us all together. Without you Dean, there would be no Shield of Vengeance."

Dean smiled a soft smile. "Well can't argue with you on that one." He replied while wincing in pain. "What do we do now though? I mean we got the Wyatt's on our tail and we still need to get vengeance on the Authority."

"Well first we need a plan to get away from these assholes first." Seth said logically as Dean turned his head to look at him. "Bray seems almost nice in a way." He said softly. "I don't know if it's becasue he's doing this for his own benefit or what, but's kind of scary it's almost sickening."

"Tell me about it." Roman agreed. "We thought he and the rest of his family were in cahoots with the Authority this whole time. But seeing them after they saved us, somehow I get a bad feeling we're in for more then just afight with Hunter and his damn empire."

At this point the three of them all fell silent, each one plotting a course of how to plan out their next move. "We can't just let Hunter and Stephanie get away with this." Dean said being the first one to break the silence among his Shield brothers as the other two nodded in response. "So what do we do oh fearless leader?" Seth asked as Dean cracked a smile on his face. "Then as Leader of the newly-reformed Shield, I'm ordering the two of you to handle the McMahon situation." Dean said wincing in pain as he tried to move, but Roman held out a hand to gently stop him. "We're not leavng you Dean, it's all three of us or nothing." Dean smiled softly in Roman's direction and replied, "You and Seth can handle it. I know you guys can."

"What about you then?" Seth asked. "I mean Roman's right, we can't just leave you here all alone in the mercy of Bray and his goon squad."

"I'll be fine." Dean murmured softly as beads of sweat began to trickle down his forehead. "Besides I have a strange feeling that Bray won't hurt me. It's obvious he needs me for something or else he wouldn't have saved me right? I mean think about it."

"Of course it's obvious he needs you for something Dean." Seth replied. "Just because he's not working with Hunter and Stephanie, doesn't mean he doesn't have his own agenda laying in wait."

"I don't feel right about this bro." Roman said softly as he looked at Dean's pale face now. "We need to get your injuries looked at."

Dean reached a hand out to touch Roman on the arm and replied, "I'll be fine Ro, I can handle whatever Bray has to throw at me. Stopping Hunter and Stephanie should be our first priority. Besides as far as they can figure, is that I'll be dead anyway."

"Dude, don't jinx it." Seth whispered softly. "Just give them hell for me then." Dean said as he gave both of them a fist bump. Just then the door to the room opened and in walked in the black sheep Braun Strowman. He didn't say anything but just simply stared at them from the doorway with his arms folded across his chest. Roman stood up from the bed and faced Braun with a look of both anger and determination shimmering in his brown eyes.

"You got something to say to me?" The Black Sheep challenged as the two of them faced each other. "How about you move before I make you move." Roman ordered as a look of anger shone in his eyes as Seth stepped up beside the Big Dog for support, but the Monster Among Men didn't seem to be fazed at all by Roman's defiance. Roman stood his ground ready for a fight if nessicary until the presence of Bray allowed Braun to back off away from the Big Dog. "What seems to be the issue here?" He asked as Seth stared at the Eater of Worlds definatly. "How about you tell us what the hell is really going on here?" The Architect challenged. "Why are we here and what do you have against Dean?"

"Let's not make this difficult boys." Bray replied in his usual preacher like manner, which annoyed all three of the Shield brothers. "We all have a common enemy here do we not?" Roman and Seth both looked at each other for a second before staring back at Bray. "We know what Roman and I have against Hunter and his whore of a wife." Seth replied, "What exactly kind of beef do you have with them?"

Bray looked at them for a moment before turning to Braun and said, "It amazes me that they don't know."

"Don't know what exactly?" Roman asked obviously getting impatient as Bray continued, "That night when the attack happened on Dean, Hunter was standing behind in the shadows watching. He was watching the two guys from CZW basically man-handle Dean as they beat him and raped him almost to death."

A surge of anger instantly flared up inside both Roman and Seth as they both looked at each other for a moment. "That bastard!" Seth growled angrily. "I'll kill him for what he's done!" Roman nodded in angreement. "Maybe we should do to him what he had Tommy and Sami do to Dean as payback." Roman replied his eyes shimmering in pure rage.

"Now let's not get to hasty." Bray said. "If you two want to handle things your way, then by all means go right on ahead, but as for me and my family, we have a back up plan. One that no one not evern Hunter himself will see coming."

"What exactly does that intel?" Roman asked his eyesbrows raising now in suspescion as Bray just shook his head. "You'll just have to wait and see."

Dean wasn't sure what the hell was going on anymore, nor was he even aware of what exactly was going to happen to him, but all that he knew at this moment was all the pain in his body he had undergone due to Tommy and Sami's attack on him had left him severely weakned, and he could almost feel his body starting to give out on him. He couldn't just give up now. He and his brothers had a job to finish with the Authority. He couldn't just let it all end here and now, but it seemed like his body had other ideas instead. Struggling to push himself up to a sitting posistion on the bed, his face paled even more, his breathing became ragged as he struggled to take a breath, and now his vision started to blur as though he was starting to go blind which started to make him panic. "Dean!" He heard the frantic voice of Roman calling to him as he raced over immediatly beside him. "Ro-I-I can't see!" Dean stammered fearfully as his eyes darted around the room wildly.

"Just stay calm Dean," Roman said softly. "Everything's going to be okay. You just gotta be strong and hang in there." Dean nodded but didn't really seem to be listening as he could feel his heart racng a million miles a minute in his already sore and battered body. Seth turned toward Roman with a shocked expression on his face. It was the first time either of them had ever seen pure terror on Dean's face like that, it was heart wrenching to even think about leaving him alone in the clutches of Bray and the others now that his condition had grown worse. "What do we do now?" Seth asked softly. "We can't leave him like this. I mean how do we know we can really tust Bray not to harm him anymore then he already is?" Roman nodded in agreement, and at this point neither of them didn't know what to do. They knew they couldn't leave Dean alone, but on the other hand they couldn't let the Authority achieve their goals either. Roman and Seth both knew they had a tough descision to make, and they knew they had to make up their minds now and fast.

TOO BE CONTINUED...What exactly does Bray have in store for the authority? Will Seth and Roman be able to make Hunter pay for what he's done to their brother? Will Dean ever recover from his massive internal injuries? Time will tell, as Chapter 27 will be up as soon as I can get it. Hope you enjoyed reading and as always please review!